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Chapter 9 - Love Like Tennis

Kikumaru Eiji walked toward his house pouting. His Ochibi was probably mad at him now. What was the poor acrobat to do?

Just when he reached his door, his phone rang.

"Moshe moshe."



More silence empelled until a voice suddenly said, "Mada mada da ne," before haning up.

"Ochibi! Hey, matte, don't hang up." The red head sighed at the dial tone. What was that about? he wondered before dialing another number.

"Moshe, moshe."


"Ah, hello Eiji-kun," greeted the tensai.

"Ochibi called me, what do I do?" Eiji asked jumping about in front of his door.

"What did he say?"

The hyper senoir paused for a minute to clear is throat. "Mada mada da ne."

"Heh, seems he's embarrassed. You should go find him."

Eiji thought for a minute. "Where is he?"

"Saa, I wonder. Well, stop by my house first, I have something to give you," then Fuji hung up leaving a very confused Eiji looking akward at his front door.


He was such an idiot. Baka, baka, baka. He didn't have time for these stupid games. First he goes and kisses the red head in front of his whole team then calls not knowing what to say. Echizen Ryoma always had to win in anything he did, and so far he was loosing. Weakness, that's what those where. Ryoma slammed another ball into the practice wall.

He really hated this game. Why had he fallen for that particular senpai?

Ryoma didn't even lift his racket when the ball came back at him.

"Oi Ochibi, shouldn't you be hitting the balls. It's dangerous, that one almost hit me."

Quickly, Ryoma turned around to see a pouting Eiji-senpai.

Readjusting his cap, Ryoma asked, "What do you want, Eiji-senpai?"

"What? You called me, right?" answered the other smirking.

Ryoma wanted to wipe that smirk away. "Bestuni."

"Don't 'whatever' me," yelled the red head grabbing Ryoma's arm. "I came here to talk to you, Ochibi."

"Let go," Ryoma hissed. He wouldn't show any weakness, he had to win. "Be serious for once. Stop messing with me, I will win!"

"Win?" The acrobat shook his head and smiled down at the freshmen. "This isn't a tennis match, and I am serious. You can be so cute sometimes, Ochibi."

Ryoma glared. He'd wipe that smirk off. Going on tip toe, Ryoma reached up and captured his senpai's lips with his own. Unlike last time, though, the other reacted. After a few minutes, they broke apart.

"Mada Mada da ne."

"Is that code for ' I like you senpai', because, I like you too, Ochibi."

Ryoma didn't object when the other started to pull him along. He felt as if he'd finally won a game, though the match was still far from the end.


(Warning: Imagination let free ahead. Beware of lemon)

He could barely breath, everything seemed to swirl around him as he felt each kiss leave a scorche on his body. He bit his bottom lip to try to keep from screaming. Suddenly, Ryoma felt a finger rubbing up a down his lower region. He couldn't handle it anymore.

"Ah! Eiji-senpai, d-don't, that's ch-cheating."

The only response was a giggle. "Game, Eiji, six games to five, I lead. Your serve Ryoma."

With a glare, the freshmen looked up at his partner, and into the red head's dark eyes. He felt he could get lost in them. "Mada mada da ne." Slowly, he pushed the acrobat over and onto his back. He then lowered his head.

"Oi, Ochibi, I thought you said that was cheating...Ah! D-don't do that. How in the world do you even know how to work that, do you practice? O-ochibi!"

"Stup up, you're talking to much," said Ryoma before continueing.

"St-stop, I'll cum if you keep..." the red head was silenced.

When Ryoma finally lifted his head, he announced, " Game, Ryoma, six games all. Tie brake. Your serve Senpai."

In all honesty, the freshman couldn't wait to see, or in better words feel, what his senpai would do next. It was good practice for future 'games'. The acrobat put his fingers to Ryoma's mouth and slipped them in. One point for him. Ryoma licked the, seductively. One to one. The red head inserted one finger causing the younger boy to scrunch up his face. Two to one. Then he inserted a second finger and started moving. Three to one. Not wanting to loose, Ryoma moved his hand up and down the senior's chest. Three to two.

When Ryoma felt the red head's hands on his hips, he shook them off and slowly climbed on top of the other kissing a trail down the other's neck. "Three to three, Three to four...Three to Seven." The young prodigy lifted himself and positioned his body before lowering it. "Urgh, huh, Four to Eight!"

An hour later, the laid next to each other, Eiji-senpai hugging the younger tennis player. "Oi, Ochibi, you make such cute faces."

Ryoma rolled his eyes and said, "Mada mada da ne."

"Wah, Ochibi's so mean. True, though, you did win."

Ryoma smirked.

"Next time I'll win, though, okay Ochibi," said the acrobat smiling. "I'll use acrobatic play, nya."

At that, Ryoma started blushing and looked away.

"Oi, is Ochibi embarrassed, nya. Look at me, Ochibi! You don't feel bad do you?"

Ryoma shook his head. "No, but, why did we do it in Fuji-senpai's room?" The freshmen hadn't thought to ask before, but now it seemed akward.

"Hmm, well, remeber that bet we made when we played doubles, well, you're not indebted to me anymore, heh heh."

Ryoma's eyes grew wide. "Nani?"

The red head sat up and rubbed the back of his head. "Well, Fujiko said he'd help me out, so in exchange for that, I had to get you to do something."

Now, Ryoma was suspicious. "What exactly?"

"Well," Eiji-senapi said nervously, "I wasn't real sure, so I made that bet with you earlier, so that you wouldn't back out. Gomen, Ochibi. But, before I went to see you, he told be to come over and gave me his key saying no one would be home. Are you mad?"

Ryoma sighed. "Bestuni." But, deep down, he felt something bad was coming.


(The End)

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Fuji Syusuke sat at his computer, movie maker and photoshop opened. He smiled at the screen as he filed through all the pictures he'd taken from the past week. They were of all very good quality and could be used well, he thought. But, it was the movie that amused him the most.

"Who knew our little freshmen could work like that. Sa...I wonder if he practices?" The sadistic prodigy opened his eyes suddenly at a certain part in the movie, his smile dissappearing before being replaced. He closed his eyes again. "Nope, that's natural talent. It was a good idea to set up a camera, this is good blackmail."