So… yeah, as I said. Don't kill me. I beg of you, please don't do that.

I know it's been ages since I've updated. I'm sorry, I've been through some rough patches in regards of school and writer's block and a total and utter inability to complete this story due to inconsistencies in the plot; even if you don't notice them, I know they're there, because I just didn't plan the story well enough.

I am by no means stopping; I am merely totally rewriting the entire thing.

And I DON'T mean I'm changing the entire plotline. A lot of the same stuff will be there. In fact, you can even expect quite a lot of reused chapters (which will be corrected of spelling errors in the process and possibly have some minor detail added/taken out, but not much changed).

My biggest issue was with the beginning of the story, since I just didn't plan it well enough until later on. It will be pretty revamped. I am of the opinion that Katherine was a total raging Mary-Sue towards the beginning of the story who just didn't develop well enough until later on.

And Pat, Don, and Al. Let's face it, I wrote Al into the story just so he would die. Now, since writing the prequel (and not finishing it quite yet, but it's all planned out on my computer from start to finish), I really feel that I didn't do him justice at all. He's just a total flat and static character. Pat and Don had the same issues—not quite to the extent of Al, but they definitely did. I didn't realize that any of them were going to play a huge role in the story later, so I didn't bother developing their characters, which led to issues.

I am psychotic over character development and keeping details straight. Hence my issue.

I just want to apologize again, and assure everyone that the first chapter of the rewrite (which will simply be titled "The King's Note rewrite") will be up soon as it is almost done. I will be leaving the original up for awhile, too, of course. So, the first chapter of the rewrite should be up either sometime tonight or tomorrow night.

So for now, I bid thee adieu, and apologize once again for cutting this fic short so effing far into it.