Chapter 5: Revelations

Stella plops down into a chair in her office, trying to cool down and hold back the tears before going back to the evidence. The door opens, and she doesn't look up. "Leave me alone."

Instead of listening to her, Mac kneels in front of her. He gently lifts a hand and tucks it under her chin, trying to get her to look at him. "Stel."

She grabs his wrist. "Don't touch me. I don't want to talk, especially to you."

"He had a right to know he had a daughter. Even if he is a criminal, he deserved the courtesy of spending at least five minutes with you."

She looks up at him at last, wiping the tears away. "I'm a mistake. I shouldn't even be here, Mac."

"What do you mean?"

"He said he didn't mean to get my mom pregnant. I was just an accident and shouldn't exist."

"Stel, you can't seriously mean that," he touches her cheek timidly.

"Nobody wants me anyway. It'd be better if I was never born."

"You're part of our family, Stella. We all need you. I need you. You're my best friend; I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you."

"Don't lie," she shakes her head, pulling away from him. She gets up, walking to the window where he couldn't bother her.

Mac slowly follows her to the window. When he is near enough, he wraps his arms around her. She flinches at first, stiff in his embrace. Eventually she let's go, giving in to his hug. "I wouldn't lie to you. We do need you," he pauses, then puts his lips next to her ear. "I love you, Stel. Nothing can change that."

She remains relaxed, clinging to him, much to his surprise. Minutes later she pulls away. "I'm sorry, Mac. Finding out no one intended for you to be alive isn't exactly easy to take."

"I understand. Just don't think that you shouldn't be here because you weren't planned," he reaches out to tuck a strand of curls behind her ear.

"I should get back to Lindsay. She's probably wondering what happened to me." They stare at each other for a moment before she heads to the door.

Mac watches her leave, wondering what he did wrong. He was so sure she loved him too, but now he didn't think so. "Stella, wait," he yells, coming after her.

Stella turns around when she hears him calling her name. "What is it, Mac?" she asks as he approaches.

Suddenly he presses his lips to hers. Although he doesn't feel her pulling away, he ends it before it gets too passionate. "Do you want to get dinner with me when you're done?"

"Uh… I guess," she says slowly.

He takes a big breath. "I need to know if you love me too."

She looks around the lab for a moment before kissing him again. "How can I not?"

"So you're not mad about this whole thing?"

"I didn't say that. Mac, I told you not to involve me."

"Let's not start our relationship with a fight."

"You brought it up!"

"Was it really that bad?" She glares at him. "I guess so. Maybe it won't be that way with your mother."


"You met one; you have to find the other."

"Let me think about it. But I need some time first."

Mac smiles. "Can't you skip work and just go to dinner? I haven't eaten since breakfast."

"You tell Lindsay it can wait until morning."

Fifteen minutes later they are placing their orders. "Great, our first date is at the diner down the block from the lab."

He laughs, "I promise the second will be better."

"If you get a second."

"Stel," he begins, "I want you to stay at my place for a few nights."

"That's a little too fast, Mac."

"I just want to make sure you don't do anything stupid. I know you're past that right now, but I only want you to be safe."


"Sure you don't want me to stay on the couch?" he asks, ready to turn off the lamp.

"As long as you don't try anything, you can stay." She scoots closer to him as he lays down, resting her head on his chest.

"God, your feet a freezing. Didn't you pack any socks?"

"My feet are not cold," she argues.

"If you say so," he mumbles.

"Just go to sleep."

He remains quiet for a second. "Are you comfortable?"

"Yes. You make a good pillow."

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