The hot sun shone through the hotel window warming the room up. Tyson stood staring out of the window, looking out towards the town.

"Let's go out," he said tuning to look at his team mates.

Hilary, who sat next to Max on the green hotel sofa stretched her arms above her head, "It's to hot to go out, you'll burn like you always do."

"Yeah Tyson," laughed Max, "Then you'll be complaining for the rest of the day."

Tyson crossed his arms and walked over to a green chair and collapsed in it. "I'm so bored though, we've been in here all week, we've hardly gone out," he wrapped his hands around his head and moaned. "I'm going crazy with boredom."

Kenny sat at the kitchen unit, which was to the side of the living area, he was fixing a blade. He looked up for a second.

"Tyson, the tournament starts in less than a week, you can go out then." Kenny looked back down at his work and started fiddling with it again.

"But that's then! I want to go out now!" Tyson kicked his feet around and had a little fit on the chair he was on.

"Tyson quit being such a baby," said Kai who was sitting arms crossed in the chair across the living room table opposite Tyson.

Max and Hilary looked left to Kai then right to Tyson, they could sense a fight about to start. Tyson clenched his fist and gritted his teeth.

"I'm not a baby! I'm just bored!"

"Then go out," said Kai calmly arms still crossed.

Tyson blinked as he thought about it.

"You're right, I'm going out," he stood up and brushed himself down. Hilary and Max rolled their eyes and stood up.

"We'd better go to," said Hilary standing, "or he'll end up getting into some sort of trouble."

Max stood as well, "you coming Kenny?" He asked.

Kenny nodded and placed the blade he was working on in a box.

"Great!" said Tyson, "Go tell Rei we're going out, he'll want to come."

"Rei's still asleep, leave him, you know what he's like if you wake him up," said Max walking towards the door, Kenny followed behind him.

"You coming Kai?" Asked Hilary also walking towards the door.

"I'll pass," he said closing his eyes.

"Suit yourself," said Tyson heading for the door with his arms behind his head.

"We'll be back later, c ya Kai," said Max closing the door behind him. Kai could hear Hilary and Tyson arguing down the hall, he rolled his eyes.

Kai heard a bang from Rei's room. He turned and looked at the door before standing up and walked over to the room, he heard his team mate muttering to himself, he went in. Rei was sitting on his bed with a book in his hand, he looked up when Kai came into the room.

"Don't people knock these days?" He asked staring at Kai.

"Don't people usually come out of their rooms these days?" Asked Kai walking over and sitting at the end of Rei's bed. "What are you reading, you've been in here all morning, everyone thought you were still asleep." He looked at the book in his team mates hand.

"Nothing much," said Rei, "Where did everyone go?"

"Just out, dunno where, they said they'd be back later," Kai said smiling.

"O really?" said Rei looking back at his book, "gives me time to finish this book then," Rei tried not to smile, but before he had a chance to even read a word the book had been thrown out of his hand and he was face to face with his team captain.

"Or," said Kai face inches from Rei, " we have time to do something else." Kai leaned in and kissed Rei softly on the lips before travelling down to Rei's neck.

"Kai," said Rei slightly struggling, "the others could be back at any time." Kai stopped kissing the boys neck and looked at him, "they wont be back for ages, trust me,"

"That's what you said last time and we almost got caught, remember?" Said Rei reaching for his book again. Kai grabbed Rei's arms and pinned him to the bed.

"Isn't it worth the risk," whispered Kai in Rei's ear, "we haven't been alone in ages."

Rei looked up at his team captain and moaned slightly as Kai moved his knee softly between the boy's legs.

"Kai," he said looking at the door, "what if they come back?"

"They wont, trust me" said Kai slowly.

Rei smiled and sighed, "Okay, if you're sure."

The two boys wrapped their arms around each other before taking one another's shirts off. Kai lent his weight on his left arms as he lent in to kiss the raven haired boy. The two kissed passionately exploring each others mouths. Kai's right hand travelled slowly downwards across Rei's toned body, Rei's heart started to race. The raven haired boy whimpered slightly at the touch of the soft hand travelling down his torso.


"I told you you'd get burnt Tyson," laughed Hilary as the four entered the hotel room. Tyson just grumbled to himself, making sure he kept his arms slightly levitated so he wouldn't touch anything.

"It looks painful," said Max staring at Tyson's bright red arms.

"I'm never going out again," whined Tyson walking further into the living area. He stopped and looked around.

"Look's like Kai went out by himself."

"Shouldn't we get Rei up?" Asked Max sitting on the hotel's green sofa, looking at the clock on the wall above the television.

"Yeah," said Tyson walking over to Rei's door. It had already gone noon and they were scheduled a practise at any time.

"What was that," panted Rei looking at his bedroom door.

"What was what?" Said Kai kissing Rei's neck.

"I thought I heard something," said Rei turning his head to kiss Kai on the lips again. Before either two could do anything the door swung open with Tyson on the other side.

"Rei it's…," he stopped eyes wide.

The two on the bed looked up at Tyson, Rei without thinking quickly pushed Kai off of him. Kai hit the floor on the other side of the bed.

"Hey!" He said sitting up and rubbing his head. By this time all four of their team mates were standing mouths open at the door. No one said anything, they just looked at each other, and then a mighty thud was heard as Tyson hit the deck.