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Severus was late for the Order meeting. That in itself was unusual. No matter what happened, he always arrived on time. Although no one noticed his absence aside from the Headmaster.

The meeting hadn't officially started when the spy entered 12 Grimmauld Place and took his position in the shadows of the room. Dumbledore was glad that so many of his top people in the Order had been able to get here for an impromptu meeting, on a Friday night no less.

As he watched, everyone broke off into small groups discussing something: Lupin and Sirius seemed to be arguing over how much to tell Harry; Moody, Kingsley and Tonks were talking about the recent Death Eater activity; Molly, Arthur and Minerva were discussing the upcoming school year and any security changes that would ensure the school's safety when the students returned on Monday.

Most of the Order members were out on missions, some couldn't be there, but regardless, this was the core of the Order. Dumbledore finally saw Snape and called the room to attention to begin the meeting.

"Let us begin" he said, not drawing attention to the fact that Snape had arrived late. "I think we should begin with a report from Severus so that we may have a better understanding of what we are up against at this time."

Dumbledore sat down as everyone turned to the spy. Moody openly glared at him while Sirius smirked and most of the Order showed various levels of distrust to him.

Snape ignored it. He was more than used to hostility.

"As you are all aware, the Dark Lord-"

"Why do you call him the Dark Lord, Snivellus? Only his followers call him that."

"Sirius" the Headmaster warned him.

Snape continued, unfazed by the interruption, "The Dark Lord is trying to acquire the prophecy that will reveal the connection between himself and Potter. It is in the Department of Mysteries, but only Potter or the Dark Lord can actually retrieve it. Since the Dark Lord is adamant that he not reveal himself unless absolutely necessary, it stands to reason that he will try to lure Potter there."

"What are you saying Snape? Is Harry in danger?" Sirius jumped up and stood opposite the dark wizard.

"No more then he was the day the Dark Lord marked him, and certainly no more then any other year when he wandered off and got into trouble on his own. Far more likely is that those close to him are in danger." Snape was trying to goad Sirius.

"Severus" this time the Headmaster warned him.

Snape inclined his head to Dumbledore and continued his report, "Therefore Potter and his friends need to be guarded at all times. Most likely the Dark Lord will try to lure Potter out either by taking one of his friends-" he spared a glance at the Weasleys "-or planting false images in his head via their connection (1). Headmaster, Potter should be taught Occlumency with all possible haste."

"Yes, he should. I believe you have some free time, don't you Severus?" the Headmaster inquired calmly.

"I absolutely do not. Especially not to teach that ungrateful brat a skill that is beyond his grasp."

"Headmaster, can't you teach him?" Sirius pleaded.

"No, I think Severus should teach him. It will be good for both of them."

Sirius crossed the space that separated him from Snape and grabbed a fistful of robe from his left shoulder, pulling the spy closer.

"You listen well, Snivellus, if I hear that you're being a git to Harry-" Sirius broke off as he felt something wet against his hand. Pushing Snape away Sirius looked down at his hand only to find that it was stained with blood.

He looked at Snape, who looked white against his black robes, and now noticed that his entire left side was shining with blood.

The rest of the members noticed too, and Lupin stood, unconsciously moving closer to the wounded man. "Severus, what happened?"

"Like you care" he spat, furious that his weakness had been discovered, and by Black of all people.

Molly Weasley stood and tried to move towards Snape, but he just backed up to the corner of the room, "Severus, let me help with that."

"No. I have done this on my own up until now and I will continue on my own when you remember that you don't care about your Death Eater spy" He moved to the door, only pausing for a moment to bid a terse farewell to the Headmaster.

Tonks looked to Dumbledore, "How often is he like that?"

"Well, as far as I can remember, he's been rather unpleasant since he came to Hogwarts. As far as I can tell, he has had some degree of injury, mental or physical, after each meeting with Voldemort, and he often reports to Order meetings without having time to tend to those injuries" Dumbledore looked incredibly sad, and his glasses only amplified the emotion that his eyes held.

"Why haven't you done anything? Helped him? Healed him?" Molly demanded, slipping into mother mode.

"He has refused my attempts as well, and I don't have it in me to force him. He is bound by too many masters for me to take away his dignity."

Sirius was too shocked to make a comment. If he really was a Death Eater, why would he be hurt? Could he really be on our side? No. He's Snivellus, the kid that knew more about the Dark Arts than any seventh year.

Dumbledore looked around and said, "We'll call it a night. Without Severus here there is little point in continuing. We will have another meeting soon. Until then be safe."

Dumbledore departed, using the Floo to return to Hogwarts. Minerva followed soon after, promising to check on Severus in the morning.

The other Order members were left to go their own ways.

Kingsley stood and made his way to the Floo to go to the Ministry, wondering how much longer Snape could hold out until the stress became too much.

Moody followed Kingsley to the Floo, thinking that Snape would always be a Death Eater, but that it might be possible that Snape was atoning for his past mistakes.

Molly and Arthur made their way outside to apparate home, vowing to tell their children to be more careful and to keep an eye on Severus.

Tonks made her way to a bedroom upstairs to catch a few hours of sleep, amazed at what her old Potions Master had kept hidden from everyone, and praying that he would live to see the end of the war.

Lupin and Sirius stayed at the table, reflecting on what just happened and trying to understand the childhood enemy that had grown to silently carry the weight of the wizarding world on his shoulders.

No one's ever thanked him, let alone trusted him. And yet he keeps going Lupin realized.

"He's still a git" Sirius said suddenly.

"Whatever you say, Padfoot" Lupin said tiredly, walking up the stairs, thinking that there was still hope for his friend, thanking Severus for the risks he took, and hoping that Tonks was still awake as he made his way upstairs.

Sirius stood at the table, looking back at the hand that was still covered in blood and reflecting on every memory he had of the greasy haired kid he once knew, and the dark and sarcastic man that he barely knew.

Not able to take it anymore, and mentally shrugging off Dumbledore's warning that he shouldn't leave the house, Sirius walked outside and transformed into a shaggy black dog, taking off at a full sprint to clear his head and reevaluate Severus Snape.

I liked how this turned out. I think I would like to continue it, and make it AU. This is obviously during Harry's fifth year, so everything up to the fourth year would be the same. I dunno. For now it's finished. I'll probably come back and add more.

(1)- Just assume that Snape (and everyone else) knows that Voldemort can get to Harry through his scar and that he can send Harry visions that might not be real.