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Chapter 12: The Offer

Lelouch was walking to the park, and pondered when he noticed Kallen heading in the opposite direction.

'Kallen? Perfect, now might be the best time to talk to her,' Lelouch thought before heading after her.

Kallen entered into the shopping mall, and did some window shopping. She stopped and took the time to look at the usual items: boots, jeans, leather jackets, things she might wear out of school. As she looked forward to continue on, she was faced with two Brittanian boys.

"You look lost, maybe we can help," suggested one of them.

Kallen tried to walk past them, only to be intercepted by two other boys.

"Hey, isn't she a half?" said one of the thugs to another.

"Yeah, you're right," answered the one that was being asked.

Kallen noticed them eyeing her suspiciously.

"Excuse me, but I's in a bit of a hurry," trying to avoid getting into a fight, and possibly breaking their spines.

"You seem stressed out, how about we 'relieve' you," said one of them, "Besides, I hear elevens can be very good."

"E-Excuse me?!" shrieked Kallen, 'That does it, I don't care about military protocol, these guys are going to taste the marble floor.'

However, before Kallen could do anything…

"Hey Kallen!"

Kallen, and the four guys turned around to see Lelouch.

"Lelouch?" said Kallen, "What are you doing here?!"

The guys stepped forward toward Lelouch, "Who the hell are you?" asked a skinny, well toned teenager, apparently the leader.

"A friend of hers," answered Lelouch curtly, "Is there a reason you are harassing her?"

"Just looking for some fun," said the leader, "Got a problem with that?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do," said Lelouch.

The leader laughed for a bit to his cronies, "You hear that? He's got a problem with us talking to his girlfriend."

Then, he suddenly whipped around and swung a punch. Lelouch quickly blocked it with his forearm, but he didn't react to the sudden knee to his stomach. Lelouch was forced back, and landed on the ground.

"Lelouch!" shouted Kallen.

Everyone around them was watching from this point on.

"Now, you have a different problem," said the leader.

"Hey!" shouted Kallen's voice from behind the man.


The last thing he saw was Kallen's fist in his face before flying back, and landing unconscious.

"That's my friend that you hurt," answered Kallen.

"Y-Y-You little bitch!" yelled his crony as he and his friends rushed to avenge their leader.

Forty seconds and ten injuries later, Kallen walked away from the mass of defeated henchmen unscathed. As one of them moaned in pain, Kallen knelt next to Lelouch, and helped him sit up.

"Lelouch, are you hurt badly?" asked Kallen.

"Just my standing in the male community," said Lelouch with a slight chuckle, "Aside from that, all I need is to rest, and catch my breath, that's all."

"Come on, we should get out of here before those guys wake up," said Kallen.

The two of them immediately left the mall and walked toward the park nearby. When they got there, they sat down on a bench so that Lelouch could catch his breath.

"Is that better?" asked Kallen.

Lelouch nodded.

"I'm really sorry for having you get involved in that little scuffle of mine," said Kallen.

"It's ok, but if I may ask, what were you doing with those guys?" asked Lelouch.

"They kind of approached me," said Kallen.

"Approached?" asked Lelouch.

"I was doing some window shopping when those guys approached me," explained Kallen, "They thought that I was some kind of call girl, and requested the 'services of an eleven.' Do you know how disgusting that is?"

"By eleven, you mean Japanese, right?" asked Lelouch.

"Yes," answered Kallen, "Even if they're weaker than Brittanians, they should at least be called by their proper names right?"

"Right," said Lelouch, "Tell me, does that statement come from the fact that you're half-Japanese?" 'Let's see what your answer is,' thought Lelouch.

"Well, yes," said Kallen looking at the ground, "Can we change the subject, please?"

Lelouch analyzed Kallen's expression, 'She's being evasive. Is it out of shame, or because you can't remember?' thought Lelouch.

"Lelouch, did you hear me?" asked Kallen.

"Yeah, we can talk about something else if you want," said Lelouch, 'She may open up a bit more if I can get her to relax a bit.'

"Well, actually, there is," began Kallen, "Lelouch, have you been avoiding me?"

"Avoiding you?" asked Lelouch.

"Ever since I got back, you've been very distant. You only hung out with me if I asked you to, or if you were forced to. Why is that?" asked Kallen.

"I was always under the impression that you didn't like me very much," said Lelouch after a brief pause.

"What makes you say that?!" objected Kallen.

"Let's see, my attitude, and outlook on the world," said Lelouch.

Kallen giggled a bit, "Lelouch, I don't always agree with you, but you are my friend. I don't see how having different views doesn't mean we can't get a long."

Lelouch look at her for a bit, surprised by Kallen's statement, before smiling a bit.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right," said Lelouch.

"So, we're still friends right?" asked Kallen.

"Of course Kallen, I'll always be your friend," said Lelouch.

"Thank you, Lelouch," said Kallen, "So, tell me what's been going on for the past year? I must have missed a lot."

Lelouch smiled, and told her all of the happenings of Ashford that he remembered from the false memories. He told her about all of Milly's events, the money that he and Rival won from the Brittanian nobles while gambling, as well as the embarrassing incident at the Christmas party.

"I hope Shirley's alright, that sounds pretty embarrassing," said Kallen.

"Promise you won't tell?" asked Lelouch, "She'll kill me if she knew that someone outside of the student council knew."

"Your secret is safe with me," said Kallen.

Kallen looked at the time. She realized that she and Lelouch had talked for hours, and she panicked.

"Crap, it's getting late," said Kallen, "Suzaku, and my superiors will get mad if I don't check in before my curfew."

"I see," said Lelouch, "Well, you better hurry."

"Thanks," said Kallen.

"Wait Kallen!" shouted Lelouch as Kallen turned around.

"Yes?" began Kallen.

Lelouch was going to attempt to question Kallen a bit longer, however he felt it was a little too soon to approach the subjects of the Black Knights and her mother. Instead, he chose to talk to her about something else.

"Has Milly told you about the event coming up?" asked Lelouch.

"She mentioned it after the welcome back party," said Kallen, "Right after we left the clubhouse. I think it's called 'Venetian Carnival.' What about it?"

"Are you going?" asked Lelouch.

"Um, I'm not sure, why?"

"Well, Milly's graduation is coming up, and this will be the last event she's planning," explained Lelouch, "It would mean the world to Milly if you and Suzaku could come."

"I'll see what I can do," said Kallen, "No promises though."

"I understand," said Lelouch, "Oh, and Kallen?"

"Yes?" asked Kallen.

"If you want to talk about any thing that's troubling you, don't hesitate to ask Milly, or myself," said Lelouch, "We're here for you if you need us."

"Um, ok. Thanks, I guess," said Kallen taken aback by Lelouch's sudden statement.

"No problem," said Lelouch before turning around and leaving.


Suzaku lied down on his bed, and stared at the ceiling. He then rolled over to the side of the bed, and reached underneath to pick up and old photo album. All the pictures were of his times at Ashford. Every time he saw Lelouch in the pictures, he felt a mixture of sadness and hate.

"It's all your fault!' he cursed in his mind, 'Because of you and your geass, the peace we had, the peace we could have had was destroyed! Because of you, we were torn apart; you, me, and Nunnally.'

He then saw a photo of Milly.

"I can't believe I…'

"Man, why do I have to deliver this, she's your fiancé Lloyd." Muttered Suzaku as he put away a brown envelope.

As Suzaku saw Milly, he noticed she was talking to Lelouch. Lelouch left her as soon as he noticed them, and walked up to Milly, who then noticed Suzaku.

"Oh, Suzaku, what are you doing here?" asked Milly.

"I was looking for you," said Milly, "What were you talking to Lelouch about?"

"Kallen," answered Milly, causing Suzaku to tense.

"What about Kallen?" asked Suzaku.

"Well, have you noticed anything odd with her lately? As if she's acting like a slightly different person?" asked Milly.

"No, not really," said Suzaku, his mood becoming more serious.

"Well I did," said Milly, "Guess it's a gift."

"So, Lelouch…"

"I asked him to talk to Kallen," said Milly, "I'm really worried, that's all."

"I see…" said Suzaku, 'Milly suspects something, this isn't good.'

Suzaku opened his bag, reached into it and rummaged through it before grabbing a knife.

"Hm? Looking for something?" asked Milly, "Is it a present?"

"You, could say that," said Suzaku remembering his orders from the Secret Intelligence Agency.

As he looked at the knife, he grimaced.

'Milly, I'll make this quick. You won't feel a thing,' thought Suzaku.

"Suzaku, are you alright?" asked Milly.

'I have to,' Suzaku thought while debating with himself, 'She may know too much,' he thought gripping the knife more tightly, and ignoring Milly.

It was then, that he felt two hands on his shoulders. Suzaku broke out of his trance, and stared at Milly, whose hands were on him.

"Suzaku, you need to calm down, you're scaring me too," said Milly.

"Milly…I…" began Suzaku, but was cut off by Milly.

"Whatever it is, don't let it bother you. Whatever it is, I'll help you get through it."

Suzaku let go of the knife, 'I…can't do it.'

Instead, he got the brown envelope that Lloyd gave him.

"Lloyd and Cecile wanted to give you this," said Suzaku, "It's for your wedding."

"Oh…is this what you were nervous about?" asked Milly as she took the envelope.

"Kind of," said Suzaku, "I know you're uncomfortable with this whole engagement. Plus, I haven't had much sleep lately, and the stress from work…"

"REST!!" shouted Milly.

Suzaku stopped talking, and jolted.

"Now that I've said my 'rest spell,' you should feel a lot better soon," said Milly cheerfully, "But it won't work unless you allow it to. So try to get some rest, and have some pleasant dreams."

"Ehh…right…thanks Milly," smiled Suzaku before walking away.

'I can't believe I almost killed her. I'm the worst there is,' thought Suzaku.


Lelouch got home in the evening, and saw Milly in the main hall of the clubhouse.


"Well hello Mr. Vice President!" greeted Milly.

"What are you doing here?" asked Lelouch.

"I wanted to go over the final details of the last event with you," said Milly, "But first order of business, how was Kallen? Is she alright?"

"I didn't really talk to her about our concerns that much," said Lelouch.

"Oh? Is there a reason for that?" asked Milly, a little disappointed.

"Because she needs to adjust to life back here for a while," explained Lelouch, "Trying to make her talk now may make her less willing to talk to us about anything. If she wants to talk to us about anything, she come to us."

"Hmm, I suppose that makes sense," said Milly, "I guess you're right, now, about the event.


Kallen walked through a rundown hall that was completely dark, except for a flickering light at the end.

"Kallen…" she heard a whisper.

"Who's there?" she answered.

"Kallen…" the whisper repeated.

The voice came from the room where the flickering light emanated from. She walked toward it and entered into the room. The inside appeared to be a makeshift hospital. Inside was a bed with a body covered by a sheet on top.

"Kallen…" the voice said from under the cover.

Kallen gulped, and knelt down next to the body. She reached over and removed the sheets, and she saw a young Japanese man. The man's eyes slowly opened.

"Hey, are you ok?" asked Kallen out of concern.

The man looked at her, and turned his head to face her. Half of his face was horribly burned, and blood seeped from a jaw.

"My…sister…" he croaked.

Kallen shot up from her bed into a sitting position. She was covered in a cold sweat, and her breathing was ragged.

"Who-What was that?" she whispered to herself.

She had been having similar dreams for a week. At first they were odd dreams about Zero, but this was a first.

'What's going on?' she thought as she ran her hands through her hair, 'Why is this happening to me?'

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