Summary: A chest materializes itself in front of Harry one day emblazoned with the words "To the Heir of the Most Noble House of Black". Inside is a pensive swirling with memories and a letter-addressed to Sirius' son. Join Harry and his friends as they journey through the memories of two lovers-from their time in Hogwarts with the Marauders to their days as members of the Order. What became of Sirius's son? And what became of his wife? Why did no one remember her? This is the untold, forgotten love story of Sirius Black.

Hey guys! Well, in case you can't tell, this is my first story, so be nice! Haha, anyways, this chapter isn't of mayor importance, its kind of a back-story to set up the actual story. Most of the story will be told from Sirius and his love's (I'm in between two names right now, so yeah) point of view, so please be patient until they come! I promise I won't take long to bring them in! haha. Anyways, on with the story, enjoy!

It was truly a horrible end to the wickedest of wars. Lord Voldemort may have been completely destroyed, but he will always be remembered by the mourners and helpers that now plagued Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry identifying the dead, breaking down over their family's bodies, screaming as soon as they found someone injured amongst the mass chaos, comforting friends who had lost it all.

Amidst all this madness stood Harry Potter, the Chosen Boy Who Lived and Destroyed Lord Voldemort, just standing there, looking at the scene around him, trying to comprehend what had just happened. It was over, after the death of his parents, Sirius, Mad-Eye, Fred, and finally Tonks and Lupin; their deaths now had a meaning and a purpose behind them: they had died for this― the end of the war.

Of course that didn't cancel out the fact that they were, in all truth, completely gone from the world. Harry took a moment to wonder just how it may have all ended up had he not been the Chosen One― would he be in Ron's place, mourning the death of his poor brother whilst holding Hermione's hand? Or would he be like Neville, with Gryffindor's sword tucked in his belt as he helped carry more bodies into the Great Hall? Would he have been like poor Colin Creevy, killed whilst fighting Death Eaters?

He sighed, there was no point in wondering now, and decided to head over to where the Weasley family now sat with tears pouring down their faces. As he neared the family, Ginny looked up and caught his eye, Harry froze. Her brown eyes were glistening with tears and slightly red around the edges, her hair in complete disarray and she had multiple gashes running through her arms, some matted with blood, and yet he had never seen her look more beautiful.

She stood up on shaky knees and launched herself at Harry, "Harry! Oh, Harry, he's dead!" She sobbed, "Fred's dead! But-but you did it Harry, you did it!"

Harry hugged her with all his might, "Yes, we did it."

"It's all over now, isn't it?" she asked, looking up at him with big, glistening brown eyes, "We'll never have to fight again, right?"

And then he kissed her, memorizing her every movement, wishing to do nothing more but be with her forever, "Yes, it's all over Ginny. Never again, I promise."

And he vowed to never go back on his word.

Harry arrived at number twelve Grimmauld Place accompanied by Ginny, Ron and Hermione three weeks after the Battle at Hogwarts. The past weeks consisted of a whirlwind of events: from making speeches in front of hundreds of excited wizards finally revealing what had really happened, celebrating endlessly with the Weasleys, returning to Hogwarts to obtain multiple awards and recognitions, rekindling his relationship with Ginny, attending too many funerals, and finally visiting his godson, Ted, at least once every week to make sure he was faring well.

Now the tired, yet content friends entered Grimmauld Place, slightly dreading what might be lurking inside. They were pleasantly surprised though, to find that nothing happened. Absolutely nothing.

"But what happened to that spell thing that Mad-Eye set up?" Ron asked, looking around for any sign of the strange spell.

Hermione dropped to her knees and examined the carpet where the dust figure usually rose from, but found nothing, "I'm guessing that when Snape died the spell died along with him."

Harry nodded, "Makes sense…but that still doesn't explain why everything's back to normal…you'd think the Death Eaters would have torn the place up completely...of course, Kreacher." He concluded.

Ron nodded, "I guess that makes sense…say, where is he?"

Ginny merely ignored him and started climbing up the stairs, "how about instead of sitting here wondering we inspect the house?"

And so they did, only to find absolutely nothing was out of place, coming to the conclusion that Yaxley and his fellow Death Eaters decided to either completely ignore it because they weren't there, or they had been unable to get past Mad-Eye's security― they were betting on the latter. The following months followed in the same fashion, assuring the public that they were now safe, catching up with people who had gone missing, making sure all muggle-borns put in Azkaban were cleared of all charges, and gathering up Death Eaters by the dozens. Harry was glad to be finally recognized as an adult, and was allowed to help in the ministry as well as conduct his own investigations regarding previous Death Eater houses, with a team of Aurors, of course.

It had been decided that all the students who'd had to either leave school or not attend it at all would be allowed to retake the previous year's course, or in the case that they had attended the majority of the year, they were allowed to continue on to the next year. Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting in the Burrow half expecting to get a letter from Hogwarts, only to find a letter addressed to all three of them, summoning them to the Minister's office immediately. They quickly made their way outside and apparated into the ministry, making their way quickly through the crowded space and only glancing briefly at the huge fountain that had been restored to its former appearance.

They entered Kingsley's office and he gestured them to take a seat in the three comfortable chairs sitting in front of his desk, "Well, I'm guessing you know why you're here, right?"

"So we're not going back to Hogwarts?" Hermione was the first to understand, as usual.

Kingsley nodded, "Of course, it is completely your choice if you wish to go, but yes, I would like for you three to remain behind and continue aiding the ministry to re-establish itself."

Ron nodded vigorously, "We'd love to-I mean I'd love to, dunno about them."

"Yeah, I'd like that," said Harry, Hermione nodded.

"I appreciate your help," Kingsley smiled, "I'd like Harry and Ron to start working as Aurors, help hunt down those Death Eaters. Hermione, I'd like for you to begin working with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and help re-write the Pro-Pureblood Laws."

Ron sat up straighter, "You mean actual jobs, right? Like, we're gonna get paid, right?"

"Yes, Ron, you three will be officially working for the ministry and therefore be getting paid," Kingsley sighed, "Well, I have some meetings to go to, you start on Monday, report to your offices at eight o'clock sharp. Goodbye." And with that he left the office.

The rest of the summer followed a strict schedule: Harry and Ron reported to the Auror office every weekday at eight o'clock and continued to track down dark objects and escaped Death Eaters whilst Hermione reported to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and aided in the rewriting of laws and clearing falsely accused people of all their charges. After work, they joined Ginny, occasionally Fred, Neville, or Luna, and enjoyed their time together playing Quiddich, chess, and helping out in Fred's shop, Saturdays were spent with the remaining Order Members in Harry's house, occasionally talking of work, but mostly enjoying each other's company, and on Sundays Harry went to Andromeda's home to visit Teddy.

All too soon, September first came around, and Harry had to say goodbye to Ginny until the Winter Break, promising that they would write each other letters as often as possible. The time progressing towards winter was pretty much the same, they captured several Death Eaters, and continued to make progress in stabilizing the wizarding community.

When the Winter Break finally began, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Molly greeted Ginny in the train station, and after reuniting, apparated to the Burrow. Harry and Hermione spent their time at the Burrow nearly everyday, and soon it was Christmas.

Now, our story begins…

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