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Kaname looked down at the papers infront of him. Ichio had been making him look over things for the council all night. And he was bored.

Kaname thought back to Yuuki and how small and fragile she was. It was almost 7 years since he brought her to the Chairman. He knew that Yuuki would be waiting for him on that day and that she would be very happy to see him. Kaname didn't like the Zero child that had been brought to the Academy before the last time he had been down. Zero was very quiet and had cut his visit with Yuuki short. If only Yuuki still remembered everything that had happened to them. For the millionth time he tried to imagine what it would be like if Yuuiki still knew what he was to her.

He wanted Yuuki to call him 'onii-sama'(1) again.

Kaname was so sorely tempted to ask Ichijo to go with him to see Yuuki but he knew that Zero would probably try to attack him again. He sighed and placed his thumb and index finger on the bridge of his nose. God, if only his life wasn't so complicated. Being a pureblood sure did have its drawbacks. Kaname didn't want people calling him with special titles or bowing to him on the streets with humans.

Kaname just wanted Yuuki. More than anything in the world.

There was a knock on the door and it echoed in the large chamber that was his temporary room. "Come in," Kaname said in his business voice. He could hear the annoyance in his voice but only wanted to be left alone.

"My lord," Ichio bowed to him. "Have you finished looking over the list?"

"Yes," Kaname said still facing away from the door.

"Very well," Ichio said taking quick steps to the desk where Kaname sat. "Thank you." Ichio said as he took the papers off the desk.

Kaname nodded and Ichio turned and left the room. He couldn't stand the hard wood of the seat anymore. Kaname was just so tired. He got up and slowly made his way to the bed and layed down and just looked up at the ceiling until his eyes wouldn't stay open anymore.

"Yuuki..." He whispered to the empty room.

(1)onii-sama: big brother in japanese with honorifics

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