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Not even a minute into the fight, Abby was forced to drop the lollipop-machine gun she had been using when it ran out of ammo.

Not that she minded, the contraption wasn't even hers, from Stickybeard a few months ago, and she had been looking for an excuse to use up the negligible ammo it had left. Of course that "only" left her with her custom-made blaster, for which she, fortunately, had packed quite a lot of ammunition.

It certainly had been a while since she had seen any real action; the KND operatives that had been sent after her recently had been just too easy for her. She couldn't even beat them up properly.

Which is why she was going to try and make sure that this fight lasted just a little longer than what was necessary.

She danced around Lizzie's robot, dodging wads of dirty laundry and firing explosive M.A.R.B.L.E. rounds at the places she knew would be well armored, just to annoy Lizzie. Hidden behind the welding goggles, her eyes glowed a brilliant, bloody red.

She gave a small pause in her shenanigans to reload, and nonchalantly blasted the lumbering Mech's backside until Lizzie found out where the shots were coming from. Her excitement at the possibility of finding a worthy opponent had been replaced with disappointment at having found the same old Lizzie.

Relaxing her pose, she called out at Lizzie, taunting her.

"That the best ya can do?"

Lizzie pressed a button somewhere on the robot's controls and the laundry cannons were jettisoned, and replaced with a pair or lethal-looking lasers.

"Not even close!" the irate ex-girlfriend screeched and opened fire.

Abby grinned inwards as she dodged the laser blasts, this fatso had suddenly turned out to be a lot more interesting.


She cackled as she did an exaggerated back-flip to avoid a burning salvo, landing gently, almost daintily, on an ex-car.

"Oh, come on!" she taunted her, "Abby's eaten worse than that for break-"

A stun laser pounded her chest and sent her flying into another conveniently placed pile of junk.

Deciding she could take things up a notch, Abby melted into the unlit ground and emerged on the opposite side of the small clearing they were fighting, coolly firing at the back of Lizzie's head the rough equivalent of a roundhouse kick covered in mustard.

Lizzie gave a satisfying squeal of pain and slumped on the control board of the improvised machine.

Abby stared down the sights of her weapon, half-hoping the bitch would continue her pathetic excuse for a fight, and half-knowing she wouldn't.

She sighed and lowered her weapon, carefully nearing the now-silent robot.

Slowly, taking a step at a time and making sure to put her gaze somewhere else as she did so and grinding her sandals into the ground to make noise as she moved, she got closer still.

Only a few feet from the machine, she stopped. She had just given the rotund teen every chance to catch her off guard and continue fighting, or escape, or something; and yet she wasn't even moving.

"That's it?" she muttered. This girl had made mincemeat of the treehouse security system more than a few times; surely she could do better than that!

She waited a few more seconds, waiting for Lizzie to rise up in a fit of rage.


Disappointment mingled with the rage that ran through her veins. Before her little change, she remembered anger as something hot and brutish. Now anger felt cold, like ice. It didn't make her do stupid things, it told her to smile, be friendly, and kick the poor, poor, fool in the head as she did so.

Right now, her blood might have frozen liquid helium.

And then goody two-shoes decided speak.


Ok, NOW what are you whining about?

Don't hurt her…more than you already have, I mean.

Why shouldn't I? She's been a pain in the ass since day one, and ain't you supposed to pop out when Abby's gonna do something really horrible?

This is…okay so shooting Lizzie did feel good, but it's still wrong!

How come?

Your friends are out there, remember? What do you think they'll be thinking when they see you beating her to a pulp?

That I'm helping all of humanity?

Wha- No! They'll be thinking, "Hey, she's a deadly inhuman monster, just like the stupid KND says!" You know why Nigel left her, do you?

Because she's a clingy bi-

No, why he really left her.


He left her because she couldn't bear to be separated from him, and he couldn't bear to make anyone unhappy like that. We know him, Abby, how he kept trying to kick things into order, even if he ended up kicking herself. And now you are going to beat the crap out of someone he used to really love and that he still cares for; right in his face.

Abby stood shock-still at that, the ice of her veins warming up to the usual temperature. Little miss conscience had just used her favorite move.

What would Nigel think of X?

Usually, she simply ignored her when she said this, or gave a snarky remark before snuffing her out.

Right now, however, those words had some weight. Her friends were out there, hiding, watching her.

She knew, she could feel them.

She took an involuntary step back from the mech. Two years of nightmares, of hearing Nigel screaming for help at her in her dreams, had left her uneasy at the prospect of becoming no different than those who actually did that to him. No different than those Sector V had sacrificed their own childhoods to fight so other kids could have their own.

And that's what threw her off the hook. Uneasiness was the closest thing she could get to fear nowadays. The more she thought about it, the more irrational the near-fear became. She had been forgiven after all.


She quickly leaped on top of the robot and unstrapped the unconscious Lizzie from her seat, lifting Nigel's ex-girlfriend out of the war machine.

She didn't have to check for breathing, for her it was as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

Relieved that the redhead wasn't dead, she dropped into the ground, making a gateway in the ground that ended at Lizzie's house, so that the unconscious teen would wake up on her bed. With unusual care, she lowered Lizzie through the shadows.

Just as the head was about to disappear, someone came rushing from inside a fridge with a broken door.


Hoagie came to a screeching halt in from of a bemused Abby.

"No, no, no Abby, you know the drill. You have to say something really cool before you…"

"Before I what?" Abby asked, tilting her head an inch.

Hoagie scratched the back of his head, seemingly trying to think of just what would be a cool thing to say, before giving and embarrassed shrug.

"Eh, never mind."

Abby finished dropping Lizzie through the ground and stood, closing the gateway as she did. Hoagie looked just like he did when that invention of his turned him into a teenager, and she was mildly surprised to see him like that now. True, she had seen him from the shadows as they came looking for her, but still, seeing him in person, and from one angle, had shown her just how much he had changed.

And, speaking of that, how much did she change?

Soon, the others got out their respective hiding spots and came her way. Wally, Nigel, Maurice…

Abby cringed invisibly; she had forgotten about Maurice.

They gathered around, awkwardly.

Nigel cleared his throat, and was the first of them to speak.

"Well... it's nice seeing you again Abby." he said.

Abby allowed herself a small smile. "Good to see ya too, Nigel."

They talked for a while, of the old days, of what they were doing now as teens and of their missions together. For the first time in a long while, they were back together again, as friends.

However, Abby knew what they were here for. As much as she enjoyed being their friend again, she'd like to be on home turf when they brought up the small matter of her being a runaway.

"You know, Abby's really happy to see ya guys, but she thinks you'd be more, comfortable at her place." she casually said.

Opening gateways at their feet, she removed the welding goggles long enough to catch a glimpse of her glowing red eyes. Friends or not, she loved the way her otherwise loathsome eyes crept people out.

"Just try not ta pass out, please." she added as she and the rest of the teens fell through the floor.

Numbuh 4656 hummed a soothing, calm tune as he made the final adjustments to the latest device in his search for immortality: a negative energy projector. He could have made the adjustments earlier, but it just felt wrong to do things behind a test subject's back, sort of like giving someone a burger without telling the other guy what was in it.

Once a nerd of Weapons Development, he had been a prominent member, second only to the mildly clinically insane Numbuh 473 in brilliance. However, the violent temperament of the Russo-american operative had made him, as well as the rest of the department, leave. After the unpleasantness, he had decided to join the medical division.

It had been the decommissioning of a friend of his that had made him discover the greatest disease to befall kidkind: age. Vowing to become the kid to put a permanent end to the concept of adulthood, he worked tirelessly for months.

He tried everything he could be allowed to do and, when that didn't work, he tried everything else. The matter was too important for mere rules; and weren't adults supposed to be the ones who invented rules in the first place? A child learned the rules only so that he could defy them later, and that was what he did. Even after being caught, he escaped and carried on, far away from those adults in the guise of children that were the KND.

He gave a dial a final, tiny adjustment, and set up a camera on a tripod. Once that was done, he prepared to fire the device: a spherical construct about a meter in diameter, suspended between powerful electromagnets.

Numbuh 3, standing on a painted X on the floor asked him a question, her voice dripping impatience.

"Are you done now?"

Numbuh 4656 clicked his tongue.

"Patience, now! We wouldn't want something going wrong now would we?" he said, scribbling some notes to a clipboard. "I'm already done anyway." he added.

Turning on the video camera he gave Numbuh 3 a level, calm look. "Are you ready?" he asked.

Kuki silently nodded, a stark contrast to her old self, who would had leapt and squealed in joy.

Numbuh 4656 allowed himself a small smile. Soon, the cheerful girl in the files would be back.

Lifting the cover of the switch he ignited the device.

Several things happened.

First, the light pouring from the massive lamps on the roof of the abandoned warehouse, against most laws of physics, bent towards the device, reshaping the shadows on the ground in bizarre and improbable ways. The light seemed to collect itself around the device, giving it an eerie, unnatural glow.

However, this awesome spectacle of light was merely a side effect of what the device performed: deep within itself, matter slammed into itself, bringing about something that had never been seen, not since the dawn of the universe: the so-called "Dark energy", in fact a collection of primordial particles and energies that would dissipate into nothing, unless under certain circumstances.

The amalgamation, the universal primordial soup of the cosmos, collected on the surface of the sphere, invisible.

After a few seconds, the energy burst out in Kuki's direction. Traveling at the speed of light, it instantly connected with her, a beam of energy, which glew brightly despite seemingly absorbing light.

The beam hit Kuki with enormous strength, energy cascaded from her body as her very atoms absorbed the primordial energies.

Not once did she make a sound.

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