Chapter Three

In the End

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As the months sped by, Konan's belly got bigger. With each day that went by, Pein's nerves got shorter. He turned out to be the biggest worry-wart ever. Konan couldn't walk around too much, or have any caffeine at all, or even use any jutsu. It was driving her completely insane! "The boys" were almost as bad as Pein, treating her like glass that could break if the wind touched it. Konan didn't blame them. Not after Sakura...

A month earlier, Sakura had gone into labor. For twelve hours, she had lain on a bed in the medical wing of the base, trying to stay strong. After another hour, a beautiful baby girl had come into the world, screaming the whole way. Itachi's smile had been genuine, and larger than any member had seen before. He had handed their baby to Sakura, who had smiled and kissed the baby's head. The tiny newborn had opened her eyes, making those who saw gasp. The child's eyes were a green so pure they surpassed even Sakura's jade orbs, along with the tomoe from the Sharingan and a blood red ring around the iris. The proud mother had kissed the baby's head again and whispered, "Hitomi." Itachi had rushed to Sakura's side and kissed her lips, whispering to her how much he loved her. The pink-haired new mother had whispered back, telling him and Hitomi she loved them. Sakura had then closed her eyes; her arms went limp, nearly spilling the baby out of her arms.

Itachi's eyes had widened and he'd grabbed his daughter before she could fall. He handed her to Konan then rushed back to Sakura's side. His Sharingan had activated, searching for any sign of life within the shell of the woman he loved. But, there was nothing to find. Even her chakra had all but disappeared. With a broken cry, Itachi started CPR, trying to keep Sakura's blood moving and oxygen moving into her organs. Pein stepped forward and pushed Itachi out of the way. Itachi's wild eyes met Pein's, then lowered as he moved away. Kisame stepped forward and placed an arm around his partner's shoulder, trying to give him strength in case Pein failed.

Pein made a long succession of hand seals, then placed his hands on Sakura's chest. "Forbidden Jutsu: Death Retrieval Jutsu!" For a few minutes, everything was silent. Itachi closed his eyes, a tear running slowly down his face. Then, a gasp sounded through the room, then coughing. Itachi's eyes flew open to see Pein helping Sakura sit up and drink water. "You'll need to rest for a few days. Absolutely NO getting out of bed. Take care of her, Itachi." With that, he exited the room. Konan smiled at Itachi and handed him his and Sakura's baby, then followed after Pein. As she shut the door, she heard Kisame's loud cry and then quiet laughter.

Placing her hand over her belly, Konan walked into her and Pein's room. He was sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. When he heard the door shut, he looked up. Konan nearly gasped at the stricken look on his face. She rushed to his side and threw her arms around him, whispering I love you in his ear.

He turned to her and buried his face in her neck. "What if that had been you, Konan? I don't know if I would have the strength to go on if I lost you, or the baby."

Konan wrapped her arms tighter around him. "Pein, I'm not as small as Sakura. I can handle the birthing."

Pein just tightened his arms around her, then slid one hand down to rest on her belly, where their child was growing. Konan smiled when the baby kicked and Pein cursed.

Now, Sakura was well on her way to recovery, and getting stronger every day. Konan visited her as often as she could. Sometimes, she would walk into Sakura's room to see Itachi and Sakura curled around Hitomi, whispering back and forth with smiles on their faces. When those days occurred, she always backed out of the room quietly, leaving the family alone. On one such day, Konan left and went into the garden. Zetsu had been good to her, showing her which plants to avoid in her pregnancy, and which were safe to be around. Konan had, in turn, taught Zetsu an origami jutsu. As she walked through the rows of plants, Konan thought about her own impending birth date. In less than a month, she would be giving birth to Pein's child. Smiling to herself, she didn't notice that she had wandered into the 'forbidden' section of plants. Just before she got to the most deadly ones, Zetsu slithered from the ground in front of her.

"This is far enough, Konan-san. These are the more dangerous plants. Pein-sama would have our head if you got hurt in here. So stay out of trouble." After both of his personalities had their say, Zetsu slithered back into the ground, off to do who-knew-what.

Taking his advice, Konan turned around and walked back to the 'safe' section of the garden. The roses were her favorite. She loved the scent and colors of them. "It also helps that Pein is always giving me one." At the most random times, Pein would pop in and hand her a rose. They were mostly red, but sometimes he branched out; he'd presented her with yellow, pink, and even blue. Her absolute favorite, though, was the orange one he had given her the day before. It was the exact shade of his hair, and made her smile every time she saw it. Konan gasped as the baby kicked. "I know, little one. Very eager to get out, aren't you? We're ready for you to get here, too, my little Raiden." Smiling a bit at the name, she continued through the garden. She was walking slowly and surely, making sure she wouldn't trip on anything. All of a sudden, something snaked out from under one of the tables and grabbed her ankle. Screeching like a banshee, she automatically drew a kunai.

"Damn, Konan. Don't get your fucking panties in a twist. I was just having a little fucking fun!" Hidan said as he crawled out from under the table.

"You stupid….stupid….MAN!" she screamed before running out of the garden. Hidan shook his head. Konan just didn't know how to have fun anymore.

Twenty minutes later, Pein found Konan on their bed, crying her eyes out. He was beside her in a flash, one hand going to her belly, the other cradling her head. "What happened, love? Is something wrong with the baby?"

"Go away. Men are stupid and I want to be alone!" Konan snapped as she pushed Pein's hand away.

Pein started to laugh quietly. "I see Hidan pranked you again. What was it this time? A snake?"

Konan lifted her head to glare at Pein. "No. He hid under a table and grabbed my leg when I walked by. Stop encouraging him! Every time you laugh at him, you make him want to do it more."

Pein smiled at his moody woman. "He's always been like this. Remember when he cut Deidara's hair? And then when he painted Tobi's mask purple while he was asleep? You used to help him pull pranks. Why are you upset?"

"I'm upset because I'm pregnant and he scared me and just because I can be!" Konan nearly screeched at Pein.

Pein's brow furrowed. "I guess you're right. Going around scaring pregnant women might not be such a good idea. I'll let him know next time I see him."

Konan groaned. Pein was right beside her in an instant. "What's wrong?" he asked anxiously.

"Just the baby kicking. I think it's almost time for him to be born. He's kicking a lot harder than before."

Pein glanced at Konan's belly. Konan smiled and grabbed his hand, pulling it to her belly where the baby was kicking her. Pein smiled when the baby kicked his hand. He removed his hand and stretched out beside her on the bed. He wrapped his arms around her and lay quietly while Konan slept. Eventually, he drifted off.

The next day, Hidan was ordered to cater to Konan's every whim. Konan was having an inordinate amount of fun ordering him around. By Pein's orders, Hidan couldn't curse at all. By the middle of the day, Hidan was ready to burst from the strain. Not only was Konan making everything more complicated than it had to be, Deidara and the others were making things worse by giving her ideas! "Hidan! I need you to get me something!"

With a groan, Hidan left his hiding spot in the garden to find Konan. "There you are! Dei-kun here just gave me an idea for lunch. I want a bowl of ramen. But it has to be from the Ichiraku place in Konoha. And I want the special from that little restaurant in Kiri we went to last year. And a bowl of miso from that place in Suna Pein took me to last month. Thank you, Hidan-san!"

Hidan bit back the string of curses clogging his throat. "Yes, Mistress Konan. I'll get right on that." As he walked by Deidara, his arm lashed out, punching the smirking blonde in the nose. When Konan glared at him and opened her mouth, Hidan held up a hand to stop her. "Leader never said I couldn't retaliate. I've just been on my best behavior until now. Idiot Iwa brat."

Konan shook her head and turned to Deidara. "Are you okay, Deidara? I didn't know he would hit you."

Deidara grinned through the blood seeping from his broken nose. "It was awesome, though. ...The making him miserable part, not the getting punched part."

Konan smiled and shook her head again. She laughed and stood up. "Come on, Dei-kun. Let's go find Tobi and get him to make those cookies again."

Deidara visibly brightened at the prospect. "You mean the ones with the gooey insides and the sugary stuff on top? Okay!"

Konan frowned. "First, though, we need to stop by Sakura and Itachi's room."

The two made their way up to Sakura and Itachi's room. The new parents hardly left their baby alone. Hitomi was going to be a very spoiled little girl. After Sakura had pulled herself away from fussing over Hitomi long enough to heal Deidara's broken nose, Konan and Deidara went to find Tobi. The orange-masked Akatsuki member eagerly agreed to bake a few batches of the cookies that Deidara was so fond of. An hour and a half later, the three of them were happily ensconced in Konan's old room, plates of cookies and glasses of milk surrounding them and laughter in the air. At one point, after Tobi had inadvertently insulted Deidara, Konan laughed so hard she wet her pants. Or so she thought. When a sharp pain hit her, she glanced up in surprise. "Guys...I think my water just broke."

When the two shocked males just stared at her, she groaned. "PEIN! Hurry!" Two seconds later, Pein stood in front of Konan, a worried expression on his face. "What is it, love?"

"The baby. It's time!" When Pein went slack-jawed, she growled. "Men! Idiots!" She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small two-way communicator. "Sakura, it just started. About three minutes ago. Just one so far. Okay. See you then."

Sakura wheeled a chair into the room two minutes later. She carefully helped Konan into the chair and wheeled her back out and down the hall. At the door to the infirmary, Itachi stood holding Hitomi. "Hi, honey. Go help the other men and get Pein scrubbed and changed. Love you!" Sakura kissed the silent man and pushed Konan into the sterile room and to the bed. "Okay, Konan. Get on up here and let's get you settled in. It'll still be a few hours before you can have pain medication. If I give it to you now, it'll wear off by the time the baby comes."

After Konan was changed into the hospital gown and settled into her bed, Sakura draped a blanket over her legs. Every now and then, a contraction ripped through her body, making Konan go white with the strain not to scream. Eventually, Pein stepped into the room, still looking a bit dazed but at least coherent. He was wearing sterile green scrubs and had a mask draped around his neck. When he finally noticed Konan, he rushed over to her and grabbed her hand. "I'm sorry it took so long, Konan. I was pretty shocked. And scared," he admitted. He leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Please, Kami, don't let anything go wrong," he whispered.

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Hours later, Konan was settled in a heated bed in another room in the infirmary. Pein stood beside the bed, leaning over a crib. A blue blanket-swaddled bundle slept peacefully in it. Konan woke from her slumber and rolled over to look at Pein and their child. "Hi," she whispered.

Pein whirled around and smiled. "Thank Kami. You're finally awake. You scared me for a while there, baby. You wouldn't wake up and the baby kept crying. Don't ever do that again, Konan. I love you too much to lose you," he choked out as he grasped her tightly to him.

Konan smiled weakly and wrapped her arms around him. "I love you, too, Pein. Why would you think I would ever – could ever – leave you like that? You and our son. Bring him here, please."

Pein turned to gently pick up his son. "Meet your mommy, Raiden. She's something else."

Konan smiled and held out her arms. "Hi there, Raiden. Oh, I love you so much already. This is going to be so different, Pein. You have to help me clean this place up. No more cursing, no more living like pigs. We have to keep this place nice for Raiden and for Hitomi. Sakura and Itachi will help. And who knows? Maybe the rest of the men will settle down. Deidara talks in his sleep, and I heard him talking of a shy girl with "moonbeams for eyes" in Konoha. And Sasori has checked up on a weapons specialist in Konoha quite a few times. And Zetsu made a bouquet for a florist in Konoha. Hidan likes big-breasted women, so the Hokage of Konoha would be a good choice for him. Stop looking at me like that! I'm a woman, I can't help it! I like to match-make. And what is it with the women of Konoha?"

Pein chuckled at his silly woman. "Are you going to marry me, Konan?"

Konan looked up at him slyly. "Love, I thought we were married. You're the kage of Rain. Can't you just sign a paper and make us married? And Sakura and Itachi, too?"

Pein blinked. "I honestly didn't think of that. I'll be right back."

Five minutes later, Konan became Pein's wife, and Sakura became – finally, but not the way she had dreamed – Sakura Uchiha. Neither women would change anything, though. Sakura loved Itachi, no matter how insane their relationship seemed. And Konan would do anything for Pein. They loved their men with all of their hearts, and their men loved them back.

As time wore on, the other men noticed how happy the two men seemed. Deidara was the first to fall. He started requesting missions to Konoha and the Fire Country. After one mission, he brought home the girl he had been interested in for so long. She and Sakura spent a lot of time together. Konan befriended the shy young kunoichi and helped her cope with the abrupt change in lifestyle. The three women became close and spent their time talking and making plans. When Deidara and Hinata married, the three married couples decided to build a new building for themselves where they could have privacy and time away from the rowdy single men. They built on a nursery and playroom when Hinata got pregnant. She and Deidara became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl they named Mari. She had blue-black hair and natural blonde streaks and teal, pupil-less eyes. As she grew, it became obvious that the Hyuuga kekkai genkai wasn't going to form. However, when she turned 15, Raiden accidentally used his Rinnegan on her and activated her own doujutsu. Hinata was happy that she could pass on the Hyuuga family jutsu to her daughter. They were happily married for the rest of their lives, during which they had three more children. All were boys, which made Deidara happy. One of the boys inherited Hinata's kekkai genkai, while the other two inherited Deidara's. Their teenage years were a hassle for everyone, what with the explosions and clay sculptures littering their rooms.

Sasori was the next to fall. He ended up being taken prisoner by TenTen, who wanted to know why he was stalking her. He was very taken aback by her combative attitude. In all of his studying – he refused to believe he was a stalker – of her, she was normally even-tempered and slow to anger. Now, however, she was smoldering with her ire. She kept him as her prisoner, locked in her basement, for two weeks. During those two weeks, Sasori learned more about her than he had in two years of studying her. He learned that her mom had died when she was four, leaving behind a husband and two children. He learned what nobody else would ever have bothered to: TenTen had a twin. Since her twin, Takumi, didn't have any kind of shinobi ability, he stayed at home with their father and helped run their weapon shop. TenTen also learned about him. She learned that his grandmother raised him after his parents were killed in battle, and what all happened between his leaving Suna and being recruited by Akatsuki.

By the end of the two weeks, Sasori was no longer a prisoner; he was more of a guest. He stayed for another week, during which they talked and laughed and grew closer. Finally, he had to leave. TenTen felt saddened by his departure, and spent two weeks debating whether or not to go after him. After saying goodbye to her family, she packed up her things and left. (She never knew that Neji went a little crazy after she left. Having first his cousin, then his teammate leave the village to be with an S-ranked criminal pushed his poor mind over the edge.) She tracked him down in four days. They spent four months in the base together, growing even closer every day. They finally married and moved to the other building. After two years of trying, TenTen finally got pregnant. Nine months later, Akasuna no Ryuu was born. – I know, I know. Sasori's a puppet and can't have kids. Let's pretend, k? – During their lives, they had another child, a girl, that they named in honor of their mothers. TenTen smiled when she called her children in, knowing that her mother would be proud. Sasori was most proud when they both tucked their children in to bed, something that his parents had always done for him while alive.

Zetsu was next. On a mission to retrieve a rare herb for the Akatsuki's poison-making stores. In the field where the herb was found, Zetsu ran into Ino Yamanaka. When she saw his robes, she immediately went into a defensive stance. The darker side of Zetsu's personality growled at her. The lighter side smiled and reassured her. Ino didn't know which side was cuter... It was a well-known fact that she had bad taste in men. Hello! Shikamaru? Kankuro? So the fact that she found an Akatsuki member to be extremely good-looking wasn't too much of a surprise. She just wished Sakura were there with her so they could laugh over Ino's latest bad choice. Little did Ino know that she would see Sakura sooner than expected. Zetsu recognized Ino as the florist from Konoha. In a rare show of solidarity, Zetsu's mouth broke into a feral grin on both sides. Seconds later, Zetsu had the herb in one hand and an unconscious Ino slung over the other shoulder. Of course, being a guy, his hand slipped a few times from her waist to her bottom on the way back to the base.

For Ino, the best part of being a prisoner was the fact that she could talk to Sakura pretty much whenever she wanted. The worst was having to share a room with Zetsu. Not only was a a messy eater, he snored. The eating-people thing was something that Ino could overlook, as long as he didn't do it in front of her. The snoring, however, had to go. She was missing out on beauty sleep! She tried making him sleep on his side. She tried making him sleep propped up a bit. Nothing worked. Until one night, Ino and Kisame had a drinking contest and the drunken kunoichi plopped down on the wrong bed in the room she was forced to share with her captor. The next morning, she was appalled – and yet strangely excited – to find Zetsu pressed against her with his arms wrapped around her waist. That night was the first of many to come where Zetsu didn't snore. Six months after Ino became an Akatsuki captive, she married Zetsu. A year and a half later, Ino had twins. Only the boy, Kohaku, had the dual-colored skin and split personality of his father. The girl, Hanako, inherited her mother's blonde hair, but her father's yellow eyes. Both children had Ino's birthmark, a flower petal, on their shoulder blade. Kohaku's was in the shape of a sakura petal, while Hanako's was shaped like a rose. Both children also had both parent's kekkai genkai. – I'm not sure if Zetsu's ability to like...dissolve into the ground is a kekkai genkai...but it is in this -verse. – They didn't have anymore children, but they didn't mind. They were happy with each other and their two children.

When Tsunade stepped down as Hokage and let Naruto take over for her, Hidan made his move. He had consulted Jashin about taking a wife, and told himself that since Jashin hadn't killed him, he thought it was a great idea. One night, when Tsunade was alone in her house and Jiraiya wasn't stalking her, Hidan snuck in and told her that his god had told him that she was to be his wife. To Hidan's consternation, Tsunade laughed in his face and told him that she was going to shower and for him to be gone when she returned. He wasn't. In fact, he had stripped down and was spread out on her bed, fast asleep. Tsunade grinned evilly as she pulled out a length of rope. When Hidan woke up, he was tied to the bed with Tsunade hovering over him, naked as he was. When Hidan saw her breasts, he cursed, then thanked Jashin. Tsunade smiled when Hidan's eyes raised back up to her own. She leaned forward and licked his lip. Hidan grasped the ropes attached to his wrists and pulled until they broke. Tsunade gasped as Hidan lunged forward and – *Censored...bc it would be too long and I'm trying to keep these short.* [...but if anybody wants lemony action, i can so write a side ficlet. lol]

Tsunade, free of the ties of Hokage, moved with Hidan to the Akatsuki base. At first she was concerned about being with a man younger than she was. Hidan was very proud to tell her that he was over five-hundred years old. Tsunade thought it over and decided to be a Jashinist convert so that she could be immortal, too. They turned down Pein's offer to marry them, deciding instead to get a priest of Jashin to marry them. Since Tsunade had converted and become immortal, Jashin-sama had blessed her by restoring her ability to have children. They lived until the last member of the Akatsuki died, after which they decided to sacrifice themselves to each other. They had four kids during their time together, two girls and two boys who all turned out to be immortal.

Kisame shocked everyone by bringing home Sabaku no Temari. They were actually a pretty good match, if you overlooked the difference in size and coloring. They were both loud-mouths, they both drank sake like there was no tomorrow, and they both liked sex. Once, Sakura and the other girls asked Temari why she liked sex with Kisame so much. She told them between giggles that he was so big and that, like all sharks, his skin was rough when rubbed the wrong way. Unlike sharks, though, the skin didn't cut or scrape her; instead, it was like extra traction when he pulled out. The girls giggled and joked about it for a long while, making Temari blush.

It didn't take long for Temari to become pregnant. In fact, Temari was like a baby-machine. By their fourth year of marriage, she and Kisame had six kids. After the second set of twins, Temari put her foot down and made Kisame have Sakura perform a vasectomy. After their youngest child turned eight, Temari had Sakura secretly reverse the procedure. Two weeks later, she was pregnant again. Kisame was a very happy man...until Temari told him they weren't having sex the entire time she was pregnant. The fact that he was having another child was good enough for him, though. Surprisingly, only one of their kids had Kisame's blue skin. All had his gills, though. They also all had the ability to control sand, proving the theory Temari had always had about Gaara inheriting his ability from their grandfather, not Shukaku. The two lived happily together for the rest of their lives, having children every few years. When Temari finally stopped having children, they had fourteen kids. Kisame was a cocky old man during the family reunions, due to having the most kids. Only one child ever had Kisame's blue skin. Since he, like all the rest, had Kisame's shark teeth, Kisame didn't worry too much about him.

As Pein looked back on his years, he couldn't help but feel pride. When Konan became pregnant with Raiden, Pein started making plans to legitimize the Akatsuki. He gave up on his plans of world domination and became the real kage of Rain, taking the time to help its inhabitants and make Rain a better village. He and Konan ended up having four children, all of whom inherited the Rinnegan and Konan's origami jutsu.

Kisame was the first Akatsuki member to die. He developed cancer from all of his drinking. Temari, heartbroken and also developing liver cancer, died soon after him.

Itachi and Sakura died after fifty years together. Itachi was blind and Sakura had lost most of superior strength that had made her famous. They died in each others' arms.

Zetsu died after getting poisoned by chemically altered soil he was traveling through. Ino lived until their children were grown enough to be on their own, then she fixed a meal for herself that was laced with wolfsbane.

Kakuzu never found a woman. He was too damned greedy to love anything but money and died after he lost all of his money on a bet.

Tobi...didn't want a woman. He wanted...Sasuke. Sasuke wanted power. ...They ended up together after two years of fighting about it. (This pairing was before I found out about who Tobi really is.)

TenTen died after accidentally cutting herself with a poisoned kunai. Sasori followed soon after. After making sure their children would be okay, he removed the chakra-filled seal from his chest and followed his love into death.

Deidara blew himself up. It was an accident! He was making a sculpture for Hinata and accidentally added too much chakra to the mixture. Hinata cried for three days. She wouldn't eat or drink, and slept constantly. After two weeks, she drifted away in her sleep.

Konan died four years before Pein. Pein kept going long enough to settle old debts and make sure everyone's kids were okay. He left the Akatsuki in Raiden's hands and used a suicide jutsu to join Konan.

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