I recently went on a poetry jag and I have a big new body of Star Wars poetry. Most are related to my Land and Sky AU but some are random Vader pieces that could honestly work for canon or either of my published AUs. I'm going to post them all as separate pieces of writing rather than as chapters in a collection because, especially with the Land and Sky ones, they're not written chronologically, and I'm sure that I will write more, so I'd end up having to edit the order of the chapters each time anyway.

Vader related poems thus far are:

Is This Goodbye

Is This Goodbye?He stands at the edge of forever
Looking down
And sees your face in his own eyes
He calls
But you refuse to hear
He reaches
But you refuse to touch again
Encased in ice
You smolder
He holds out the truth
That you refuse to know
Blind and deaf
Cut off and floating
You go
Into the prison of your own heart
That beats against your will
A cage of your own making
Jagged edge of reality
Shard of a past that you cannot abandon
Cannot forget
Cannot erase
You grasp for it and you bleed
You run from it and you come face to face again
With what lives behind the mask
You are alive
But this is not living
You breathe
But you cannot taste the air
You touch
But you cannot feel
He reaches for you
But you refuse to move