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By The Way
Chapter Three

Mac was sitting comfortably on the couch in her matching boy shorts and tank top pajamas and light green robe while Dick was wearing his boxers and one of Mac's dad's tees. They were sitting silently, watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy that Mac had taped during the party.

Dick kept looking over at Mac. Her legs were exposed and her breast barely fit in her tank top. If she only knew that it drove Dick insane maybe she would have settled for a hoodie and some sweatpants. Shit, that would turn Dick on even more. I can never win can I?

"Well, I am beat!" Mac yawned as she stretched her arms in the air, involuntarily pushing her boobs outward for Dick.

Shit Mac, Dick thought and tried to cover his erection. "Me too, time for bed!" Dick stood up quickly and walked behind the couch and kissed Mac on the top of her head. "See ya in the morning kay?" Dick asked and waited for her to nod before kissing her once more on the head and walking down the dark hallway to her parent's room.

Mac stood and went to check the doors and saw that Dick had already locked the house up. He is such a great friend, Mac thought as she entered her room. She hung her robe on the back of her door and then walked over to her old bed and got in, pulling the covers up to her chin and falling asleep to the soft tapping of rain on the roof.

Dick lay on his back, on the bed with his hands clasped behind his head, staring at the ceiling. Rain was starting to fall softly on the roof and the wind was picking up so the tree right outside Mac's parent's room was swaying its branches, causing abstract designs on the ceiling and the adjacent wall. He willingly let his mind think about Mac and how he was going to stop thinking about her other than his best friend. Not that he wanted to stop thinking about being with her, kissing her and doing all the things couples do, yeah, so what, I can be cheesy at times, but the fact that it was slowly killing him caused a bit of a problem.

Mac was woken up by a loud rumble and a bright crack of lightening. She hated thunderstorms. She loved the rain just not the thunder and the strikes of lightening. Those scared the shit out of her. Not wanting to be alone, she rolled out of bed and walked out of her room and down the hall to her parent's room.

Dick was asleep on his stomach and snoring loudly and he looked so cute, a calm expression on his face. He was still fully clothed so she was thankful for that. In the past whenever her parents would go out of town and she would have to house sit he'd usually tag along and at times not wear anything to bed until Mac made it mandatory for him to do so around her.

She giggled when moved his head to face the other direction.

Her parents had a king sized bed so she was able to slide in next to him without having to wake him up completely to get some bed.

Dick mumbled something before he flipped over in his sleep, smacking Mac right in the face with his arm, causing her to yelp out in pain and smacking him multiple times so he would either A. wake up, or B. move his body off of hers. When neither happened and Dick just snored louder she huffed and crossed her arms over her chest, clearly pissed because she was very uncomfortable.


Mac turned her head slowly to look at Dick who was had barely opened his eyes and was absentmindedly drumming on her stomach with his finger tips. Dick saw her irritated face and furrowed his brows. "What?"

"Your entire weight is basically on top of me and I cannot breathe." Mac snapped.

Dick looked down and noticed he was indeed on top of Mac and scooted himself off to his side. "Sorry, why are you in here anyways?" He rested his head on his hand. Mac did the same, showing her cleavage once again and making Dick take slow breaths to calm himself.

"The thunderstorm." She replied simply.

Dick looked out the window and saw lightening and heard the hail hitting the roof and then looked back down at Mac who was chipping off some of the nail polish off her nails. He knew how much thunderstorms scared her and regardless of how much it was killing him to be this close to her in a bed he knew what he had to do. "Come here," He lifted his arm for her to get closer, which she did and he could feel that she immediately relaxed. "Go to sleep Mackie, I am right here, I won't let anything happen to you."

Mac nodded and whispered thanks before falling asleep in his arms.

"Psst, Dick, wake up," Mac whispered, shaking him on the arm. "Dick!"

"What? Is everything okay Mac?" Dick sat up and rubbed his face.

"You were talking in your sleep,"

Dick looked at Mac and squelched his face up and then rubbed his face again before settling back down in the covers. "What did I say?" He laughed a little; talking in his sleep? That was a first.

"You said you loved me." Mac said slowly.

Dick's eyes widened and he sat up again. "Well, uh, I do love you Mac, you're my best friend." He reached out to touch her arm but she moved away.

"You said you were in love with me," She said and her voice was soft, and there was a bit of fear in it as well.

Dick swallowed.

"Why are you in love with me, now? Why would you tell me that now?" She was on the edge of tears now.

Dick felt tears in his eyes too, seeing her like this was killing him and was the exact reason why he didn't want to tell her. But apparently his subconscious…or is it unconscious? Whatever, he never did pay attention in his psychology class. Whichever consciousness it was went ahead and told her. "Uh, I don't know. I didn't mean for it to come out I uh, wow is this hard…" Dick rubbed his face again with both of his hands before getting out of the bed.

Mac got up as well and hugged herself with her arms and started pacing. "You can't love me, not now? I am about to leave in like three weeks Dick!" She threw her hands in the air and stared at him in the dark, the lightening outside lit his face up and she could tell he was just as surprised as she was.

"Don't you think I know that Mac?! Don't you think I know what this will do, what it is already doing to our friendship? God, that's exactly why I haven't told you or anyone, It has been so hard not to say it, when you flirt with guys or when you were up singing that damn song tonight all I wanted to do was kiss you so fucking much but I couldn't, I can't." Dick was breathing heavily and he wasn't sure why.

Mac brought the back of her hand to her face and started crying although she fought not to. "Dick,"

"I love you Mac, I love you." Dick breathed as he started walking towards her.

Mac tilted her head to the side as she breathed in and let him come to her and kiss her.

The kiss was electrifying and different and nothing like he had ever experienced. He was sure there were actual sparks, but he didn't dare open his eyes, fearing it would all disappear. "Do you love me too?" Dick asked, not moving from her lips.

Mac backed away and wiped her mouth. "Dick,"



Dick rolled his eyes at Mac, chuckling a little too. "Yes Mackie…"

"DICK!" Mac yelled.


"Dick! Get off of me; someone is knocking on the door!"

Dick opened his eyes and saw that his head was lying on Mac's chest and his arms were tucked around her waist; his mouth was literally resting on her chest, above her tank top and on her necklace. Way too fucking close for Dick, especially with the dream he just had. "Oh! Sorry," Dick got right up and out of bed to run down the hall and answer the door for Mac.

When he reached the door he heard the person on the other side banging on the door. "Christ, I am right here! Fuck," Dick shook his head and unlocked the door, opening it and letting it swing open. "Oh, you," Dick frowned at Bronson who was standing on the other side of the screen door, which was safe considering how he hurt Mac and it pissed Dick off. "Mac, Brawny is here." Dick looked down the hall and saw the bathroom door slightly closed and heard the shower running. "Oh sorry dude, she is in the shower." Dick stared at Bronson in the eyes.

Bronson stared at Dick with his mouth opened like a guppy fish, snapping it shut before opening it again. He stared at Dick who was wearing nothing but sweatpants it seemed. "Were you two…have you…" Bronson stuttered and placed his hands in his back pockets. "…and Mac…?"

Dick looked Bronson up and down and smirked inwardly. This dude was never going to have Mac, ever. He hurt her and now he is trying to get back with her? No. When his eyes met Bronson's he gave him a strong, rock hard-almost forced smile, his eyes somewhat cold and triumphant. He then touched the locks on the door before meeting his eyes again. "You know, I wish." He glared at Bronson and slammed the door shut right in his face.

"Who was THAT, that got you all frustrated and slamming doors?"

Dick turned around to see Mac in her robe and her hair up in a towel. Seriously, that woman does NOT know what she does to me. "Um, Brawny?" He raised his shoulders, like shrugging almost and smiling slightly.

Mac's face was unreadable until she started smiling and then the smile turned into a big grin before nodding to Dick and walking back into the bathroom, leaving the door open. Although she would never let him know, Mac loved it that Dick never actually said Bronson's name.

Dick breathed in and headed down the hall to the bathroom as well.

"So what did he want?" Mac asked after brushing her teeth.

Dick was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, looking very sleepy. "Oh he…actually he didn't say." Dick laughed. "I mean I assumed he wanted to talk to you but,"

Mac nodded and smiled before messing his hair up and going back into her room.

Dick walked out to the living room after fixing himself some cereal and watched some morning cartoons. What a weird ass dream he had had. He had told Mac he loved her, in his sleep and then she cried and didn't say anything. That scared the shit out of Dick; telling the one woman he loved more than anything that he loved her and her speechless but not the good kind.

"Thinking that hard will make your head hurt like a bitch. Especially for you."

Dick rolled his eyes and turned the volume up on the TV.

Mac furrowed her brows and sat on the arm of the couch and shoulder nudge Dick. "Hey, what has you bugged?"

Dick put a spoonful of Trix in his mouth.

Mac sighed and snatched the remote from his hands. "Dorkwad! What's your damage?" She asked again wondering what was going on with her best friend.

Dick turned the TV down but still didn't say anything.

Mac gave up and walked into the kitchen to make herself a piece of toast with strawberry jam.

"It's getting close to that day."

Mac swung around, startled and saw Dick leaning against the counter and drawing invisible sketches on the counter top.

"Four years." Dick mumbled and continued his drawings with the tile.

Mac blinked back warm fresh tears. "Oh Dick," Mac walked right over to him and wrapped her arms tight around him, welcoming, almost demanding him to do the same. "I am sorry it must have slipped my mind with all this studying. God, I am so sorry. That's why you have been distant." She hung onto him with her life, over thrown with emotions. She couldn't believe how spaced out she had been with school and then trying to get that job out in Nevada.

"I miss him so fucking much Mac, god how did I not know?" He cried in her shoulder.

"Dick, come on, we talked about this, we aren't going to blame ourselves." Mac ran her fingers lightly through his hair.

"I know, I know. Sorry." Dick replied, nodding and then stood back and wiped his eyes hastily with the back of his hand.

Mac did the same and cleared her throat. "You good?"

Dick nodded and clapped his hand over her shoulder and brought his lips to her forehead, letting it linger there longer than intended before he smiled and walked back to the living room.

"So we should meet up tonight for drinks, call me later or something alright." Mac said from the kitchen.

"Yeah sure." Dick said back.

"Mac Attack!" Veronica called from her spot at the Hearst libraries front desk when she saw her bestie walk by looking like she was in a daze.

"Oh, hey Veronica, what's up?" Mac smiled and walked over, setting her books on the desk, leaning on them on her arms. When she looked up at Veronica she could see her smiling. "What do you want?"

"Me? Want something? From you?"

"Mhm, yes. Now out with it woman." Mac demanded smiling too.

"Okay, I need your body for a case." Veronica did a 'tada' expression with her hands.

"What's the case?" Mac asked skeptical.

"Sexual harassment case at Kane Software. I would do it myself but…"

"Mars is the watchword at Kane Software? Got it. Cool, do I get paid? And I promise my body is nothing but a vessel for good to overpower evil." Mac smiled.

"Duh, so thank you so much! You are a life saver!" Veronica squealed and handed over a file folder of information.

"Dude, you're like spacing." Logan hit Dick's shoulder.

Dick came out of his stoop and stared at his bff. "Huh?"

"I asked you what you and Mac were going later tonight, was going to see if Parker and I could join." Logan repeated as he packed up his books, done studying.

"Uh, I don't know…good q Lo. I forgot what we had decided this morning." Dick nodded and grabbed his phone.

"Mackie!" Dick exclaimed. "No, Mac I did not do anything wrong…sheez. No uh Logan wanted to know what we were doing tonight. Okay sweet but you are so dancing. Mhm. Nope can't get out of it this time. Uh-huh surrrreee. Whatever see ya in a few then." Dick hung up and looked to Logan. "We are going to Cosmos for drinks and something about needing chocolate…" Dick shrugged, figuring Mac was on her period and was in dire need of Cosmos' famous Hersey's cobbler.

Logan nodded. "Cool Park loves that place."

"What place do I love? Hey Dick," Parker walked in the suite and kissed Logan's cheek before settling down on the arm of the couch.

Dick made a fake gagging noise before quit the game and walked to his room to grab a few things that he forgot the other night for staying over at Mac's. "So what are we doing tonight?" He heard Parker asked again.

"Going to Cosmos with Mac." Dick said blatantly and returned in the living room with a duffel bag over his shoulder.

"Where are you going?" Parker smirked and flipped some hair behind her head.

Dick mocked her by flipping invisible hair behind her shoulders then glared at Logan. "First I am going to Cosmos then to Mac's." Dick looked behind him and saw Parker smiling big at him. All she needed was Matt Parkmen's super power to tell him with her mind to invite them. "You want to join?"

Parker smiled and nodded excitedly before jumping up to run and change.

"Great we will be here for a while. How about you go ahead and meet us there." Logan told Dick.

"Alright but make sure your girl doesn't invite anymore surprised guest to this thing. It's just us four got it?" Dick warned him, not wanting another encounter with Brawny.

Logan rolled his eyes.

"So that's when I decided that I would go ahead with the case because I could use the money." Mac explained to the table.

Parker nodded and Logan looked a bit upset but was hiding it well. Dick however was fuming. "A sexual harassment case and Kane Software? You are kidding right?" Dick fumed.

Mac coughed and took a sip of her Shirley Temple. "Uh yeah, is something wrong Dick?" She questioned, wondering where his defensive tone came from all of a sudden.

"No I am good. I think I am going to go play some pool, anyone want to join?" Dick stood, avoiding looking at Mac and chugged the rest of his beer.

"Oh! I love pool! I will join!" Parker finished off her margarita.

Dick sighed. "Beggers can't be choosers I guess."

Mac frowned as she watched her best friend walk to the adjoining pool room.

"He is just protective Mac," Logan answered Mac's inner thoughts.

Mac turned to Logan and smiled. "Yeah I get that but it's just a case!" She rolled her eyes and drank more of her Shirley.

"Hey, I was always nervous as hell when Veronica went on those things so just let him cool off." Logan smiled and rubbed her shoulder.

"You don't fool me Echolls; you still get anxious when she goes on them." Mac smiled at Logan with a twinkle in her eye.

All Logan could do was nod indiscreetly. Mac was the only person he couldn't hide his feelings for Veronica to.

"So does she know?" Parker asked as she hit the cue ball, knocking a solid straight into the corner hole.

Dick was surprised that Parker actually knew how to play pool. "Uh what are you talking about?" Dick asked, watching her walk around to the other side to hit another solid, this time missing.

"Mac, does she know you are desperately trying not to jump her bones every time you see her?" Parker smirked.

Parker smirks? Dick thought. "You read into things a bit too much girl," Dick positioned his pool stick and pushed it forward, sending the cue ball sailing to three stripes. In turn all three went separate directions, as he planned, and all went in.

"You play dumb almost as well as you play pool. Seriously now, have you told her?" Parker sat on the edge of the table.

Dick let out a strife laugh and rested his chin on the tip of his pool stick. "No she doesn't."

Parker smiled and nodded; glad she got it out of him. "So," She pushed.

"So…what?" Dick crinkled his forehead.

"So why haven't you told her?"

"Let's see, she is my best friend and-" Dick started.

"I thought Logan was your best friend." Parker interrupted.

"He is but Mac is my other best friend." Dick raised his eyebrows at Parker like it was the most known thing. "Plus I can't tell her that now, not when she is leaving for her new life in like a week." Dick shrugged and felt the urge to drink.

"You could tell her but you won't." Parker added with a knowing smile. "They were wrong about you, I was wrong about you; you're actually a great guy at heart."

Dick frowned at her. "Not that I am flattered that you have finally seen my awesomeness after all these years Park, but what are you getting at exactly?"

Parker rolled her eyes and got to her feet. "You're hiding your feelings for her because you know she can't handle it or it isn't the right time." Parker walked over to Dick and laid a hand on his shoulder, looking him deep in his eyes. "But trust me Dick, the right time will come and you will need to tell her." She winked and walked away, leaving Dick feeling even shittier than before about the whole situation. When will be the right time? As she is leaving at the airport? No, I am not cheesy. No.

As Mac and Dick entered her house she was chomping at the bits to yell at him for ignoring her the entire night. "What's up with you tonight?" She finally asked.

Dick kept walking into the living room, not even acknowledging her question.

Mac bit her lip in anger and threw her keys at his back. "Answer me when I'm fucking talking to you!"

That got Dick to turn around, cursing wasn't usually Mac's suit so when she let the occasional F word slip…needless to say shit was about to hit the freaking fan. "What?!" Dick threw a moth into the fire with that remark, he knew it too but Mac was bugging him lately and he was sure it wasn't because she was leaving soon…more like she was leaving soon and he still hadn't figured out how to tell her he was fucking head over fucking heels about her in dumb-fucking love with her.

"What was that a Cosmos? What the hell is your problem? Did I do something? What did I breathe the wrong way at drinks? Tell me!" Mac yelled, throwing her purse across the room.

"More like you are going to go flaunt yourself in front of sexed up men at the nerdy convention!" Dick spat, throwing his keys onto the kitchen table.

Mac laughed bitterly. "Is that all? Do you have more? Maybe tell me some more bull shit to make me feel even more stupid!" Mac wished she had something else to throw at him.

"How about me? I felt like a jackass not knowing what the fuck you were talking about! I kind of would have like you to run it by me first!" Dick yelled.

Mac scoffed and threw her hands in the air. "Run it past you? I don't have to run a god damn thing by you! Veronica is my friend, friends do things for friends."

"Well we're friends and it would be doing something for me if you would have let me known about your sudden urge to be a working class hooker in the job place!" Dick could feel the back of his neck warm up from anger.

"That is so not what I am doing Dick!" She shouted, wanting to seriously slap him.

"Uh yes it is, you're getting paid to tease a man. All you need to complete the job description is the come-fuck-me attitude and oh the fucking the part." Dick flared his eyebrows and immediately knew he had said the wrong thing when Mac's palm connected to his cheek with a loud, snapping sound. "Christ!" He brought his hand to his face, rubbing it fiercely and sending death glares at Mac who by the way looked fucking stunning all flushed and pissed.

"Right, like you didn't expect that after what you just said." Mac folded her arms under her chest again.

"What do you want me to fucking say Mac? That I am okay with it? Cuz I'm not! I am so not fine with this!" Dick answered truthfully.

"I want you to tell me something true that won't make me want to slap you!" Mac said sternly, biting her bottom lip.

Dick had to bite back a groan at the sight of her arms crossed and her biting her bottom lip like that. "I love you and you're my best friend and you're leaving in a fucking week and I feel like I have finally got you and now you're fucking leaving. And I worry about you constantly here what the fuck am I gonna do with you there?" His eyes were seriously tearing up. I am such a girl, fuck.

Mac felt her eyes watering too. "You know, I know how to take care of myself thank you." She folded her arms, feeling a grave emotion coming along and it scared her. She hadn't actually thought about that, leaving for her new job meant leaving her best friend.

"Yeah, I know you can," He smiled. "But I kinda like helping. Makes me feel useful." He grinned goofily.

Mac rolled her eyes and walked over to him for a big bear/Dick hug. "God I am going to miss you," She whispered against his chest.

Dick closed his eyes momentarily before opening them again to blink the tears away. "Well this isn't goodbye, goodbye Mackers; I mean you know I will be busting up there like all the time." He rubbed her back.

"Ah yes, our frequent Halo 3 marathons cannot suffer." She chuckled.

"Duh," Dick kissed her head but didn't bring his lips up after, instead letting the kiss linger as he smelt her hair.

"I don't like us fighting Dick, you're my best friend and I never want us to go not talking ever." Mac whispered.

Dick nodded his head at rest on top of hers. He started thinking about how perfect they were for each other standing there, in the middle of the living room. She was the perfect height, and his arms fitted perfectly around her and so did hers around him.

"Alright, I need my beauty sleep if I am playing prey for sexed employees tomorrow morning." Mac let go and picked her purse up.

"Not funny Mackie!" Dick warned.

"Your face was." Mac smirked as she took off down the hall.

Dick sighed and ran his hands over his face, feeling even more pressured to figure out a plan and fast.


"Hey, stop it, stop it!" Mac straggled out in a cry of desperation as she tried to push Lance off of her.

"Don't be such a tease Cindy," Lance leered and pushed his body against hers and ran his hand over her chest. "I know you want me,"

Mac tried to scream but felt pressure on her throat because apparently Lance had brought her hand up to choke her as he fumbled with the zipper of her dress.

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