Pokémon Chat!

Chapter 11: Stepping It Up!

The grunts bound and gagged Kevin and Raye.

They were thrown into a pile.

The grunts sneered as they then started bagging the two.

"That should keep those brats busy." One of the grunts said.

Jared and Kaylee started searching for Raye and Kevin.

Suddenly, Jared caught sight of the grunts.

"It's them…" he whispered to Kaylee.

He dragged her with him and they hid behind a large stone.

Jared peeked through a small hole.

"Now we'll have no trouble finding those fossils for the boss!" one of the grunts said.

Just then, a person wearing white lab clothes ran towards the grunts.

"We found them! We found the fossils!" the scientist said.

"Well, where are they?" the grunts asked.

"Come with me!" the scientist said.

The grunts followed the scientist, leaving Kevin and Raye behind, but still in bags.

Kaylee noticed the bags.

"What's in those bags?" she asked.

"I don't know…" Jared answered.

They got closer to the bags.

Kaylee poked one and it started moving.

She jumped back.

"There's something moving in there!" Kaylee said.

Jared grabbed a PokéBall.

"Blaze, come out!" he said.

Blaze turned to listen to Jared.

"I want you to get these bags open." he told Blaze.

"But be careful not to go too deep." he warned.

Blaze started cutting the bags with its claws, revealing a tied up Kevin and Raye.

They both looked like they were about to faint from lack of air.

Jared and Kaylee started untying them as fast as they could.

Raye and Kevin started regaining their lost air.

They both stood up.

Raye dusted herself off and stretched a little.

"Thanks, Jared!" she told him.

Kaylee ran and hugged her brother.

"Are you okay, Kevin?" she asked.

Kevin nodded.

"Yeah, I'm alright!" he told her.

Jared turned around.

"Whoever those jerks were, they're not getting away with this!" he said.

"Those guys work for Team Rocket." Raye said.

"Team Rocket?" Jared repeated.

"Yeah. They're a band of criminals who steal and use Pokémon for evil." Raye explained.

Raye picked up her bag.

"We have to keep moving if we want to stop those grunts…" Raye said.

Jared nodded.

"Let's go! We're almost to Cerulean City!" Kevin said.

They continued on in Mt. Moon.

Meanwhile, the Team Rocket grunts were viewing the fossils that were found.

"This is amazing!" one of the grunts said.

"Jackpot!" the other grunt said.

There was a large pile of fossils that outgrew the grunts' heights.

"Da boss'll be happy we found these!" one of the grunts said.

"Yes, we've found approximately sixty-seven of these delightful gems!" the scientist said.

They all started packing away as much of the fossils as fast as they could.

Meanwhile, Jared and the gang were hot on Team Rocket's trail.

They tried not to get into sight.

Kaylee accidentally kicked a rock right in front of Team Rocket.

The grunts jerked their heads toward the direction of the fossil.

"There they are!" one of the grunts said.

A group of Team Rocket grunts rushed towards them.

"Let's split up!" Raye commanded.

They all divided in four directions.

The grunts split up as well.

One of the grunts trapped Raye.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked.

He grabbed a PokéBall.

Raye did the same.

The grunt made a smirk on his face.

"This time, you ain't gettin' out!" he said.

"Go, Zubat!" the grunt said, throwing his PokéBall.

Zubat emerged and started getting close to Raye.

"Kachu, let's go!" she said, throwing her PokéBall.

Kachu got ready to fight.

"Zubat, use Leech Life!" the grunt commanded.

The Zubat swooped onto Kachu's arm and started drinking its blood.

"Kachu, hurry, use Thunderbolt!" Raye commanded.

Kachu let out a large jolt of electricity.

Although the Zubat was hurt, it continued to drink Kachu's blood.

"When my Zubat's done, your Pikachu will be bone dry!" the grunt smirked.

"Kachu, use Thunderbolt again!" Raye commanded.

Kachu launched another jolt of electricity.

The Zubat still continued with its Leech Life.

Eventually, Kachu began to feel weak.

It dropped to the floor, still trying to fight.

"It's over for your Pikachu." The grunt chuckled.

Kachu suddenly dropped down, completely immobilized.

It fainted on the spot.

"Kachu!" Raye exclaimed, going up to her Pikachu.

The Zubat detached itself from Kachu and flew back to the grunt.

"You're next, little lady!" the grunt said.

"My Zubat has been awfully thirsty today!" he said.

"Maybe you'll help quench its thirst!"

The Zubat started getting near her.

Raye started inching back further and further until she hit a wall.

Raye grabbed another PokéBall.

"Shelly, help me out!" Raye said.

Shelly got in a defensive stance, ready to protect Raye.

"Piece o' cake!" the grunt said.

"Zubat! Use Bite!" he commanded.

Zubat dug its fangs into Shelly.

Shelly winced in pain.

"Shelly, use Withdraw!" Raye commanded.

Shelly retreated into its shell, causing the Zubat to release its grip on Shelly.

"Now, use Bubble!" Raye commanded.

Shelly started spinning around inside its shell, spraying bubbles everywhere.

The Zubat was hit and lost a little altitude.

Shelly kept spinning, gradually gaining speed.

Its shell started glowing.

A blinding light flashed around Shelly.

The grunt got a surprised look on his face.

Raye started smiling as she saw her Squirtle evolving.

The shell then stopped spinning.

It gradually grew in size.

It had a darker, reddish orange color.

Shelly came out of its shell.

"WARTORTLE!" the Pokémon cried.

Shelly was a lot taller, reaching Raye's waist.

It had two wing-like "ears" on its head.

Shelly also had a fluffy, white tail.

It was a darker blue and it had sharper, deeply colored eyes.

It also started growing fangs.

Raye's PokéDex confirmed the evolution.

"Cool! Shelly's a Wartortle!" she exclaimed.

The grunt was stunned.

"Now, Shelly! Use Bubble!" Raye commanded.

Instead of a bunch of bubbles, Shelly launched a large stream of water at the Zubat.

The Zubat immediately fell down to the ground.

The grunt called his Zubat back.

He immediately started running away.

Raye gave Shelly a hug.

"You were awesome, Shelly!" she said.

She called Shelly back into its PokéBall.

"Now I need to find the others…" she said to herself.

Meanwhile, Jared also came to a dead end.

"I got you now, kid!" the grunt said to him.

"Zubat, let's go!" the grunt said, throwing one of his PokéBalls.

The Zubat prepared itself to fight.

Jared turned around and grabbed one of his PokéBalls.

"Blaze! Let's go!" Jared said, calling out his Charmeleon.

Blaze was still a little weak from the previous battle, but it still managed to gather enough energy to battle.

"Zubat, use Wing Attack!" the grunt commanded.

Zubat's wings started glowing.

It then slammed into Blaze.

Blaze fell hard.

It tried to get up, but Blaze was so exhausted that it couldn't fight back.

"Good try, Blaze." Jared said, calling Blaze back.

He grabbed another PokéBall.

"Pika, let's go!" Jared said.

The grunt's Zubat got ready to battle.

"Let's start off easy, Pika." Jared said.

"Try using a ThunderShock!" Jared commanded.

Pika let loose a very strong jolt of electricity, causing the Zubat to drop like a fly.

"Holy crap…" the grunt thought to himself.

Jared was even surprised at Pika's new strength.

"That power…" he thought.

"Where have I seen that before?"

The grunt started to run.

"Hey! Get back here!" Jared yelled, chasing after him.

The grunt then was greeted with a dead end in the cave.

Jared and Pika cornered him.

With a panicked expression on his face, he quickly started going through his pockets.

"Here, take all of it! I don't need it! Just leave me alone!" the grunt said, giving Jared a large amount of money.

Pika was about to start attacking.

Jared held his hand in front of Pika's face.

"No, Pika… That's enough." He told it.

Pika stopped attacking, being a bit confused.

The grunt slowly crept away from Jared.

"Let's go, Pika!" Jared said, trying to regroup with the others.

Meanwhile, Kaylee was trying to outrun another grunt.

She suddenly tripped over a large rock.

The grunt caught up to Kaylee and grabbed her by the arm.

"Now I gotcha!" the grunt said.

Kaylee tried to pull herself away from him,

But she soon slipped on a smaller rock and fell.

The grunt still squeezed her arm as she was suspended about an inch from the ground.

Kaylee used her free hand and tried to pry out her other arm.

"Let me go!" she screamed.

"Not a chance!" the grunt remarked.

"You're coming with me!"

Kaylee started flailing her legs around and managed to kick the grunt in the groin.

He collapsed in pain.

Kaylee started running.

She tried to get as far away from the grunt as she can.

Suddenly, Kaylee collided with another person.

She looked up and saw another grunt staring at her, holding a rope in one hand and a bag in the other.

He inched closer as Kaylee started moving backwards.

"You won't interfere with our plans any longer, little girl," the grunt told her.

Kaylee reached a dead end. She couldn't escape.

"Shelly, use Tackle!" a voice commanded. Suddenly, a Wartortle leapt from the ground and slammed the grunt away from Kaylee.

Raye came by shortly after.

"You okay?" she asked, reaching for Kaylee's hand.

Kaylee nodded and took Raye's hand.

Raye and Kaylee eventually reunited with Jared and Kevin.

"Glad to see you're okay," Jared greeted.

Raye nodded.

"Kaylee," Raye asked, "how much farther until we reach the end of Mt. Moon?"

"Umm…" she thought, "It's just a little farther. Just a few more tunnels," she replied.

"There might be more of those Rocket Grunts running around," Jared said.

"Right! We need to get those creeps outta here!" Kevin said.

They progressed through Mt. Moon.

Suddenly, a flock of Zubat zoomed through the cave.

They frantically flapped their wings while screeching loudly.

Everybody covered their ears in pain.

"Zubat! That's enough!" a voice called.

The entire flock immediately turned around and flew in the other direction.

The Zubat returned to a group of four grunts.

"You again!" Jared said.

"So, you're the little brats who scared off the other grunts," one grunt said.

"Well," he started, "we can't let a few kids ruin our plans so easily!" he said.

The grunts prepared their PokéBalls.

"If you wanna move on, you're gonna have to beat us, first!" the grunt stated.

"Guys, pick a grunt," Jared said.

"It's four of us against four of them!"

Each trainer paired up with a grunt.

Suddenly, the cave rumbled.

"What's that?" Jared asked as he looked around.

An avalanche of Geodude came rolling along Mt. Moon's floor.

The group was so thick, it was impossible to keep balance.

"Zubat! Stop them!" a grunt commanded.

The flock of Zubat returned and started screeching.

A few of the Geodude managed to grab onto some of the Zubat, dragging them down into the raging stampede of Geodude.

The Zubat were viciously trampled by the rolling Geodude. Not one survived.

"Rockets! Retreat!" said another grunt as they escaped the Geodude.

It didn't get any better for Jared and the others.

Jared sent Blaze out.

"Blaze, you think you can clear a path?" he asked.

Blaze started clawing away at the Geodude, knocking them out of the way.

However, the gaps were quickly filled with more Geodude.

Kevin called out his Nidoran.

"Help Blaze out, Nidoran!" Kevin commanded.

Kevin's Nidoran started kicking away Geodude while Blaze kept slashing.

After a few moments, Kevin's Nidoran started flashing.

A bright light formed around the Pokémon.

"Kevin! Look!" Kaylee said, pointing at his Nidoran.

Kevin looked at his Pokémon

A very large, pinkish-purple creature with large ears and thousands of spikes took the place of his smaller creature.

Its facial features were more intense and gruff. Fangs grew from its mouth.

"Cool! My Nidoran evolved into Nidorino!" Kevin exclaimed.

Nidorino used its giant horn to clear out the Geodude.

Eventually, an opening cleared.

"Let's get moving! Jared said to the others.

Jared and Kevin called their Pokémon back to their PokéBalls.

Quickly, the gang dashed across the gap before it closed in.

A Geodude started chasing Jared.

"Won't these things ever leave us alone?" Jared said, growing annoyed.

Jared called Blaze out again.

"Use Scratch!" Jared commanded.

Blaze's claws started glowing again as it scratched at the Geodude.

Jared got out one of his empty PokéBalls.

He threw it at the Geodude.

The ball captured it and started shaking.


The PokéBall clicked shut, confirming the capture and recording it in Jared's PokéDex.

"Welcome to the team, Geodude," Jared said.

The group went on through Mt. Moon until they came up to a nerd drooling over two fossils.

The nerd turned and noticed the gang approaching him.

"Stay back!" he yelled, "These fossils are mine!"

Confused, Raye asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Okay, I'll make a deal with you," the nerd said.

"If you can beat me in a Pokémon battle, you can have my fossils."

Raye and Jared looked at each other, wondering if they both thought he was weird.

"Okay, we'll battle you, I guess…" Jared said.

The nerd grabbed a PokéBall and sent out his Pokémon.

"Magnemite! Assist me!" the nerd said.

His Pokémon had a metallic appearance.

It had three screws affixed to its body as well as two spinning magnets on the left and right sides on its body.

In the center of its body is a single eye.

"Blaze! Let's go!" Jared said to Blaze.

"Magnemite! Use SonicBoom!" the nerd commanded.

Shockwaves were emitted from Magnemite's rapidly spinning magnets.

Blaze was hit by the shockwaves it generated.

"Blaze, use Ember!" Jared commanded.

Small flames came from Blaze's mouth.

The flames ignited on the nerd's Magnemite.

It started to smoke as it slowly descended onto the ground.

"No! My precious Magnemite!" the nerd yelled in disdain.

"Okay! You win!" the nerd said, "Just please, don't hurt me!" he said, inching away.

Jared shrugged.

The nerd gave him the two fossils.

"Take them! I don't want them anyway!" he said.

The fossils had two unique designs on them.

On one, there was a spiral pattern on it.

On the other, there was a somewhat dome-like pattern on it.

"Um… thanks?" Jared said to the nerd.

But before he could be heard, the nerd had already run away.

Jared picked up the fossils.

"I guess we can both have one of these, Raye." He told her.

Raye looked at both of the fossils.

"I like the one with the spiral on it." She said.

Jared handed the fossil to Raye and put his fossil in his bag.

"It looks like we're almost out of Mt. Moon." Jared said.

"Good," Raye replied, "we can finally get to a Pokémon Center."

They followed the path until they eventually came to a bright light.

"I can see the exit!" Jared exclaimed.

"Let's get going!"

Beyond the light, Jared and the others entered a lush, green field.

A gentle breeze brushed against the grass.

The field was covered in soft sunlight, creating a lukewarm atmosphere.

The grass was soft beneath their feet as they traversed the hilly landscape.

Everything was so perfect.

"Wow! Who knew a place like this would be at the end of a mountain?" Raye said.

"It's so peaceful!" Jared added.

Kaylee and Kevin both went ahead of Jared and Raye.

"Cerulean City is just ahead!" Kevin said, pointing at the city's gate.

The gate had an aquatic-themed design with a picture of a tall, red-headed girl in a mermaid costume surrounded by many aquatic creatures.

They haven't even entered the city yet and there were huge crowds everywhere!

Various booths and gates were scattered all around Cerulean City- almost like an amusement park!

There was a cool, refreshing breeze circulating the city like an ocean mist in the air.

"Here we are!" Kevin said.

"Welcome to Cerulean City!"

The four of them entered the city.

The buildings were beautifully crafted with an aquatic ambience.

There was an aquarium near the heart of the city, which housed a bunch of water Pokémon.

Also inside the tank was the girl wearing the mermaid suit they had seen at the gate.

"Hey! There's Misty!" Kaylee exclaimed happily.

Misty swam amongst the Pokémon in the tank.

A lot of people were watching as she and the Pokémon performed stunning tricks and underwater acrobatics.

She swam swiftly across the bottom, then suddenly jetted straight up into the air.

Two of the water Pokémon jumped up with her.

As Misty descended, the Pokémon got into position and she landed on the Pokémon's backs.

The feat resulted in a big splash. After that, Misty and her two Pokémon were seen floating calmly on the surface of the tank.

Everybody cheered and clapped for such an amazing trick!

"She's really good!" Raye said.

"Yeah, that was awesome! She must practice a lot!" Jared replied.

Kevin beckoned Raye and Jared to follow him and Kaylee to their home.

"This is our house." Kaylee explained.

The two invited Raye and Jared inside.

Kevin and Kaylee's parents looked and saw their children.

"Kevin! Kaylee!" their mother exclaimed, "Welcome home!"

Kaylee ran up to her mother and hugged her.

"These are our friends!" Kaylee told her parents.

"Hi, My name's Jared." Jared said, reaching out his hand.

"And my name is Raye." Raye added.

Kaylee's father shook their hands.

"It's a pleasure to meet you two!" He said to Jared and Raye.

"Likewise," Jared replied.

Jared remembered the Pokémon Kaylee had given to him and Raye.

"Excuse me, sir," He started, holding out a PokéBall in his hand.

"Your daughter gave us both a Pokémon before we headed into Mt. Moon," He told him.

"Do you want us to give them back? We haven't damaged them at all." He asked.

The man looked at the PokéBall and said, "Keep it. That Scyther and Pinsir were indeed two of my most prized possessions back in the day, but as for now, I don't need 'em anymore." He told Jared.

"Thank you very much, sir!" Jared said to the man.

"You two are welcome to stay and rest for a while if you'd like." The lady offered.

"I have dinner ready. Would you care to join us?" She asked.

"Yes, ma'am!" Jared replied.

"I'm a little hungry too," Raye said.

"It's the least we can do for keeping our children safe." The lady said.

"Thank you," Jared and Raye said.

After a delicious dinner, Raye and Jared decided to get to the Pokémon Center in Cerulean City.

They waved their goodbyes as they departed from their home.

It was late evening when they arrived at the Pokémon Center.

There weren't many people in the Pokémon Center.

Two people were playing what looked like a Trading Card game while a few others were at the computers and telephones in the building.

Raye and Jared handed their Pokémon to Nurse Joy.

As they were waiting, Raye began to yawn.

She looked a little drowsy and had trouble keeping her eyes open.

Eventually, she fell asleep.

Jared didn't notice she was asleep until her heard her soft breathing.

It was almost a snore, but it was more of a gentle breath.

Listening to her sleeping made Jared sleepy as well.

Before long, they were both fast asleep.