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Previously on NCIS

NCIS S3 episode "Kill Ari--Part II"

ZIVA: I lost my little sister, Tali, in a Hamas suicide bombing. She was sixteen and the best of us. Tali had compassion.

TONY: I'm sorry.

ZIVA: After Tali's death I was like Gibbs. All I wanted was revenge.

TONY: Is that why you joined Mossad?

ZIVA: I was Mossad long before Tali's death. Old…

TONY: Family tradition?

ZIVA: Israeli sense of duty.

Another three months have passed, since Gibbs was assigned a new team.

NCIS Headquarters was under lockdown at the moment.

There were security guards surrounding the interrogation room, as the suspect being interrogated was being carried out by the paramedics. Inside the interrogation room, there was a chair smashed through the window and a specific, hot-tempered, muscle-bound agent being restrained on the floor. Gibbs, Lee, and Jardin were standing aside, trying to avoid getting in anyone's way. Gibbs looked over a Lee, whose eyes were wide with terror. Gibbs finally broke their silence.

"I can't believe that one of my agents tried to strangle our suspect in the interrogation room." Gibbs shook his head and looked back over at Lee. Her eyes actually seemed to get even wider and her mouth was now open, just staring at the scene in front of her in pure shock. Director Vance finally arrived at the scene, taking in all that was going on and the damage that was done inside the interrogation room. He just stared and shook his head, as the NCIS agent was escorted by security guards.

As he continued to shake his head with his eyes wide with shock, he approached the three agents.

"This was actually one of your agents that was responsible for this, Agent Gibbs." Vance stated in amusement.

"Uh, L-E-O-N." Gibbs said in a very disgusted tone. "I am giving a return to Mexico a serious consideration right now. This wouldn't have happened, if I had. . ."

"Relax Jethro." Director Vance interjected. "You are getting your team back. DiNozzo and David are flying into D.C., as we speak."

Gibbs turned and was completely speechless. He was overjoyed and relieved, but at the same time, curious as to what had changed.

"DiNozzo's assignment has ended, and the mission details are still considered "need to know". So, do not investigate." Vance added. "Agent Lee, Agent Jardin, you continue to be great assets here at NCIS. Do no feel that your changes in assignment reflect otherwise." Vance stated and then walked off. Gibbs watched him leave and gave an angry and confused look to his back.

"Well, that is great news Agent Gibbs," Jardin offered and Lee than smiled and nodded in agreement. Gibbs smiled and left the room. As Gibbs walked toward his desk, he dialed McGee. As he did so, he heard a cell phone ring behind him.

"Boss. . ." McGee started to say, as he approached him.

"Any idea what is going on?" Gibbs asked him.

"I was hoping. . .that you would tell me, Boss." McGee responded.

"Have you talked to Tony or Ziva yet?" Gibbs asked.

"No, not yet." Gibbs nodded at McGee's response.

"Go tell Abby and Ducky." Gibbs said as he walked away.

"On it Boss."

Gibbs had made it as far as the parking lot, when a familiar car pulled up.

"Heeeey, Boss!" Tony yelled with a big smile and arms extended for a hug. Gibbs walked up to him and smiled back at him as he said his name.

"You all right there, DiNozzo?" Gibbs just asked as a general question.

"Never better, Boss. How are you?" Tony answered.

Gibbs' smiling always seemed to give Tony the creeps, so he turned his head and raised his eyebrows waiting for what would come next.

"Tony, I am aware that I am NOT supposed to ask you about ANY assignment you may or may not have had, so this is not an interrogation" Gibbs started to say, as Tony's eyes became wider and he swallowed hard.

"Back in the car, Tony." Gibbs ordered as he got into the passenger side. Tony, although very confused as to what exactly was happening, obeyed the order.

"Uh. . .where to Boss?" Tony asked nervously, as he started the engine and kept trying to read Gibbs' expression. As he put the car in gear and started to accelerate, Gibbs finally answered.

"I want the contents that are in THE safety deposit box." Gibbs answered very slowly and smoothly. Tony was so thrown by what Gibbs had said that he slammed on the brakes.

"DiNozzo! Should I drive?" Gibbs yelled.

"Uh, no, sorry Boss." Tony started to accelerate again. "Uh. . .boss?" Tony gave a nervous laugh. "Do you know what is in THE safety deposit box? How did you find out about that anyway?" Tony asked looking back and forth from Gibbs and then the road.

"From what I have been told, you have a gun, the 9mm Glock, in that safety deposit box. The same gun that is registered to Jenny Shepard, and the same gun that killed Le Grenouille." Gibbs raised his eyebrows and stared at Tony as he calmly said this.

"There are also some documents that pertain to the NCIS investigation into Le Grenouille's operation, inside of this safety deposit box." Gibbs continued, watching Tony's reaction.

Tony gave out a soft and nervous laugh as he tried to ignore Gibbs' stare.

After getting the contents of the safety deposit box, Gibbs and Tony had a rather quiet trip back to headquarters, as Gibbs was looking through all the mission details, reports, and pictures.

"So, are you working on a case right now with your new team?" Tony tried to break the silence.

"The case we were working on was just handed over to the FBI." Gibbs started to answer with a crooked smile. "after one of my agents tried to kill the suspect." Gibbs let out a laugh from Tony's reaction. Tony then looked down at the file Gibbs was looking through, which caught Gibbs' attention.

"Boss, I . . ." Tony started to say. Gibbs saw his apologetic look and stopped him.

"I know, DiNozzo." Gibbs closed up the file and looked at him again. "Did the director actually order you to cover up the murder?" Gibbs asked bluntly.

"No." Tony answered quickly and shook his head, looking away again.

"Was it your idea to have Jeanne Benoit accuse you of murder to distract Vance and Fornell?" Gibbs started to stare at him again with his head slightly turned and eyebrows arched.

"Uh. . .yeah." As Tony answered, he looked briefly a Gibbs and then back at the road, as he started to hit the gas a little harder.

"Amazing the lengths you went through to protect a director that made your job miserable for so many months." Gibbs wasn't sure what kind of reaction he would get out of Tony from letting him know that he was aware of all this now, but, so far, Tony seemed to be shielding himself pretty well.

". . .you knew that she was deathly ill, and you couldn't let her die in prison?" Gibbs once again waited for a reaction. After hearing Gibbs last statement, Tony closed his eyes hard for a moment and sighed deeply. Knowing that Gibbs was staring at him he tried to turn his head to face the side window. "I would have done the same thing for her. You took a pretty big risk for her though."

"Tony?" Gibbs said firmly. Tony faced forward again. "Tony, I actually appreciate what you did for her. But, I don't understand why you didn't come to me, AT ALL." Tony had now made it through the gate and was starting to park the car, which was a relief. Unfortunately, Tony knew Gibbs wasn't done with him. "This was not part of your undercover missions."

"I know." Tony said softly. "I'm sorry, Boss." Now that the car was parked, Tony tried to make his escape, before Gibbs grabbed his arm and ordered him to stop. Tony let out a nervous sigh.

"You know I don't accept apologies. And I am especially not accepting that one. And you want to know the reason. . .?" Gibbs' voice was getting louder as he got angrier. "Are you listening to me?" Tony nodded quickly and nervously at his question. "you will NOT . . .keep another secret from me." Gibbs said that so strongly and angrily that it even intimidated himself.

"I gotcha, Boss." Tony responded as he felt like he was lying in a hospital bed again. Gibbs seemed to get the same flashback, as his expression softened. Gibbs then got ready to exit the car, as he did so he squinted and looked sideways at Tony.

"Good." Gibbs then said as he got out of the car with the file in his hand. As Tony also got out of the car, he faced Gibbs and bravely asked.

"Uh, what do you plan to do with. . ." Tony made a gesture toward the file and gun.

"Not really sure yet. The gun is going to Abby, though." Gibbs answered with a nod.

As Gibbs and Tony entered the lift and the doors closed, Gibbs gave Tony a firm, head slap. Tony laughed.

"Good to see you again too, Boss." Tony responded. "Was that for anything in particular?" Gibbs slapped him again much harder.

"Oooo-u-ch!. . .Boss?" Tony rubbed his head and turned to look at Gibbs.

"Congratulations, by the way." Gibbs said as he looked at Tony. "What. . .?" Tony started to say, then his eyes got wide and he turned away from Gibbs. "Thank you, Boss."

"And, that better be the last secret that you keep from me." Gibbs added sternly.

"I am pretty sure that was it." Tony responded nodding.

"You sure?" Gibbs turned and gave him a hard stare again.

"Uh, yeah. . ." Tony shifted his eyes back and forth frantically trying to figure out what Gibbs might be referring to.

He finally looked directly at Gibbs, and said, "Could you give me a hint as to what else I might have kept a secret from you, since. . . you seem to already know?" Tony tried to ask innocently, but instead presented in a way that was about to earn him another head slap.

Gibbs had his hand ready to give another head slap, when the elevator doors opened. Tony jumped out of the lift in time and nearly knocked over McGee.

"Timothy McGee!" Tony yelled grabbing both of McGee's shoulders and shaking them hard. McGee looked at him, after a total of four months away from DiNozzo, he wasn't sure what to expect.

"Hey Tony" McGee smiled and then cocked his head. "Are you going by Tony DiNozzo these days or Tony DiNardo?"

Tony froze, his jaw dropped. First he looked at McGee and then back at Gibbs with a worried expression.

He then looked directly at Gibbs. "I really never wanted to keep secrets from you, but this is one. . .that I need to, uh, keep. . ."

"I will let this one go for now." Gibbs got closer to Tony and gave him another hard stare. Tony nodded nervously and headed toward his desk.

"McGee!?" Gibbs said angrily.

"I didn't realize this was a secret boss." McGee quickly responded.

"If Vance heard you . . ." Gibbs started to say as he walked toward his desk, keeping his eyes fixated on Tony, who didn't seem to notice.

The next morning when Tony arrived at work. Ziva was sitting at her desk. Tony smiled as he passed by her desk.

"Zee-vah." He said smiling.

"Tony." She said back.

Tony took in Ziva's appearance. She had one of her arms in a sling and a patch just above her eye.

"You all right?" Tony asked very concerned.

"I am fine." She answered, looking down at her desk.

No one was around nearby, so Tony tried to whisper across to her.

"So what happened with you and Kort?"

"He is dead." She stated simply.

"Yes, I know. What happened, Ziva?" Tony kept trying.

"He was the victim of one of his own bombs." She stated, emotionless, as she looked up at him.

"Really? That is what happened?" Tony started to push.

"Yes." Ziva answered quickly.

"You are using that as an excuse. We both know. . ." Tony trailed off as Gibbs approached.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs barked.

"No new secrets, Boss." Tony answered like a broken record.

Gibbs then sat down at his desk and seemed to be satisfied with that response. Tony got up and went to the men's room. Ziva got up and followed him in there. When Tony heard the door open behind him and Ziva walked in, he gave out an irritated laugh.

"just like old times." He said pointing his hand around the men's room. Ziva approached him.

"Why are you so convinced that I killed him, when according to reports, he was killed by a car bomb?" Ziva quickly argued.

"Because according to the report that I got, he was dead before he was in the car bombing." Tony stated. "He was shot by a sniper." Ziva looked away and surrendered her argument.

"Why did you hate that guy so much, Ziva? I know you had some type of history with him?"

"Do you remember the story that I told you about my sister?" Ziva asked looking away from him.

"Yeah, you said she was killed by a Hamas suicide bomber." Tony recalled to Ziva.

"No, she was caught in a car bomb blast that was set by. . .him." Ziva corrected. Tony turned his head in curiosity.

"I have always wanted to seek revenge for my sister's death, but that ended when I joined NCIS. But, I believe that Director Vance knew, if I left NCIS, I would once again try to seek my revenge." Ziva stated and turned away ashamed.

"Ziva, I am so sorry." Tony said sadly. "The director used you."

"He used you too." Ziva responded.

"Have you said anything to Gibbs?" Tony asked.

"No. The director ordered me not to. I am not supposed to be talking to you either." Ziva explained.

"Yeah, I am not supposed to be talking to you either." Tony repeated the statement and looked off into space.

"Tony?" Ziva got a sense that he was hiding something.

"I am going to tell Gibbs everything anyway." Tony responded.

"What?. . .Tony, no. . .?" Ziva responded in concern.

"He always finds out anyway. Do you object to me doing this? And, I mean the whole story, Ziva." Tony asked. Ziva shook her head, as they exited the men's room.

That evening Gibbs had a surprise visitor in his basement.

"Tony?" Gibbs turned around to face him, actually shocked to see him.

"Shouldn't you be with your. . ." Gibbs jokingly started to say, but then stopped when he say the expression on Tony's face.

"Boss, there are some things that I want to tell you." Tony started to say and swallowed hard. Gibbs became very concerned and approached him.

The End

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