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Summary: Imagine this – two men and one woman stepped in an elevator. On the way up to the highest floor, an arm wraps around the woman's shoulders. She then reached out to hold hands with the man beside her… who is not her boyfriend. How messed up is that?



Chapter 1: Unsatisfied



Sakura Kinomoto was the embodiment of perfection. Everyone thought so. She was the best model in the country. Every magazine wanted her in the cover. Perfect figure, good personality, healthy lifestyle, clean record… On top of that, she was currently going out with Eriol Hirigazawa, the man every girl dreamed of.

He was the youngest, second most successful businessman in the country. The first place should go to his best friend, Li Syaoran, who managed to remain single until now.

The trio was unbeatable, inseparable.

Everywhere one goes, the other two tag along. Until… well, Sakura and Eriol started dating, of course. Syaoran refused to be the third wheel.

The seemingly happy couple was two days away from celebrating their sixth monthsary. Sakura, as usual, was anxious about it. She always was. She was currently pacing in her room while her boyfriend's best friend follows her every movement amusingly.

"I don't really see why you're always so nervous," he commented. "It ends up not so bad all the time, right?"

"You don't get it, okay?!" Sakura snapped, resuming to biting her nails that he stopped her from doing just minutes ago.

"Then, explain to me," he offered his willing ear. "What are you guys planning on Saturday?"

"Movie, then dinner, since we both have work in the morning until lunch," she replied.

Syaoran nodded slowly while creasing his eyebrows. He really didn't see the reason why she was so nervous about it. It wasn't like she hadn't gone out on a date with him before.

"And… what's so nerve-wrecking about that?" he asked calmly, hoping not to tick her off anytime soon.

"Nothing!" she snapped once again. "It's just that… is it wrong to want something… more than just movie and dinner to celebrate such a special day?"

Syaoran snorted. "You do know you're dating Eriol Hirigazawa, right?" he asked smoothly. "The guy took years to realize he's in love with you. The guy took months to think about how to ask you out. And you're expecting something more to come out of your dates?"

Sakura started shaking her head vigorously, but totally understanding Syaoran's point. She flopped herself beside him on her bed and sighed.

"I know, I know…" she said in a resigned voice. She sighed again. "I know he's not the type of guy who prepares anything and I love him for that, but you know… sometimes I can't help but to expect something special from him. Like the day he asked me out… I mean, I'm just a girl, Syaoran, who wants to be pleased by her boyfriend extraordinarily from time to time."

With the declaration, Syaoran felt something flutter in his heart. It had never happened before and he was confused as to why his heart was suddenly beating faster and his breathing was becoming haggard.

Sakura's eyes were darted forward so she was not aware of his sudden physiological change.

"I know I'm being selfish for wanting more," she continued and Syaoran unexpectedly ached to reach out to her. "Especially since I'm getting more than enough from him… but it's just–," she fought for the words to come out. "It's just unsatisfying… sometimes."

"I don't understand," he slowly muttered. Sakura thought he didn't understand what she was saying so she just laughed and shrugged it off. However, he meant he didn't understand what he was feeling right now.

"Forget what I said, Syaoran," she said happily, exhaling a long breath. "It's just me trying to live up to my childish fantasies. Maybe I'm still expecting Eriol to sweep me off my feet and take me away with his mighty horse to his extravagant castle."

Syaoran chuckled at that and forced himself to ignore his fast-beating heart.

"Are you talking to me about this because you want me to give a hint to Eriol about what you want to happen?" he finally inquired.

He wasn't accusing her of something. It was just a late realization that struck him.

Sakura laughed at him.

"What?" she asked credulously. "Where did you get that idea? Of course not! Nothing leaves this room, Syaoran-kun!"

Syaoran stood up and shrugged. He stretched out his arms and looked down at her. But… that was a wrong move because he met her sparkling emerald eyes and he could not help but be drawn to it.

"You could've just said no, you dork," he hit her softly on the head, which earned him a smack from her. "You didn't have to say Syaoran-kun. It's too… familiar."

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Oh, c'mon, Syaoran-kun," she teased. "We practically grew up together. You still don't like it when I use that suffix for you?"

Syaoran just shrugged. "Eh, it gives me the creeps is all, especially how you say it," he was suddenly serious. "Like when you say it… I can't say no."

Silence followed after that. No one spoke a word.

Then… Sakura burst out laughing.

"It's not funny!" Syaoran pointed out then he pouted. Sakura was still laughing. "I'm leaving."

"You know I was only kidding, Syaoran-kun," she called out to him as he exited her door.

He remained outside her door for a while, knowing that she would not go out. She usually did not take him to her front door. She had a thing against farewells, even temporary farewells. He leaned his back against her door and tried to steady his heart.

What the hell is this?

He had never felt like this before. And with Sakura, out of all the people. They were just friends and would remain friends.

But that's what Eriol thought before as well… but look at them now.

He ruffled his hair and began walking to the front door. He knew Sakura would be watching from her window if he had gone out of her gate yet. As soon as he got in his car, started the engine and waited for the gate to automatically open for him, he stepped on the gas quickly.

But as he turned around the corner that would make him only two blocks from his house, he suddenly stepped on the brake as he realized something.

I… have a crush on her?

And for the first time ever, Li Syaoran was driving to his house at the slowest speed possible known to man and…

He was blushing.



Author's Notes: Pretty short, but it's a start, right? I don't really make Syaoran blush in any of my stories but I just think it's adorable if he does. And yes, this is going to be one heck of a dramatic story with tears and pain and suffering. Haha! I hope you enjoyed reading and that you would patiently wait for the next chapter. See you soon!