Hello! Here's a little TykiAre three-shot based on Kaori Yuki's "Boys Next Door". It's a really great and sad story that Saya would highly suggest to you (actually, it'd probably be better if you read the original before you read this). This story is very close to the original, but Saya did her best to make it her own. Please enjoy!

Disclaimer: Saya doesn't own DGM or "Boys Next Door". They belong to Katsura Hoshino and Kaori Yuki, respectively.

Rating: M for pedophilia, prostitution, nondescript sex, killing, violence, etc.

1. Meeting

"Did you hear about him on the news?"

"Yeah, he's that murderer right? The one who was killing off all of those boys."

"Everyone said he was a good person, no one would've ever suspected him of this."

"He was a pediatrician, too!"

"That sick bastard."



The accused man kept his head low, not really hearing nor caring about the yells and jeers directed at him. What they said was true and he would not deny it. He was a filthy murderer, called the "Blind Man" for the way he blindfolded his victim's corpses. He wouldn't deny it, because he deserved his sentence. He wanted it, let them kill him, so that he could go to where he was.

'I love you...'

He was lead through a crowd toward the courthouse, his hands cuffed behind him, and security guards all around him. They blocked his view of the people of the town, many of whom he knew. They did not, however, stop him from hearing them. They couldn't block out all the flashes of the reports' cameras either. Why was this place so loud and crowded...? A place where people crowded around and made noise, where there was lights and yelling... A carnival. That's what this was, he was being lead through a carnival... 'Just another twisted carnival...'


'Shit, shit, I've done it again...!' Tyki looked down at the body of the male prostitute he'd just killed, and cursed again as he removed the dagger from the young man's heart. He'd been careful to stab through the brand on the slut's chest, it lied right over his heart. But that didn't matter now, because the boy was still staring at him, with glassy, dead eyes.

'Don't look at me,' He thought, as he took out a blindfold and wrapped it over the victim's eyes, which became obscured with ebony strands as the corpse's head shifted to the side. 'Can't let them see me...'

Now that the euphoria of the act had lessened, he was panicked, panicked and upset. The pretty black-haired boy on the ground at the end of this dark alley was a filthy creature, to be sure, but who was Tyki to judge? His hands were sullied with this thing's filthy blood! He sighed worriedly as he wiped the dagger clean on a clear patch of the dead boy's shirt.

Finally, he turned away from the evidence of his crime, only to find that something much worse was behind him: A witness. The boy behind him was quite a bit shorter than he, and looked to be about 15 or so. His silvery hair shone in the moonlight, and his skin was so pale it seemed to glow. He stared at Tyki with a lifeless expression, all too similar to the corpse at his feet. His eyes became wide with surprise, though at first they showed no genuine emotion. He was about to open his mouth and say something when footsteps became audible from around the corner of the alley.

"Oi! Allen! The Earl's gonna be pissed if we don't get back soon..." The speaker came around the corner, revealing himself to be a red-haired man, probably the same age as the raven-haired on the ground. Not wanting to stay around any longer, Tyki ran out of the alley. Little did he know though, that as he did something silver and glinting fell from his pocket and onto the ground.

The new-comer to the scene moved into the alley quickly when he saw whom it was on the ground. His face showed genuine horror.

"Oh shit...Yuu? Yuu! Oh God, Allen call a hospital or something! Yuu!" Lavi held the lifeless body as if it were glass, hoping beyond hope that this wasn't really the end. Allen however already knew that nothing would save the redhead's lover, but for his friend's sake, he got out his cell phone and called the hospital. As he listened to the dial tone, he bent down to pick up what the killer had left behind.

'It's... a name tag?'


"You were born at this carnival, you know. It's your real mother, not me." Tyki looked up at his mother questioningly. Today was the first day she had ever taken him out with her like this, today was the first day she'd ever called him by name or even looked at him. He was so happy to finally be recognized like this but...What did she mean, this carnival was his real mother? How could that be?

"Do you hear it? The music playing? Shall we go listen to it? They're playing near the jester, see? Go on, look," she said, pointing in the direction of a large crowd. In the center of the crowd of people was a jester, who was entertaining all the children at the front. Tyki nodded to her happily, before taking off, into the crowd, not noticing that his mother hadn't followed. She stood on the outskirts of the crowd, just watching until she couldn't see him any longer. She smiled giddily and walked away.

When he finally realized she was not by his side, Tyki turned to look for her in the crowd, but couldn't see over all the people. Weaving through the crowd, he eventually made it to a clearing, but even then he could not see her. He ran and ran, trying desperately to find her. Finally, he came to the last tent, but when he walked in, he found he was home, in his living room.

He'd found his mother, too.

She was lying on the sofa, strands of he dark, curly hair hanging around her face. Her mouth was slightly agape and blood dribbled down from the corner of it. One of her arms hung off the edge of the sofa, her hand lying on the ground. A dagger stuck out of her breast, directly over her heart. All around her were pictures and portraits, and everyone in every picture had their eyes covered by a smear of blood.

Tyki stood stunned in the doorway, not realizing that he was screaming. When he was sure that the horror of the scene could not become any greater, the hand lying on the floor reached up and extended toward him. Tyki moved back, stumbled, and fell.


Allen paced about in "his" room, inspecting the silver chain that lay in his palm. It shone dully in the dark lighting of the place, and he wished he had a window to open so that he could get more light in the room. He had to strain his eyes to read the little inscriptions on the little silver square at the center of the chain, but after a few minutes he was able to make out the tiny writing.

It was a pet collar, complete with the owner's name and contact information. What a ridiculously foolish thing to leave at the scene of a crime. Scratch that, what a stupid thing to bring along when going out to commit a crime! In his hands he held the identity of the Blind Man, Los Angeles' most recent serial murderer, whose latest killing had sent one of his closest friends spiraling into despair.

The white-haired boy was half-tempted to bring this little trinket to the police and tell them what he had omitted from him witness testimony. If he just told them where he'd gotten this, the mystery would be solved, the entire police force would run to this man's house and it would all be over. Not another friend or fellow worker of his would ever be mutilated again. Though, he supposed that for Lavi's sake, he could let the redhead do the honors.

Still, he knew what he wanted to do with this little collar, he knew what he wanted of that man. It wasn't revenge, no, not in the slightest, it was more like blackmail. He slipped the trinket into his pocket, and left for the red room that was two doors down from his blue one. He found it empty and shook his head slowly and forlornly; He should've realized where Lavi would be. Allen walked down to the black door at the end of the hallway, and it was in there that he found the redhead sitting in the chair at the corner, simply staring blankly at the room that had once belonged to his lover (not to say any of them really owned anything in this building, but it had been, in essence, Kanda Yuu's room).

"Lavi," Allen called, bringing his friend back to awareness. Lavi looked up at him with a dull green eye, the other covered with an eyepatch; He had been permanently blinded in that eye after a particularly brutal beating back in the days when he was new to this and just wanted to escape.

"What do you want, Allen?" The still figure asked, his voice flat and rather emotionless.

"Come with me, I need to talk to you," Allen said, mentally adding that he'd rather talk somewhere that wasn't bugged. All the rooms were bugged, even the rooms of the dead. Rooms that would be put to use again soon enough. Allen was sure that Lavi didn't want to leave this room again until it was no longer Yuu's, but the younger boy was sure that the deceased man wouldn't mind if Allen took Lavi aside for a second to talk about a more pressing matter with the redhead.

Lavi shook his head, as Allen had expected him to do. The white-haired sighed before taking another step into the room. He'd never been in here before, Kanda didn't allow most people into his room if it wasn't for business. He didn't feel like he should be in here now, either.

"Lavi, I know you don't want to leave just yet, but I need you to help me with something, and I have a suspicion that you'll definitely want to participate." Lavi raised an eyebrow to the statement, and weighed his options in his mind. He was pretty sure that Allen would be quick with whatever it was he had to say, but at the same time he didn't want to leave this place just yet. Still, Allen, his best friend and quite possibly the only one who could actually understand what he was feeling at the moment, wanted his help and felt it was urgent enough to take him out of his misery for a while. He wasn't about to refuse a friend ever again, he'd done that too many times already.

"Better make this quick..." Lavi mumbled as he slowly stood up, and followed Allen out of the dark room. Neither of them were working at the moment, and so were allowed to leave their house. They continued to walk and walk, Lavi just following Allen until the younger boy decided they were a safe distance away from the whorehouse.

Allen fished in his pocket for something for a moment, before taking out a silver chain and hanging it in front of Lavi's face. The redhead took it and examined it, before glaring up at Allen; What was so special about a pet collar that warranted Allen disturbing him?

"What the hell is this about, Allen?" Lavi asked, cutting straight to the point before he got any angrier.

"Oh, nothing really, just a pet collar with all the information the police need to apprehend the man who murdered Yuu yesterday," Allen said, as casually as if he were talking about the weather. Lavi's eye widened, and suddenly his full attention was on Allen, and his rage was directed at the name on the collar, and the man whom it belonged to.

"Are you shitting me Allen? Why the hell didn't you give this to the police yesterday when they interrogated us?!" Lavi demanded, looking down at Allen, making it a point to show how much taller he was.

"Two reasons: One, because I figured that was something you would want to do yourself. Two, because I have plans for this thing and for the Blind Man. I need you to help me with this, if I want it to work though," Allen confided, his voice lowering as they continued to walk.

"What kind of plans?"

"Right now, we're going to have a copy made of this collar. I'm going to keep the copy, and you'll keep the original. Don't give it to the police just yet though," Allen said, seeing the look in Lavi's eye that said that would be the first thing he did if Allen didn't advise against it. "It is of the highest importance that you keep it, my life depends on you keeping that thing hidden and safe." At this Lavi's blood ran cold; Allen was going to put his life in Lavi's hands? He wouldn't be able to stand it if he did something wrong. He was about ready to give the damned thing back but Allen said: "Please, you're the only one whom I can trust to do this right."

"What are you planning, Allen?" Lavi asked, suddenly feeling much older than his 18 years.

"You'll know if it works, but otherwise knowing will just get you in trouble. Either way, I want you to keep that collar safe. If I am killed or if I disappear without telling you I'm leaving, give it to the police." Lavi's visible eye widened, if he was killed? If he disappeared? What was Allen going to do?

"You're...going to do something with that murderer, aren't you? I don't understand, if you think you might die anyway, then why on earth would you think me having this would save you?" Lavi asked, incredulity radiating from him. He didn't want to lose someone else, not another friend.

"Well, I don't quite think the murder wants to get caught, you know? I figure that when I go to confront him, that if I let him know that the evidence of his crime is somewhere he can't get it, and that whether or not it falls into the hands of the police depends on my being alive, then he won't kill me. Why would he, if he knew someone was going to give that collar to the police the moment my body was discovered?"

Lavi agreed that chances were the murderer wouldn't try to kill Allen if he knew that, however now this plan was putting Lavi in danger as well. He couldn't go along with this, not when he didn't know why Allen was doing this in the first place.

"Allen, I will not do anything but run to the police with this collar right now if you don't tell me what you're up to," Lavi said, his voice warning. Allen looked rather alarmed by this, but after a moment sighed.

"I'm going to get out of here, Lavi. I'm going to get us both out of here, using that man. I've done some research on him, he's a pediatrician at the local hospital, he makes a good amount of money, and aside from the murders he lives a rather clean life. He's not involved with drugs or whores, or any of the businesses that the Earl has his hands in. He'd be able to get away with helping me, and eventually you, leave the city because he's uninvolved with all of this. I'll leave the city with his help, set up a place for us somewhere, and then send for you. I want to get us both out of here Lavi...I can't stand to live this way forever."

Lavi looked down, understanding what the younger boy was saying perfectly. Neither of them chose this, neither of them could stand to live so filthily forever. Both of them, along with Yuu, had tried to repeatedly escape from that damned house of prostitution and had been punished for it in turn. Anyone who tried to help them was quickly done away with.

"...fine Allen, I'll hold onto this damned thing for you, but if you at least don't make it out of this hell hole, I'm never going to forgive you," Lavi said, grudgingly. Allen's face lit up, and he hugged Lavi.

"Thank you...! I swear I'll get you, both of us, out of here!" The boy promised happily, before turning into a little shop to his right.


Tyki groaned silently to himself. His last murder had been committed two days ago, and he was just waiting for the boy who'd seen his face so clearly to report him to the police. It was over, he'd murdered and now he was going to pay for it. Why he hadn't been taken away yet was beyond him.

He was currently sitting on the steps by the playground that was connected to the hospital's daycare center. When he got off of work, he liked to come down to the daycare center and help out because they were understaffed. He'd always gotten along well with kids. To him, they were the only pure things on this earth, not yet contaminated with its filth. He hoped that none of the children he knew ever became dirty.

"Mr. Mikk, oh Mr. Mikk! Tyki! Good grief you've been so out of it since yesterday." Tyki shook such thoughts from his head, when he realized the Director of the hospital's daycare center, Komui, had been speaking to him. He looked up and saw that the Chinese man was holding three children by the collars of their shirts. Each was covered in scrapes and bruises.

"What happened this time?" He asked, looking between the little girl with her short spiky hair, Rhode, and the two oddly dressed twins who barely looked alike, Jasdevi (as they liked to be called).

"Rhode did it again! Sheesh! The way she beats up these boys, you'd think she was one of them herself," Komui said with an exasperated (if not somewhat amused) sigh. "Would you mind looking at their injuries?"

Tyki nodded and brought over the little black-haired boy, David, first, because he was always the one Rhode managed to do the most damage to, for he was always protecting Jasdero.

"What did you two say this time...?" Tyki asked, with a "you really are getting too old for this" tone of voice.

"They told me I was an unwanted child," Rhode piped up in the twins' stead, "So I decided to show them just how much I didn't want them around," she finished with a huff.

Tyki sighed and took on a reprimanding tone. "Look, you two, just because something has happened in her life that hasn't in yours doesn't mean you have any right to feel superior. You have no right to pick on her, just because of her circumstances."

"Gee, Mikkie, no need to make me into such a charity case," the little girl drawled, rolling her eyes. "I'm fine anyway, I don't need any fixing up," she said, before flouncing away. Komui sighed and scratched his cheek.

"Goodness, little girls sure are sensitive..." the Director mused. Tyki shook his head as he deemed David taken care of and pulled Jasdero up next.

"No, I just wasn't being sensitive enough. I was just like her when I was her age, a foster child who was bounced from house to house after my mother died. Of course, I suppose you know that same pain fairly well, hm, Lee?" Komui looked surprised at the news, but nodded. Jasdero was released and both twins were told to never call anyone unwanted again, before they were allowed to go back and play.

"I didn't know you'd been a foster child, Tyki," Komui said, sounding a little surprised, though his face was mostly apologetic.

"Well, it's not all that important now. And there's no need for that pitying look, Lee, and I wouldn't give Rhode that look either, or she'll kick your shins... She's a good girl, really, a little devil, but good..." Tyki started, in defense of the brutish girl, "She lives near me and comes over a lot to play with Wolfie."

"Wolfie? You got a dog, or something...?"

"It's a bit more unusual than a dog," Tyki said, but he halted his response when he felt a sudden weight on his back that was slowly spreading over his shoulders, until at last two arms came into his view from behind him, one of them dangling a silver chain in front of his face.

"Would this happen to be the good pet's tag? There's a name and an address to return the pet to if it ever gets lost," came a light, young voice from behind him. It was clear as a bell, and just deep enough to let Tyki know it was a man behind him. He turned around and tried not to let his surprise show on his face. It was the boy from the alley! The one that had seen his face! And...when had he gotten that tag? Good lord, it couldn't have been that Tyki had lost the thing in the alley...! He was done for, completely done for!

The white-haired boy backed away from him, and read off the tag. "Wolfgang Mikk. Nice name, but who names a pet that?" The boy asked, with a questioning, and yet utterly teasing look on his face. The boy closed the name tag in his fist, as Komui went over to talk to the boy.

"So are you a friend of Tyki's? Geez you're skinny! That can't be healthy," he commented off-handedly. The boy nodded, smiling just a bit awkwardly.

'Goodness no! He's going to spill it all if I just let him keep talking!'

"Yes, I do suppose I could use a little meat on my bones, but my budget doesn't allow for more that the bare necessities," the boy said to Komui, before turning to address Tyki. "It's been a while since I've seen you, brother, would you be so kind as to meet me tonight?" The boy asked, to which Komui gasped.

"What? Tyki you never mentioned having a little brother! And you don't look a thing alike," Komui said, trying hard to find similarities between them.

"We're not related by blood, we both just lived in the same foster home for a long time. My name is Allen, by the way," the boy, now properly identified as Allen, said. Tyki wondered why this boy knew where he worked, he doubted that could be tracked by his phone number or address. Then again, he supposed it wouldn't have been hard for the boy to follow him to work from home. Dammit, this kid...

Allen took the collar and clipped it around his own neck. "What do you think? Rather suits me, I'd say." What did this kid want from him? And why wasn't he demanding it yet? Allen took out a folded piece of paper and stuck it in Tyki's front pocket, before kissing him on the cheek like any close brother might. "Meet me at that place tonight, and I'll give your chain back," the boy whispered, before backing away from Tyki. With a final wave goodbye, the boy turned and ran out of sight.

'What was that kid thinking? He knows who I am and yet he wants to meet me again?'


Later that night, around seven, Tyki walked up to a club, whose business card he'd been given by Allen. His skin crawled, he hated these places, filled with filthy people making a filthy living. When he saw that the door only had a rectangular peep hole in it, he straightened himself up, and tried to look confident, and like he belonged here when he so obviously didn't. He fingered the business card nervously in his pocket.

He knocked at the door, and the peep hole was opened, then immediately shut. "You don't belong here," A gravely voice told him from the other side.

"I do. I was told by Allen to come here," Tyki replied, trying to sound as though he knew Allen and was a long-time friend of his. He took out the business card given to him as proof of their earlier exchange. The peep hole was opened again, and once the man saw the card, let Tyki in.

"This way sir, you'll find Allen on the top floor, in the blue room," the man said, before closing the door behind him. Tyki did his best not to look around as he passed through the club. It was disgusting, all the lowest forms of human life were in this place. Alcoholics, druggies, prostitutes of both genders, how sickening. He kept his eyes ahead as he ascended the stairs until he finally reached the top.

This floor was rather empty, with nothing but closed doors to his left and right. He had a sneaking suspicion that he didn't want to know what was happening behind those doors. He found the blue door that obviously led to the blue room, and stood outside it, unsure of whether or not he should really enter. Then he heard a yell from the other side, and his concern drove him to open the door and enter.

What he saw however, repulsed him much more than he could ever say. That yell hadn't been a cry of pain, no, no, it had been the total opposite. On the room's bed laid a rather sated looking man with a younger boy settled between his legs. The boy sat up straight, making his silvery hair visible. Allen brought his arm up to his face and Tyki could only assume he was wiping his face clean.

Then the child looked over to him, and with lips still burning red and gleaming, said: "Took you long enough to get here." Allen, half dressed, rose off the bed and walked over to the door, not paying any mind to his infuriated customer as he did so. He grabbed a coat that hung off the inner door handle, and shoved Tyki out of the room, closing and locking the door behind him.

He led the stunned man down the hall, and into what seemed to be a bathroom. "This place is better than the bedrooms. The Earl has recorders under the beds, because he doesn't want anyone planning to escape without his knowledge. You wouldn't want anyone to hear this, now would you?" Allen asked, as he sat down and made himself comfortable on the sink.

Finally Tyki found his voice. "You're a whore. This is disgusting! You're only a child really, and yet you're working here,of all places. Wouldn't you rather go to school or do something productive? You're just dirtying yourself here!" Tyki said with an affronted voice, his facial expression screwed up into one of distaste.

"You're acting like I chose all of this, sir. Let me assure you I did not. And while we're on the subject of my filthy life, why don't I ask you what gives you the right to judge it? Your hands are stained with the blood of people whom I've known and found friendship in. You murder young prostitutes while pretending to be a pediatrician. Don't you think you're just as dirty as me?"

"Shut up!" Tyki said in a near-shout, glaring holes through Allen. "What the hell do you want from me, is it money? That's what all of you people want anyway. Just take your damned filthy money and give me that tag back," Tyki said through gritted teeth, as he pulled out his wallet and emptied its contents out on the floor. Bill after bill fell out onto the floor and flew about the room.

For a moment, Allen's face looked pained, as though he had just been deeply wounded. A moment later his eyes took on a glassy, dead appearance. Tyki shook off the bad feeling he got (was it guilt? Concern? Or something else?) And moved over to Allen. "Just give it back kid, you don't need to be involved in my business."

Allen grabbed the chain around his neck and broke it off, letting the pieces fall to the floor. "Go ahead, have it, but I should tell you, that's only a copy of the original. The real one is with my friend, and if I'm killed or disappear, he'll turn it over to the police." Allen's face was calm and emotionless, the same way it had been the night they'd first met.

"What the hell do you want from me kid? All the money I have right now is at your feet, and even I have more pride than to be the slave of some damned whore." Once again Allen gave that pained look, as if Tyki's words were cutting him like a knife. He looked up at Tyki with determined eyes, and for a moment, he was the one that felt as though he were being pierced through. Why did those clear eyes seem to see right through him?

"You're completely wrong. I don't want your money and I don't want a damned murderer as a slave. What I want is...I want to be free. I want to get out of this hellish place and take a friend with me, and I want you to help."

Tyki gave him a questioning glare, before snapping: "Then get yourself out of here, don't drag me into your world."

Now it was Allen's turn to snap. Who did this man, this murderer, think he was? To judge him as some lower being just because he sold his body for a high price?

"You think I haven't tried? I hate to break it to you, but if I could get out of here myself I would, instead of enlisting the help of a dirty killer! Don't you think I've tried to get out of here? Of course I have! I'm not here because I want to be! I'm here because my parents died and left me to the leader of this prostitution ring because they owed him a debt. I've tried to run away so many damned times, but..."

Allen slid his sleeve up his arm, revealing a cross-shaped tattoo on the back of his left hand, and brushed the hair off his face, showing a scar. "Everywhere I go, people see my brand, they see my scars and they know I'm the property of the Millennium Earl. On all outward surfaces, he seems like your average politician, but he's really got complete control over all drug dealers and prostitutes in this city. No one would ever help me because they want to live. I've been brought back and beaten to near-death more times than I can count!

"You act so high and mighty, like your something better than me! You act like I chose this life, and I bet you think we all just chose to be here! Well guess what? The boy you murdered last night had been kidnapped and brought here, he'd been walking around his hometown and was just taken. He was one of my friends, and was the other witness' lover. My best friend had to go into that alley and find his lover's corpse. Such a dandy little present you left him, huh?" Allen was enraged by the look of shock on Tyki's face. "What? Did you not think we were human enough to love and cry? Did you really think we would choose this shameless existence? Stop acting as though we all made a choice to be here!"

Tyki felt rather humbled by this little lecture. Still, it did not change the fact that this boy was blackmailing him and that if he didn't get that piece of metal back, he was going to either be arrested, or manipulated all of his life.

"...Look, boy, I can't help you. I don't want to be involved with this. Find someone else to help you, because I can't see why you'd think I could do a thing for you." Allen's eyes were lowered, he was clearly disappointed in Tyki, why he'd gotten his hopes up he couldn't say. Finally, he spoke.

"...Fine, you coward. I'll bring the tag over to your house tomorrow. Now get out of here before someone realizes you're not a customer." Allen didn't want to be in this man's presence any longer, and glared at the man until he left. Allen slid off the counter, and onto the floor, putting his face in his hands.

"What the hell am I doing, anyway? Why am I doing this when I have all the leverage? God, I'm a blasted idiot." Laughter slipped through Allen's lips, it sounded slightly hysterical. Without warning he felt tears rolling down his cheeks, wetting his palms. "A damned fool..."


Tyki sighed with relief when he finally reached his house. He felt as though Allen's all-seeing summer storm eyes had been following him the whole way.

'I can't handle this kid. I don't want to deal with someone like him.' He thought with worry and wariness. 'I'll just have to kill him, it's what I'd do anyway.' At that moment his pet lizard, Wolfie, walked into the room to greet him. Its eyes looked him up and down, and Tyki tried not to feel too sick when he realized that the emotionless eyes of his pet seemed to match Allen's.

'He'll be here tomorrow...He'll just walk right to his death and out of my life.'

Ah...yeah. These two aren't really IC at the moment as this did end up rather close with the original, though there are plenty of scenes that Saya made and put in herself. It's kinda like how every fandom has its own butchered version of Romeo and Juliet, except this is a (hopefully) not-so-butchered version of "Boys Next Door". In any case, Saya hopes that now that they're past this first situation, they can get a big more IC.