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Week 1: Yodai Higashizawa

Day 1 of 7: Choice

"The world ends with you…but I'm sure you already know that. After all, you're a smart kid. And you're intelligent because of the decisions you've made in life. Nobody else decided how you will end up. Though events have occurred that you seemingly had no control over, you still chose how to react. I just want you to remember that your contributions to the world around you, no matter how minimal, can make a major difference in people's lives. So, take each day one decision at a time, and make the most out of what you've got. After all, you only live once. I just want you to make it count."

Those were the first words that popped into Sho Minamimoto's mind as he first felt the cold concrete of the Shibuya Scramble Crossing underneath his body. He had absolutely no idea how he had wound up here, but he knew one fact for certain: he was supposed to be dead. He couldn't quite remember how or why he had died, but something inside of him told him that he had. And that same something contradicted itself, as it was telling him that dead men can't feel. But, no matter how he had round up in this position, Sho knew that, put simply, this was NOT going to be his lucky day.

As some of you may have already guessed, this is not the same Sho that tried to sacrifice his humanity in order to become the next Composer. This Sho, this entire Shibuya, is a part of an entirely different dimension. According to multiverse theory, whenever a person is presented with any kind of choice, a new dimension is created per each possible option that could be picked. By merely drinking a different beverage at lunch, or by stepping onto a crack in the pavement instead of over it, entirely new worlds can be produced. And in this one, Sho Minamimoto was never a pawn in Kitaniji's plans, and he isn't able to use the power of Taboo Noise. In fact, he has just recently died, and is about to begin his own journey.

"…Something doesn't add up. Or subtract down, or even divide evenly," Sho mumbled to himself as he opened his eyes, and found that he was laying in the middle of one of the busiest locations of Shibuya. As he picked himself up, he tried to collect the facts. He had died, but couldn't remember why, or how. He could remember where, though: right in the middle of Tipsy Tose Hall. Next thing he knew, he was at the Scramble Crossing without any clue of how he got there, and he could still feel sensations as though he was still alive. Quite odd indeed.

"Hey, you! Yoctogram!" Sho called out to a person walking right in front of him, hoping to get a second opinion on his current situation. As the person just kept on walking, Sho decided to rudely grab the guy by the shoulder, and give him an earful of insults as payback for ignoring him. As he tried to grab the man, though, Sho was a tad surprised when his arm went right THROUGH him. Only a tad, because he knew he was supposed to be dead; it was only a matter of time before he had proof. Still, the whole 'I can feel things' bit contradicted his current outlook on the predicament he was now a part of…

Before he could take another second to figure out his current situation, Sho noticed that what appeared to be crudely-drawn graffiti was hovering in the air a few feet nearby. Before he could examine the cruddy designs a bit more closely, frogs with tattoos for legs materialized from them. Sho quickly decided that running was the best option, as anything that can defy the laws of physics was bound to be deadly, even if most frogs were known to be harmless organisms. Besides, he had the feeling that he couldn't have beat them if he tried.

Sho dashed all the way to the Statue of Hachiko before turning around and checking to see if the strange amphibians were following him. Sadly for him, they were. One was about to jump right onto his face, when a buff guy with dreadlocks came out of nowhere and kicked it away. The giant of a man then turned to Sho and uttered, "Unless you prefer to be basted like a Thanksgiving turkey, and have your blood become cranberry sauce, form a pact with me!"

"…Dude, that's zetta sick!" Sho replied, holding the sides of his head with his hands as he tried to get the gruesome image out of his head. After a few more moments of trying to forget about it, he suddenly realized that this man could see him. Whether he was in the same situation he was or not, odds were that they would both benefit from this 'pact', as the man had called it. So, Sho also stated, "Look, I'll make a pact with you, but you had better give me some answers afterwards!"

The next thing Sho knew, both he and the stranger were covered in some sort of bright light. Right afterwards, the man was nowhere to be seen, but the frogs were still there. "Well, this bites. I can't believe that radian ditched-" Sho started to complain, until the frogs began to dissolve into what looked to be television static. After the last one had faded away, the muscular gent reappeared.

"By the look on your face, as though you've just witnessed what happens when baking a cake with too much yeast, I assume you've never fought against Noise before," the older man asked the semi-bewildered Sho. The stranger then proceeded to tell Sho everything he knew about their situation, as promised. And, since he had been in this predicament for about two months, he had a great deal of information to convey.

In an hour, Sho now knew everything he could possibly know, from the fact that they were a part of something called the 'Reaper's Game' to how to use pins, like the few that the mathematician found in his pocket after checking. Minamimoto found it was odd that he couldn't remember actually entering the Game and remembering all of this from one of the folks in charge, yet could still remember some parts about his life before death, but decided to keep his mouth shut for now. The older man also gave his name: Yodai Higashizawa, a chef that had died in a cooking accident, and had to give up the use of his hands time and time again for the opportunity to return to life.

"…Big Guy, that is the most incomprehensible tale that I have ever heard," Sho replied after hearing everything. "But, it's the only possible algorithm that could result in my current predicament, so I'll take your word for it. By the way, my name's Sho Minamimoto; the most zetta awesome math-lete on the continent!"

"…Your ego is like an oyster in the month of February; it's making me feel ill," Yodai replied as he began to walk back to the Crossing. "Now come on; the appetizer on every week is to find a partner and head to the 104 building."

Sho was about to yell an insult back, but figured that he shouldn't upset the muscular man he'd be stuck with for the next seven days. Besides, there was a good chance that whatever he said would go right over Yodai's head anyways. So, with a mere shrug, Sho followed his new acquaintance to the street that led to the 104 building. Standing in front of it was what looked like a teenager in a red hood, though Yodai had already told him that most field Reapers worked like that. The Reaper requested that they terminate some Noise before they could proceed; while he now knew that he would be able to defeat the strange frogs, Sho was still unable to do anything but run from the creatures, and Yodai ended up doing all the work again. But, even without Minamimoto's participation, the task was accomplished successfully and the path was cleared.

"I'm hoping that you had to give up your confidence in order to participate in The Game," Yodai told the math wiz, "because I'd gladly marinate you in plum sauce, roast you for twenty to thirty minutes in my oven, and then just find a new partner if I found out you were just lazy."

"…Again, zetta sick!" Sho cried out with a grimace. "You should seriously find something other than food to reference!"

Less than a minute later, the duo had reached the 104 building. Sho was about to ask what happens after they clear a mission, when he suddenly felt an unusually powerful urge to take a nap…