I recently went on a poetry jag and I have a big new body of Star Wars poetry. Most are related to my Land and Sky AU but some are random Vader pieces that could honestly work for canon or either of my published AUs. I'm going to post them all as separate pieces of writing rather than as chapters in a collection because, especially with the Land and Sky ones, they're not written chronologically, and I'm sure that I will write more, so I'd end up having to edit the order of the chapters each time anyway.

Vader related poems thus far are:

Is This Goodbye


The set of your shoulders tells me everything
Everything I don't want to know
And my soul crumbles
The door is closing
You break away
You fall and I can't catch you
Your fingers slide from mine forever and I watch you fade away
Still standing
The desert that bore you to me is afire
How have we fallen to this place, you and I?
You leap upon and rend me
You tear out my throat and leave me dying
Still breathing
Choking on you
As your accusations sink into me like fangs
Your flesh melts
Twisted soul burning in the ashes of a body I've destroyed
All that's left of you is in my hand
As I walk away.