Hello everyone. I just got into Code Geass recently, and I'm totally into it. I just got caught up in season one, and now I'm waiting for episode 11 in season 2. This story takes place after Kallen gets captured, and the Black Knights are hiding in the emperor's mausoleum. If you have not seen the episode, or any before then you have been warned. This is my first try at a Code Geass fiction so go easy on me. Now then, I give you chapter one of "Rescuing Kallen."

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Chapter 1: Messy Situations

Kallen saw the cockpit of her Guren open from the outside. She thought that it would be the Black Knights getting her out of her now powerless knightmare. Instead she saw technicians of the Chinese Federation along with an armed escort of Chinese soldiers, as well as her Guren on its side.

"What's going on?" she said to herself.

Suddenly the two technicians grabbed her and threw her to the ground. Because the knightmare had been lying on its side, she didn't break anything, but she did feel pain. Before she could recover from the fall, she was picked up by two soldiers.

"Get her into her new attire!" ordered one of the Eunuch Generals.

A guard brought an orange one-piece prison uniform with him. The two guards that held her stripped her down to her undergarments in front of everyone. The soldiers eyed her body hungrily, but were under strict orders to stay put. Though she resisted, they managed to get the one piece uniform on. Afterward, she was forced into a strain jacket, which put her arms behind her back. Following that, the guards shackled her legs, finishing their job of making Kallen a prisoner. She had never been so humiliated in her life, and she swore that when she got out, she would give the Chinese Federation her payback.

"Throw her in the prison hold along with Xing Ke and the other traitors!" shouted the high-pitched general.

'Xing Ke?!' thought Kallen puzzled, 'I thought he was on their side.'

"Move it!" yelled one of the guards.

He pushed Kallen with the butt of his spear, forcing her to step forward. She scowled at them, but trudged along into the narrow corridors. After five minutes of being in a forced walk, they finally arrived in the prison hold. As she approached her cell, she noticed Xing Ke, and his men in a very large, cramped cell. They were wearing defeated looks along with their prison uniforms and strain jackets. Only Xing Ke, and his female officer, Zhou Xianglin, kept a strong face.

"Get in!" yelled the guard, before pushing her in.

She landed flat on her stomach with a loud thud. This caught Xing Ke's attention, and it made Kallen angry. She got up on to her feet, and stood before the guard.

"Is that all you got?!" she shouted back, "Little Brittanian girls push harder than you!"

"What did you say?!" demanded the guard.

"Are you hard of hearing?!You heard me!" retorted Kallen.

"Why you little…you'll pay for that you Japanese dog!"

The guard entered the prison hold to strike Kallen, but suddenly the warden stepped in.

"What's going on?!" he demanded in a large, booming voice. They all turned to see the warden. He was a giant, portly man, but was had strong muscular arms. He had a short bushy beard, and carried a large halberd on his back and a pistol on his side.

"This little bitch insulted me," said the guard, "permission to teach her a lesson sir?"

"Denied," said the warden, "The Brittanians are going to have her transferred to their prison, and the Eunuch Generals don't want her damaged."

'Damaged?!' shrieked Kallen in her head, 'They're talking about me as if I were a thing?! When I get out of here, I am so going to destroy this place.'

"Understood," grumbled the guard in disappointment.

They left her cell, and locked it. They then left Kallen alone to herself.

"You're pretty brave you know," said Xing Ke. He got Kallen's attention, "Normally in China, they would have tortured you, or worse for insulting a guard."

"I'll take that as a compliment," responded Kallen sarcastically, "Besides, what are you doing here? I thought you were on the same side as them."

"We were, but they double crossed us," said Zhou, "They used us to beat you, and then wheeled around to capture the 'traitors."

"And I thought Brittanians were bad," muttered Kallen.

There was an awkward silence that lasted for several minutes before Xing Ke spoke up.

"Ms. Kozuki? Why did you do it?"

"Pardon?" asked Kallen.

"Kidnapping Empress Tian Zi," clarified Xing Ke, "After giving you, Zero, the Black Knights, and the refugees a home, why did you do it?"

Kallen was silent for a moment.

"You didn't really give us much of a choice," said Kallen, "If Empress Tian Zi married Prince Odysseus, we would have been in danger."

"I see now," said Xing Ke, "The Eunuchs take advantage of the Empress's innocence, using her as a puppet to carry out their will. They are afraid of Brittania, and would do their bidding."

"Exactly," said Kallen, "We would have to fight the Chinese Federation in the west, and the Brittanians in Japan."

"He acted in the safety of the people under his care. I now have a stronger respect for him," said Xing Ke, "However that does not mean I forgive him for what he's done. He ruined the coup we were staging, and kidnapped the empress. If it weren't for him, we would not be in this mess."

Kallen was silent.

"I'm sorry Xing Ke," apologized Kallen, "But we didn't know what else to do."

Xing Ke just lowered his head with his eyes closed.

Suddenly, Suzaku appeared with two Brittanian solders on both his left and right.

"Kallen," said Suzaku, but Kallen refused to look at him, "I have been instructed to take you to the Avalon. It's time to go."

The guards opened her cell and forced her up. They pulled her out of the cell, but she resisted.

"Xing Ke!" she shouted, "Don't worry, Zero won't hurt Tian Zi! He will keep her safe, so don't worry!"

She finally lost her footing, and the guards forced her to leave. Xing Ke just looked at the floor.

'Empress…Tian Zi,' he thought in concern, 'Is that really true? Can I entrust Tian Zi's safety to that man. He is currently surrounded. How can he protect her in this situation? Zero, what are you going to do?'


The flight to the Avalon was a short, ten minute one, but for Kallen, who had to sit next to Suzaku, it felt like ten very long, grueling hours. She was thinking that she preferred the Chinese Federation prison. When she finally arrived, she was escorted to the bridge. Upon entering the bridge, Kallen saw Prince Schneizel.

"Ah, Miss Kallen Stadtfeld, the ace of the Black Knights, pilot of the Guren, and captain of Zero's honor guard. It is an honor," said Prince Schneizel.

"My name is Kallen Kozuki," she corrected, "Now tell me why am I here?!"

"My, my she's feisty. Just the way I like them," said Gino Weinburg, who was standing on Schneizel's left.

Kallen raised an eyebrow.

"My apologies Miss," said Gino bowing cordially, "My name is Gino Weinburg, a pleasure to meet you in person."

"Hello, and I'm 'Absolutely Disgusted,' the pleasure is all yours," retorted Kallen in an innocent voice.

"Ooh, that stung," said Gino, "But don't worry, you'll warm up to me eventually. They always do."

Kallen just looked completely disgusted.

"Gino…" said Suzaku in a warning tone.

"Don't worry you get used to it sooner or later," said Anya while typing into her PDA.

"I'll ask again, why am I here?!" she demanded, "If all you intend to do is mock me like this, then just put me in a cell and leave me alone!"

"Miss Stadtfeld…" began Schneizel.

"It's Kozuki!"

"I'll get right to the point then," said Schneizel, "I require your assistance."

"My assistance?" she asked skeptically.

"Yes, I would like for you to help me capture Zero," Kallen's face went pale, "In exchange for your help, I will give you a full pardon. In addition, I will release your mother from prison, and overlook her crime of taking the refrain drug."

"Wow, that's generous," commented Gino.

"Why are you doing this?" asked Kallen both confused and curious at Schneizel's offer.

"Because, you are heiress to the Stadtfeld family name," said Schneizel, "Your family is one of the Brittanian Empires most distinguished noble houses. We of the royal family must ensure the well being of those who serve us."

Kallen was furious.

"I refuse your offer," she answered, "How dare you try to bribe me to help you fulfill your goals. I will never betray my friends. You can take your offer and jump off of the ship."

"You wench! How dare you use that tone with Prince Schneizel El Brittania!" shouted one of Schneizel's knights.

"You think I care?!" she shouted.

"Kallen!" shouted Suzaku grabbing both of her shoulders and looking at her square in the eye, "Take this offer, I beg you!"

"I won't Suzaku!" she answered.

"Please Kallen," he pleaded, "I don't want you to suffer because of your loyalty to Zero. I'm asking you as a friend. I…"

Kallen immediately spat at Suzaku's face, surprising everyone, even Anya.

"A man who sold out his country, our country, is no friend of mine," she said in an icy tone. She glared at Suzaku, "You disgust me. Don't think we could ever be friends after what you've done to your own people. Now get out of my face you bastard."

Suzaku winced at Kallen's words but regained his composure.

"Suzaku," said Schneizel.

Suzaku wiped his face, and turned around.

"Take Miss…Kozuki to her cell."

Suzaku looked away, but kneeled in the traditional Brittanian way.

"Yes, your highness."

Suzaku turned around to escort Kallen. He tried to get a hold of her, but she shouldered his hand.

"I can walk just fine," she said coldly.

She marched into the corridor, but Suzaku stopped her.

"I'll lead you to the prison hold."



Once Kallen settled in the prison cell, Suzaku stood in front of it.

"Do you want something?" asked Suzaku.

"No," said Kallen.

"…you'll see your friends soon," said Suzaku.

"What do you mean?" asked Kallen.

"They tried to rescue you, but we defeated them, and now we have them cornered," answered Suzaku, "They will be our prisoners, and this will all end soon."

Suzaku then left a half-scared Kallen alone.

'They were beaten? Zero beaten?'

She couldn't believe it.

'If they were beaten, and they were cornered, then they'll get captured. This is all my fault,' scolded herself, 'If it weren't for my carelessness, they wouldn't be in this mess.'

Tears began to form as thoughts of her friends being captured, and then executed ran through her mind. Additional thoughts of Japan being forever enslaved to Brittania entered through her mind as well. She began to despair when suddenly…

"Don't give up! Stay strong! I will get you back! I promise!"

Those were the last words that Zero had said to her before she was captured. He promised to get her back, and he believed her. However she didn't know who said it.

'Was it Zero who promised to get me back? Or was it Lelouch?' she thought to herself.

Either way, when she recalled all the times he made promises, they came true. She smiled and scolded herself for losing hope.

'He will come back,' she thought, 'he promised after all.'

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