again, something I've written for dncontest on April 21st, 2008; the prompt was MUSIC. the title is taken from X JAPAN's song, "Longingtogireta Melody".

the first movement

Debussy's Claire de Lune is a sad melody; it is a gentle song that requires little skill and much talent to convey the message.

Light is surprised at how easily L plays- he'd never seen L with an instrument before. The violin is up and tuned, and it is an odd choice to greet Light's ears with.

It is not until the song is nearly over, and Light's eyes open- he was not even aware of them closing!- when the violin's voice becomes low, a velvety quality that transforms into a soprano gold.

He does not know what to think of it- and L does not ask him.

the second movement

Somewhere between spatial distance equations, worrying for Mello and Near and the Kira case, L finds that Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu Op. 66 is playing. Somewhere between contemplating Judy Garland's smile and Kira's cold-blooded lack of reasoning, the tempting current of lyrical piano flows through his mind.

Long fingers gently tap the table, and Light looks up- L's face has a dreamy, glazed quality. Light does not know what to do; he has never seen the detective seem so... emotionally open..\ before. But before he can look away, Light takes one more look at L's face, just to confirm what he saw as truth.

L is smiling.

the third movement

He is gentle. L, of all people, is a gentle human when it comes to his violin. It is a finely crafted thing, Light had to admit; the luster of the wood was something that could not be created by mechanical craft.

It is Prokovfiev's Violin Concerto No.2's third movement that bursts from his fingers, the transition made from L's hands to the bow and fingerboard astounding. Played allegro ben marcato, L recalls the clacking of castanets as the Spanish rondo flies through his fingers.

Light suddenly realizes that- for all the detective's idiosyncrasies that drive him insane- L is human.

It excites him.

the fourth movement

L is dead. Light's smile does not reach his eyes, and he fishes out one small thing from his pocket: a fragment of the beloved violin that had been played by the dying detective. It is then, that Light understands how much L hates him, because those emotionless depths had shown something-


Light does not understand why the violin haunts him now- why Frédéric Chopin's 'Funeral March' is played so somberly in his mind. It was an unforgettable victory, and Light started as he felt something warm and smooth in his pocket: the piece of violin that he had taken from the smashed creation.

He'd won. Hadn't he? He'd won.