Humanity's Last Hope

('09 Edit: I've been rewriting basicly the entire story. Not really changing anything plot wise, but fixing many stupid mistakes I made that I was too lazy to fix back than.)

Hey guys, Gunner here. About this story, I don't know how I thought this up so don't ask... but it is an interesting concept to think about.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but most stories about morphs are about people and/or Pokémon being taking and forcefully morphed, or about morphs being oppressed by humans, or even humans and morphs exciting together... but not liking each other. Well I've good got something different. What if humans and morphs... were fighting eaching other in a war? (Everyone Groans)

Wait! You didn't let me finish. What if that war... took palce here... on our Earth. We are taking Pokémon and morphs fighitng a war, from all over Eurasia, down to Africa, and even here, in both Americas. Sounds like fun, right?

...Now what if the morphs won? (Chuckles) How would that affect the world? How would that affect us humans? Or the Pokémon? The Pokemorphs?

That's something I really wouldn't know too much about... my friend on the other hand... he'd know exactly what would happen.

Chapter 00: Prologue

The year is 2038, and the world's in one hell of a mess. Humans no longer dominate the world. I don't know much of what happened, or how life was before… but I'll tell you everything I was told. For eons, Pokémon and Humans have lived side by side, living, playing, helping and growing together. It was like one big sappy fairy tale… Wish it lasted…

No one knows when or how it happened… but around the end of the 17th century, humans and Pokémon started to merge together, creating Pokemorphs. At first they were hunted because they considered monsters. Then in the mid-1800's were isolated, completely cut off from human contact. And at the turn of the century, some were captured and used as slaves. Finally at the end for the Second World War, Peace and equality seemed to be a reality… However this did not last.

About 30 years ago, several Pokémorphs started wondering why they live alongside such "inferior creatures". These Idealists saw us as "God's Mistake" and stated they were the solution. They also said similar things about the Pokémon, being dumb, uncaring caring creatures that do not deserve this world and all it has to offer.

Unfortunately they're ideas spread like wildfire, more and more morphs believed this, and in 2015 the Pokémorphs, that made a good third of the overall life on Earth, declared war on humans and Pokémon alike. This was known as the Pokémorph Revolution… a war that involved every man, woman, child and Pokémon. A war that we simply could not afford to lose... so then why did we?

Officially the war ended 2022. Unofficially, however, there are large areas of conflict and turmoil all over the Earth, some the size of entire countries. The morphs' get to live in the vast utopias they built up from the ruins of human hopes and dreams, and keep Pokémon as pets. And us, humph we lucky to live in poverty on the old battlefields, and in rapidly decaying, battle scared buildings.

If you're a Pokémorph, you life is perfect in every way, grade A technology, the best health care, and education, excellent living conditions, meals when you want, and your almost never poor. If you're human, however it's the exact opposite. You never have food or water and you must listen to the morph overlords.

You can't steal from them, or piss them off or else they'll kill you on the spot. There's no safe haven, even within what little land we live in. Humans fight among themselves, for the most trivial of items. The morphs never give us enough to sustain our miserable lives, and they even give food to humans that would attack and even kill their own families, just to entertain the morphs! They don't care about us! To them… we're a nothing but windup toys or some other sort of entertainment for them.

My name is Mark Taylor. I am one of the few thousand humans living the ruins of New York City. I'm sixteen years old, and live with my kid sister, Marcia… the only family I have left. Unlike most humans, every week I go into the Morph City to steal food for my sister and myself. It's not an easy job, but someone's got to do it. Living in the Ruins of Manhattan Island isn't easy. Your live is always at risk and, outside of my small band of friends, teamwork is scares. People here would betray you in heart beat, just for a small severing of food. This is world I live in.

Kinda of dark begining, huh? Now although the first chapter (which I'll post when I fell like it.) doesn't show the state of the world, or New York for that matter, the way Mark told it... the other chapters will. And if you guys have any problems at all with this story... just let me know.

Love it, Hate it, Just review it.
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