Moments Of Weakness


Rating: T

Pairing: Brennan/Booth

Category: Hurt/Comfort

Synopsis: Temperance Brennan is a very independent woman. Her life is defined by her ability to be self sufficient. But when a major injury threatens that independence, can she cope? Or will she find that dependency may be rewarding?

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A simple touch was all it took to wake her; the sweep of a hand over her forehead brushing away the errant strands of sepia colored hair that tickled her nose and her cheeks. She sighed deeply, letting whoever it was know she was waking. Ever so slowly her steel blue eyes opened to find the room dark, the light of the half moon shining through the vertical blinds to her left while a single fluorescent tube illuminated the rest of the room from above her head. Wherever this was, it wasn't home, and a frown immediately appeared on her parched lips. As she tried to wet them with her tongue, she realized it too was dry, along with her throat.

"Bones…" Now there was something familiar. A hand wrapped around her own and she gazed over in the direction the voice was coming from to find her partner sitting in a chair, the worry etched on his handsome face. She could see it in his eyes, the dark pools of amber shining in the pale moonlight, shimmering with what looked like concern and possibly fear.

"Where… where am I?" she asked, feeling slightly groggy and bleary-eyed, her voice harsh and raspy in her ears. She wanted to wipe the cobwebs from her eyes, but her arms felt so heavy that she gave up trying to lift them. At the moment, his worry failed to faze her, as did the fact that she wasn't able to move. It wasn't until he spoke again that the gravity of the situation hit her.

"You're at the hospital," he softly replied, glancing down at their joined hands to hide whatever it was his eyes would convey if she were to look into them. "Do you remember what happened?"

Now the fear began to creep in. A million thoughts raced through her mind as she contemplated his question looking for the answer. Her heart rate sped up as she began to breathe a bit faster, her mind unable to come up with even a remotely satisfying explanation as to how she'd ended up at the hospital. Bits and pieces of the last few days slowly began to drift through her drug addled brain; a suspect fleeing with a gun poised to hit her partner, a high kick knocking it out of his hand, a pain in her leg, what felt like a hot knife slicing through her upper thigh…

"Did I get shot?" she finally asked, coming up with the most logical explanation her mind could procure in its current state. His response was quite unexpected. He chuckled! She cocked her head to the side and stared at him, her eyes sharp and livid. "Booth, that's not funny." Her tone conveyed her discontent with him at the moment.

"Yes it is, because you weren't shot," he said, finally looking relaxed for the first time since she'd woken up.

She should have taken it as a good sign, but her anger refused to budge. She's just gotten laughed at by her partner, and she still didn't know how she'd ended up in the hospital. "Then why am I here?" Again irritation was present in her voice.

"You really don't remember what happened?" he asked again. She just stared at him waiting for the answer. His eyes dropped away once more, refusing to look at her. "What did that doctor give you?"

"Booth, what happened?" she demanded. She didn't like it when he switched the subject, and knew almost instantly she wasn't going to like his answer.

"Do you remember anything at all about last night?" he asked again, his voice low, even, serious.

She started to shake her head, closing her eyes in the process as she tried to concentrate on the events that could have led to this outcome when it suddenly hit her. Like a torrent, the memories rushed to the forefront of her mind and she was transported back to three days earlier…


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