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Sacred Mark of the Rising Kekkei Genkai

It begins, it's revealed, it continues.

There was a baby crying, loudly, but that wasn't the only thing that could be heard. There was also sighing, grumbling, coughing, complaining, and the explosions coming from the surface above.

Five Nin, Anbu, all stood in a perfect circle. In the middle was a baby, blond-haired and beautiful, he wiggled his short limbs in tiny circles. Countless seals had been carved into the floor, they ran all around the room.

"Damn, this kid's crying is getting on my fucking nerves!"

"Calm down! Stick to the orders we were given. We're not supposed to be speaking." The conversation between the two Anbu drew the attention of the others.

"I know Sasaki, but still this kid's crying is working my last nerve!" Even though the Anbu member claimed to be angry at the Fourth's child he didn't move an inch, he still knew what his order's were. He was not to speak, not to move and for some strange reason he was told not to look at the infant, not even a glance. It was like the Hokage didn't want anyone to see his son's face.

With silence in the room another Anbu member decided to speak up and support his teammate's anger, breaking orders yet again.

"You know Sasaki, Rai might have a point, it is kind of hard to concentrate with this kid's wailing." Sasaki, their leader let out a big grumble of annoyance at his teammates. He couldn't turn around to look at them, he didn't want to break order's by turning his head toward the kid. He just looked up at the ceiling.

"I don't know what you two are complaining about, you should be honored, we were specifically chosen to guard this child, he's our savior and is taking on a lot of responsibility." Sasaki could hear both of his teammates sigh in defeat and gave himself a smile of victory, you couldn't see it though.

He thought that he had convinced his team to deal with it but, with the defeat of two another two came to help out.

"Sasaki what are you talking about, sure he's our savior but anyone could be our savior." That comment caused the other three to nod their heads in agreement.

"Yeah our savior is a little wailing infant and we don't even know what the little brat looks like."

"Rai, don't speak badly about the Yondaime's son he making huge sacrifice fo-..."

"To hell with this sacrifice anyone could have the Kyuubi sealed inside it!"

"Then how about you Rai? This brat is about to go through that and he doesn't even know, and if you're so immature that you can't deal with his crying then you don't have what it takes to be part of my team!"

Said Rai was instantly quiet at that last comment, he figured that what he captain said was true so he just stood there in silence, the silence that just realized had come. the little kid had stopped crying his nightmare was over.

"You see Rai, he stopped crying and went to sleep, are you happy. Don't ever act that childish again."

"Yes Sasaki." He was in fact very happy, he could do his job in peace.

The child seemed to be at peace.

The only thing that was weird was the huge gate the the infant lay in front of. Also what was behind it didn't pull trigger on normal either. Behind the gates were a huge pair of eyes staring at the young infant boy. They stared with red, slitted eyes. Underneath the eyes was a widespread mouth, fangs were visible, overlapping clearly exposed teeth. It almost looked like the mouth was smiling.

The huge mouth opened and let out a huge roar causing the child to cry.

"This little thing, this is what he sealed me into? What a joke Yondaime you are a foolish man."

"Kyuubi no Kitsune", the terror of Konoha and an unstoppable force of nature. This beast was truly a terrible sight to behold it couldn't be killed for it was immortal. Yet it was killed, well its physical body anyway. As for its spirit , that was a different story, its spirit was in a body but not one of its own.

The immortal Kyuubi no Kitsune was sealed away inside of a small infant, the fourth Hokage's legacy, and the fourth Hokage's son.

"Let me out! Damn him, damn him to hell! How dare he seal inside his son and then just die like that, Yondaime I will get you back even if through this child. I'll kill it!"

A razor sharp claw shot out of the gate heading for the still crying infant. It came at amazing speed, surely this child was going to die and Kyuubi would be free. But Kyuubi's claw stopped just inches away from the child's face there was something blocking him from killing the newborn babe.

"What? This must be another trick this his...father, I hope he's having a great time with the shinigami. Well that fool forgot one thing, I may not be able to kill this boy but I can take something away from him."

Red chakra began to swirl around the naked and crying form of the infant. It wrapped around the kid's fragile body and seemed to seep inside of his body. The infant's crying grew even louder, it was like the boy was in pain. A cruel thing to do to a newborn, Kyuubi was truly an evil being, perhaps its essence.

The huge fox let out an evil laugh at the infant's cries in pain, he was enjoying an infant's cry.

"Cry cry all you want, child for it shall make no difference." The demonic fox let out another one of his deeply baritone laughs at the child. "Yondaime, I may not be able to kill you're son but I can take a part of him away."

The crimson chakra surround the baby fully seeped into his skin, and something changed. Blond baby boy seemed to shrink a bit, then his crying subsided, the child was then silent.

"Have a nice life...Naruto."The fox then started to laugh his demonic laugh again, whatever He did to Naruto was sure to be something of the worst nature. It had to have been.

- (Twelve Years Later)

Hard glares, evil intentions, all pointed at him, the many assassination attempts made by the villagers that he usually escaped, narrowly escaped. Memories of the first time he met that bastard fox inside him and how lonely he was when he got home. Times when he would cry himself to sleep because he didn't have parents to read him a bedtime story and help him sleep.

Why was it all happening to him, why? That was the thing he didn't know why he had no parents, why people tried to kill him, why every time he walked down the streets the villagers would look at him with that intense hate that he was so used to.

He guessed he was just born that way and destined to stay like that. A freak of the world. Although he wouldn't have been so angry if he just knew why it was happening to him, why any of it was-...

"Naruto! Naruto Uzumaki pay attention!"

Naruto's eyes popped open, he raised his head to figure where he was. He looked around sleepily and observed his surroundings. Chalkboard, kids his age, Iruka sensei: the classroom.

"Naruto if you don't pay attention you'll never become a ninja." The voice of his sensei and surrogate brother rang threw his head waking him up completely. Iruka had been one of the few people who actually cared for him, whose eyes didn't stare harshly. He was always kind to him, therefore Naruto considered him to be a sort of older brother of sorts.

Naruto then heard another voice from across the room. "Does it even matter Iruka sensei, we all know Naruto's not going to become a real ninja anyway." The whole class erupted into laughter at Naruto, pointing in mocking fashions. He looked down in shame.

It really wasn't the fact that every one was laughing at him it was the person who said that really got to him. Haruno Sakura, top of the class when it came to kunoichi and the current subject of his affection, he knew he had no chance but he still tried. He was a fighter.

"Y-Yeah I will, just you watch I'm going to become the Hokage and I'll show you all!" Barely restrained laughter could be heard due to Naruto's comment. Some random kid decided to speak out and further embarrass Naruto.

"Yeah right Naruto, you can't even do a basic henge, let alone become Hokage." Once again the class erupted in laughter; Naruto gritted his teeth.

"SETTLE DOWN!" Iruka yelled, bringing all the laughter to a stop and all eyes were on him. It seemed like every time he yelled every one stopped what they were doing. "Jeez, now class I have to cut class early, I have an urgent class dismissed. Remember practice your techniques for the graduation final tomorrow."

Naruto got up out of his seat and began to walk out the door with the rest of the class.

"N-Naruto can I speak with you-...?" Naruto paid him no mind and walked out. Naruto didn't need to talk with Iruka right now, he needed to be away from everyone. A place where he could think, that's one thing a lot of people didn't know about Naruto Uzumaki, he liked to think. On the outside he was a loud, rash, weak little failure, on the inside he was much different.

The Hokage faces, his getaway from reality. His sanctuary and the closest place he could find to get some peace and quiet. Naruto walked outside the academy and immediately headed for the Hokage faces. In approximately five minutes he was there, sitting on the the top of the Yondaime's head. He sat at the edge looking down on all of Konoha.

He then closed his eyes.

Kyuubi, you there? Naruto could hear the faint sound of a fox's chuckle.

'Of course you twit, I'm always hear, I'm inside you remember?'

Shut up you stupid fox.

"What do you want, I'm trying to sleep here." Naruto let out a sigh

I just wanted to talk, what that's not allowed in my own head.

"Talking to yourself is a bad habit Naruto, but that isn't the real reason why you're talking to me, is it."

N-No that is the reason why, I just wanted-... Naruto could hear the loud chuckle of the Kyuubi inside his head, he let out another mental sigh.

"You want to know why you're so weak, don't you?"

Never mind I don't want to talk.

"Then I will..." An intense pain went through Naruto's body, red chakra surrounded him, the rock monument depicting the Yondaime's head began to crumble away beneath him . The chakra shot out of Naruto's stomach and began to float in the air in front of Naruto.

"W-What the hell is this...ahhh!" The pain grew even more as the huge mass of chakra began to take the form of a giant fox's head. The chakra distorted and fur sprang out of it. In less then ten seconds there was a huge fox's head in front of Naruto.

More chakra pumped out of Naruto's body and collided with the furry fox's head, filling in the sockets and taking the form of eyeballs. The head of the Kyuubi was fully formed and it looked at Naruto with rage.

What the hell, how did that damn fox get out of me? Naruto thought.

"Naruto, come here I have something to give back to you. Stand up!" On command Naruto stood up and looked the fox dead in the eye. If this was Naruto's first time meeting Kyuubi then he would have probably wet his pants by now.

"Come here."Just like before Naruto walked carefully to the Kyuubi, being careful not to make the fragile rock underneath him crumble away. In five steps he was right in front of the floating head of Kyuubi.

"Naruto you are useful to my plans and if you are to carry out what it is that I intend for you to do then you must become a true ninja and in order to do that I must give it back."

"Give what back, what the hell are you talking about. What did you take away from me anyway?" Kyuubi gave a low demonic chuckle. He looked at Naruto with those red slitted pupils that struck immediate fear into the hearts of every person in Konoha who knew of them.

"Naruto, let me just tell you I will get out and find my body, but for now I need you to grow so I will give back your true self!" Red chakra enveloped Naruto's body, covering him completely and making the surface beneath him crumble away but Naruto did not fall, he just floated.

"Kyuubi what is this shit? You can't-...ahh!" A spike of pain rang through Naruto's body, it hurt badly but to Naruto it seemed familiar, almost as if he had felt before. Naruto forced himself to speak between the unbearable pulses of pain going through his body. He pried his mouth open and spoke through the veil of nearly crimson chakra around him.

"Kyuubi...W-What do you mean true self, what is there about me that I don't know?" Naruto's breathing suddenly returned to normal. For some reason the intense pain he had felt moments ago suddenly turned into warmth. Naruto's eye's twitched at the feeling, it made his body shudder. That didn't go unnoticed by Kyuubi.

"You feel it don't you, Naruto. The feeling of that empty space being filled in, this is the part of you that makes your true self."The invigorating feeling spread through Naruto's body, all traces of pain were gone. Naruto raised his head and looked Kyuubi in the eye, something he was never fond of doing but now he didn't care, he wasn't afraid, not anymore.

It felt as if something had changed within his mind, this overwhelming confidence that invaded his head and usurped all traces of fear from their position as the dominant emotion in his conscience. Was this his true self, his immaturity replaced by this sense of confidence and arrogance? It might have been, but whatever it was it felt good.

Kyuubi chuckled again at Naruto's confidence, he sensed that Naruto was becoming what he was supposed to be.

"This is what I took from you Naruto, your potential, your original mindset, and all of your original traits. Now that you are to become a ninja I am giving it back, don't ask why I did it or why I am doing this, just accept it or I'll take it back."

"Ok so what do I do then, what now." Kyuubi let out a big sigh.

"I have given back all there is to give, you have changed back so all there is for you to do now is wake up."

"What but I'm already-..." his eyes then opened again, staring at his apartment's ceiling. "...-awake." Naruto rubbed his head, not even bothering to get out of his bed. "I-It was a dream? But it felt so real." Naruto sat up and placed his feet on the floor. His eyes went wide in shock. His room was a mess, he seriously needed to do some redecorating but that would have to wait for later, if his memory served today was the day he was supposed to become a ninja.

He stood up and rubbed the sleepiness out of his eyes. "Damn that Kyuubi invading my dreams, why couldn't he have revealed himself to me twenty years from now or something, stupid fox."

He walked to his bathroom and closed the door, turned on the faucet and washed his face. When he brought his face back up to the mirror he jumped back in shock and let out a large yell. It was probably a yell so loud that it could be heard throughout the entire village.

"M-My eyes what the hell happened to my eyes?" His eyes had made the transition from his normal sapphire blue to a lighter bluish purple. The weird part was the tiny burst of light orange that seemed to emanate from his pupils. They were basically baby blue with an orange tint coming from the middle.

So it wasn't a dream after all, Kyuubi really did visit me. Naruto washed more water onto his face. Even though the shock Naruto got was great it only lasted for a couple of seconds, after he saw his eyes he wasn't all that surprised, it only lasted for about five minutes.

Naruto actually thought that his eyes felt normal, they didn't feel weird they just looked weird.

Kyuubi, not that I'm complaining but what exactly did you do to my eyes. He delved through his mental link and found the demon fox.

"I already told you, I given you your true self back, don't you feel it?" Naruto shook his head. "You will Naruto."

"But why are you giving this back to me, you want to kill me right?"

"Exactly right, but in order for me to get out and kill you and this village, you must become a ninja first. Don't worry this will all come together soon (That goes for you readers too) but by then there is nothing you will be able to do about it, so live your life to the fullest right now, while it last." With that Kyuubi cut off their mental link.

Naruto looked down in grief for a few seconds it then sprung up with renewed vigor. "Kyuubi that's impossible, you yourself told me that it is impossible for you to get out. Dumb fox...trying to scare me, even if I become a ninja, which I will, there is nothing you can do to get out of me."

Kyuubi really did change Naruto except he just didn't know it, the old Naruto would have hated the fact that the Kyuubi no Kitsune was inside him and couldn't get out but now he looked at the atrocious concept with a hint of optimism, He saw it more like he was the person chosen to defend the village from his curse.

If this was how Naruto was originally intended to turn out then he liked it.

Naruto walked over to his closet and jumped back with disgust. What he saw was an metaphorical battlefield of orange, blue and white. His millions of jumpsuits. They were once sacred to him, now they were the most wretched things in the world.

"Damn, I can't believe that I actually liked to wear this crap." Oh well I'm going to have find some thing else to wear. Naruto frantically started to search through his mountain of former attire, he searched for a few moments until he found a box.

"Got it!" he opened it and found a matching set of black training pants and and a tight short-sleeved black jacket used for training. The jacket looked like it came down past ones hips and it could be zipped up.

"Thank you ojjisan." (He is referring to the third Hokage) If there was ever a better time for that matching training set Naruto got last year from the third Hokage...wait there was no better time for it.

Naruto ran back into the bathroom and took his bath, determined to earn his Hitae-ite.

Haruno Sakura hated walking to the academy everyday like this. She would get up, admire herself in the mirror, wash up, admire some more, dress up then admire some more. To her that part was OK but what really got to her was the fact that every morning she would run into her former best friend and all out rival in love, Yamanaka Ino.

Sakura, walked down the street timing her blond competitor's arrival.

"Three, two, one." Right as Sakura was about to pass Ino's house, the blond stepped out. Sakura let out a big sigh.

"Right on time, as usual, man why can't she be late for once?" Sakura walked passed Ino as she joined her on her walk to the academy. Both of them walking side by side as normal friends would, then again Sakura and Ino weren't exactly known as friends, more like arch-enemies. Getting annoyed by her counterpart's company Sakura decided to put a little spring her step and walk a little faster, That action was soon matched by Ino.

Sakura and Ino both let out simultaneous grunts of annoyance at each other. Both put multiple burst of speed and quickened their paces. In no time they were neck and neck with each other, practically racing down the street. This was the part that Sakura didn't like, she always ended up tired and sweaty, two things that she hated to be and two things that being a ninja would call for.

"What are you doing Ino-pig!"

"What do mean what am I doing forehead girl?" Both of them were still neck and neck, faces pressed against each other with a big veins bulging out each of their foreheads. Some foreheads were bigger than others. (SAKURA THAT BITCH!)

As both girls sped down the street both girls came to an abrupt stop when they saw quick flash of yellow and black. They saw a boy with blond hair, clad in all black fly past their faces, he was moving noticeably faster than either of them could ever move.

Both Sakura and Ino could have sworn they had seen this boy before, if he wasn't moving so fast they could properly look at his face.

Wearing confused faces both of them looked at each other at the same time.

"Was that...Naruto?"

It felt great, the wind through his hair, his noticeably better vision, the way he could effortlessly jump twenty feet in the air at will. This was what he called an upgrade, a major upgrade.

Naruto hopped rooftop to rooftop, with amazing speed. The way he was moving, it way beyond Genin level, mid Chuunin perhaps, Naruto really didn't care he just loved it. He could almost thank Kyuubi, if he wasn't the reason for Naruto not having this type of speed in the first place.

This was something he could get used to, he would have after all this was who he really is.

He paid no mind to some of the villagers yelling at him, his goal was to get to the academy and obtain his Hitae-ite and become a full fledged ninja.

"Damn this feels good, this is what speed is like huh? I fucking love this stuff!" Naruto's excitement over his recent 'upgrade' was positively through the roof, but the tone of his voice was positively everything but through the roof. It sounded cool and calm. The new Naruto.

In a few minutes Naruto made his way to the ninja academy and was walking through the hall to get to his normal classroom.

He got a little confused on the way there, every single single girl that he passed on the way to his class would either look away from his face, or giggle as they passed him. It actually started to annoy Naruto, he didn't now what the hell was going on, was something funny about him?

Naruto finally made it to his classroom, the door was open so that saved him the nuisance of having everyone stare at him when he opened it. Even so, Naruto immediately regretted walking through that door. He had completely forgotten about his recent change in facial features.

As soon as Naruto walked through the door all eyes were on him, most of them were of the females in the room and most of the females had blushes on there faces.

Naruto slowly walked into the classroom and looked around. He found the seat closest to the wall and away from everybody else. He made he way to his seat, that just so happened to be next to Sasuke, his rival and old time friend. As soon as Naruto sat down the room erupted in chatter once again.

He could hear his name being repeated by multiple females over and over, they were probably wondering why he looked the way he did.

"I win!"

"No, I win!

Sakura and Ino, came rushing in through the door, their faces were still pressed together. Sparks flew as both girls traded glances with the background changing from a normal hallway to a raging hellfire. Naruto sat at the edge of the classroom observing the usual scene that occurred every morning. He found it stupid in a lot of ways but the real reason it was stupid was the subject of these daily arguments. Sasuke Uchiha, that arrogant, pretty boy, emo bastard.

Naruto looked away from them and faced the window beside him, he needed some cover from his eyes.

"I was here first so I get to sit by Sasuke!"

"No I do, I was obviously and inch ahead of you!"

"You want to bet forehead girl?"

"Bring it Ino-pig."

Their senseless bickering attracted even more girls into the argument.

"Hold on I was here before both of you so I get to sit by Sasuke!" Soon almost every female in the room was arguing about who got to sit next to over there. Naruto continued to look out his window.

"Tch, fan girls they're all the same." The room got suddenly quiet, everybody looked at the one brave soul that dared to insult Sasuke's fan girls.

"What was that just now?" Sakura said with an evil tone. The gang of fan-girls looked in Naruto's direction.

"W-Who is that over there, you seem familiar."

"What's wrong Sakura-chan, you don't recognize me, you should, I'm made fun off on a regular basis."

"What?" Sakura looked at rest of the fan girls, hoping for an answer. They all shook their heads when she asked them if they knew who Naruto was. Naruto on the other hand kept his gaze out the window, hiding his face from view, a small smirk made its way onto his lips.

"Oh, come on Sakura-chan you know who I am."

"No I don't, so stop acting all cool and tell me who the hell you are!"

"I'm not acting Sakura-chan...believe it." Sakura's eyes went wide along with the rest of the girls. Some of them had suspicions that it was Naruto before but none of them actually believed it was him, well they did now. Just as Naruto said, they believed it.

"N-Naruto is that you?" All he gave them was a quick nod for a response.

Suddenly there were two poofs of smoke that appeared in the middle of the room. The smoke cleared revealing two men, Iruka Umino and his assistant Mizuki.(I don't really care for his last name.)

"SETTLE DOWN!" Just like in Naruto's dream the whole class was silent, even in reality Iruka's voice could get a room silent on the first try.

"Okay now all of you take your seats and let's begin." Mizuki made a ram seal and behind him and Iruka a desk with several Hitae-ites appeared via smoke cloud.

"Behind me and Iruka sensei are your goals, these headbands will be what you need to obtain to become Genin. You get one of these and you pass." Iruka took his turn once again by chiming in.

"You will all be asked to do three things, you'll have to show us your marksmanship with kunai, do a basic henge of my choice, and finally we will ask you to use the Bunshin no jutsu successfully. There are conditions though, you have to hit a bulls eye at least once, the henge is of my choice, and you have to make at least three clones. We going to start in alphabetical order, Good luck!"

Then it began, students were called one by one to show their skill. Some were better than others by Naruto's point of view. Naruto continued to stare out the window while waiting for his name to be called. He wondered how he would do, even though Kyuubi gave him his 'true self' he was never any good at this sort of thing. Hell the only jutsu he could do so far was the sexy jutsu and he knew that Iruka wouldn't let him use that.

Five minutes had passed and Naruto started to get a little nervous, one because he had to go up in front of everybody and show his recent changes and two because he never knew how to do it in the first place.

"Uchiha Sasuke, please come up." Sasuke got up and walked over to Iruka. "Ok you already know the first part of this exam, hit that training dummy over there at least once in the bulls eye." Sasuke sighed and looked over to the corner of the room where the dummy was. He sighed and with one quick motion took a kunai out of his holster and flicked it toward the dummy hitting it dead center on the bulls eye.

"Good, very good and on the first try too." Sasuke's horde of fan girls all squealed in admiration of the raven haired crush. "Settle down now. Okay now for the henge, I want you to transform yourself into me." Sasuke sighed again and did a hand sign.

"Transform!" A huge cloud of smoke appeared around Sasuke and when it cleared there stood two Irukas. Another squeal from the fan girls was heard.

"Ok now the final part of the test." Sasuke made another hand sign and in two second there were four Sasuke's.

"Great you pass, go get your Hitae-ite from Mizuki sensei." Sasuke walked pass Iruka and took his headband, he looked at it for a couple seconds the tied it on his forehead while he made his way back to his seat next to Naruto. Naruto could hear the various giggles being made by the girls in the classroom. Sasuke glanced at Naruto before fully taking his seat.

"Uzumaki Naruto..come up and no funny business ok?" Naruto stood up and walked over to Iruka.

"Oh no no Iruka sensei, those days are over, I've changed."

"I can see, got tired of orange huh?" Naruto chuckled. "Naruto, hm, I always thought that your eyes were just blue, I must be getting old. You know what to do." Naruto looked in the direction of of the dummy, which no longer had Sasuke's Kunai lodged in it.

He steeled himself and took out a kunai. 'Okay Kyuubi let's see who I really am.' He threw his kunai with unexpected force and it flew straight at the dummy lodging itself deeper in than Sasuke's had, almost going threw it. The whole room instantly was filled with whispers and gasps of shock,

"W-Well done Naruto, o-ok now for the henge, transform yourself into...our Hokage." Naruto made a hand sign.

"Transform." Naruto said in a calm tone. Soon, in place of Naruto stood the third Hokage, in full robes. Everyone in the room was wide eyed, the fact that Naruto could do a jutsu so easily that most of them had trouble doing was very surprising. More whispers came from the classroom.

"O-Outstanding Naruto, let's see if you can get this one down I want you to make at least three clones using the Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Naruto did the proper hand sing. This was the moment of truth, everyone was looking at him, if he messed up on this jutsu he would be forced to uphold his reputation as Naruto, the knuckled headed loser who can't even make a clone.

"Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto poured in a large amount of chakra into this jutsu, his chakra flared and in a huge plume of smoke there were ten Naruto's standing in the front of the room.

Everyone in the room gasped, Naruto looked around thinking that he had messed up. When he saw nine other Naruto's he was relieved.

"A-Amazing, simply amazing Naruto, go on, go on and get your hitae-ote, you deserve it!" The small murmurs and whispers increased even more.


"Since when was Naruto able to do that?"

"Those clothes make him look kind of cool." Naruto savored these comments, they were never for him before.

He grabbed his Hitae-ite and walked back to his seat next to Sasuke but before sitting down he gave Sasuke the same glance that Sasuke had given him a few moments ago.

"W-Well I guess that concludes the exam, all of you pass, congratulations!" The whole class let out a loud yell of victory, well except Naruto and Sasuke.

"Ok, now that you've all passed you may have a lunch break. Dismissed. Make sure you come back though this isn't over." Naruto stood up and walked out of the classroom with Sasuke followed shortly behind. Everyone watched as the lone Uchiha and the new cooler Uzumaki walked out followed by a gang of fan girls.

Naruto had forgotten to eat breakfast and he didn't even bring something edible with him. He was so pumped up at the thought of getting his headband, which was now currently tied loosely around his neck, that he had forgotten to eat.

Thoughts of what had transpired earlier ran through Naruto's head, that feeling of power that he never once had before, the amount of chakra that flowed through him when he used the Bunshin no Jutsu. That was real power and it was his power.

Naruto needed to find a good place to just think, since he had no food with him for lunch. He had the perfect place in mind. That old tree with the swing in the front of the academy, it was another one of his sanctuaries.

In less then five minutes Naruto was at his own little abode of solitude. He jumped onto a branch sprawling out on it.

"Man that was the best. I didn't even know I had that much power." Naruto brought his hand in front of his face and stared at it. "I looked so cool back there."

"Right Naruto, you looked cool." Kyuubi said in a very sarcastic way that Naruto didn't miss.

"Shut up Kyuubi. By the way how is it that I have this much power, did you do something."

"No, you idiot I already told you this is all your power, when you were a baby I infused your infant body with a minuscule amount of my chakra. In doing this I sealed away part of your chakra reserves, making you virtually weaker. I thought that if you were so weak you would die easier and I could get out, unfortunately for me, if you die I die. I needed to come up with another way and if you die too early I might not have enough time to figure out a way out, so I unsealed that part of you."

"Okay I get that but why is it that I have this much chakra?"

"Naruto do you remember that feeling you got every time you trained, the feeling that you weren't getting any stronger?"Naruto gave Kyuubi a mental nod. "Well you were, it's just that every time you got stronger your new chakra would form in the part of you that was sealed away and kept growing with the rest of your body. And on top of that you were, excluding my chakra you were born with extremely large chakra reserves so all of that chakra came together."

Naruto stayed silent for a few seconds, he then responded. "So the reason I never got any stronger was because of you...Kyuubi you suck."

Naruto heard the faint sound of Kyuubi's chuckle as it faded away and resided back into the depths on his conscience. The next sound Naruto heard was a voice from below, not Kyuubi's though, this voice was human.

"Hey dobe, stop talking to yourself in that tree and get down here." Naruto glanced recognized the voice and he didn't really feel like hearing it right now. Naruto stayed in his slouched position on the branch and answered the voice back with a loud sigh.

"What teme, what do you want?"

"I want to ask you something, so get down here."

"Why don't you come up here and ask me?" Naruto then heard the voices of females, those voices didn't sound to happy either.

"Naruto! Sasuke-kun wants to ask you something, you should be glad that he's even talking to you, so get down here now!" This female voice was accompanied by others all wanting to get Naruto from the tree. Not wanting to cause a further ruckus Naruto slid off the branch and landed in right in front of Sasuke. He looked him straight in the eye. Sasuke's eyes widened when he caught a glimpse of Naruto's new upgrade.

"What the hell is wrong with your eyes, weren't they always just blue?" Naruto glared at Sasuke and Sasuke returned his glare.

"No, they were always like this, you just didn't look hard enough."

"Hey don't you glare at Sasuke-kun like that!" Once again Sakura opened her mouth from the sidelines to defend her crush. Naruto took his glare away from Sasuke and directed it at Sakura. He was pleased when he saw her gasp and back away from him, only to shrink into the back of the mob of fan girls. Her gasp wasn't the only one to be heard, it seemed like as soon a Naruto glanced toward their direction Sasuke's faithful fan girls suddenly got quiet.

With a smile Naruto brought his glare back to Sasuke, making him flinch a little as well.

"So, what do you care about eyes for anyway, what are you gay?" Sasuke's expression got really tense at Naruto's rude comment, not to mention the fact that his cheerleaders were basically set on fire when they heard it. With the blushes and the yelling, and the...oh ya know what I mean. (No Bill Cosby reenactment intended there)

"Hey you want to fight Naruto, just because you passed the test doesn't mean that your better than me. I can still kick your loser ass!"

"Alright let's go then, I show you who's the real loser, you and your pathetic cheer leading squad over there!" Naruto said while pointing to Sasuke's fan girls. He gave them one last glare just to spook them all.

"Naruto!" Sasuke threw a wild right hook Naruto dodged quite easily, it was almost like his fist was moving in slow motion. He shrunk back and delivered a strong punch to Sasuke's gut sending him stumbling backwards.

Sasuke charged once again throwing out a flurry of precise punches. Naruto did no better but to dodge them, all except the last one, which caught Naruto in the face, sending him flying into the tree he had once rested on.

"Teme, is that all you got?" Sasuke got angry again and charged Naruto again, he jumped up and came down with a hard vertical kick.

I can see it! Naruto thought to himself. In a second Sasuke was right above him. Naruto saw everything clearly.

"You're so slow, teme." Naruto caught Sasuke's leg with one hand, he then slammed him into the tree behind him with all his might. He then flung Sasuke ten feet away from him, putting him in a temporary daze.

Sasuke tried to get up but was pushed back down by Naruto's foot on his back.

"Hey teme, just because I seemed weak before doesn't mean that I am." Sasuke turned just far enough to look at Naruto, who had already began to walk away.

Oh yeah I looked so cool, that should teach that bastard a lesson. Naruto thought to himself as he began to walk back into the academy.

"Naruto, don't you dare underestimate me!" Sasuke charged at Naruto for the final time hoping to catch him off guard, a very desperate move indeed.

"I didn't, I just overestimated you!" Naruto spun around and plowed his fist directly into Sasuke's face making him thrust backwards into that same tree. Naruto gave one final huff before walking back inside the academy. He could hear the screams of worry and fear coming from the girls as they all rushed the wounds of their raven haired lover boy.

"Let's see, who's missing...ah Uchiha Sasuke, does anyone know where Sasuke is?"

"Right here." Sasuke walked through the doors of the classroom...limping and bruised. He was followed in by his loyal fan girls who all had empathetic looks on their faces.

"Right on time Sa-...Hey what happened to your face"

Sasuke glanced toward the direction of a certain blond for a second and turned his gaze back on Iruka.

"Nothing Iruka sensei...I fell." Almost everyone in the class face faulted at this, well except for Naruto.

"Ok, I know that's not what happened but still, take your seat, I want to finish this." Sasuke took a seat at the far corner of the room, the complete opposite of Naruto's seat. His follower's also took their original seats, but not before giving Naruto their own glares.

"Alright...we were going to do this tomorrow but something has come instead of tomorrow, you will be meeting your new senseis today."

"New sensei?" The whole class screamed out, exempt a few people.

"Yep, now that you're all Genin I'm no longer your instructor." Iruka laughed and scratched the back of his head in a very pre-upgrade Naruto way. "Well I'll begin with the names of the teams selected."

"Team seven: Haruno Sakura...Uchiha Sasuke-..." Sakura jumped up in joy letting out a loud 'yesss' to taunt the other girls in the class who had the misfortune on not being on Sasuke's team. "-...And Uzumaki Naruto. Your jounin instructor is Htake Kakashi." Sakura's eyes cracked wide open, her head slouched down in disappointment.

"No, why do I have to be with him?" She said in a defeated tone. Naruto just sighed and Sasuke just brooded.

"Ok ok sit down Sakura. Team eight: Hyuuga Hinata, Aburame Shino and Inuzuka Kiba, Your Jounin instructor is Yuuhi Kurenai."

"Team ten: Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, and Akimichi Chouji, your Jounin is Sarutobi Asuma. Now those three teams report to the the classroom next door to meet your instructors." Naruto stood up and walked out of the room before anyone else, eager to meet his new instructor. Iruka then continued to name the teams.

"Where the hell is he? Everyone else got to meet their instructor by know, what about us, we're sitting in a stupid classroom all by our lonesome!"

Sakura paced back and forth as she ranted on and on about how their instructor was so late. Naruto had to agree with her, it was really annoying but then again so was she. Actually Naruto didn't know why he thought of Sakura as annoying. Before his recent changes, his thoughts about Sakura were anything but annoying. He was practically in love with her but now he just didn't feel it anymore. Her loud and abusive ways that Naruto thought made her look hot, now made her look like a real bitch... guess he did know after all.

Naruto got up and walked over by the window, Sakura noticed this and stopped her ranting. She wasn't going to miss this chance, somehow Naruto had gotten stronger and cooler in her eyes, this was the perfect chance to ask him what happened.

Sakura trotted up to Naruto's side. She knew of his crush on her and if she would have to use that to find out then she would.

"Um, Naruto-kun how come you-..."

"Naruto-kun? Since when am I Naruto-kun?"

"N-No I just wanted to ask how you got so strong and what's with the cool clothes."

"Sakura-chan, I figured out who I was." Naruto said monotonously.

"Wha-..What does that mean...probably nothing."

Naruto turned around and gave her a glare, making her jump back again. He 'hmphed' and turned around.

"Well since you guys are the only one here I guess you're mine." All three Genin turned to face the adult voice. They saw a Silver haired, one-eyed man standing at the door. He wore a mask that only covered his mouth and nose and his Hitae-ite was slung over his left eye covering it completely. He wore a standard Jounin vest, signifying his rank.

"Meet me on the roof in five minutes." With that the cyclopean Jounin poofed out of the room.

"W-Who was that guy?" Sakura said

"Isn't it obvious, he's our new sensei." Naruto said as he walked past her. He was soon followed by Sasuke and wherever Sasuke went Sakura was sure to follow.

(Five minutes later)

Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke all sat in front of their new sensei. They looked at him perplexed by his weird appearance.

"Alright, first introductions. Tell me some things about you, you know what you like, what you hate, and you goals for the future, things like that.

"How about you demonstrate so we know what to do." Sakura said

"Ok, My name is Hatake Kakashi, I like a lot of things, I don't really hate a lot of things either and as for future goals...I don't really fell like telling you that. Now you go."

"All we found out was your name."

"Yup, now you try pinky."

"OK my name is Haruno Sakura, what I like..I mean who I like is-..." Sakura cut herself off with a series of giggles and glances at Sasuke. "-...My goals for the future are-.." again she cut herself off. "Who I hate is...Naruto." She gave him an angry glare. Naruto just shrugged his shoulders and flicked her off.

"Ok, you in the middle."

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke, What I want is revenge, I hate a lot of things and my future goal is to gain power in hopes of killing a certain someone." Sakura stared at him with a look that said 'he's so hot'.

"Ok, you Blondie, tell me about yourself." Naruto began.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto, I like..." Naruto paused for a moment, after his recent change he really didn't know what it was that he liked anymore. "-...To train. I hate people who treat others badly without knowledge of that person, and my goal is to gain enough power to show everyone in this village who I truly am."

Kakashi scratched his chin. "So If I'm correct I got a fangirl, an avenger, and...I don't know what to call you, you're sort of an enigma...great. Anyway it's time for your first assignment, meet me on the training grounds tomorrow at daybreak, come prepared with all your ninja gear, you'll need it. Oh and Tomorrow, don't eat breakfast or you might puke."

With that Kakashi poofed out of vision, leaving the three rookie Genin to contemplate on what he meant.

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