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3. The Way I Love you, The Way I Kill You

Lavi stood at the street corner, feeling absolutely nothing like himself and loving it. The night before he and Allen had finalized the plans for his escape, which called for him to enlist the help of the only other person in the city he felt he could trust. The old librarian whom he had somehow sort of befriended thought it was high time he left his current life behind, and though he complained about helping, did so diligently.

So Lavi had been given a change of clothes that didn't resemble anything he owned in the slightest (he felt a little stifled and over-clothed, but he rather liked that), had dyed his hair and styled it in a way that perfectly covered his right eye (he felt oddly naked without his eye patch on), and was given colored contacts so that when he next looked into the mirror, he stood shocked. If he had not known it was himself, he would've wondered who the person being reflected back at him was.

Lavi heaved a sigh and leaned back on the outer wall of a corner store, tapping his foot. How long was he supposed to wait for his ride to the airport, anyway? Allen had said before they parted that he would call before Tyki left the house for him. He hadn't received that call yet and was starting to get worried that maybe something was wrong with Allen. But Lavi still had the name tag in his pocket, so surely...

His phone rang in his hand, and he immediately pushed the talk button. Allen's bright voice greeted him when he answered. His friend seemed excited at the prospect of finally being able to save someone from that place, but Lavi knew that Allen was taking this more seriously than anyone else.

"Lavi! That was quick. Are you already waiting for Tyki at the street corner?" Allen asked, with what seemed to be amazement at Lavi's speed in his voice. Lavi looked around at his surroundings, as if humoring Allen, though the boy couldn't see him. He was indeed at a street corner, in the more upscale, wholesome part of the city. It felt oddly clean there and Lavi felt just a little out-of-place. Apparently, Tyki's place of residence resided close to this area. His not going directly to the man's house was for Tyki's own safety.

"Yeah, been waiting for a while now Allen. What's taking you guys so long?"

"Sorry! Tyki decided to rent a car from a place out of town, and it took him longer to get back than expected, damn rush hour. I just finished fixing him up so that he's nearly unrecognizable, and he certainly doesn't looklike a professional anything now..." Allen trailed off here and gave a childish giggle. "He looks more like a hobo than anything, and even got a crappy old rental to fit the image..." Well, it would seem that Allen had enjoyed messing with his neat and professional lover's appearance quite a bit. Lavi blanched as he heard Tyki comment in the background about only doing all of this because Allen had talked him into it, which resulted in a moment of mushy remarks that Lavi would've rather not have heard. Still, he had the grace to be happy for his friend.

"Well, Tyki's leaving now so he'll be by to pick you up in a moment," Allen said, and the rustling In the background tipped Lavi off to the fact that Allen was probably leaving now too.

"Ok. So We'll be meeting you at the airport, right?"

"Right, see you there."

"Yeah." And with that, their conversation ended. He shut his phone and worry started to gnaw away at his stomach. What if something went wrong? Or what if he made it away safely, but then Allen was recaptured and beaten until he told the Earl Lavi's location? What if this was the last time he saw his only friend? This city was hell for both of them, but Lavi would gladly stay there, if it meant he could stay with his best friend.

For some reason, the only fear that really stuck with him was the fear of never seeing Allen again.


Awkward. That lone word summed up their current situation pretty darned well. As Tyki drove toward the airport, he could feel the redhead that Allen had called Lavi glaring holes in his head, as animosity rolled off of him in waves. A weaker man would've squirmed in his seat, but Tyki just kept his eyes on the road and his back straight.

He knew why he was so hated, and he felt that he was deserving of Lavi's contempt. He'd been informed of what he'd done to this boy, he'd taken his lover's life and then left behind the mutilated corpse for him to find. And now he was shipping Lavi off to another state and monopolizing his best friend until the redhead had settled things out there for them. Lavi must've felt that was what he was doing, at least.

"You might be helping me here, and for that I thank you,"Lavi started, with only a tiny shred of sincerity in his voice. "But no matter what I'll always hate you."

"And I don't begrudge you the right to do so," Tykireplied evenly. He was preparing for an outburst, and just hoped that whatever happened wasn't enough to distract him while he drove. Lavi just folded his arms over his chest and huffed, put off by the way Tyki had refused to defend himself from the silent accusations that rang in his voice.

"...Allen better be safe with you. I swear if you so much as slap him I'll fly right back out here to kick your ass." The silent threat was there, buried shallowly in his words: If Allen dies, you will too.

"Well then I'll be sure to never harm him. After all, I doubt he'd appreciate it if I did something that caused all the hard work he put into helping you out of the city to go to waste." Once again there was an underlying message: The last thing I want is to do something to make him unhappy. Both men wondered how much longer they could speak this way, without blatantly saying what they wanted to say. Instead of continuing to talk, they both quieted, and while things in the car where still far from pleasant, Tyki felt that the animosity geared toward him had lessened just a bit.


The moment Lavi appeared at his gate, Allen hugged him. He hadn't been expecting the "attack", and was nearly bowled over by it. Still, he just chuckled and moved forward after Allen detached himself from Lavi's persons.

"What was that about Allen? I'm usually the touchy-feely one, not you," Lavi asked, though he had a pretty good idea of the answer. Tyki raised an eyebrow to the phrasing of the statement but said nothing, deciding that it really wasn't his place to interrupt the two just before they parted.

"It's obvious Lavi! I probably won't get to see you for more than a month, I'm going to miss my best friend!" Allen stated without embarrassment; He'd always been pretty good at being shameless about such things. Lavi muzzed his little friend's hair, earning a little yelp of surprise.

The three found seats near Lavi's gate, and spent their two-hour wait trying to squeeze as much as they possibly could into their last conversation. Lavi couldn't help but wonder why this did indeed feel like this would be the last time he ever spoke with Allen face-to-face, after all he would be seeing the younger male in a little over a month. Still, he supposed that because this would be the longest time they'd even been separated since they had met, it just felt like this was the last time they would be seeing each other.

At last, their wait came down to its final minutes. Lavi turned to face Tyki with a determined air.

"You! I am entrusting Allen's welfare to you until further notice, so you had better take good care of him! And be sure to keep it legal too, Allen's underage, you know." Said white-haired boy thought that particular comment was wasted on him, considering his situation. Tyki seemed to share his thoughts, but said nothing.

"I'll be sure to do that. We'll be seeing you in a month, and I assure you he'll be perfectly fine," Tyki replied. Allen wondered why this all sounded so formal, like he was being given away for marriage. It was a little embarrassing, really.

"I'm serious though Tyki," Lavi said, and he truly looked the part. "If he dies, I will come back to kill you myself." Lavi turned away from Tyki then and faced Allen, who was suppressing a shiver, the idea chilled him. This time it was Lavi's turn to hug the younger, placing an affectionate and brotherly kiss on the smaller boy's forehead as he did so.

"Thank you so much Allen. I can hardly believe this is actually happening and it's because of everything you did. We've finally escaped..." 'I just wish Yuu had been able to come with us...' Lavi shookoff his negative thoughts before they tainted his mood; He'd just haveto live for both himself and Kanda. "I'll be sure to live our dream well out there, so you'd better meet me there soon!"

Allen hugged his brother-figure back, smiling against his shoulder. "I will, we'll see each other in a month, promise. But you might want to go before you miss your flight to our dream," Allen finished with a joking tone that hid his sadness well. He hoped he wouldn't develop separation anxiety. Lavinodded, and with a final wave boarded his flight.

The moment the plane lifted off the ground, Lavi suddenly wished he was back with Allen again.


Day by day passed by, and if Tyki were a more poetic person, he'd say he felt like he was in a dream. He started looking forward to coming home from work more than he looked forward to going. Every day he'd wake up to find the person who was seeming more and more like an angel to him still sleeping peacefully on his bed. Of course, the person he came home to was usually more of a devil of destruction. Allen seemed determined to teach himself how to cook, even though it was more than obvious that he couldn't make anything more complicated than cereal. Tyki wondered if the boy had ever cooked anything for himself, and feared the idea of Allen attempting to use cooking appliances. Still, his efforts were starting to pay off...a bit. It was cute to see him try, at least.

Sometimes Allen would even come to see him at work, and now that wasn't the dreadful thing it had been at first. They both remembered that they were supposed to be foster brothers in public, and played their roles well. Allen started coming to visit the daycare often, and found that he was actually quite good with the children. Though he couldn't be officially hired at the understaffed daycare, he still chose to volunteer there. Tyki enjoyed watching Allen with the kids, he somehow fit right in with them. He was secretly glad that his kitchen would be spared as long as Allen spent his afternoons at the hospital.

He also thanked God that Allen had his own cell phone, because Lavi called Allen diligently almost every day. Tyki wondered how Allen intended to pay such a phone bill. Sometimes he'd even find himself talking to the redhead, and he was pleased to find it wasn't the tense thing he'd imagined it would be, though he still felt like he was talking to an in-law, and not Allen's friend.

Allen smiled daily. Tyki had never imagined someone could seem so happy all the time. The best-and perhaps the most bizarre- part of that was that he was always so sincere. Where did the boy get all of those smiles from and why were they so bright? Like a guiding light of some kind, from the moment Tyki had seen it he couldn't help but follow he who held that light.

'The most filthy, the most pure...one with no claims to innocence has the most innocent smile. His smile has burnt itself into my memory.' That's how it felt at least, and Tyki could only think of a verse he'd heard once upon some distant time: "So the last shall be first, and the first last." Because he was no longer controlled by his old situation, Allen's role had changed. Tyki wondered if he had always smiled so brightly.

"Tyki, you're out of work now!" Allen greeted with a wave when said man walked into the daycare center that day. Allen turned to Rhode, whom he had befriended and accidentally enamored (her kiddie crush was rather cute and it left Allen adorably flustered). "See, I told you he'd be down soon."

Rhode huffed and clung to Allen's neck. "Hmph! I only wanted him to come quickly because mama wanted him to bring me home today! Otherwise I'd want to stay here and keep you all to myself!" Rhode declared, giving Tyki a determined look. The older man simply raised an eyebrow.

Allen flushed and looked between the two. "Rh-Rhode, what are you talking about? I thought you liked Tyki."

"I do, but this is a war where you are the prize!" Rhode pointed to his face to emphasize her point.

Allen stammered for a moment, as he went red in the face. "Rhode he's my brother! I hardly think he wants to win that sort of war!" Rhode gave Allen a look that said "do you think I don't know you're lying?" The boy sighed, thinking that Rhode was much sharper than a girl her age should've been. The two went back to playing with chalk on the asphalt as Komui came from his office to talk to Tyki as he always did.

'Sheesh, they start on all that love stuff so young,' Tyki mentally commented as he walked toward his colleague. They exchanged their usual greetings and talked about little things for a few moments.

"Their conversation reminded me of something..." Komui started, and Tyki sensed a question was going to follow. "I wanted to ask you this for a long time but I suppose it's an odd question." Komui certainly looked a bit uncomfortable with the idea of asking it. His face was tinted a light pink and he simply refused to meet Tyki's eye. Tyki realized that the day he knew would eventually come had arrived, and prepared himself for whatever reaction his friend would have to his answer.

"Um...He's...not really your foster brother, is he?" Komui asked in his round-about way. Tyki shook his head no. "It figures, you two act the part but it always feels like there's a hidden meaning to it all. I don't think anyone besides Rhode is really onto it yet..."

"Small mercies." Tyki couldn't help but think that being the little girl's rival would result in a tortured future.

"Still..." A teasing grin spread on the Chinese man's face, making Tyki raise an eyebrow. "You know he's total jail bait, right?" Tyki dropped his head into his palm, and got the distinct feeling that no one would stop pointing that out until Allen turned 18 and even then...


The Earl's perpetual grin twitched. He'd just heard some rather troublesome news. After that damned redhead whose name he'd already forgotten escaped, his good-for-nothing nephew had stopped working. Actually, it seemed that the boy had stopped working even before then. Usually this wasn't much of a problem, he would just have his men track the run-away down and bring them back for a lesson on what happens when they skip work. People tended to stay rather obedient after their first few beatings.

But this nephew of his and his stupid little friends...! He and his little group of three had tried to escape numerous times and it seemed as though they could never be broken of that habit of trying to get away. The worst part was that they were exceptionally popular and any time spent tracking them down and then letting them recuperate was money out of the Earl's already fat pockets.

And now all three of them were gone. The Asian boy couldn't be helped, he'd been killed, it was his bad luck that he'd been a victim. The redhead seemed to have somehow made it out of the city without any of his men spotting him, and had left without a trace. They had combed the city for him and hadn't been able to find out anything about his whereabouts. How he'd managed to even shake all of his watchers was beyond him. The Earl was sure that his useless nephew would know where the boy was, but now he was missing too, and no one knew what he was doing either.

And his gang of fools had waited so long to tell him all of this! They said they had hoped to find both of the run-aways before the problem became big enough for the Earl to have to worry over, but really he knew they'd just been too afraid to tell him of their own incompetence. Still, he did his best to remain calm in front of his henchmen, while at the same time exuding an aura that promised a bloody demise if Allen was not captured immediately.

"Bo-boss..." One frightened man came to the front, his head low, his eyes seemed to be stuck on the Earl's shoes. "I think I saw him a few days ago... he was walking with this one man... I've seen the guy around the hospital a few times...I think he works there..."

The Earl raised an eyebrow, though that wasn't visible behind his oddly fashioned hat and opaquely shining glasses. "Really now? So he's gone and found himself some poor rich fool to use? Find this man and have him lead you to my dear nephew, would you?" The men nodded and all of them silently felt a shiver go through them. Even men like themselves thought it was cruel to use one's own relatives in such a way. They all turned and silently left to find the poor boy.


Allen had chosen to stay home that day, instead of meet Tyki at the daycare. He'd secretly been working on his cooking in the mornings, and finally, finally, he'd managed to make something perfectly. It was a relatively simple dish, but the point was that he'd managed to make something without it tasting or looking horrible. So today he planned to have Tyki come home to a perfectly presentable dinner, so that the man could relax as soon as he came through the door.

However, when he cooked the meal and had it come out perfectly fine a second time, he started to feel like this was too good to be true. A little taste-testing was in order. Just a bite wouldn't hurt...

"Eating without me, I see." Tyki's voice reached his ears from the kitchen door. Allen's shoulders jumped up to his ears and he turned to smile sheepishly as he welcomed his lover home.

"N-no! I just...Well it actually came out looking good so I had to make sure it didn't taste like poison or anything..." Allen popped the fork-full of dinner into his mouth and huffed around it, looking accidentally cute. Surprised by what Allen said, Tyki peered around Allen's figure to find that indeed, he had managed to make something that didn't look like it would eat him.

"Wow, did a miracle just occur in my kitchen somehow?" Allen took the fork out of his mouth and felt tempted to fling it at Tyki. Despite his disbelief and joking words, Tyki sat down at the table and tested some of Allen's cooking himself.

Well damn, it tasted good. Tyki was amazed that the culinarily-inept Allen had been the one to make it. He took a large helping and watched from the corner of his eye as Allen's entire face lit up. He beckoned the boy to sit down with his hand and Allen obliged. At times like this it really did feel like a dream for the both of them.

But dreams ended. Outside a ridiculously loud car rushed by their home. That wouldn't have been unusual in most places, but this neighborhood was quiet and no one there even owned a car that could make so much noise. But Allen knew people who did, and a shiver went up his spine, unbidden by him. He suddenly felt very nervous and worried. Deciding it would be best not to worry Tyki, Allen waited until dinner was cleared off the table before telling his lover he was going to go for a walk.

'I'm sure I'm being paranoid but... that sounded very familiar...I've got to check.' Allen tried to crush his apprehensive feelings, but to no avail. He went into his room under the pretense of finding a sweater to wear, but instead took out the small trinket he kept hidden away in his drawer. Lavi had given the tag back to him in a letter two weeks ago, and Allen felt it was about time he let go of it. He trusted that he didn't need to keep this thing in order to have a connection to Tyki anymore.

"Um...Tyki, before I leave...I just remembered that there was something I had to give back to you, or more accurately, Wolfie..." Tyki gave Allen a questioning look, as though he didn't remember what the boy was talking about. Allen wouldn't have been all that surprised if he had forgotten, because for a time Allen had too. He made Tyki hold out his hand and dropped the name tag in his palm.

"It's about time I stop holding you hostage with this, right?" He asked, with as bright a smile as he could force. Tyki looked down at the little silver square before peering up at Allen with a hint of worry. Before Tyki could ask anything though, Allen hugged him.

"Goodbye! I love you," the boy said, and it was accompanied with a quick kiss on the cheek. Allen left the house quickly after that. Tyki wished he hadn't left, but told himself he was being foolish in thinking that Allen was in trouble. Eventually though, he couldn't stop himself from following after the boy.


Allen had just turned the corner when he suddenly felt strong hands grabbing both of his arms. He remained unshaken though, as he had been expecting this. The farther he'd gotten from the safety of Tyki's house, the more sickeningly sure he was that his fears were coming true. He'd been found.

It had been stupid to stay in the city, he knew. He should've just left with Lavi, but he had wanted to stay with Tyki now that he had him in his grasps. It didn't seem like spending one extra month in the city would've been so dangerous, and maybe Allen had gotten careless when Lavi had told him that things would be all set for Tyki and him in a week. He was going to pay for his foolishness now, he knew.

It didn't take long to reach the Earl's home; The man practically controlled the city from his recliner. Allen felt sick as he walked into that house, that damned place where he'd been told his life was no longer his. Once the door to the Earl's meeting room had been opened, Allen had been roughly thrown to the man's feet. He got up quickly, looking up at his uncle with all the contempt in his once-abused body. No one else had the courage to glare at this man, but Allen did, he always had and he always would.

But that was what made him such a threat.

"Maybe you didn't get the hint uncle, but I've quit," Allen stated coldly, unwilling to yield to the sheer rage that was radiating from the obscenely smiling man before him.

"I don't recall saying you could, Allen," the Earl replied, and his grin seemed to grow impossibly wider. Allen's glare intensified in turn.

"I don't need your permission to leave, just because you used to have me trapped here doesn't mean you own me!" Those around them were shocked that Allen could speak so boldly to the Earl. People simply didn't do that, when a run-away was brought back, they were usually too afraid of their punishment to speak. Allen stood proudly though, and didn't cower.

The Earl looked over his glasses at the boy. "You act so confident, but you do realize that you can only live because of me, don't you? Sooner or later the poor gentlemen whom you've been leeching off of will get tired of you and you'll end up right back here," the Earl taunted, making Allen's face contort in a snarl.

"You're wrong! I'm not leeching off of anyone! I earn my keep cleanly, and don't need your help to live doing that! I won't ever come back here again, so stop bothering me!" Allen turned on his heel, about to leave the office when he was once again grabbed by his brutish escorts. He struggled against them but they didn't let go, and instead brought him back to the Earl.

"Allen, Allen, when will you learn that you can't run away? I thought I had already taught you this lesson, but it seems you need to be taught again." It displeased the Earl to see that instead of looking fearful at the threat, Allen spat at his feet. He waw determined to make this last rebel realize that escape was hopeless.

"I see. If teaching you not to run is useless, then perhaps I should instead teach your little friend not to help you run?" Finally, he got the reaction he wanted. Allen's eyes widened with fear for his lover, and then filled with fiery rage.

"Don't you dare hurt him...DON'T EVEN TRY IT!" The boy shouted as he pulled against the hands and arms that held him still with renewed vigor.

Yes, the Earl would be sure to break this one once and for all.


Two weeks. It had been two whole weeks since Allen had walked through his front door and hadn't come back. This was unexpected. Allen always came back, he was never gone this long. Sometimes he would be gone for a few hours, or a whole afternoon but he always came back. This was horribly worrying, and Tyki wasn't sure what to do. He was wracking his brain, trying to think of somewhere that Allen would be, he'd even tried going back to that club to find him, but no one knew where he was.

Lavi had heard about it right away, and had been telling Tyki places to look. He started calling more than once a day, and it was obvious the worry was getting to him.

"Shit, I knew I shouldn't have left him there...I felt it the moment my plane left, it felt like he should've come with me instead of staying there..." Was what he said almost every day, with a voice thick with worry. Tyki could perfectly see the redhead pacing around his apartment and biting his thumb nail as he spoke.

"He's going to show up again soon, I'm sure of it," Lavi said one day, instead of his usual worried mantra of "I should've taken him".

"How do you know?" Tyki asked, curious as to how this information had come to the redhead.

"Because, any time one of us... ran away, no matter what we were always made to work again after a few weeks time...I think that since Allen hasn't shown up in so long, that he was undoubtedly captured and...he'll show up again the moment he is able to, I know it." Tyki didn't appreciate the sound of despair that was in Lavi's voice.

"You act like that's a bad thing. The minute he's back I'll rush him up to where you are, ok? You said things were just about ready out there anyway so..."

"But do you really think he'll be fit for travel, or even be...right, after two weeks of torture, most likely?" Tyki felt like he'd just been drenched in ice water. He hadn't really understood before, he'd been told but it just hadn't sunk in until Lavi had worded it so directly. Allen wouldn't come back needing just a few bandages and reassuring words, would he?

"I see then... In any case, I'll call you when he returns, and we can decide what to do from there," Tyki decided, and a moment later the two hung up.


Lavi had been right to say that Allen would turn up soon. It was two days after their conversation that Tyki had come back from another day of searching to find the boy standing in the doorway to the kitchen. Tyki didn't even bother to take his soaking wet coat off before hugging the boy.

"Allen are you all right? It's been two weeks since you left. Do you have any injuries, anything that needs to be treated now? Thank God you're back..."

"Yes...I'm glad to be back... More than anyone I want to be with you..." Something in Allen's voice, maybe it was the unfeeling way in which he'd said such usually tender words, made Tyki pull back. He tried to convince himself that he was afraid for Allen, not of him.

He took a moment to take in Allen's looks. His face was bruised, and his hair was combed over his face in such a way that it hid the worse of the injuries. His eyes were void and emotionless, cold as they had been those first few times he'd seen the boy. And there was something else wrong with his eyes too; His pupils were dilated. Tyki suspected that whomever Allen had last been with had given him a nearly lethal dosage of something potent and most likely illegal.

"Allen...what happened to you? You look so battered..." 'So broken.' Tyki realized asking would most likely get him nowhere, he doubted Allen was in his right mind at the moment.

"It doesn't concern you, Tyki. I no longer have anything to do with you." Tyki looked at Allen with increasing caution. Allen reached into his coat pocket and slowly pulled out a gun. So the boy had been drugged and armed? Tyki realized it now, the full evil of the Earl, or whoever the hell was pulling Allen's strings. He wouldn't be content with just pulling them apart, he wanted to break Allen by taking away his only chance at escape, he wanted to break the boy by making him take away the person he loved most with his own hands.

"I didn't get it before, but I do now," Allen started, looking as though he were already dead. "I was stupid before, childishly naive... It was foolish to think I could escape. Normal people hardly ever make it out of the Earl's grasp, and he paid such particular attention to me, how could I really escape? A few brave men before you have tried to save me, and all of them were killed, did you know?" Allen lifted the gun from his side and pointed it at Tyki's chest.

"I'm going back, because I haveto, because it's the only thing I can do right, the only way I can live. You gave it a good try, Tyki, but in the end even you failed. Because you got so far, I'll kill you myself, it'll be a lot faster than anything the Earl's men would do, I'm being merciful."

The sounds of the carnival drive you crazy...The flashing lights, the Merry-go-round's cheerful tune...And the height of the ferris wheel all drive you mad in that twisted carnival.

"I don't need you anymore!"

'Those emotionless eyes...like when we first met. Do you always face death so calmly? Must you look through me that way? Stop pinning me down with your eyes! Stop seeing through me! Don't look at me!'

"Don't look at me..!" With that old demand repeating itself in his head like a mantra, Tyki's mind slipped quickly into it's most dangerous state. With trembling fingers he picked up a kitchen knife.

"Tyki...keep me all to yourself..."

With a quick motion and a spray of blood, Tyki stabbed through the heart of the one he held closest to him. The shock of the pain seemed to bring Allen back to himself, and before he could fall backwards, he dropped his gun and grabbed Tyki's shirt. With bloody lips, he kissed Tyki one final time. The life-water decorated the boy's smiling lips like rouge. Tyki never imagined he would see that pure smile tainted with red.

"You kept your promise...Tyki. Given me my only freedom...'

'Maybe that's the only answer anyway, maybe none of us can really escape as long as we exist in this world...'

'And never tell a soul...'

"Love you..."

Allen's body slumped forward, and crumpled to the floor. For a moment, Tyki couldn't bring himself to look at him, laying on the floor with that knife protruding obscenely from his chest. Instead he looked to the boy's gun, which had dropped to the floor just before the boy had. He knelt down to check it; it was empty, Allen had never intended to kill Tyki, from the start, this was how he had wanted it to go.

Like someone standing on cracking ice, watching silently as it broke apart before falling under, Tyki held onto his sanity just long enough for one last call to Lavi.

"Hey Allen, it's not everyday that you call me fir-"

"-Lavi." Tyki stopped the redhead mid-sentence with his cold voice.

"...What's going on?"

"Remember how you said you'd come back if anything happened to Allen?"

"Tyki what the hell-!"

"You'd better come back," was all Tyki said before he hung up the phone. The ice had cracked, and now he could feel himself plunging into icy depths as he finally looked at Allen. His face was so pale and lifeless, tilted at an odd angle to the side as blood trickled from his mouth. His lifeless eyes stared into nothingness. He fell to the floor besides the boy, holding the lifeless body tightly in his arms, as though his own heat and life would seep into the body and bring his young lover back. He kissed his lips in some childish hope that he would wake, but felt their chill, and their last bit of warmth receding, and knew nothing could bring him back now.


Lavi had taken the fastest mode of transportation he could find back to Los Angeles, and arrived at Tyki's home the next morning. His fear was realized the moment he stumbled into the kitchen; It smelt like death and dried blood. Tyki sat on the floor, still holding the boy as though he were a priceless doll. For a moment, the redhead couldn't distinguish the living from the dead.

Lavi cautiously walked closer to the two, and felt Allen's face. It was colder than anything he'd ever felt, and he wished so badly to warm the boy. He glared at the broken-but still living man who held his friend.

"Why...? He loved you... I had actually started thinking he was safe with you... Why? Why have you stolen everyone from me?" It was quite obvious that Tyki was in no state to answer, so for the time being, Laviinvestigated the scene, being careful not to touch anything. He found the bloody knife, carelessly thrown to the ground, and the blank gun that looked very much like the ones the Earl usually gave to his henchmen. Slowly, his anguished mind pieced things together. Allen had chosen to die at the hands of the person he loved, rather than kill him.

"You're here to kill me, right?" The words sounded as though they had been dragged out of Tyki's throat, though there was an underlying message, as there always was when the two talked: Please kill me.

Lavi didn't answer him, and instead asked, for the sake of finding out for sure what Allen had wanted: "What did he say... before he...?"

"He told me... I kept my promise...said he was free..."

'Said he loved me with his dying breath...'

"I'm not going to kill you, because you aren't the one who killed him. Not really, anyway..." Tyki didn't understand what Lavi had said. The fact that he had killed Allen would forever be ingrained in his memory, there was no possible way he hadn't done it. Lavi stood up.

"The Earl was the real cause of all of this..." Lavi clarified, but it didn't help Tyki at all. Lavi didn't bother trying to consol the man, for he was so torn himself that he didn't know what he could say to sooth the other's bottomless pain. Instead of staying around or calling the police or anything, Lavi picked up the empty gun from the floor, and left the house.


"This is the truth behind these horrendous deeds," A smartly dressed lawyer said. Tyki was nearing the end of his trial, any moment now he would be sentenced to death for the murders he had committed, he had to be, hoped to be.

"The seven murders committed by Tyki Mikkcannot be excused, however the last victim, Allen Walker, was the one he loved above everyone else. Please be lenient with him."

'No, don't ask for lenience...'

Tyki was called to stand, and his verdict was read to him; Guilty, as he knew he would be. The jury seemed to have taken pity on him though, thanks to the lawyer's pleading. He would be sentenced to 140 years in prison with no chance of parole. He wished they would'vejust killed him instead. 140 years? He wouldn't even live that long, he would spend the rest of his life wishing to be somewhere he could never go, to be with someone he could never see again.

"Why are you making me live...?" He asked quietly, as the courtroom roared to life with protests against the jury's decision. They wanted him dead too, they were the ones that truly took pity on him.



It had taken a long time for him to get this far, but he had finally done it. Lavi stood in the Earl's office, facing that man whose smile haunted his nightmares. After some underhanded dealings with some of the Earl's henchmen, Lavi had procured bullets and an audience with the fat bastard himself.

He didn't even hesitate to pull the trigger.

'For Allen.'


"He's improved so much since the prison sent him over here..." A nurse from the mental ward commented to another, as she stared at the broken man who was sitting on a bench on the roof. There was a high railing around the roof, so the nurses didn't feel the need to pay constant attention to the man, and instead looked towards each other as they spoke.

"He even smiles now, but he still won't speak. Maybe that's for the best, though?"

"It's amazing to think he was a murderer just two years ago, he's so kind." A strong wind made the nurses squeal and hold their skirts down.

Tyki looked up to the sky, letting his eyes tear up a little because of the wind. He closed his eyes for just a second, but when he opened them again he saw that pure smile he had never thought he would see again. Allen stood before him on the edge of the roof, and suddenly there was no railing. His smile widened, beckoning the one he loved closer.

'The most filthy, the most pure...one with no claims to innocence has the most innocent smile. His smile has burnt itself into my memory...'

Allen reached out to him, and once again Tyki held the smiling boy in his arms.


"Tyki, do you love me?"

"With all my being."


Rhode sat in the front lawn of her home, watching Wolfie play. Since Tyki couldn't take care of him anymore, she had taken him home to keep. She looked up to the sky for a moment as a strong breeze passed by. The day was peaceful, yet she had just heard news that her old friend Tyki had finally gone to join the one he loved. It made sense that they should be together on such a beautiful day, a day as bright as Allen's smile.

Wolfie crawled onto her lap and looked up with her.

"Can you see them too, Wolfie? They're together now."

Wolfie's collar gleamed in the sunlight.

0 The End 0

Saya kinda ended up putting this chapter off a bit...maybe it was because she didn't want to kill anyone else off? Maybe because she didn't want to write such a tragic end (and at the same time did)? Maybe she just didn't want this story to end? Oh well, it's over and Saya is depressed because in order to write this morbid last chapter right Saya had to depress herself... It's safe to say that Saya gets a little too sympathetic while writing. Oh well, hopefully you enjoyed this sad little story...Saya bits you adieu.