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Previously… Sakura held a party for her best friend who just came back in Japan. Syaoran continued to struggle with his developing feelings for Sakura. By the end of the night, the two share a forbidden kiss. Now, will Sakura remember about it? Will Syaoran tell her?



Chapter 3: Aftermath



Sakura could feel strong arms surrounding her. She could feel the warmth coming from the person who owns those arms. She could hear his steady breathing. She was slowly regaining her consciousness but at the back of her mind, she knew she was supposed to remember something.

She was cherishing something the night before.

But what was it?

She started stirring that caused the person beside her to stir as well.


Something jolted in her memory.

"Hhmm, Syaoran-kun."

"Sakura… I need more rest," she recognized Eriol's voice so clearly, Syaoran was not the one beside her. She breathed out loudly.

What happened last night? Did something really happen last night? What is it?


"What?" she whispered and finally she opened her eyes. She was facing Eriol's chest. Her tiny body enclosed in his arms. She could feel a splitting headache coming already. She whimpered and tugged on Eriol's shirt.

"Sweetie…" Eriol complained softly. He clearly was not ready to wake up yet.

She kept tugging on his shirt while looking up at his reaction. He would not budge. She sighed and just gave up. They remained in that position, being the cute, lovely couple that they are. However, Sakura could feel from the bottom of her heart that she had done something that could hurt Eriol.

But, what is it?

She searched through her mind. She tried to remember all the events of last night. Tomoyo came… Then, the party… She got slightly drunk… Then, Eriol came… She got even more drunk… She went up to her room… And then what??

She could remember that Syaoran had scolded her about something – was that the wrong thing she did? So Syaoran would know about it?

I have a feeling he will know it more than I do…

Sakura glanced at Eriol's sleeping form again. He must have been tired from last night – she could just imagine the cleaning up he had to do since she does not remember any of it. She loved Eriol, who could ask for more?

He was the perfect guy – caring, understanding, sweet, quiet. He would get her whatever she wants, just to make her happy. Their strong friendship before they became a couple was also a plus since they already knew each other. They did not have to begin from step one. The overwhelming feelings pouring out from her heart made her squeeze Eriol into a side hug.

She heard Eriol sigh and figured that he was finally fully awake.

"Sorry," she whispered and giggled softly.

"It's okay," Eriol mumbled and hugged her back.

None of them made a move to get up. Eriol looked at the clock behind Sakura and it only read 10 in the morning. It was too early for the both of them. It was also Sunday so they both did not have to go to their offices. He kissed her on the forehead and smiled when he remembered how "wasted" she was last night.

"Did I tell you that I'm not going to let you host another house party ever again?" he told her.

Sakura pouted, "why not?" she asked, looking up at him.

"Because… you really know how to party," he said, smiling. "Well, you won't have a house party for a very long time. Let's just leave it at that."

"Did I do something wrong?" she said.

Maybe Eriol would know about the heaviness in her heart that was keeping her uneasy ever since she woke up.

"Nothing wrong, sweetie," he was caressing her hair. "You just drank too much. No headache for you this morning?"

"Not that bad," she replied.

And there was still the uneasiness. She hated not knowing something. She hated herself for not remembering what she was supposed to remember. She could feel it in her heart that it was something big, that she could shrug the matter off.

But, what is it?



The dark, sophisticated curtains were hindering the sunlight from coming inside the room. They were left like that from last night since Syaoran did not want his sleep to be disturbed. He was still lying on his bed, fast asleep, refusing to wake up from his dream, refusing to go back to reality.

Sakura's eyes were pulling him closer to her. He was too mesmerized to look away. Who could resist this beauty in front of him? She started to close her eyes and all of a sudden, she pulled his collar towards her.

Before he knew it, his lips had already crashed into hers and she sighed in contentment.

He, on the other hand, was too shocked to smile.

"I knew your lips were soft," she murmured. "Syaoran-kun, more…"

He couldn't say no when she calls him that, so he dove in for another kiss. The kiss quickly deepened between the two of them. Sakura's state made her actions more rushed as she moved over to the other side of the bed to let Syaoran climb to the bed with her.

He was now on top of her, relishing the moment. They paused for a while to regain their breaths. He was breathing in the air she was breathing out. She had a playful smile on her face that he admired.

"You're amazing," Sakura whispered and once again, she pulled him in for a kiss.

Syaoran slowly stirred and unconsciously felt the other side of the bed. It was empty. Of course, it would be empty. He had enough wits to control himself last night and leave Sakura's room before anything more serious occurred.

The kiss was already serious.

He groaned and kicked his blanket.

How was he going to tell Sakura about it? How was he going to face his best friend after last night? Should anyone know? Would Sakura remember? What if she asks? Should he tell her? What was the point?

Nothing makes sense now.

It was like he had thrown away all his principles.

Kissing Sakura was betraying Eriol. Completely.

Returning Sakura's kiss while she was drunk was taking advantage of her. Seriously.

Before Syaoran could lose more of his sanity, he decided to shower. He took a very long shower and decided, in the end, to avoid Sakura or Eriol first. Maybe a week would be enough. He would take vacation days from the office so he wouldn't have to see Eriol. If he doesn't see Eriol for the meantime, he probably would not encounter Sakura as well.

It was a good plan.

It was Sunday so Syaoran prepared to go his favorite Japanese restaurant for brunch. He had dressed casually and walked to the restaurant, instead of driving. The day was pretty good for a walk and the restaurant was only a couple of blocks away from his apartment. He enjoyed his stroll and took his time getting to the place.

He would forget about last night… He could do it!

But he decided too soon because as soon as he was seated on his table, a happy auburn-haired girl sitting by her blue-haired boyfriend waved at him to get his attention.

Oh dear.

However, lunch was not bad with Eriol and Sakura, Syaoran thought. They were talking like normal friends – catching up, joking around and chatting randomly. Some events from last night came up, including Tomoyo's reason for coming back and Sakura being naggy this morning on the bed.

Sakura was pouting and Syaoran honestly did not need to hear anything about it.

"You're usually a sleepy head," Eriol told her. "That's why it's special this morning that you were the one who was eager to get up."

"I slept earlier, that's why?" Sakura said, as if stating the obvious. "And my headache wasn't so bad this morning. But I seriously am forgetting something… Say, Syaoran, I've already asked Eriol and he said he doesn't think anything happened. Do you remember anything important from last night that I should be remembering?"

Syaoran's heart rate went up to a thousand beats per minute but he didn't show any physiological changes. He was still munching on his desert.

He pretended to think about it. In the end, he shrugged and shook his. "I don't think so," he replied to her. "You were just pretty wasted…"

Sakura nodded at his reply but he didn't keep his eye contact with Sakura to see if she was convinced.

Sakura was not convinced at all. She had known Syaoran for such a long time to figure out if he was hiding something or not. Right now, he was definitely hiding something. And, she would figure it out. She could feel it deep down that it was really something important… but why would Syaoran hide it from her?

After lunch, they decided to walk around together. They went to the mall to look around. Sakura was definitely excited to go shopping but Eriol told her that she was only allowed to do some window shopping. She had already spent enough from last night's party.

Sakura was pouting once again as she walked ahead from the boys.

When the two best friends were alone, they chatted quietly.

"You sure you don't know anything about this something that happened last night?" Eriol suddenly asked him.

Syaoran was cool once again. "I don't know what she's talking about," he lied.

"Hmm, maybe it's something about Tomoyo," Eriol pondered. "She has been asking me all morning and she decided to go all out to finding out what it is. She's been raking through her mind to try to remember it."

"I think she learned her lesson already then," was the only comment Syaoran could make.

Suddenly, Eriol's phone rang. Eriol excused himself and walked away a bit to answer the call. Minutes later, he went back to Syaoran's side.

"I need to go to the office real quick," he told Syaoran. "I have an emergency meeting out of town tomorrow and the files are in my office. Will you take Sakura back?"

"I didn't bring a car," Syaoran replied.

"Ok, I'll just take a cab," Eriol said.

Sakura noticed the hushed conversation so she walked up to them.

"What's going on?" she asked, looking back and forth.

"I have to get something from the office," Eriol told her. He had held her hands and kissed them. "You can go back home first. Syaoran didn't bring a car so you can drive. I'll just take a cab to the office."

"Okay, is everything alright?" she asked, concerned.

"Oh, yeah, totally," he said with a smile to assure her. "I have a meeting out of town tomorrow and the files that I need are in the office so I'm going to get them."

"You're going to be gone tomorrow?" she whined and held on to his shirt.

Syaoran could not handle what was in front of him so he looked away.

"Not all day, don't worry," he said softly. He was now caressing her hair. "What about I stay at your place tomorrow night again?"

Sakura liked that idea. She beamed and nodded.

"Take care," was her parting words.

"I'll have dinner with you tonight as well," he promised.

Eriol leaned in to kiss her forehead then he proceeded to give her a light peck on the lips. As soon as their lips collided with each other, something jolted in Sakura's memory.

"Syaoran-kun, more…"

Sakura stood at the same place as she watched Eriol walk away from them. She waited for Eriol to turn back one last time and wave at them. She gave him a smile and waved back. When he was out of sight, she dropped to the floor and stared at nothing in particular straight ahead.

Syaoran ran to her. "Are you alright, Sakura?" he asked with concern. He helped her up to her feet and was checking everywhere if she was injured or something.

She only shook her head and shrugged Syaoran's hands off of her quite roughly. Syaoran was confused but nonetheless, he followed her walk out of the mall.

When they were finally outside with the breeze blowing past them, he asked her again, "are you okay?"

"I'm totally fine, except for the fact that I was lied to," she spat.

She started walking again. She wanted to be far away from him. She didn't think that there would be a time that she did not want to see Syaoran at all. Not an inch of him! Especially his lips! His deceiving lips!

When Syaoran recognized that she was not walking to the parking lot, he walked ahead and stopped her. "Where are you going?" he demanded.

"Away from you!" she shouted.

She was stronger than this… How could she do such a thing? How could she have been so unguarded? What even made her do it? The alcohol? She usually had control over her actions… And why Syaoran? Did he do something?

"Syaoran-kun, more…"

No, she was the one who asked? But why did he do it?

They were standing in front of each other now, in the middle of a park near the mall. The park was quite empty, only a few children with their parents. The sun was not blazing and the wind was still smoothly blowing.

"Why…" she asked, but she didn't need to finish the question.

He knew what she was asking.

Breathing in deeply, he replied, "Because you called me Syaoran-kun, I couldn't say no to that."

She looked at him with a glare. It was the answer she wanted to hear. She lunged forward and pushed him roughly. He moved a few steps back and held her shoulders to stop her.

"It's not the time to joke around," she said weakly. He could feel her shoulders slowly relaxing.

"Sakura, look… it was just a kiss," his heart was slowly ripping apart. "We don't have to take it so seriously…"

Sakura, once again, shrugged his hands off of her.

"No, no…" she was shaking her head. "A kiss always means something," she said softly, just as when the cloud of confusion filled her mind.

Her unconscious self knew her heart's desires and last night, it surfaced…

"…and it always starts with a kiss," she continued.

Syaoran didn't miss the first teardrops that fell from her emerald eyes before she ran.



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