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Plot: Just a story about coming from my obsessiveness with cats and bishounen boys.

((At lunch one day, I asked a friend what EijixRyoma pairing was called and she replied she didn't know. Seeing as both Eiji and Ryoma remind me of cats, I came up with the name Cat Pair ))

Chpt. 1

Kikumaru Eiji ran around the tennis court along side Momoshiro after getting twenty laps from Tezuka buchou for horse playing and teasing Ryoma after he won a fascinating match against Kaidoh. What could he say; he was excited, ecstatic if all truth be told. His little ochibi was growing up; evolving and he just wanted to cheer him on. Eiji didn't mean any harm by it, so he didn't see why Buchou had to give him laps for it. Now Momo, on the other hand, who knew the reasons behind him teasing and rough housing with the young tennis prodigy.

Eiji smirked and looked toward his running companion. When the powerhouse finally turned toward him, Eiji stuck out his tongue and made a piece sign before rushing up ahead of Momoshiro, who, up until then, had been keeping the same pace as him. Momoshiro instantly started to run faster trying to catch up to the acrobat. What was the harm in a little competition?


Echizen Ryoma splashed cold water on his face trying to remove the sweat that had accumulated during his match with Kaidoh-senpai. It had been a long match, but not as long as the first match he'd had with the Viper. "Mada Mada Dane," he said wiping his face off with a towel. And then Eiji had tackled him fallowed closely by Momo.

"Ryoma, that was fantastic, just like our Ryoma, right," blurted Horio running over to Ryoma and opening his big mouth to talk nonsense. Katsou and Kachiro fallowed him listening to his blabber with slightly bothered looks, while Ryoma simply ignored his classmate and began walking to the locker rooms.

Just as he started walking though, he saw Eiji-senpai, still running the punishment Buchou had given him. It seemed he and Momoshiro-senpai were having a competition to see who could finish their laps the fastest.

A small grin tugged at Ryoma's mouth as he looked at the happy faces of his fellow teammates.

Suddenly, Eiji-senpai looked up and noticed Ryoma ahead of him. He smiled and yelled, "Oye, Ochibi!" before speeding up using an acrobatic move to gain a further advantage on his running mate.

Ryoma watched in pure amazement.

"Sorry, can't stop to chat, ochibi-chan, got to finish before the monkey," explained the acrobatic tennis player as he passed Ryoma.

The wind that fallowed behind him wrapped around the freshman like a warm blanket and Ryoma relaxed then stiffened up.

It smelled sweet. Why?

Momo-senpai soon fallowed only giving Ryoma a quick nod in acknowledgment before going after Eiji-senpai.

And suddenly the sweet air disappeared leaving Ryoma wondering where that warm scented wind had come from.

Silently, Ryoma started his walk home deciding not to wait for Momoshiro to finish. He needed to walk, to clear his head.

But, unbeknownst to him, where a pair of closed eyes holding a camera and hiding a flash.

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