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Nearly a quarter of a century earlier, in a small church, before a gathering of family members, FBI agents, squints, and one puckish Federal prosecutor, Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan had vowed to love and honor each other for the rest of their lives. Their first kiss as husband and wife had been met with thunderous applause. Now they were sitting, bodies touching and hands interlaced, in the first pew of the same church, eager to see their son Liam make his own vows to Hodgins and Angela's daughter Cassie.

As he stood at the altar awaiting his bride, Liam wiped his sweaty palms on the sides of his tuxedo jacket as discreetly as he could. He had never been more nervous and excited in his life. His big brother Parker, standing beside him as his best man, gave him an encouraging pat on the back and reminded him to keep breathing. Keep breathing, Liam repeated in his mind. Right. I can do that. In, out, in, out, in…whoa. His mouth dropped open as he caught sight of Cassie walking down the aisle with her father. He had never seen anyone look more stunning. He only hoped he wasn't drooling.

Booth grinned when he saw the look on his son's face because he was sure he had worn the same expression the moment he first saw Bones in her wedding dress. He remembered thinking then that he was so incredibly lucky to have this beautiful, brilliant, amazing woman as his wife. Two children, three dogs and hundreds of cases later, he still considered himself the luckiest guy on Earth. As he watched Liam and Cassie beam at each other while they said their vows, he knew that they would be as happy in their marriage as he and Bones were in theirs.


"It was a very nice wedding," Booth said as he and Bones danced at the reception.

"I agree," Brennan replied. "It reminded me of Hodgins and Angela's first wedding…except no one from the government interrupted to say that Cassie was already married."

Booth laughed. "Thankfully. That would have been really--" He trailed off when he heard the first notes of Hot Blooded blaring from the oversized speakers. "Hey, they're playing our song! Remember dancing to this at our wedding?"

"Of course. I was glad that we were able to finish the song without you getting blown up."

He laughed again and spun her around. "Me too."

When Booth spun her, Brennan saw Max bouncing Parker's baby daughter Joy in his lap. "Look at my father with Joy. He's so sweet."

Booth smiled at his father-in-law and granddaughter. "Yeah, he's being sweet now. Did you know that before our wedding he threatened to kill me?"


"Because he loves you. He told me that he liked me and he knew I was a good man, but he'd have to kill me if I ever did anything to hurt you. I promised him I never would."

"And you've kept your promise," she said with a kiss. "In my father's defense, you make similar threats of violence to any boy who dates Emily." She tilted her head towards their teenage daughter. Clad in a purple bridesmaid dress, she was sitting at a table with her boyfriend Matt.

"I know," he admitted. "It's what fathers of daughters do."

"So do you think Hodgins threatened Liam when he started dating Cassie?"

"What? No way, Bones. Hodgins has known Liam his whole life; he knows he's a great kid."

"I remember Hodgins and Angela visiting Liam in the hospital the day he was born," Brennan said, smiling at the memory. "Angela brought us baby name books because we hadn't picked a name yet, along with a multitude of gifts for him."

"Hodgins gave him a glowworm stuffed animal," Booth recalled. "He slept with that thing every night for years."

"And Angela said that she hoped Liam and Cassie would get married someday," Brennan added. "She finally got her wish." She turned to look at Angela, who was happily dancing with her husband.

Booth followed her gaze. He saw Angela winking at Hodgins when the song ended and the couple dashing off the dance floor hand in hand. "I wonder what they're running off to do," Booth joked.

"They're probably going to have sex," Brennan answered seriously. "Angela told me once that she found weddings to be a powerful aphrodisiac. She said that after Cam's wedding she and Hodgins barely made it to their car."

"Whoa, way too much information there, Bo--oh God."

"What's wrong?"

"Cassie's birthday is in February."

Brennan nodded. "February 11th. Don't worry--we have plenty of time to get her a suitable present."

"I'm not worried about that. I was just thinking that her birthday is almost exactly nine months after--"

"Our wedding," Brennan interrupted as the realization dawned on her. "Cassie was conceived after our wedding, and now she's married to our son. Fascinating."

Booth shook his head. "Freaky."

"Angela and Hodgins weren't the only ones aroused after our wedding," Brennan said, wrapping her arms around him and lowering her voice. "You told me that, as gorgeous as I looked in my wedding dress, you couldn't wait to take it off me; You couldn't wait to show me what a wonderful husband you were going to be." She slid her hands down his back. "I wanted you just as much…maybe even more."

Booth let out a low moan. "Booones…"

"But we had to wait. Our friends and family were expecting us at the reception, and we couldn't disappoint them. So we went and ate and danced and thanked everyone for coming until eventually we were able to leave for our hotel. Remember drinking champagne…feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries…making love in that ridiculous heart shaped Jacuzzi…and on the private balcony…and on the King size bed with the red satin sheets?"

"I remember," Booth said breathlessly, bringing her mouth to his for a lengthy kiss.

"Geesh, guys, get a room," Liam joked as he and Cassie walked by his kissing parents.

Booth and Brennan pulled back to face one another and grinned. "Now that," Booth said, "is an excellent idea."


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