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Chapter 34: Black Tuesday Part 2

Date: 07/27/38
12:00 Hours
Location: Spear Pillar Command Center, New Morph City

Andrew Caniner stood in the center of his Command Center, watching the battle rage on between Manhattan Resistance and the Imperial Morph Army on a large screen.

"…Status?" Caniner said as he turned to another Lucario morph.

"Well sir, you'll be pleased to know that everything is going according to plan." The underling responded. "Thanks to the information provided to us by the sleeper agents and due to the damage they caused, the Resistance is taking heavy losses. We've already killed several of their leaders and we've secured their headquarters. Victory will be ours in just a few short hours."

"Very good." Caniner nodded as he turned to face the screen once more. 'In a matter of hours this will all be over… once we're done here, we can finally focus our attention on dealing with the remnant U.S. forces in the Midwest.'

"H-however, we haven't heard back from one of our operatives."

Caniner turned and faced the Lucario. "Which one?"

"…Emily the Sneasel." The lackey responded.

"Oh, her." Caniner sighed as he rubbed his forehead. "Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with her. She's supposed Taylor's handler, correct?" Caniner's subordinate nodded. "What is her last known location?"

The other Lucario checked his clipboard before freezing. "Uh… that can't be right…" He muttered to himself.

"What can't be right?" Caniner asked, leering at the other canine.

"Uh… W-well, sir. It says here that her last known whereabouts were in Downtown New Morph, near the Evon Enterprises Towers."

"The Evons, huh? Amazing how their name keeps popping up." Caniner said as held out his paw. "Let me see the report." The other morph nodded and handed him the clipboard, showing him the last report on Emily. Caniner looked at the photo attached to the report and was able to recognize the girl because of her extremely plain skin color and her red hair. "Have our scouts locate and spy on her. Keep me posted on whatever she does." Caniner commanded.

"Wh-why? Do you think she's double-crossing us?"

Caniner turned to his lackey and laughed. "Don't be stupid. Emily would never willingly turn on her true maters! However the girl is rather… unpredictable. She's always 'making new friends,' as she puts. She disappears for long periods of time and has a habit of turning our own men against each other." The Governor sighed as he picked up her file from his desk and recalled all the trouble she has caused in the past.

The other Lucario gasped. "If that's the case, why bother keeping her as part of our army?"

"You could say that it's because she's a special case." Caniner said as he eyed her photo, thinking about how he came across this young lady. "She was a human born with psychic powers and one of the few humans that willing took part in these experiments. She believed we could help her become stronger" The Governor mutter almost to himself. "That seemed like such a long time ago." He chuckled.

"Uh… sir…" The other Lucario said as he handed his boss another report. "I-I don't want to interrupt your little stroll down memory lane, but… T-there is also another, more troublesome report I need to bring to your attention…"

Subject: Stephanie Evon
Location: Hidden Tunnel, New Morph City

Emily lead us down Taylor's secret little tunnel and began to explain what was going on and why the island was being attacked. She told us that imperial army was sent here to finally rid themselves of the troublesome resistance that hid underneath the rumble of old New York. However, there is something odd about her.

I can't place my paw on it but she has a strange aura around her, giving me an unpleasant felling whenever I'm around her. She seems to know an awful lot about the government's plans for the island and I'm still curious what she did to the soldiers that were guarding the front of the tunnel and where did she get Taylor's pendent? After she slipped it into my paw when met her, I asked Gregory to hold on to and stay at least two feet behind me until we can return it to him.

What I find most unnerving about her is that I can't read her mind! Normally, I'd be able to read a person's mind just by concentrating on the person, kind of like tuning in on a radio station. However I'm unable to listen to this girl's thoughts at all!

"…So you mean to tell me that Mark has been part of this human resistance this whole time?" James asked in shock.

"I never said that, silly. I said that Mark was the one who inspired many of the resistance fighters to fight back." Emily corrected the Jolteon, playfully flicking the tip of his nose. "After all, how powerful could you morphs be if you couldn't even kill a single human child?"

James and I growled at the human female, causing the girl to giggle again. "Aww! You both look so cute when you're angry!"

This girl is by far the most unusual and most annoying human I've ever met. If wasn't for the fact that we need her as a guide, I would've crushed her wish a dumpster a long time ago.

"Anyway, to a certain degree, Mark was the one who helped the Resistance grow in strength and numbers! Once they had enough people helping them, they began conducting raids on the mainland. At first, they stuck to the typical guerrilla warfare tactics; attacking convoys, stealing weapons from said convoys, you get the idea. However, recently the Manhattan Resistance has stepped up its game, becoming more of a threat to the Empire. It's rumored that they've been supplying the remnants of the human armies with stolen supplies and information to prepare them for a counter-attack."

"Wait, wait, wait!" I shouted. "How do you know all this? And why tell us all this?"

"Because you asked, silly!" Emily grinned.

"I asked you how Mark was caught up in all this! I didn't need to know about your stupid war games." I growled.

"Well, for someone with no interest in this war, you and your family seem to be getting more and more involved in it." Emily stated. "And doesn't you family own factories that build weapons and vehicles for the military?"

Before I could reply, our group finally reached the end of the tunnel and Emily opened the door. Upon opening the old, rusty door, we were greeted by an odd group of humans that were all dressed in strange looking jumpsuits. The jumpsuits reminded me of fur patterns of several Pokémon. One of them was wearing a black jumpsuit with gold rings in shoulders, just like an Umbreon, another wore an orange and black striped jumpsuit reminding me of a Growlite. The last two looked exactly alike and work jumpsuits that look like Pikachu and Marill. There were only four humans in the group and each and every one of them kept glaring at us like we did something wrong.

"STEPHANIE!" A familiar voice shouted before someone threw his red furred arms around me and hugged tightly me. "I missed you, so much!" The Vulpix happily grinned.

I blushed when I recognized the fox who was rubbing his muzzle against mine. "TAYLOR?!" I shouted in disgust. "W-what the hell do you think you're doing, you pervert?!" I shouted as I tried to break free of the crazed Vulpix's hold.

My ear twitched as I heard someone snickering behind me and growled at my siblings. "Would you idiots quit laughing and find me a crowbar or something?!"

"I missed you so much, Stephanie!" Mark cried. I swear I must be on one of those stupid prank shows they have on MTV!

"LET GO!" I shouted as I clawed at the Vulpix's face. "What's the matter with you, Taylor? I thought you hated me! And where are Carly and her friends?"

Mark actually looked hurt when I said this and it even looked like tears were wielding up in his eyes. He honestly reminded me of a sad little puppy begging its master for a treat. "Who are you talking about, Stephanie?" The confused fox asked. "And Hate you? Why would I hate my girlfriend?"

My whole body tensed up as the fur on my tail bristled. "W-what did you call me?" I asked the crazy fox as my paws slowly formed a pair of fists.

The fox cocked his head and gave me a confused look. "Is something wrong, my dear? Do you need me to give you a back rub?"The idiotic fox asked with a smile.

Blood rushed to my face as my hand quickly formed a fist. Humiliated and angry, I punched Taylor right in his check and growled at him. Behind me, I could hear my siblings all laughing at me, not even trying to hide their amusement anymore. "GIRLFRIEND?! Listen you perverted little fox, you and I aren't even friends!"

Mark fell to the floor and once more gave me the hurt puppy look. "Why did you to that? What's gotten into you, my Princess?"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" I roared in anger as I grabbed the fox by neck and started to strangle him.

"Ah young love…" Emily cooed to her subordinates as she pretended to whip a tear from her eye. "It's it romantic?"

One of the humans, the one dressed like a Growlite, suddenly came up to Emily and whispered something into her ear. Her expression seemed to have changed, for a moment she actually looked worried and troubled by something. However, she quickly smiled again, covering up the worried looked she had earlier. "Okay then, I believe we've wasted enough time here." She grinned as she ordered two of the humans to break me and Mark up. "Let's go! Everyone, please follow me."

"Follow you? Where are we going?" Casey asked as she approached Emily.

"Timothy here just told me where your friend is!" Emily explained to us as she patted the man dressed like a Growlite on his head. I swear I saw that guy smile as she did that. "Just follow us and we'll take you to her!"

James suddenly grabbed Casey's shoulder and glared at Emily. "Just give us a second, human. I need to have a word with my siblings."

Emily quickly grabbed Casey's other arm and gave my brother a cold glare. "There's no time for that! We have to hurry if you want to save your friends!"

"We're not going anywhere." I responded. "You've been acting strange all this time and now you claim to have found where Carly has been hiding? You should have mentioned that before dragging us here!"

James snarled at Emily and threatened to shock the human if didn't let go of our sister. Emily simply laughed, daring him to follow through with his empty threat.

I sighed as I watched the two of them play tug-of-war with my younger sister before James suddenly lost his grip on Casey and fell flat on his butt. The strange girl suddenly drew and knife and wrapped her arm around the Vaporeon's neck, placing the knife near her neck.

"I'm sorry, my dear Stephanie, but we simply don't have time left to waste." Emily said in a cold voice as she tightened her grip on Casey's neck.

"The hell do you think you're doing?! Let her go!" I shouted as I used Psychic to try and free my sister from the evil human. However, for some reason, this girl wasn't effected by powers. No matter how hard I concentrated on tossing the bitch like a rag doll, the girl did not move on inch.

"You rotten-" James began to charge up for an attack only to be stopped by Gregory, who whacked the Jolteon in the back of his head.

"Both of you calm down," Gregory said as he stood in front of us. "You might end up harming our sister."

I gritted my teeth and glanced over to James, who was digging his claws into his own paws. From him I glared at Taylor, hoping that the idiot Vulpix would do something to stop this insane human. The stupid fox did nothing but stand there, looking as confused as a kit lost in a store.

"W-what's going on?" He meekly asked. "Emily, w-why are you playing so rough with the Evons?"

"Emily! We don't have time for this!" Timothy suddenly shouted. "We need to get moving, now! Those were his orders! And we don't want to make him angry."

Emily glanced back at him and sighed. "Well… as much as I'd like to continue this game," She said as she finally released our sister from her hold. "I'm afraid I don't have time to play with you guys anymore, I'm needed elsewhere." She smiled as her creepy cheerfulness returned.

Casey quickly ran back our side as we got ready to attack the bitch. However suddenly Emily raised her hand and politely asked us to stop. "There's no need for any of that. You're sister is free and we're going now."

"The hell you are!" I growled. "You've been acting weird this whole time and just five seconds ago, you tried to take my sister hostage!"

Emily faked a pout as she gave me a sad look. "Oh, I'm sorry if I was playing a little too rough, but that's how we do things in the ruins."

"Playing rough?! You took our sister hostage!" I yelled. "And before I strangle you to death, answer me this, what the hell did you do to Mark?"

Emily looked at the brain-dead Vulpix and gave me a confused look, cocking her head to the side as she placed a finger on her lip. "What do you mean? I didn't do anything to him."

"Don't play dumb! Taylor was dry humping me not two minutes ago!" I growled.

"…And what does that have to do with me?" Emily yawned. "Perhaps he just wants to make up for lost time. I mean it has been a while since you two last went on a date." She grinned, winking at me.

My face turned red at the thought of what she was implying as I clenched my fist. How did she even know about that?! The only two people who know that are my brother and Carly! My eyes started to glow as I approached the short female. "You little bi-ACK!" Gregory suddenly cut me off by yanking my tail and pulling me behind him.

"Alright, let's all just settle down… What my sister is trying say is that you've been acting rather… strange ever since we met you. You haven't really been giving any answers and you say you're an old friend of Mark? If that's so, then how come we've never heard about you?" Greg paused to look at Mark before continuing. "Then there's the fact of Mark's odd, pet-like behavior…"

Emily didn't appear to be listening to Greg, instead she just looked at her watch and kept glancing at her pet Timothy. She appears to be in a hurry for some reason… "I'm sorry, but can this wait?" She asked looking at her watch. "We are on a time limit."

"No, this can't wait!" I growled with my fur bristling in anger. "You've been acting suspicious ever since we met! And we want to know why!"

Emily sighed before turning away from us, signaling the others to flow her. "Sorry, Miss Evon, but I do have a schedule to keep." She said as she led her group into the war torn city. Mark gave me a sad before following Emily deep into the city. "It's like I said… I don't have any more time to play with you."

"H-hey! Where the hell do you think you're going?!" I screamed after her, attempting to use my powers to ensnare her in a psychic hold. Once again, the girl didn't even flinch as she her group slowly faded into the city. She must still have Mark's pendent… I hate that thing.

"Wait! You still haven't told us what happened to Carly and her friends!" Casey shouted into the Ruins. "…Well… now what do we do?"

"Go home!" James shouted as he started to retreat into the tunnel.

"WHAT?!" Casey yelled. "What do you mean, 'go home?' Carly's still in danger!"

A sudden explosion caused the Vaporeon jump and hide behind me, as if I was a bulletproof shield. The sounds of gunfire once again erupted throughout the city as a fierce battle took place nearby.

"And so are we if we don't get out of here!" James exclaimed as he ducked and covered his head with his paws. "Besides, for we know, she could be dead!"

"Stop being so negative, James!" Casey shouted. "Perhaps she's just hiding with Mark's friends!"

"Or more likely, the humans killed her and her friends and are eating them as we speak." James suggested, earning him a tailslap across his muzzle.

While James and Casey started to argue. I looked back into the city then turned to Gregory who was sitting against a wall with his leafy green arms folded. He appeared to be deep in thought. "…What do you think we should do?" I asked the Leafeon.

"Personally, I feel that we should just go home and forget that any of this actually happened." Greg said for before his long, leafy ears drooped low as he sighed. "However, knowing you, you're going to ignore us charged into the Ruins to search for Carly and Mark even if it kills you."

…Am I really that predictable?

"Are you serious, Greg?" James shouted as electricity began to spark out of his body. "Again, do I have to remind you that that there are tanks rolling down these ruined streets?" As if on cue, another explosion occurred right next to us as the smell of burning copper wires and metal filled the air. We all quickly dove for cover and hid underneath some rubble. Once we were certain it was clear, we all slowly crawled from our hiding spots. "Need I say more?" James asked me.

"Well it's not like we have a lot of options." I folded my arms as I turned back to face the no-so-secret tunnel. "By this point, I'm almost certain there are more soldiers by the other end of this dingy little tunnel… besides there's something odd about that girl, Emily."

"All the more reason to leave!" James cried. "If we make it back to the city and soldiers find us, we can just say that we were kidnapped by the human rebels that they were trying to hold us for ransom. I'm sure the military would believe that!"

"Y-you know, I'm starting to think that James may have a point, Steph." Casey meekly said as she poked her head out of the ruble she was hiding.

"Well that's not going to stop me!" I shouted. "I need to know why Emily was persistent in bringing us here! And I need to know what the hell she did to Taylor!" I shouted as I ran past them.

James suddenly gave me a small shock in order to keep me from rushing ahead causing me to fall to the ground and land on my muzzle. "Okay, mind telling me where you're going start looking?" The Jolteon asked. "It's not like we have a map to this place!"

"But we do know people that might be able to help us." Casey responded. "What about Mark's friends? Kai and Chelsea know this place better than any of us! If anyone can help us, it's them!"

"Don't tell me you're thinking of helping her, Casey!" James cried.

"Well she is our sister. We just can't leave her here alone." The Vaporeon reasoned.

James groaned as he facepawed. "Okay then, where are we going to find them? We don't know where they live!" James countered.

"Uh… actually…" I suddenly spoke up. "Carly and I followed Taylor back to his camp the day of his transformation. It's not all that far from him."

"…You followed Taylor home?" James asked giving me an odd look.

"It was the day of his transformation, we worried that he might do something stupid, and followed him home to help explain the situation to his friends!" I shouted defensively.

"…You were worried about Mark?" Casey grinned.

My face turned bright red again as I covered my face in embarrassment. I just can't win.

"Just shut up, and follow me!" I said as I led the way to Taylor's little camp.

(Sometime Later)
(Location: Manhattan Ruins, supposedly near Taylor Family Camp)

"So… where exactly this Taylor's little camp?" James asked as we passed the same destroyed office building for the fourth time. "This ruble is looking awfully familiar, Steph."

"Oh shut up! I know exactly where going!" I shouted before I blindly ran into a wall. I fell and landed on my tail, rubbing my sore nose.

"Nice going, Steph! Now we're really lost!" James shouted as Greg and Casey helped my back to feet.

"No we are not! I know where I'm going!" I growled, not ready to admit defeat.

"You just ran into a wall!" James shouted as his spiky fur began to discharge a little electricity.

Casey suddenly stepped between the both of us and separated me from my brother. "Alright! Let's just all clam down and take a break." Casey suggested. "Especially you, James. You nearly shocked me!"

James took a deep breath and tried to control his powers. "Sorry… I'm just upset that we had to come here in the first place. Why the hell do we have to risk our lives for this stupid vixen and her friends?"

"She and Richard have been spending some time together, you know." I retorted.

"And from what he's told us, she's an awkward and clumsy girl." James responded. "Remember when she told him that she'd help her stop you and your boyfriend from killing each other?"


"Aww… but you two make such a cute couple." A familiar voice suddenly whined. "You'll also disappoint many of our readers if you don't get together." A snow white Vulpix sobbed into her icy blue tails.

"TALES!" I shouted in anger as my fur once more bristled in anger.

"Konichiwa, Stephanie-chan!" Carly Tales happily exclaimed.

I gave the vixen a blank stare as I struggled to comprehend what she just said. "…What?"

"She's saying 'hello' in Japanese, Steph." Casey explained.

The Vulpix sighed as she starched a spot behind her pointy ear. "Sorry, my family was planning on visiting Japan next week so I was going to brush up on my Japanese… However, I think we need to change our schedule after today."

"Hey! What happened to the perverted bunny and the shopaholic kitty?" I asked as I noticed her two friends weren't with her.

"They're inside with everyone else. Come on!" She motioned us into a nearby office building and hurried us into the cramped basement. Hiding inside were a few vaguely familiar humans speaking with her two friends. Next to them was none other than Taylor's frail looking kid sister clutching a feral Vulpix in her arms. One of the humans, a thin, blonde haired male, glanced in our direction then suddenly drew his knife and glared at us.

"YOU!" He shouted as he pointed at James. "So you've come for a rematch, right? I can't wait to kick your non-existent tail!"

James shot him a blank before cocking his head to the side. "What?"

"Don't play dumb! A month ago you promised me a rematch!" The human shouted before behind pulled by his arm by a female human.

"Shut up, Dave." The girl sighed as she grinned at the sight of us. "For once, I'm actually happy to see you, Stephanie." She held out her hand most likely expecting me to shake it.

"…Do I know you?" I asked the brunette.

"…Very funny." The human responded. "Seriously we have a problem and we need-"

"I am serious. I don't think we've ever met you or him before." I said as I pointed to both humans.

James nodded. "You don't look very familiar… then again, all you humans look alike to us."

"HUH?! We're Dave and Anna!" Anna suddenly shouted. "We're Mark's best friends since childhood and we have in fact met before!"

"Well excuse me!" I retorted, drawing out my words as I rolled my eyes. "Just because I don't remember your names doesn't mean my ears don't work."

"It's only been two weeks since we last met!" The human girl cried.

Casey sighed and patted Anna on her shoulder. "There there, just calm down and ignore her… now what's the problem? And where is Mark? And where are Kai and Chelsea?"

"Kai and Chelsea are at the Resistance Headquarters looking for Kai's older brother." Anna informed us.

"As for Taylor, that's what we've been meaning to tell you guys. He's been acting kinda funny this past week." Dave said as he looked quickly darted behind us, most likely looking for anyone who followed us. "Last week, he made a new 'friend,' and I use that term loosely."

"By friend, do you mean Emily?" I asked.

The humans looked shocked by my answer and exchanged glances. "…So you've met her?"

"She's the one who lured us here!" James shouted. "Hell, she held poor Casey hostage!"

"Yeah, sounds like her, the bitch." Dave grumbled. "That bitch has been giving both Anna and me odd looks ever since she got here. I even caught her smelling Anna's hair!"

Anna suddenly shivered as she held in arms. "Don't remind me… just thinking about it makes my skin crawl."

"Wanna hear something even more disturbing?" Dave asked. "Mark seems to have a thing for her. I mean why else would he stick so close to her and even threaten to attack us just for trashing on that crazy girl?"

"So she's not one of your friends?" Casey asked in shock.

"Of course not! Does it look like we hang out with freaks like her?" Dave shouted.

"Well now that you mention it," I grinned only be attacked by an icy blue flame. I glared at Carly who returned the glare with blue orbs of fire hovering over her many tails.

"So I take it you guys have seen the odd way Mark's been behaving, right?" Anna asked.

I shuttered at the thought of the Vulpix trying to hug me. "Yes…" I muttered as my ears flatted against my head.

"Your friend tried to rape Stephanie." James quipped before I racked my claws against his back. "GYAH! STEPHANIE!"

"Wow… I didn't think Mark had it in him." Carly giggled. "So… how was he?" The vixen asked with a huge grin on her muzzle. I'm not going to even dignify that with a response.

"Okay… well I didn't really need to hear but thank you, James." Anna replied with a look of both horror and disgust on her face.

After James dirty comment, Casey used water-gun to give my perverted brother a much need cold shower.

Greg sided as he continued the story. "What my brother means is that he was behaving much like a pet reacts to the master returning home after a long absence. He was hugging her, his tails were wagging and he even called Stephanie his girl-"

"OKAY! They get the picture!" I shouted as my face once again turned crimson.

"Really?" Dave asked. "This gets weirder and weirder with each passing moment… He didn't act like that before you guys showed up. Before you guys showed up, he's been following Emily all over the place and has been acting like her bodyguard. He almost never left her side unless she instructed him to do so."

Dave stopped talking and looked at the little girl was playing tag with Carly's friends. "Come to think about it, he even began to shun Marcia, something he's never done before. He would act very distant with her, ignore her when she wanted to play with him and even forgot her name at one point! The only thing he seemed interesting in was being with Emily and finding out as much as he could about the Resistance."

Anna nodded as he folded her arms. "You know, now that you mention it, a few weeks ago Mark had no interest in the resistance. He didn't seem to acknowledge it even existed… And Emily then appears and he's suddenly asking all sorts of unusual questions. He's asked what kind of weapons do they use and what their missions are usually about and even asked for the names of their leaders at one point."

"That sounds like stuff the Pokémorph Empire might want to know." Gregory said.

"Yeah, it does…" Dave muttered as he closed his. "First Mark gets captured, then he's transformed in a Pokémorph and now all this weirdness. I really don't want to say it, but I think they turned Taylor into a traitor."

"Don't be stupid!" James suddenly shouted. "Why would the Empire pick some human punk to spy on Resistance? I mean really, capturing some random kid and turning him into a morph just for this?"

"Does it look like I know?" Dave shouted back in anger. "All I know is that things changed the moment that girl showed up! So if anyone has the answers it has to be her!"

"And how are you going to coax the answers out of her?" I asked as the human male. "She'll deny anything you say and will play innocent."

"Can't you read her mind, Stephanie?" Carly suddenly asked. "Richard told me that that's your favorite thing about being a psychic and that you abuse that power whenever you can."

My ears once more flattened against my head as I bowed my head in shame. "Yeah… well… Taylor's stupid pendent prevented me from reading her mind." I sighed blaming the Pidgeot shaped pendent for my trouble reading the bitch's mind.

Speaking of which, it dawned on me that Gregory had been wearing the pendent this whole time and the others didn't even notice till now. "Where did you get that?" Dave asked.

"Where else? Emily gave it to us when we met." I responded.

"Even more reason to find her and get straight answers from her!" Anna replied. "Taylor never takes the thing off! And he would never give it to some oddball like her!"

"How do you plan on finding her? We don't even know where to find that crazy girl!" James pointed out.

Anna and Dave once again glanced at each other before Dave gave her a small nod and once again faced us. "I think I know where they might be… Come on!" Dave shouted as he suddenly ran out of the building.

"Has he lost it?!" James shouted. "There's a war going on out there?! How will we survive out there?"

"By using the subway systems, of course." Anna said as she followed after Dave. "The area we're going can only be accessed through those tunnels! Come on!" The girl shouted.

"You're such a negative person, James." I teased the Jolteon by flicking his nose and ran after the others.

"I am not!" James cried as he and rested of my siblings followed me.

As we hurried behind Taylor's friends, Steven the Lopunny suddenly grabbed one of Carly's tails and stopped the vixen. "HEY! Where's everyone going?" He asked. Behind the rabbit was Hilary the Skitty carrying Marcia who was sleeping on the cat's back. She must have fallen asleep while they were playing.

"Sort of a long story, guys." She said glancing at Marcia. "But in short, we're going to get her older brother back."

"What?!" They both shouted in unison, causing Marcia to groan.

"Idiots, you're going to wake her up!" Carly scowled.

"But where is he and how did you find him?!" Steven asked in shock.

"Again, I'll explain this later!" Carly exclaimed. "Just do me a favor and hurry back to Mark's tunnel! Wait there for a least an hour and if we're there by then take Marcia and head back to the city!"

"What?! Are you insane?!" Hilary shouted. "We're not leaving you behind!"

"This isn't up for debate, Hil." Carly growled.

"Tales!" I shouted back at the vixen and her friends. "Let's go already! We're going to lose that idiot human if wait any longer!"

With that, Carly once more told them to wait by the tunnel and we quickly ran off to catch up with David and the rest of the gang. I just hope Dave knows where he's going, because I want to beat both Taylor and Emily with my bare paws!

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