...This was actually an accidental one-shot. I was trying to write a song or a poem for a story Masked Itachi and I were gonna write, but it kinda morphed into this. It's got Konan's POV and a bit of Pein's. NO FLAMES.

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(Konan, inside the Akatsuki base, watched the rain fall.)

Rain... I've loved it my whole life. Ever since we were kids, trying to stay alive in that war-torn hell-hole of a village, I've loved the feeling of the water droplets running down my face and arms. Too many times to count, I've imagined that the water is your fingers...that you were touching me, caressing me. I know that these thoughts are pointless, but I can't stop them.

(A bitter smile turned up the corners of her mouth. Her eyes reflected pain and anguish.)

In some ways, I miss those hellish days. Back then, before Sensei came, it was just the three of us. Konan, Nagato, and Yahiko. We were a team, and nothing could tear us apart. Now, it's just me. You became Pein, and took over Yahiko's body. I hate you sometimes for that, for breaking up the haphazard family we had become and turning it into a master-subordinate situation. I miss the closeness the three of us had. I loved you both so much. I trusted you. (She laughed bitterly.) And now I see where that trust leaves me. I am no longer the teammate who stops the senseless fights, who treats the wounds from battles, who gives encouragement. I am now the subordinate, who has to obey without question.

(She opened the window slowly, then reached her hand out to touch the rain. She didn't care that he could feel when she did this. She did it every time it rained, and every time it was the same: The rain would fall onto her outstretched arm, turning her thoughts to her inner desires, then he would make the rain stop. Sure enough, a few seconds after she reached into rain, the downpour stopped abruptly. A sour look came over her face as she snatched her hand back.)

I really hate it when you do that. You only do it because you know I love the rain, and you hate knowing I love something that you create. I don't understand you. You hate that I resent you, but do nothing to repair the breach between us. Instead, you do petty things like taking away the little things I love. When I practice with my origami jutsu, you make it rain to destroy the paper, but then take away the rain when you realize that you just replaced one thing I love with another. You make it rain, then take it away when I try to touch it. You order me around like one would a slave, then expect me to graciously obey as if I live to serve you.

(She watched as the rain began again, betraying his will. This rain was normal, not the rain he made. Konan smiled as she shed her God-forsaken cloak. She took the origami flower out of her hair and placed it on her bed, then pulled off her boots and socks. She opened the window wider, smiling when the rain began to fall harder. She climbed through the window, intending to feel the rain against her skin while she could. She walked through the forest surrounding the base until she got to a small clearing. Looking around, feeling a bit paranoid, she slowly pulled off her clothes. One secret she would take to her grave was that she loved to dance naked in the rain. It relaxed her, in some way. The way the rain fell onto her, a partner to her secret, made her feel alive. She twirled around with her arms spread, welcoming the downpour.)


Pein felt Konan's arm enter his chakra-sensing rain. He smirked, knowing that she couldn't resist the temptation to feel the rain. He stopped the rain, knowing it would piss her off, but he didn't really care. He loved to push her buttons, to see what made her snap. Taking away the rain was one of the best ways to get her riled up. He sensed the rain begin again, but he didn't mind. He didn't like to control it all the time. He did send random sheets of his special kind of rain out, though, to make sure everything was as it should be. After a few minutes of waiting, he did it again, only to freeze when he recognized Konan's chakra outside, not very far from the base. The rain began to lash about in response to his anger.

He grabbed his cloak and made his way outside to find the woman. He got closer to the clearing and heard her laughter. Finally, he came to the treeline. He stopped abruptly in shock, seeing his childhood friend dancing naked in the rain. A flash of desire shot through his body as he watched her naked form being caressed by the rain. The rain reacted to his desire, becoming gentle and caressing. Konan noticed the change and stopped dancing, her eyes darting around like a scared rabbit. Pein stepped out of the woods and into her line of sight. He heard her gasp but was too entranced by her body to really notice. He stepped toward her, seeing how she flinched away and covered her nudity as best she could.

She backed away from him, fear and a bit of anger apparent on her face. In a flash, Pein was behind her. He pulled her into his arms roughly, then held her tight despite her struggles. She realized how futile it was to fight him and went limp in his arms. He turned her around and his lips crashed onto hers. His hands grasped her wrists as she tried to push him away, then held them captive behind her back. His kiss gentled, becoming less brutal and demanding. Instead, he coaxed a response from the woman he held captive. Eventually, she stopped struggling to free her arms. He held both of her wrists in one large hand and trailed the other up her back, coming to rest on her neck. Konan slipped one hand free of his grasp and ran her hand through his hair. She tugged her other hand free and wrapped it around his neck, pulling him a bit closer. Pein growled and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her body closer to his. He deepened the kiss, reveling in the fact that she welcomed it. Konan pulled back a bit and smiled up at him, a little bit insecure.

Pein smiled back at her to ease her fear of him. Then he leaned down and brushed her lips gently with his own, as if asking for a response. Konan tilted her head back just a bit to press her lips more firmly against Pein's. She felt him trail kisses down her neck, then nip at her pulse point. Biting back a moan, Konan arched her body more fully against his.

Pein groaned. "Konan, do you want this? All of it?"

Konan nodded, unable to speak. She ran her hands up to Pein's shoulders, then under his cloak. She slowly pushed it off of his shoulders as they kissed, leaving it in a sodden heap at their feet. Pein walked forward until he had Konan pinned to a tree. His touch and kisses became rougher as Konan responded more aggressively to them. Konan retaliated with caresses of her own, making Pein groan and rest his head on her chest for a moment. He felt Konan's hands moving down his chest, then under his shirt. She pushed the wet material up until he gave in and stripped it off. Next was his belt, then the snaps on his jeans. As he felt her hands reaching inside, he grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the tree she was pressed against.

He kissed her hard then let her go, backing up a few steps to give her some space. "I'm giving you one last out, Konan. After this, there will be no going back," he said seriously, staring her down.

Not one to be intimidated, Konan put her hands on her hips, uncaring of her nudity. "I would've kicked your ass by now if I didn't want this. I know what this will mean, and I accept it. Now get your ass back over here," she said.

Pein chuckled and was in front of her before she could blink. He picked her up and walked a little ways into the woods, where the rain wouldn't hit them as bad. He put her down on the cold, wet ground, then cursed. He stood up and stalked over to where his cloak had fallen, then marched back over to where Konan lay on the ground, a bit bemused by his actions. He spread the cloak out and placed her on it. She smiled at him and started tugging on his pants. He took the hint and stood up to take them off. Konan's eyes widened when he took his boxers off. Pein smirked to himself at her reaction, then gasped as her hand wrapped around him and began to stroke him.

After a few minutes, he couldn't wait any longer. "Konan, are you sure?" he asked as he propped himself up above her.

"Dammit yes! How many times do I h-" her angry response was cut off by the feeling of his body entering hers. She bit back a gasp and a moan at the sensation. Above her, Pein held himself still to allow her to get used to the feeling. Her hips moved a bit, making Pein groan. As he started to move, Konan moaned and gripped his shoulders. As she reached her peak, she screamed, followed by Pein's hoarse yell.


A short while later...

Konan's hand trailed down the muscular back of the man on top of her. She smiled as her fingers found a ticklish spot and Pein murmured in his sleep.

I really love the rain. But it doesn't compare to you at all. The coolness of the water dripping down my body is no match for the heat in your fingers as they caress me or the warmth of your mouth. It can't give me the feeling of joy I get when you're like this, when you're almost the old you. But then I remember...you can't ever be the old you. I think I can accept that now. Now that I've realized that, even though you aren't Nagato - or Yahiko - you're still the one I love. That's reason enough to stay with you.

Pein smiled against Konan's skin. After they had woken up, Pein had picked Konan up and made his way to his room. After a brief rest, they had gone another round. Pein had falen asleep soon afterwards, but it seemed his little paper flower was deep in thought. He muttered something under his breath, then pushed himself up with his arms. "What are you thinking so hard about that you can't sleep?"

Konan looked startled and smiled sheepishly. "Nothing. Go back to sleep."

Pein sighed and rested his chin on Konan's chest. After a few seconds of silence, he scooted up the bed so that they were at eye-level. He pressed his lips to hers gently. "I love you, Konan."

The blue-haired woman's eyes widened a bit then a smile tugged at her lips. "I love you, too, Pein. Now go to sleep."

Pein smiled and wrapped his arms around his lover. She wrapped her arms around him and entangled her legs with his. Both still smiling, they fell into a peaceful sleep.

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