Big Brother: Unleashed




"Hello and welcome to the final of the newest and most controversial Television show in DC history. I am your new old host Agent Michelle Harp. If your wondering why Mr Fletcher is no longer here, well to put it nicely, he got fired but we're not here to talk about him we're here to find out who the public voted to win Big Brother: Unleashed!" She announced loudly. The crowd clapped and cheered wildly. Harp walked over to couch and sat down

"So as we wait for the final of the votes… Wait a second" Harp stopped for a moment as a stage person came on and whispered in her ear. Michelle started to smile widely as she turned to the camera.

"We have just received news that the votes are in and the housemates as literally scratching at the walls with excitement trying to get out, so let's not keep them waiting please make welcome Agents Mulder and Scully!" Harp clapped as Mulder and Scully walked out onto the stage. Mulder waved while Scully just looked on uncomfortably. Both of them sat down

"Agent Mulder, Agent Scully how does it feel to be out of the house for the first time in like forever?" Mulder leaned across and was about to say something when Scully grabbed the mic

"It is wonderful Michelle, have you ever had to stay alone with Agent Mulder for a week?" Michelle shook her head

"No" Scully smiled

"Exactly" Mulder glared across at her and pulled the mic towards him

"Excuse me? What did I do this time?" Scully pulled the mic towards her.

"Now were would you like me to start? How about the washing machine thing, you're as bad as Agent Myers!…"

"Hey the box said… Half a box beats the shine every time!… you can't argue with them stats…"

"I had to clean all the bubbles up! Without help! And how about earlier in the week?…" Harp smiled and looked at the camera

"Well if you want to see all the action from Mulder and Scully's previous week, go on the website and follow the link, now I have just received news the votes are in and we are only moments away from finding out who's the first winner of Big Brother: Unleashed is going to be…" Harp turned toa man that passed a piece of paper to her. Michelle cleared her throat and smiled widely as she opened it. Her eyes went wide as she turned to the crowd.

"Ok without further ado. The winner of this years newest and most controversial Television show Big Brother: Unleashed with onlytwo votes more then their partner is… Dana Scully!" The crowd went wild. Scully's mouth fell open

"What? It's me?" Scully sat in her own little world as Mulder grabbed her and hugged her

"Congratulations Scully! I knew you could do it!" Scully looked at him shocked.

"I won?" Harp nodded

"Yes you did Agent Scully" Scully looked across at her

"I won?!" Mulder laughed

"Yes, so what does she win?" Scully kept eye contact

"Yes what did I win?" She asked, hoping it was a car or a holiday for one to Hawaii. Harp turned to the crowd and put the mic to her mouth.

"Not only did Agent Scully last the distance in what looked like a rollercoaster ride but she is now the proud owner and the winner of… Nothing!" The crowd went quite as Scully and Mulder turned to her.

"Excuse me?" Scully's voice dropped to a dangerous tone as she glared at Harp. Michelle swallowed

"Well, with the building of the house, do you really think we had enough money left over to actually get a prize?" Scully's jaw tensed

"You mean I lived in a house with 29 people, to put up with their annoying habits and to sleep outside because some idiot blew the roof up, to then have a flash flood which I wasn't concerned about until some other idiot over filled the washing machine with detergent that I had to clean up, to have yet another idiot fill it up like the first idiot and therefore I still had to clean up, to come and find out there is no prize at the end?…" Harp swallowed hard

"Yes" She squeaked, backing away slightly. Scully took a deep breath as she stood then she looked at the camera.

"People of the world, if you have children watching please change the channel now, for others the following will be rated M" She finished stalking towards Harp

"Now Agent Scully, don't hurt the messenger… It was all Fletcher's fault!…Help!" Harp practically fell off the stage as Scully flew off after her. Meanwhile the Cameras turned back to Mulder who smiled wildly

"So there you have it folks, the winner of Big Brother: Unleashed, Miss Dana Scully. Now stay tuned because next is the brand new series of: So You Think You Can Dance!"


"I'm so going to stuff papers down everyone's throats when I get back to the Bureau!" Scullys shouted as Harp kept running. Mulder looked wide eyed at the camera

"Yes Dana Scully. Maybe we should try out for 'So you think you can dance'?"

"I heard that Mulder!" Mulder turned his head to see Scully stalking towards him. He gulped

"Goodnight everyone, it's about to get rated MA"

"Mulder get back here now, so I can wring your neck! Let's go on TV you said, we'll be famous you said! This is the last time I will ever listen to you! Mulder?! Mulder get back here!… NOW!!... MULDER!!"


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