It was sunset as the Black Pearl sailed through the sea. Jack stepped out of his cabin, ready for another rum bottle, when he noticed something was different from the last time he was out on deck. The ship was on fire. "No, not the ship!" he shouted "All hands on deck!" He ran into the crew's cabin, but found no body there, only gold, Aztec gold. It was like the whole crew was replaced with the cursed Aztec gold. Not wanting to spend another minute there, Jack ran back on deck.

He was about to jump when he saw something else: the silhouette of a women standing on the railing of the ship. Even though the figure was standing in front of the setting sun, he could tell that was wearing a mini skirt and boots. She had waist length red and black hair, and Jack only knew one person who fits the description. Suddenly, the sun turned black and a scythe appeared in the woman's hand. Jack reached for his sword, but it was gone. The woman jumped into the air, the scythe's blade headed for his head.

Then Jack woke up, and realized that he fell asleep while charting course the night before. Just to make sure it was all just a dream, he walked out of his cabin to check on his ship. He was not happy with what he saw. His ship was not on fire, but Barbossa was there, along with the old crew.

On a beautiful island, just a two hour boat ride away from Shipwreck Island, there was a small shack, where Elizabeth lived with her son. She was trying to relax after a restless night, when she noticed something. It was quiet, too quiet. She got up and walked into her bedroom, and saw that the Dead Man's chest was gone!!

Elizabeth was searching every where for her husband's heart, when a woman walked in. She had red waist length hair and icy blue eyes. She was wearing a brown dress, with a black belt, along with a matching hat. She was holding a bucket and a fishing pole. "What are you looking for?" Elizabeth looked up at her. "Roxana, I'm looking for a treasure chest, have you seen one any where?"

"Nope, but if and when I do, I'll be sure to tell you right away." Roxana answered. "I've got fishing to do, unless you don't want dinner tonight." She started looking around the room. "Now where is that cat?" Suddenly a black cat(with the same icy blue eyes as Roxana) jumped in through an open window. Roxana looked at her cat. "Where were you? Didn't I tell you not to run off like that?" She then turned to Elizabeth. "I'll help you later, ok?" Elizabeth nodded, grateful for her friend's sympathy. Roxana turned and left, along with her cat.

Roxana was reeling in the last catch of the day when she noticed that this was a big fish, bigger then usual. Then she noticed the strange markings on it. Roxana recognized human features and started calling for help.

Later, in the shack, Elizabeth was chopping some vegetables when she heard the front door open and close. Her son started crying. "I'll take care of him!" Roxana yelled to Elizabeth. Elizabeth smiled, until she heard a pair of boots enter the kitchen, men's boots. Elizabeth cleaned the knife she was using, getting ready to defend herself. Then a pair of arms wrapped themselves around her shoulders. "I missed you, Elizabeth." a familiar voice whispered into her ear. She turned around, and found Will standing there. "Am I dreaming?" She asked him.

"No, you're not." Roxana answered for Will. "If you were dreaming, there would be no pirates in your house." The Turners looked at her, surprised. Will was the first to speak. "I thought Jack was the only pirate here." Elizabeth looked at him. "Jack's here!?" Roxana rolled her eyes. "Aye, the big catch of the day. Any ways, William, what do you mean 'I thought Jack was the only pirate here'? Last I checked you served under Jack's command, and you, Mrs. Turner, were the Pirate King. I'm going to check on my fishie now."

After she left, Will pulled Elizabeth to a nearby table. "Elizabeth, how did Roxana get here?" Elizabeth shook her head. "I don't know. She comes once a month, but I don't know how." Will thought for a moment. "Have you ever heard of a pirate girl named Roxxi?" Elizabeth thought about it, then shook her head. This took Will by surprise. "While I was in the locker, I met a lot of her victims. I think we should try to avoid meeting her."

"You're a little late on that one mate." Jack said, walking in. "She's already here. Since she's already here, I'm leaving." Will looked at him. "Jack, she's not here." Roxana walked in. "Who's not here?" Will noticed how Jack reacted to Roxana, like he was afraid of her. "The pirate, Roxxi."

Jack rolled his eyes, then pulled the hat off Roxana's head. The three of them watched as black chunks of hair fell into place on her head. Jack pointed at her hair. "Roxxi has red and black hair." Roxana took a deep breath. "Yes, I am Roxxi. Roxana was my mother's name." Then, Jack felt something rubbing on his boot. He looked down and saw Roxxi's black cat, purring and rubbing her self against his boot. "Treasure, you're still living!?" Roxxi picked up a book and smacked him in the head with it. Then she left.

"I see she still has her bad temper." Jack commented, then he turned to Will. "William, aren't you supposed to be in the Locker, ferrying souls to the next world and stuff?" Will looked just as confused as Jack and Elizabeth. "I'm not sure of how it happened, but this morning, I woke up on the beach, with my heart in my chest, like nothing ever happened. So, why were you trying to run away from Roxxi? Is she really that dangerous?"

"It's worst for me." Jack said. "I know her, or at least, I knew her. Back then, there was nothing we couldn't overcome, nothing." As he continued, Will and Elizabeth realized that there was more to Jack then they thought. "We would do almost every thing together, just the two of us. Then I betrayed her trust."