The next morning, Jack stood at the gallows, waiting for the end. Everybody in town came to watch, knowing exactly who Jack was and what he's done through out his lifetime. They also kept an eye on Will and Elizabeth, who were standing with Governor Swan and Admiral Norrington. Once the sentence was read, the Hangman placed the noose around Jack neck and pulled the lever. Then something happened.

The rope snapped, causing Jack to fall onto the ground. Everybody could see a knife sticking out of the upright post. Everybody started to shout, causing little William, who was in Elizabeth's arms, to wake up and start crying. Elizabeth looked at her father. "Will and I should leave, at least until our son calms down." Governor Swan nodded, proud of what a good mother she is.

Then they heard a woman laugh. Everybody looked at the top of a wall of the fort, and saw Roxxi. She was wearing her usual cloths with Jack's hat, which he accidentally left at her house. Norrington was stunned. "Roxana!?" He asked, causing her to laugh even more. Then she took off the hat, revealing her real hair colors. "Sorry, mate. It's Roxxi." Then she turned around and jumped off the wall.

Outside the fort, Roxxi jumped into a tall tree, grabbed a bag, and jumped down to the ground. Will and Elizabeth, holding their child, stood there, along with Jack. Will looked at the two pirates. "You two should get going." His son started waving. "Bye bye, Pirate!" Then they left, leaving the Turners under the tree.

That night, Roxxi stood on the deck of the Black Pearl, humming while watching the waves, when Jack walked up to her. "Why did you decide to come?" He asked. Roxxi looked at him. "Well, I couldn't stay there after that." She said. "Besides, I like to be at sea, with you." Jack smiled. "Roxxi, I've been wanting to ask you something for years now. Since before a marooned you." Then he took her hand. "Roxxi Smith, will you marry me?"

Everyone on deck froze, surprised by what Jack just did. It seemed like even the sea turned to ice for a second. Roxxi looked him, then her eyes started to get glossy. "Yes!" Then they started kissing, once again, in the moonlight. Jack stopped, and was about to place a diamond ring on her finger, when it fell out of his hand and off the ship. Jack looked at Roxxi. "I can go get that." Roxxi smiled at him. "Don't worry. It's just a ring." Then she kissed him.

Meanwhile, in the Locker, a woman with red and green hair caught the ring. She ran to her boss's office. "Captain Jones, do you want to go after the owner of this ring?" She asked, tossing the ring to him. Davy Jones caught the ring and smiled. "Phebe, is the beast ready?"

"Give it two years, and she will be." The woman said. In a nearby window, the kraken's tentacles reached up to the sky.