codename: Kind Next Door Operation A.L.O.N.E.






Transmission: Initiated

Chapter 1: Sadness

Kuki never thought she could be so sad.
Never in her life had she been this sad, so alone...
Fighting father had made her think that there was nothing worse than flames and smoke and rage.
But there was.

Everyone had left, turning thirteen and getting decommissioned.

Abby had been first, rumors of her following her evil older sister's footsteps were heard only days after.

Then Hoagie turned, his jokes and antics making a big hole in the hearts of those who were left.

After that came Nigel. He took his decommissioning like his father: No regret, no tears.

Only pride at what he had done.

So did Wally.

Now, all that was left was her.


She cried every night, her sleep filled with horrible nightmares.

The toys she had once loved she now despised. They only served to remind her of her loneliness.

Sometimes, she swore she heard the stuffed toys giggle.

At first she was happy. She always had believed, no, KNEW they were alive!

But then she found out: It was all in her head.

That made her feel more alone.

More sad...

She ticked off another day on the calendar.

Another day of painful memories...

Transmission interrupted...Reestablishing link...

Eh...I'm good...
Poor Kuki...