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"I...I like you, Tadase-kun." I stuttered, feeling a blush creep across my face.

He blinked. "I'm sorry Hinamori-san. I don't like you. I used to like Amulet Heart, but I realized that I couldn't just like a piece of you, and that is all she is." He walked away, and I struggled to stay calm. Do you know what it would do to my reputation if people saw me crying? Even though I do get tired of the cool and spicy attitude every now and then.

2 months later

"Amu-chan?" My mother called from the doorway. "We need you to stop this and get on with your life. one boy rejecting you does not mean it's the end of the world. Do it, or your father and I will not hesitate to send you to a private school next year!"

"I don't care! You can send me if you want!" I yelled, still crying. I really should have been over it by now, but having to hide my true feelings at school made me have to show them more at home. Ran, Miki, and Su have been trying to help, but I haven't responded.

When Mama came to me later that afternoon, waving pamphlets about the best schools in the country, I realized what I had done. No more guardians, no more Tadase -sniff.

but it would also be a great time to start over! Maybe i'll even find someone i like more than Tadase.

the beginning of the new school year

It had been sad saying goodbye to my old friends, especially Nadeshiko (A/N: She's going to stay a girl in my stories, by the way.), but I spent the summer with her, and we made sure to keep in touch!

i ran through the hallway trying to figure out where my class was. Squeals were coming from my bag, where my charas were sitting, since it kept hitting my leg. I ignored them for now. I didn't want to be late on my first day.

I finally found the class and sat down, breathing heavily and receiving some strange glares from people.

"Now, class, I know this is a freshman course, but some people failed it the last three years, and are now taking it again. Which will hopefully be the last time. Welcome Ikuto Tsukiyomi and Yuki Hotori. Tsukiyomi-san, you can sit behind Hinamori-san."

Hotori...Could he be Tadase's older brother? And Ikuto! He went to this school?! And he had failed beginning geometry three times?!

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