Through the mist they fell and seconds later they found themselves exactly in the same room they had been in seconds before, o

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Through the mist they fell and seconds later they found themselves exactly in the same room they had been in seconds before, only this time, there were numerous tapestries decorating the wall with the Black family crest flashing at them from various locations.

There, sitting on the very couch Harry had occupied not ten minutes ago, sat a man Harry immediately identified as Sirius' father. The man had short, neatly trimmed black hair and a well kept moustache, wearing fine clothes much too refined to be wearing around a house.

There was a sudden noise in the entryway and in walked a young Sirius Black. Harry guessed he must be around five years of age, for he was very short and his features were definitely young, Sirius knocked lightly on the doorframe and asked in a sweet, yet refined voice, "Yes, papa?"

The man turned to face his son and spoke in a brisk voice, "Sirius, you have reached an age where you can begin to learn of your ancestry and to control your magic. You will be starting lessons on Monday. That is all."

Sirius nodded, "Yes, sir," he turned and left just as quietly as he had come.

The room faded and they now found themselves inside a rather large white gazebo, on the near distance they could see a relatively large home painted white with forest green shutters, and in between the house and gazebo was a wonderland of green with splatters of pink, red, and yellow flowers.

Inside the gazebo was a little girl with short brown hair styled into cute pigtails that stuck out to the sides of her head. She was wearing a bright yellow dress, and was coloring a picture with brightly colored pencils.

"She's so cute!" Ginny gushed, "How old do you think she is?"

"My guess is four of five," said Hermione, "can't be much older than that…"

A floorboard creaked and they all turned towards the sound; in had walked a woman with long, curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes, the resemblance between her and her daughter was evident. The young girl squealed excitedly, "Mommy, you're home!"

The woman smiled in the way only mothers can, "Hi, princess!" she picked up the girl and spun her around, "Oh, I've missed you!"

The girl giggled delightedly, "Mommy, look! I drew you a picture! Look!" As soon as her feet hit the ground she walked over to her picture and handed it to her mother, "Do you like it? Do you like it?"

"Oh, honey, it's beautiful! I love it!" the woman smiled, "I'll hang in right on the fridge!"

The little girl smiled and took her mother's hand, "Let's go! Let's go!"

The sounds of their laughter faded and the scene melted away. They now found themselves in Grimmauld Place, in the room containing the Black family tree. A desk was placed in the middle of the room and sitting on it was Sirius, about two years older than they had previously seen him.

There was an old man standing, lecturing him, "…and so the pureblood community had to take care of all of the enchantments to prevent muggles to know of our existence, which further proves that muggles should not be allowed in our community. In 1654…"

Sirius sighed, his long hair gracefully falling over his eyes, "This is pointless," he muttered distinctly.

"Pointless? Pointless?!" the man flared, "This, boy, is your past! This is what will make you the heir of the Black family fortune! This proves that us purebloods should have all power! This proves…"

But Sirius was already at the door and leaving. They followed him, to find that he bumped into a younger boy. The resemblance between the two was evident; this was a young Regulus Black.

"Watch it!" said Sirius, shoving his brother aside, "What, trying to see if you can get ahead in your ridiculous studies?"

Regulus puffed his chest out, "You should pay more attention! This stuff is important!"

Sirius rolled his eyes, "Yeah. Right."

The scene changed again, and they suddenly found themselves in a cemetery. The casket was open and inside, clad in a beautiful white gown, lay Kristabelle's mother, beautiful in death, looking as if she were merely resting.

A young Kristabelle approached the casket, wearing a black dress and slightly older than they last seen her; she was carrying a single white rose that she placed on her mother's abdomen, crying the whole way.

"Oh, no, that's horrible!" said Hermione, "She was so young!"

Harry nodded, not knowing what he could say. An older, yet still young girl approached Kristabelle, "Come on, sis, let's go home."

The scene changed yet again, and they now found themselves in King's Cross, surrounded by multiple families saying goodbye to each other. In front of them stood an eleven-year-old Sirius, joined by Regulus, who was looking up at his brother in envy, and his mother, looking around at others with an expression that clearly marked them all as filth.

"So…I guess I'll be heading off, then" Said Sirius, looking around desperately as if trying to escape.

His mother sniffed, "To think, that my very own son will be attending school with this, this…filth!"

Sirius rolled his eyes, "Yeah, gross…so can I go now?"

"I suppose, you'd better end up in Slytherin, boy," said his mother as she glared at him, as if daring him not to, "try not to disgrace your family too much, heaven knows it's embarrassing enough to be seen around these people."

Sirius nodded, "Right, definitely, bye mother, see ya Reg!"

And with that he turned and dragged his trunk behind him, mounting the Hogwarts express. He walked towards the back compartments, looking into certain ones, and opened the door to one halfway down the train, seated in it was a young, redheaded girl, "That's my mum!" Harry said excitedly.

She looked up, "Hey, mind if I sit here?"

She shook her head, "It's alright," and she resumed looking out the window dejectedly, Harry knew it was because she'd just argued with her sister, Petunia.

Just as Sirius took his seat, another boy entered the compartment, "My dad…" said Harry, gazing at a young James Potter, with his untidy hair and with a grin adorning his features.

"Hullo! Name's James, can I join you?" he said with a smile, already standing inside the compartment.

"Sure!" grinned Sirius. He stood up and helped James place his trunk in the rack above the seats, "Name's Sirius."

The scene faded, they found themselves in the Great Hall, the sorting ceremony about to begin. They were standing next to Sirius, joined by James and Remus, Lily and Snape not far off. They watched as Sirius was amongst the first to approach the Sorting Hat, it seemed to take some time pondering his house, but eventually shouted out "GRYFFINDOR!"

Sirius looked pleasantly shocked, and walked over to the Gryffindor table with a smile on his handsome face. They watched as the sorting ceremony progressed, and Harry witnessed again as Snape seemed bothered by Lily's sorting.

They approached the Gryffindor table and watched as the newly established first years were patted on the back by a prefect, "Frank Longbottom!" exclaimed Hermione.

Ron stared, "Neville's dad?!"

"He does resemble him somehow…" said Ginny as she inspected the man.

But Harry wasn't paying attention to Neville's parents, he was too busy gazing as his young father patted Sirius on the back, "Well now, reckon we'll be expecting a howler from your mum anytime soon?"

Sirius grinned, "Most definitely."

The scene faded and they now found themselves in the boys' dormitories, the only ones in the room were the Marauders themselves: James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. Harry couldn't suppress the wave of hatred and pity he felt as he gazed at Peter, already short and chubbier than his companions.

"Disgusting scum," mumbled Ron, clearly looking at Peter as well.

The young boys were sitting in a circle, listening to James talk animatedly about the Quiddich World Cup he had attended that summer, speaking in great details and gesturing excitedly with his hands. The group of boys all laughed at the right times and seemed to get along just fine; as James began to describe vividly every detail of the seeker for a certain team, Sirius suddenly interrupted him.

"Alright, sounds exciting and all, but I've got something more exciting up my sleeve," he grinned at them all.

"Oh, and what's that?" said James, completely forgetting that he had just been cruelly interrupted.

"How well do you say your sneakiness rates?" Sirius grinned mischievously.

James mirrored his smirk, "Depends on what you have in mind…"

Sirius's grin grew, "Well, a small little prank, to announce the arrival of Hogwarts's greatest prankster."

Peter shifted nervously, Remus tried desperately to hide the smirk that was attempting to form on his lips, "I don't think that's such a good idea…I don't want to get expelled…"

Sirius patted him on the back, "Well why would we? No one's gonna know it was us!"

Peter still looked nervous, "But what if we get caught?"

"Then we'll just serve detention and that's it!" said James, now euphoric, "So, Sirius, mate, what did you have in mind?"

There were several flashes then, brief clippings of memories, certain pranks, detentions, laughing with the Marauders, overall a brief overview of Sirius's first year in Hogwarts. Lily would occasionally be seen in the background, but it seemed that James hadn't developed a big crush on Lily yet, and they didn't really seem to get along too well. After several minutes though, one memory became clear, the Marauders were all sitting in their room in a circle, much like they had on their first time there.

This time, it was Sirius who was telling a story, describing animatedly, though with an air of grace around him that called for careful attention; something James would never be able to pull off. As the boys' laughter died, they looked around at each other, suddenly somber.

"Aww, I'm going to miss you guys!" said James suddenly, and embraced Peter in a one armed hug.

Peter shifted uncomfortably, "We'll write to each other all summer, right?"

Remus smiled, "I know I will!"

Sirius nodded, "Everyday, I'll let you know of any pranks I come up with!"

James laughed, "Of course we'll keep in contact, I mean, we are, after all, the Marauders!"

"The Marauders?" Remus chuckled, "I like it!"

Peter nodded, "Yes! Excellent!"

Sirius smirked, "Very fitting indeed…I'm just surprised you even knew what the word meant!"

"Hey!" James cried indignantly, they all laughed.

Harry smiled; content that his father had been such a wonderful person, he knew he'd have been a great father. The memory faded all too soon for Harry.

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