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A girl of 17 walked into her new school, East High humming to the tune that was on her ipod (don't own). She was wearing a denim skirt with a white women's wife beater on top, both showed off her perfect figure but didn't make her look slutty unlike most of the girls she could see out of the corner of her eye like the cheerleaders wearing their personalised uniform which consisted of shorter skirts and tighter tops. Ignoring the glances from boys talking about her, and not hearing the wolf whistles because her music was so loud, she walked down the corridor looking for the locker number 114.

Suddenly a boy slams his arm next to her locker and casually leans against it smirking a her. They girl doesn't turn to look but just rolls her eyes and continues her business.

'what's cooking good looking?' the boy says deepening his voice, she doesn't hear because of her music.

'hot stuff what you doing later?' she doesn't respond, he taps her on the shoulder and she sighs while slowly turning around to face the boy taking out her earphones. She smiles

'can I help you' she said

'you know if you were my homework id do you all the time' he said while leaning in towards her. She stares at him for a while before suddenly bursting out in laughter. Everyone in the hall way is confused just as much as the boy.

'i'm sorry did you just say the worst chat up line known to man kind' she says while laughing

'I err... I mean errrr' he stutters

' see if you did then that would make you act like a 3 year old boy who wants to grab a date but wont say what he really thinks in case he gets rejected' she says regaining herself

' hey! I'm...' he says offended

' sorry but I don't date 3 year old boys...maybe when your older' with that she laughs to herself at his shocked face and walks down the hall towards home room, leaving the boy and people in the corridor shocked...did the new girl just turn down Nick the captain of the football team.

One boys though with a Afro and dark skin just laughed pushed off the locker he was leaning against and ran to meet the girl, who even though only seeing her a minute ago had huge respect for her. He jumps in front of her grinning

Not another one she thinks. He seemed to read her mind

' Ha-ha dot worry i'm not here to hit on you besides I have a girlfriend, I just wanted to congratulate you'

' congratulate me?' she said confused

' yea you just completely tore down the captain of the football team in front of everyone, and normally its just me and my friends who do that,so I think were going to get along just great'

She laughs ' i'm Gabriella by the way but you can call me what you want...within reason'

' OK Gabster ...my names Chad ...you can call me what you want...unless its afro puff ..which my friends call me to annoy me'

' OK CHADSTER' she emphasised the Chadster part' I like your hair anyway its cool, you should do what girls do'

'what's that' Chad said confused

' if you got it flaunt it' she smiled he burst out laughing

' I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship Gabster'

' absolutely' she held out her fist so they could bang fists Chad responded laughing

'you are no normal girl you know that?'

' I sure do' they begin to walk down the hall Chad explaining the different rooms and people

' OK lets see your schedule... Math , Biology, PE,...wait PE ...you don't take PE just as a core subject?' ( AN- in East high everyone has to take PE as a core subject to stay fit but you can also take it as a proper class like English and maths

' yes why?' she looked at Chad confused

' no its good its just you will be like the only girl to ever do that, the class is normally always boys' he sounded pleased

' well we cant let all the boys have the fun can we' she said laughing

' ha-ha touché Gabster, OK so home room...you have ...' Chad stopped walking and talking and just stared at Gabriella in fear

'what's wrong ' she said confused

' you have DARBUS ...run run for your life i'm already lost in her power...go save yourself' Gabby burst out laughing

' Chad what are you on?' shaking her head

' probably the worst teacher known to East high, she belongs the drama club' Chad said in a scared voice

' come on lets go'

Chad led them to home room, when he entered his friends looked up surprised that Chad wasn't alone but with a new girl, and to the boys a hot new girl.

' Hey guys this is the new girl Gabriella,she is officially my idol' everyone looked at him in confusion a clue less looking boy called Jason said

' ermm why is that, did she save the world?' Chad and Gabbi laughed

' no Gabby here just burned Nick Fisher on her first day he didn't know what hit him' laughed chad along with everyone else who said nice and good one

' ok these are my friends, this is taylor' he said hugging and African American girl ' my girl friend, that's Jason the clueless one, sharpay the one in the glitter, Zeke ...the one whose examining a Cookie ..he likes to bake , kelsi who's sitting next to Jason.. she makes music...and my number one man...' he got interrupted by a blue eyed boy with sandy brown hair pushed to the side

' troy Bolton but il be who ever you want me to be' Gabby sighed , yes sure this boy was hot his abs could be seen through his white Tshirt and she could get lost in his eyes, but she didn't she thought great another idiot boy who loves himself, lets set him in place

' I want you ...' she said walking up to him swaying her hips and placing a single finger on his chest she looked up at him the smile suddenly turned to a frown' to STOP checking me out, don't touch what you cant afford' and with that she walked back to the other and began to talk to Sharpay about her old school, the guys just laughed silently, no one had ever turned down troy Bolton and he was shocked. This girl was gorgeous and he wanted him for himself, was the play boy of east high getting a crush on the new girl


surely not