Fuu was playing her video games, as usual, wasting her life away while she only exercised her fingers while pressing buttons a

Fuu was playing her video games, as usual, wasting her life away while she only exercised her fingers while pressing buttons and moving around characters. She was playing one of the best video games ever created for mankind, Final Fantasy XII. Ever minute, she what admire Balthier's sexiness…sometimes zoom in on his ass for fun…heheh…naughty Fuu…well, naughty me, actually…the name's Fuu…as I continued playing my beloved game, it suddenly shut off.

"What the heck?! I didn't save yet!" I screamed at the TV, scaring my cat half to death. After a long time of cussing at the black screen, it finally lit up in a light blue…scaring me was the main title of the game appearing on the screen.

"Hello Fuu…" The screen spoke. Can you believe it, it SPOKE! I blinked and looked around to see if my big sister was just trying to scare me…again. I then looked at the screen; pointing at it, translating as "Did you just talk?"

"Yes, I did, thank you very much…I am the guardian spirit of this game, my name is Fini. I've watched you play the game, leveling up your characters, watching its video sequences…you name it. Well, since you have played the game long enough, the time has come to show you into the world of the game…you know, bring you inside of it…" The guardian game spirit named Fini said. At first, I didn't believe any of this.

"Are you on crack? I can't go into the world of Final Fantasy XII! That's so god damn crazy!"

"Then why is your television screen speaking to you? That's pretty crazy, too…"

"Hmm…good point there…" I tapped my finger on my chin and looked up to the screen. "This isn't a joke or anything like that?"

"Swear on my mother's grave…if I had a mother, at least…fine, I swear on my grave, this is no joke…" Fini swore on her life, so she must not be joking, I thought.

"Well…I can't go to the FF world like this…" I pointed to my outfit…bunny pajama pants and a loose Rolling Stones shirt…and no bra, how adventurous. Fini sighed.

"Go change your garments and then return and I will take you to the world…" Fini said. I gave the TV a thumb's up and quickly sprinted up the stairs to change. I wore a simple outfit…white camisole, black long-sleeved jacket that ended at my ribs, blue jeans, and sneakers (With checkered socks, too!). I also straightened my hair with my hair straightener, put on some powder, eyeliner, and mascara, and put on my favorite choker. Before heading downstairs back into my basement, I decided to bring some stuff to the world, too. I grabbed an old pink backpack from the fifth grade and stuffed it with my deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, Neutrogena Wave, make-up, pads ("She" could pop up at any time!), and my iPod! I headed downstairs and finally met up with the TV screen again.

"Took you long enough…"

"Sorry, I was bringing extra materials, too!" I said. Fini sighed, and then the screen turned a dark burgundy.

"It's time to leave now, Fuu. Hope you enjoy your time…I'll accompany you, too…" Fini said, her voice fading away as a yellow light shone from the screen, sucking me into the television set without any mercy shown on it. Even though my adventure had just begun, I had already thought that I was dead. Before the thought could continue, I landed butt first on concrete. Opening my eyes, I saw what I saw…the Royal Palace of Rabanastre!! I stood up, tucking back my neck-length long hair.

"Well, this looks pretty exciting!" I said stupidly. Before I could grin at nothing any longer, I heard an explosion behind me.

"Fuu, watch out!" A voice squealed. Before I could even ponder on whom the voice was, a cell-phone tall girl with two antennae popped out of my camisole!

"HOLY CRAP! WHO ARE YOU, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET DOWN THERE?!" I screamed. The "Pixie" flew out of my cami and flicked my forehead, which actually hurt a bit.

"It's me, you idiot, Fini!" The pixie said. Fini had long, wavy brunette hair, a blue tank top, white short shorts, light blue sandals, and small blue bat-like wings flickering on her back. Oh, yeah, her antennae were also blue. Hey, I know her favorite color now…

"Oh…yeah…sorry about that…so…what's up with everyone?" I asked. More explosions were heard and guards were surrounding the premises down below near the entrance of the palace. Before I heard a reply, something pushed me down onto the ground once more, which hurt just as much as the first time I landed on the evil ground. I looked over and saw the blonde, belly-showing man. Vaan. He looked at me with wide eyes like I had a poisonous snake crawling out of my ear, but he got up and scurried away, nearly tripping himself. Obviously, he was pretty scared.

"What a wimp…" I said aloud. Just for fun, I decided to follow the distressed Vaan. With jogging speed, I caught up to him as we quickly sprinted on a large bridge.

"So…what's with the hurry?" I said panting every few seconds. Vaan didn't answer, which made me growl. Without thinking, I grabbed his wrist and brought him over to where I was standing. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" I said angrily. Vaan looked at me now like I just broke his favorite toy or ripped off his favorite teddy bear's arm. He looked pretty pissed off now.

"I'm really in a rush, let go of me!" Vaan whimpered.

"Not till you tell me what's up, Vaan!" I shouted. Crap, I said his name…I thought. Vaan now looked at me like I had spaghetti coming out of my nose. I gave him a stupid smile and an innocent chuckle. Vaan then looked up and began sprinting again, making me let go of his wrist.

"What a bastard! He just runs off when I'm trying to introduce myself!" I spat while looking at Fini, who rested comfortably on my shoulder.

"Stop running!" I heard. I turned around and saw a figure running towards me…I squinted closer and saw the figure's…well…figure…it was the one and only, sexy Balthier!! I gasped and quickly dabbed some blush on my face, and I pushed up my bra a bit more, too.

"It's such an honor to meet you Balth—…" I began to say while I bowed down to him, but he ran right past me! I paused and turned around, angry, as I stomped over to him, since he stopped his running, too. I then saw Vaan, surrounded, as I also saw Fran on her hover blocking Vaan's path.

"You have something that belongs to me…" Balthier said to Vaan, who I know noticed was holding a pretty jewel.

"Fuu, what are you doing?" Fini whispered. I ignored her, stupid pixie, and ran over and stood in front of Balthier. He looked at me oddly and I began bowing again.

"It's such an honor to meet you, Balth—…"

"MORE THIS WAY!" Guards began to shout as they ran towards us. I growled in anger, as I was about to throw my backpack at them.

"Don't interrupt me!" I spat at the guards.

"Damn! Fran, let's move!" Balthier said as he grabbed me and then Vaan! I'm surprised he could carry that much weight…well, I understand myself, because I'm only 89 pounds, but Vaan had to be pretty heavy…! I was in heaven at first…Balthier, resting his hands on me…only if he would touch my—…before I could dream in heaven any longer, I was thrown off of the bridge and into the air! How rude! Vaan was thrown off, too, and he was screaming his lungs out…I don't blame him, I was, too. We both landed hard on the hover bike, thanks to Fran driving it, and Balthier landed on it, too. With Balthier's landing, I fell back into Vaan, and I was hanging on for dear life on the hover while Vaan was hanging on for dear life on my leg, which he was pulling rather hard. Thank God I didn't wear a skirt before I left…

"Hang on, Fuu!" Fini screamed.

"At least help me out here, you bitch!" I screamed at the pixie, how useless she was! Well, I understand that she was as tall as my cell phone and probably wouldn't help much, but at least show some kindness! What made things worse than hanging onto a hover for your dear life was that Balthier thought I asked for help and called him a bitch. Ouch…surprisingly, he grabbed my arm and tried to pull me up, but my jacket was pulling off, showing my shoulder a bit… and I still had a blondie holding tightly on my thigh…and then my ass…probably by accident, but, still, my ass

"YOU PERVERT!" I shrieked. I was trying to shake Vaan off of my leg, but I stopped when the hover was struggling.

"What's going on Fran?" Balthier asked his partner.

"I don't know…it's not heeding me…" Fran said as she tried to gain control of the hover bike.

"Ugh! I don't have time for this!" Balthier grunted, still trying to pull me up from danger…I swear, if I didn't have Vaan clinging onto my legs, things would be much easier…

"I-I'm slipping!" Vaan screeched.

"Yeah, and you're going to take my jeans down with you!" I snapped at Vaan. Although it wasn't his fault that he was going to plummet into the fires beneath us, but still, I was pretty angry during the entire situation.

"Not good!" Balthier said as Fran continued having troubles gaining control of the bike. When we thought all was bad, it was worse. A cannon fired at us, nearly hitting me, and the hover bike lost control completely, and we all headed down into a disgusting sewer…a perfect landing area…yes, I was using sarcasm…I shut my eyes tightly as I thought we were all toast…and I fainted…


I woke up when I felt water in a very unpleasant place…I immediately stood up and looked around…oh, the sewer…heaven never looked so grimy, I was expecting daisies and pearly gates…but I felt my heartbeat and my leg had scratches all over it, so I must be alive. I stood up and looked around, and then saw Vaan walking over to Fran and Balthier. Before I walked over, I noticed that I was stepping on something squirming underneath my foot…oh…crap…

"Fini! Are you okay?" I dug into the water and grabbed the pixie game guardian, who was hacking and coughing like crazy.

"You almost killed me, you meanie!" She screamed at me, punching my nose.

"Hit me again and I'll drown ya, ungrateful scum!" I spat at her. I then saw my backpack and picked it up and put it on my back safely and walked over to Vaan.

"Thanks a billion, blondie, now I've got red marks all over my thigh…just…just great, why didn't you just pull off my leg while you were struggling?" I scolded Vaan, who didn't even see me coming towards him. I then glanced over at Fran and Balthier, who stared at me.

"Er…hi…" I said.

"Aren't you the talkative one?" Balthier said, giving a cute smile at me. I blushed.

"Er…uh…blergy-blee…" I said. God, I'm such an idiot. Blergy-blee, what the hell?

"Yeah, you girl, how did you know my name?" Vaan said. I put my finger to his lips.

"Tut-tut-tut, monsieur, the name is Fuu. And I know you because I practically play the game everyday!" I said, clueless that the three main characters even knew that this whole story was truly a video game. Fran looked up.

"Game…according to a story long ago, King Raithwall said, "The girl in strange clothes shalt be the one who knows all…and the one with hidden powers…"" Fran stated. I blinked and started bursting out laughing.

"R-Raithwall said that?" I paused because I was laughing too much. "No way! Are you saying that the girl he mentioned is me?" I pointed to myself, and they all nodded.

"I mean, you're clothes are pretty weird." Vaan pointed out.

"It's called an outfit, thank you." I said. These people were nuts.

"Never mind, if she doesn't believe it, I don't believe it." Balthier said standing up. I nodded and adjusted my backpack as I stood beside him. I saw Vaan looking at Fran…perv…

"Not many viera where you come from, thief?" Balthier said.

"It's Vaan…" Vaan and I said at once. We both glanced at each other and decided to not say anything about what just happened…smart boy…

"Fran is special…in that she'd deign to partner with a Hume." Balthier stated.

"Oh? Like a sky pirate that steals through the sewers?" Fran said raising an eyebrow.

"Pirates? You guys are sky pirates? Do you have an airship?" Vaan continued annoyingly asking questions to Balthier.

"It's Balthier, by the way…" Balthier stated. I kept walking beside Balthier, who turned and looked at me.

"Listen you two…if you two want to see your homes again, you do exactly as I say, got it? Myself, Fran, and you two…Vaan and…whatever your name is again…we're working together now, understood?" Vaan nodded, but I wasn't very convinced with Balthier's utter rudeness.

"At least call me by my name! It's Fuu! F-U-U!" I said. Balthier nodded.

"Fuu it is, then…forgive me…" He said, slightly bowing, then walking away. Fran followed behind, then Vaan. I glanced over at Fini, waiting for me to walk away with them, so I did. I was traveling through the sewers…how adventurous…

To Be Continued…

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