A/N: This is the story of Rosalie and Emmett. Many short drabbles "in the life of".

I plan on making many chapters. Around twenty. Let me know what you think. Please?


I've always liked birds. I never told anyone that but it doesn't prove to be any less true. I admire birds and perhaps even go as far to say I envy them. To fly would be a dream; without a care in my mind and the will to simply take off and live a life of joy that I don't remember ever experiencing; to be so light and full of hope; to be careless; to be free. That is what I miss most. Ah yes. Freedom. But I will never have that. I will always be caged. This life I have now, this tortured life, forces me to hide and pretend to be someone… something… that I am not. I pretend every day. I hide everyday. Never again can I have dreams. My future is set to one existence and my dreams were ripped from me when my life was.

As I sit here on the front porch steps of my house, watching the trees sway with the warm breeze, I see the bird I long to be. He's gathering twigs and grass to bring back to his family. He has two baby birds waiting for him back at his nest and a mother bird not too far away. He has his loves, his beautiful family.

But… but I have a family too. Across the clearing I watch my brother and my husband race the length of the field under the bright, late morning sun. "Ready, set, go." Jasper shouted before both boys took off, laughing like idiots and sparkling brighter than the most brilliant star. The exuberance both were emitting gave me a silent thrill. Edward was sitting a few feet from me, leaning back on his arms, face towards the sun, with the most tranquil expression across his face I've seen in many moons.

I'm extremely lucky to have found a family like mine. They remind me, even without speaking a word, that happiness doesn't come with flight or freedom like the bird I dream to be, it comes from love and family and joy in having another chance at life. Yes, I've always liked birds but I can stand to never fly if my family continue to keep me grounded.