Revenge II

In the land of the blind one eye is king

Love is blind

Okay, here it is the last chapter. And it is a biggie, 4710 words. That's about a sixth of the story. Well enjoy, after this one it is over. It contains the lemon and the epilogue.

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Katara opened her eyes, the bed she lay on was soft and warm. The blanket brushed her skin and she enjoyed the slumber she was in. But, the daily tasks had to be done, she threw away the sheets and stretched herself. After going into the bathroom she emerged out of it, wearing a blue robe and she had wet hair. She looked over to the bed, expecting to see Aang, but instead she saw a note.

Dear Katara, I'm going to the town at the bottom of the mountain for groceries. I would have asked you to come with me but you are just to beautifull when you're asleep. Love, Aang.

Katara grinned as she read the letter, sometimes she still couldn't believe it, married to Aang, to the avatar, being on this nice honeymoon at the southern airtemple, completely alone with her lover, it was like a dream. After a while she went to get some breakfast, she took some fresh pieces of fruit (a mango and an apple) and put them in a bowl, with some luck the flames of the fireplace would still be burning slightly. After all it was early, and the previous night did get pretty late. She made her way out of the kitchen as she heard some ruckus in the great hall. "Great!" She thought, she wouldn't have to be alone this morning, Aang would be there. That idea only lasted a second though, for she quickly realised that she didn't hear Appa's growl which he always made as he landed. In a single movement she bended water from the barrels in the kitchen around her arms and sneaked towards the great hall. Standing behind a wall she could hear two pairs of footsteps, she took a deep breath and spinner around the wall ready to defend herself. It didn't take her long however to realise that the two people were Sokka and Toph.

For a moment she was relieved with joy, though annoyed that her honeymoon had been interrupted and out of all people, by her brother. The relieve however quickly turned into fear. Her brother wore an eye-patch and both seemed like they had gone through hell, all covered in earth, mud and dirt. Toph was leaning on Sokka. Though when she noticed that Katara had entered the room she pretended to be fine.

"Are you ok?" Sokka asked Toph.

"By the spirits, I'm fine, just a bit tired from bending our asses up to the top of this bloody mountain!" Toph said, pretending to be tough.

Katara ran towards the duo and stopped right in front of her brother. Her right index finger gently touched his eye-patch and the tears were in her eyes. Sokka however took her hand and firmly though kindly pulled it away. His face showed the one desire he had, the desire that she didn't ask him about his eye. His sister thus turned to Toph, who seemed exhausted. Her hand palmed Tophs cheeks and lifted her head up, searching the blind eyes for an answer. Toph could feel the pulse of Katara's heart running through her hands. It was caring, worried and asking the question in replacement of her voice.

"We'll tell you later Sugarqueen. Right now... we're dead tired."

"Later?! Later? You show up on the top of the mountain, through the cold air, covered in filth, on my honeymoon an my brother is missing an eye? And you want to tell me later!?" She screamed. Her words set in with herself and she was reminded again of her brothers eye. Tears rolled from her ocean blue eyes.

Her brother tried to comfort her and hugged his sister. "Shh ... it's ok."

"No it's not Sokka, you're hurt. And I don't even know why." She cried into his shoulder.

"We'll tell you, I swear. But it has been a very long trip."

Toph never was the great comforter, and never having had a brother or sister she felt a little out of place right there and than. Her mind drifted of. Seeing the siblings there made her realise how she didn't know how to care for family as wel as family should. She couldn't comfort. She never learned how to comfort someone, her parents always protected her, therefore she never was harmed, and never needed to be comforted. But now she saw the gap in her education. If she were a mother she'd never be able to comfort her hurt child. She'd be a lousy mother, just because she never had 'perfect picture parents'. How could she learn to care and love for a child? Why? Why did Sokka have to be so keen on having children. Why did he have to have a family? Wasn't it enough to be alone, together? Wasn't she enough? She was pulled out of her toughts as Katara seemed to have given in on their demand. She led them to a bedroom not to far away. After entering the room Sokka lied down, though crashed down might be a better word, onto the bed. Katara sat by her brother's side and Toph decided that she needed a bath. She had earthbended their way to the top of the mountain and was to tired and filthy to go on. She desperate into the bathroom.

Katara knew that this was her chance to get some answers. She tapped Sokka on his shoulder and he obliged, getting up. Her right hand moved towards his patch, though Sokka spoke before it reached its destination. "You don't want to look." He said "I know that you hope you can heal it, but you can't." But she had to know, her hand lifted up the eye-patch, revealing the hole in his head. Her breath stopped, threatening to choke her. Tears formed in her eyes, her hand shook. Then, breaking out of her sudden schock, she embraced her brother once more. "Somebody did it, I hope he got what he deserved." She said.

"I know it's hard, but let it go for now. We're all stil alive, and I can live without that eye. We'll tell you everything tonight." He said, being tired and wanting to sleep.

Reluctantly his sister left the room, she closed the door silently. To avoid the loud noise that would discomfort her brother. A while later Toph emerged from the bathroom. She wore a blew robe, apparently left there by Katara at some time or another. Also she wore a towel over her hair. She looked at her prince charming and, having bathed, noticed he reeked. She wanted to awaken him gently, romantically, a kiss seemed the perfect way. However Sokka, being the heavy sleeper didn't even notice when the two pairs of lips met. Instead she thus poked him in his stomach until he got up. "Go shower." She said "You stink meat-boy." If Toph could have seen it, she would have seen the small smile curve on Sokka's lips. Being alone, she noticed that she was hungry. She quickly found the kitchen and hoped that she wouldn't run into Katara as she made a sandwich for herself and her lover.

Aang, after deciding to let Appa land a few hundred metres more down in order to surprise Katara, airbended his way into the great hall. He used his super-light steps ability to move around in the house, hoping to not be spotted by Katara. When he passed the kitchen he noticed some sounds. In a flash he saw the blew robe that Katara o so often wore. He silently and quickly made his way towards the figure that was working in the kitchen. Toph didn't even hear him coming in. She felt his hands though, covering her eyes. And his voice that said "Guess who?".

She replied of course "Pretty useless to blind a blind woman Twinkle-toes.". The schock scared Aang so much for a moment that he jumped up in the air and hit the ceiling with his head. "When he floated down he rubbed his head. Toph spoke again as he landed "You must be your clumsiest reïncarnation yet Aang." She mocked.

"Hahaha." He said sarcasticly. "What are you doing here anyway? Something wrong?"

"Sokka and I will tell you later." She said, afraid of what she'd have to say.

"Sokka is here to? Well, this is one hell of a honeymoon, the brother in law comes to check up."

"I wish it were as easy as that." She sighed. With that said she left the room, leaving behind a confused Aang rubbing his head.

The meeting with Aang had taken away her appetite. She dropped the plate of sandwiches on the bed and with a heavy heart walked into the bathroom. There Sokka was taking a bath. He shrieked like a woman as the door opened, embarrassed that anybody would see him naked. As soon as he saw that it was Toph however he overcompensated. "Ow, hi." He said in the lowest voice you could possibly imagine. She smiled though her mind was still working on the problem they had. "Want me to do you back?" She asked him.

Sokka said "Of course, why not?" And enjoyed how the sponge moved over his back by the beautiful and seductive Toph. However he knew something was bothering Toph, it was bothering him to. It had for days, since they decided to come here. However it seemed wise to him to not start about it until Toph ws truly ready. So he waited for her to speak. A few minutes later she did.

"About what we're going to tell them tonight..." She started.


"What the hell are we going to tell them tonight?"

"I don't know, it's something we can't decide on our own, but have to decide together."

"If we were to tell the truth, we risk losing our best friends. Because they can't handle the truth."

Sokka closed his eyes. "And if we lie we'd be lying to our best friend and my sister. Not only that but we'd have to pretend to never have done that for the rest of our lives. It would eat us up from the inside."

"So do we want to trust them the truth, or keep the horrible facts to ourselves?" She asked, she stopped scrubbing Sokka's back.

Sokka sighed, taking a mental decision and leaned back his head rested on Toph's leg. "I think we know what we have to do." She bended her head towards his and they kissed, passionately.

Later that night the two couples shared a nice meal together. There were laughs and there was fun. Though the big question as to the reason of the arrival of Sokka and Toph hung over everybody's head. They stalled it but finally the conversation sprang. When it was over they all sat silently, looking at their plates. Aang and Katara hung their heads to process what they heard. Toph and Sokka hung their heads in shame. It was Aang who finally broke the long silence.

"How, how could you?" He asked. He was angry with his friends. How could they have done such a thing? Murder, blood, revenge, the images swirled in his mind. He asked himself, how could he not have seen? When nobody replied he continued "You killed all those men! And Azula, she couldn't even defend herself!" The silence of Toph and Sokka only fueled his rage. "Revenge is never the damn answer!"

"You don't tell me about what revenge is!" Toph yelled back as she got out of her seat. "You don't get to talk about such a thing if you don't even know what it is. And don't you dare to try and tell me what to do! If you get raped, and still don't decide to kill those who truly deserve it, then we'll talk!"

This set Aang back, he was so startled by the sudden response of Toph. He could see in that moment how much it still bothered her. Toph is such a strong woman, and such a brilliant actrice that he actually believed that she got over it in that one year. Yet another fact burned his mind. "And all those others, those guards, Azula... what about them, they didn't rape you."

This time it was Toph who grew silent in shock, the weight of Aang's words pressing her back into her seat. To her relief her knight in shining armor took up the word. "We had to. To save ourselves, it was us or them. Aang, they tried to kill us!"

"So you killed them..." Aang sighed.

A rift seemed to quickly grow between Aang and the 'murdering couple'. Luckily for them the words of Katara stopped those. For the first time since Toph and Sokka started to tell their story she spoke. "Sokka, you're ... my... brother." She looked him in the eye. "And Toph, you, you are my best friend." She did the same to her. (though kind of useless) "That's all I know." She got up and quietly made her way to her bedroom. That left three people at the table. Sokka looked at Aang, asking him, in his look, what Aang's personal verdict was. Aang closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he spoke. "I guess, if Katara ... had chosen to take revenge, on the murderer of her mother ... I still would have found a way. A way to be with her." He opened his eyes "We'll find a way ourselves. For us to stay friends, I'm sure of it." Now he to got up and joined Katara in their bedroom. Which left the duo sitting next to each other at the table.

"That... went better than we expected." Sokka said after a while.

"But still pretty bad." Toph sighed. "Take me to bed meat-boy."

Sokka picked her up, like a groom who carries his bride. Her arms around his neck. Somehow this reminded Toph of when they were children. Sokka was always the one to carry her, like when her feet got burned by Zuko. He carried them to their bedroom and used his feet to open and close the door. He layed her down on the bed and in the same movement placed himself partly over her. His torso was over hers, his arms under her and their lips only parted by millimetres.

"I love you Toph." He said. He said it as a reminder, a true emotion, a way to help her feel 'not alone', and as a support. He said it as a friend, a love and a soul-mate.

She smiled. "Shut up and kiss me Sokka."

He smiled back, and obliged. Their lips met so hard it hurt both party's but they didn't mind, they enjoyed it. Sokka's tongue slipped into Toph's moist and warm mouth. Toph's hands ran over his muscled back and then they changed platform, running over his abs. He didn't keep it to kissing either, his hands played with her soft but strong thighs. His warm hand met the cool skin underneath her robes. Running over her flat stomach, brushing her body with his fingertips. When his fingertips reached the bottom of her breasts she forgot all about making Sokka feel good and placed her hands at the sides of his face. His hands neared her nipples and she pressed his face as close to hers as she could, his lips as tight on hers as was possible. All the while their tongues wrestled fiercely and passionately. Toph was about to get lost in a trance as Sokka massaged her breasts and his fingers rubbed her hardened nipples. The kiss became more and more passionate and although her brain was screaming for oxygen she just couldn't let go. Instead she brought her body closer to his. Their legs touched, their stomachs touched and their special areas touched through the clothes. Toph could feel his hard member and it aroused her only further. The tongues battled for domination, the body's stuck together the hands massaged her breasts but although it felt so great she needed breath. Reluctantly she stopped pressing his lips against hers. She closed her eyes trying to remember his flavour as her head tilted back just a bit for air, she however still bit his lower lip softly. With her air-pipes cleared she started to moan hard and fast. It was like she couldn't keep up with the rhythm of his hands and of the moving of the hips.

After a while her moans became less deep and came less rapidly, she adjusted to the rhythm. When her moans turned into deep breaths a mischievous smile presented itself on her face. Her left hand slided to the back of Sokka's head and slightly brought his head closer for kisses. Her right hand however slided down to his pants. She moved her head and now began nibbling his ear. He closed his eyes shut as Toph reached into his pants. Her palm slided over to the bottom his hard member and embraced it. Sokka tried not to loose it and quickly reclaimed his focus. He moved his head and started to suck and kiss (and softly bite) her neck. His right stayed with her breasts, caressing them. His left however moved up to her head. Stroking her chin and neck softly. Then it slided down again and brushed her hips and thighs, asswel as her inner thighs and her ass. Her hand moved to the top of his manhood slowly and then slowly back. Then again but faster and firmer, and again, and again... Her left hand slided to his strong shoulder. She quickly moved her head to kiss him quickly on the lips and then used her hand to remove his upper clothing. Sokka caught her drift and as she removed his upper clothing he removed his pants and underpants.

Now that Sokka was naked it was Toph's turn. She pushed him of her and got up. With her back against Sokka. He crawled up and stood behind her. He gently removed the top of the robe that covered her right shoulder. He covered it in kisses and moved up to her neck. The occasional gentle biting sent Toph to seventh heaven. Sokka's left hand removed more of the robe that covered her shoulders while his right moved over her body. It was tucked in her robe and ran over her flat stomach and the sides of her torso. His hand squeezed her breasts. His mouth moved from her neck and towards her lips. He tasted her sweet pink lips, then her tongue, then the back of her throat. While she was distracted with this he undid the slip knot that was tied around her robe. It fell of revealing her in full ornate. Her erect nipples and perky, soft breasts. Her silk skin, long beautiful legs. Her perfectly shaped bottom and her teasing, perfectly shaped hips. Whilst still kissing Sokka's hands ran from her hips, firmly towards the sides of her stomach, revealing once again her sand-glass shaped body, up to her round breasts. Which he grabbed. She moaned in Ecstasy but so did he. For at that moment she pushed her body against his. Her ass against his erection.

She parted the kiss and could still feel the warmth of his breath on her lips as she smiled and turned away her head. She took his hands and placed them at her hips. Slowly and sensually she bended over. She could feel the warmth of his erection close to her womanhood. At the same time they got on their knees. Sokka needed little encouragement as he slowly pushed the head of his shaft into her. The tension and warmth got to him instantly. He held himself by her bottom, her hips and her back as he used the grip to push himself further into her temple. He gritted his teeth as the tension on his member was intense and she gasped because of the feeling of him entering so deep in his first push. It was nearly completely in there. Not that she complained, a moan escaped from her breath as he pulled back and a smile on appeared on her face as he pushed forward again. He felt the inner walls of her womanhood rubbing him so roughly. The scent of her made him go wild. He thrust in again. She felt so complete. The strenght in her arms weakened and she felt bottom being pushed upwards as he thrust in her deeper and harder and faster.

When he found a good pace he stroked her ass and her right leg with his right hand. Her flesh was strong and firm, but the skin itself was soft and felt like silk. He wanted to go faster, but first before he'd do that he had to kiss her. He felt like he had to kiss her, for he was in love. So he thrust all the way in, to get his head easier to hers. The warmth of her temple burned ever so sensually. And she bit her lip, because she didn't want to scream out his name just yet as he pushed all the way in. His hands slid to her breast and she felt them caress them. He brought his mouth close to her ear and whispered her name.


She turned around and got what he meant. Their lips embraced eachother's, her tongue slid over his lower lip and then, into his mouth. She turned her head slightly to the left and the kiss went on. Their tongues battling for dominance. Expressing their love in a kiss of war. At this moment his pulled his member back. The sudden leaving made her walls close fast and as fast as that may have been the shaft came back o so sudden. As soon as he had pulled out so fast, they broke the kiss and she hung her head. She moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He gripped her by the hip joints. She gritted her teeth as she needed to adjust to this fast tempo. He went so fast that she lost the strenght in her arms and thus couldn't lean on them anymore. Her bottom went even more up as he didn't restrain himself. The pressure on both sides was enormous. She moaned like hell and he huffed and puffed like his life depended on it. She felt him bang in to her at such a speed and loved it. Her breasts moved separately from her body. They shook back and forth fast. Her moans escaped her involuntarily but she din't mind. The pain, that she had enjoyed but also despised subsided and turned into more pleasure.

After a while he slowed down. With the little amount of blood in his brain he didn't realise from the start how uncomfortable this might be for toph. Because he went slower she got strong enough to get on her arms again. When she felt him trying to stand up she moved to. As they stood, she leaned her body against his chest. And turned her head again. He tilted it to so that they could kiss, chest to back. She could still feel him inside of her. Sokka noticed that she had started to sweat, not a lot, but a little. Due to the warmth and pressure on his member, his concentration got les focused. But also the uneasy situation they were in didn't help. Not breaking the contact they walked over to the bed. Once there Toph allowed herself to fall on it. Not her whole body was on the bed. she lied on it face down from above the waist. Everything from the bottom down hung from the bedside. Thus abling the couple to continue the same way, but only Toph lied more comfortable. With the soft bed as a cover it was easy to relax. The pounding recommenced. Once the pace was picked up again, Sokka realised how close he was to the end. Toph herself couldn't take much more either. Sokka felt the tension building up in his sack. Toph tried to hold in there as long as she could. She didn't want to come yet. Her hands grasped the cheats on the bed as every movement of Sokka moved her over the bed. She gritted her teeth. Sokka gritted his teeth as well and his fingers really gripped Toph's ass as he felt the end near. Toph felt him pound into her faster and faster, harder and harder. She felt herself nearing her climax. Sokka was about to loose it, and then as he was all the way in her he couldn't hold it anymore. He screamed in relief as he came hard inside of her, three shots of his seed took off and left him exhausted. A few seconds after he came, so did Toph. She screamed out his name in a loud moan as the gritting of her teeth seized. He remained in her for a few more minutes, and knew she enjoyed that.

After that they spooned and both Sokka as Toph fell asleep with a smile on their face.


One year later.

Toph and Katara were walking down the street. Trying to find a home. They were on an Island, not far from th North pole, but it had earth, so Toph could see. As they walked hand in hand Toph suddenly lifted her head and pushed Sokka into an alleyway. Then she grabbed a barrel and sat down next to him, covering them from sight of anybody in the street with the barrel.

"What the hell?" Asked Sokka

"Shhhh!" Toph told him.

A little girl, six years or late five, walked on the street and stopped about at the alleyway.

"Come on Grampa!" She yelled. "I want to see the play about the avatar. Hurry up Grandpa!"

Hurio walked towards the little girl and smiled. He picked her up and laughed "Ah kya." He said "Don't worry, we'll make it in time. We've got the whole day, just about us."

"I love you Grandpa." She said and hugged him. He hugged her back, and while still holding her they walked of, further into the street.

Sokka and Toph crawled out of the alleyway and watched the duo continue their way.

"They look happy." Sokka said

"They sure do." Toph agreed.

"But I guess if they live here, we can't."

"We sure can't. But what about that island where Aang and Katara live?"

"You wan't to live there to? I thought it was just me!"

"We'll find a place their. I'm sure of it." She said. "But it has to be big enough, if we want someone to visit."

"Geez, Toph, we didn't even buy the house yet, and you're thinking of invinting people."

"Oh, but I know it's someone you'll like."

"Really, and when do I get to meet this wonderfull mystery person?"

"Oh, in about a eight months." She said and smiled.

Sokka's eyes lit up and he place his hand on her belly. Then he leaned in for a kiss.

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