"Love and Loyalty

Written by: Toni F

Sonic and all related indica (c) SEGA, you know the drill...

A/N: This takes place after the events of "When Two Become One". So if you hadn't read that yet, you might wanna look over it first...

Sol Castle - Evening

The standard patrol duty. Soldiers of Sol were stationed around the castle, keeping an eye out for danger or intruders, protecting Sol Kingdom.

General Argyle was on the top watch post on the highest part of the castle. "Lemmy, what's your position, soldier?" he spoke in his communicator.

"Clear, sir!" the voice on the other line responded.

"Arrie, how about you?"

"So far, so good... WAIT!" the high-pitched voice squealed on the communicator, "I thought I spotted something!"

"What is it, soldier??" Argyle barked into his line.

"I'm not sure! It moved too quickly...! And it was too dark! But it's heading towards the west wing of the castle!"

"That's Silver's position," said Argyle, and spoke into the communicator again, "Silver, come in! You've got a possible intruder coming your direction! I repeat, possible intruder coming your way! Keep your eyes peeled! Do you read?"

Silver didn't read. He was too busy leaning on the ledge of the castle wing, staring into the sky, lost in daydreams...

Daydreams of a certain lavender cat.

"Oh Silver...! They're beautiful!" Blaze took the bundle of bright, lovely flowers that Silver had modestly handed to her. "You shouldn't have!"

"Awww, shucks," Silver blushed and placed his hand behind his head, "It's just my way of showing you just how much you mean to me..."

Blaze's cheeks turned a light shade of pink and she gave off a small smile. "Oh Silver..." the smile suddenly faded, "You're so naive!"

"Wh-wha?!" Silver felt as if everything around him had shattered.

"How could you possibly think that I could ever like you in that manner??" Blaze scolded as she tossed the flowers over her shoulder and glared harshly at the hedgehog. "Silver..." she groaned, then turned nasty as her voice suddenly changed into that of a deeper, raspier, male's voice,


"What-HUH?!" Silver was snapped back to reality at the sound of General Argyle's voice on his communicator. He quickly snagged it with his mind and telekinetically brought it over. "Yes!" he called as soon as he grabbed, "I'm here! What is it, sir??"

"Where were you??"

"S... sorry, sir, I was... investigating something."

"Keep your communicator with you at all times!" Argyle's voice angrily blasted through the other end, "Now listen! Arrie spotted something dark and quick heading towards your post. Keep a careful lookout in your area. If you see anything suspicious, alert me immediately!"

Silver scanned the ground over the castle wall, around his area. It looked untouched. Clearly there was nothing here or nearby...

Wait a minute...

Slowly, he turned around to face the interior of the courtyard... and sure enough, there was a shadowy figure past the castle walls, and making its way towards the palace. "Oh just my damn luck!" Silver cursed out loud before raising the communicator to his mouth, "General Argyle! It got past me! It's heading towards Sol Castle! I'm in pursuit!"

Before he could hear Argyle's answer, Silver set aside the communicator and leaped off the wing, landing on the ground and using his telekinetic powers to give chase. "HOLD IT!" he shouted as he began gaining on the intruder, "You're trespassing on royal Sol property! Stop where you are, or I'll attack!"

The figure began to slow down and turned to face the hedgehog as he levitated his way closer. He landed back on his feet and held up his hands. "This is your final warning! Leave immediately!"

The figure, tall, skinny, and wearing what looked like a flowing dress, held up its arm and a purple energy emitted from its palm, shooting it at Silver like a bullet. He quickly diverted the blast with his mind, and countered with a psychic blast at the stranger. It however easily slid to the side, missed by a mile. Seeing he was up against a formidable foe, Silver gathered his energy, and shot forward at the enemy, ready for a full-out attack.

A low chuckled emitted into the air. The opponent appeared to be laughing at him, which only fueled the hedgehog's anger. He pulled his fist back and prepared to strike a powerful punch, but before anything could hit, the figure stepped back. Silver missed him by just a few inches. He felt a small, cool hand press against his chest... and a purple energy orb blasted against him, knocking him across the courtyard, and slamming hard into the wall. He slumped to the ground in pain, and slept out of consciousness.

"Silver! Wake up, soldier!"

Slowly, the silver-furred hedgehog opened his eyes. He was laying flat on the ground, facing up as many other soldiers were gathered around him, worried.

"You okay, soldier?" asked Argyle.

Silver slowly pushed himself upwards in a sitting position, as other guards supported his shoulders. He rubbed the back of his head, "Yeah... just a bump..."

Arglye gave a small smile. "Good to hear..." Within a second, his smile turned to a deep scowl, "What in the world were you up to?!" he shouted, "First you don't respond to my call, slacking off and allowing an intruder to get past our defense, and you go as far as to disobey my orders NOT to pursuit!!"

"You said that...?"

"If you'd only keep your communicator close by, you would have heard me call for back-up!!"

Silver lowered his head. "Sorry, sir..."

Ignoring the apology, Argyle stood back to his feet. "Listen up, soldiers!" he ordered, "We've got a new problem at hand. There's an intruder INSIDE Sol's perimeter. We know that it's strong enough to take out one of our own soldiers, so we need to be on high alert! Lemmy and Arrie, you take the exterior entrances. Glave, you're in charge of the west wing, and take several soldiers with you. I'll cover the east wing. And you--" He glared over at Silver, "You just patrol the main hall. Make sure nothing gets past you this time. See if you can manage not to mess this assignment up."

Silver narrowed his eyes. But he dared not speak out of line. "Yes sir..."



A/N: Hahah! It didn't take long before I went and started the next story, huh??

Well THIS one was in the planning for over a year now... but I kinda needed to plan out the "Two Worlds..." one first for things to make sense. :P But watch while THIS one is crap compared to the one I had to quickly whip up in less than a month so I can get to fics I really wanted to get into. XD

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