I, for some strange reason, really like writing Platinum Pair now.

It's strangeā€¦


Niou Masaharu and Yagyuu Hiroshi, from the very first day they met, had contaminated each other.

Both might have not noticed it at first, but it was the meeting that started their whole doubles partnership, and it started their friendship as well.

It started another thing, too.

Pretending to be each other.

It was a trick they used while playing tennis. At least, the main purpose for the switch had only been tennis. To shock the doubles team they were playing against, to have the upper advantage. To make them confused, to make them frustrated.

That was their main reason.

One day, however, Niou had proposed switching for a whole day, not just for tennis. They would trick the whole school.

Yagyuu agreed with the trickster, and they successfully switched for a full day without anyone realizing it. Later on, they would perfect their switches so much that even their captain sometimes couldn't tell who was who. At least, until they played, of course. For some reason, no matter how hard both of them tried, they couldn't copy each other's playing styles exactly the way it should be.

That was the only thing they couldn't to. Nonetheless, they contaminated each other all the same.

They still had their slight differences.

If Niou was acting as Yagyuu, he could never completely become gentleman-like, but no one noticed.

If Yagyuu was acting as Niou, he could never completely act like a total nutcase and trick everyone. But no one noticed.

It was those slight differences that made them satisfied that they were who they were, and one couldn't take the place of the other if one of them died.

Contamination, however, still occurred.

Because of the switches, Niou realized that sometimes he just wouldn't be in the mood for playing his pranks. For some odd reason, he had the sudden urge to actually do his homework for once.

Because of the switches, Yagyuu realized that sometimes he didn't want to do his homework. This phenomenon had never occurred to him before. Sometimes, he would even curse under his breath if he got too upset.

Both had contaminated each other.

But who said contamination wasn't a good thing?

Both of them were satisfied with the changes. It just proved to them that in a changing world, they would change too. They wouldn't be the same person for their whole life.

Both of them were satisfied with each other. No matter how much they switched, Niou would still be Niou, and Yagyuu would still be Yagyuu.

It could be said that the other reason for switching was that it was a chance to know the other person better. To know the other person's reactions, to know how to comfort the person if they were upset.

And by knowing all these traits, they could judge for themselves whether they liked each other or not with confidence.

Niou Masaharu was confident that he liked Yagyuu Hiroshi.

Yagyuu Hiroshi was confident that he liked Niou Masaharu.

And that was all that really mattered to them.

Strange little piece, and a little repetitive.

And there's no dialogue. Wow.