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Summary: Sequel from 'Case Within Love', Tai Lung and Wu Lai have broken out the prison, and they'll have a revenge. Tigress and Viper have been caught, and it also revealed Tigress's past. Will Po, Crane and the others could save the once they loved? Find out! Po x Tigress, Crane x Viper.

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Chapter 1: The Prison Break

After three weeks when Wu Lai got caught up in Chorh Gom Prison by the Furious Five and the Dragon Warrior from stopping his murder plan of killing women to make his perfect perfume, 'Lady Blood'. Everything was back in peace again, and moreover, Crane and Viper, Po and Tigress are going to be together with their Master Shifu's permission, they were all now official boyfriend and girlfriend, but hope not because of their relationship to distract their training.

One night in Chorh Gom Prison

Wu Lai was playing some pebbles that in his prison room, his next room was Tai Lung, his tortoiseshell lock has been designed in ten tiny holes which uneasy to unlock, since Wu Lai was just a barber in his room so he has some space for him to help Tai Lung unlock the tortoiseshell lock. He wanted to continue his perfume work as he desired, he helped Tai Lung and he'll help him to break out the prison.

The two rhino guards that guarding Tai Lung were half sleep and half awake, but they have to stand still tried not to happen that accident again. Wu Lai stood at the other side and watched the two guards, when their eyes in shut, he has a chance to throw a tiny pebble into Tai Lung's tortoiseshell lock.

Their eyes shut and now is the chance that he throw the pebbles, his aiming was good as he has already thrown six pebbles inside the lock and the unlock sound kinda a little noisy which woke up the guards a little then he went back to sleep again, Wu Lai has been practicing his aiming skills during his prison life and his killing life.

Then, four more to go, just waiting the chance, another rhino guard fell asleep as well.

Here's the chance! He thought as he threw the last four pebbles into the last holes of the lock, and the lock started to state in unlock, the rest is left to Tai Lung's strength, he unleashed his strength to struggling with the heavy chains and then he loose.

Tai Lung's free, again.

The prison alarm has activated and so woke up those two rhino guards, and when they reached to the ledge and saw that Tai Lung has released. The commander saw this and command the army to fire the crossbows, and the clever snow leopard dodged them and used the sharp spears to reflect to another direction, to Wu Lai's prison room.

Wu Lai quickly braced himself, hide himself from a corner, and the wall has been broken into a giant hole. Wu Lai walked outside with his hands were locked in chains and enjoyed the show.

The snow leopard yelled at him, "Hey! Hands up!!" Wu Lai's hands were held in the air and then Tai Lung used the sharp spear that the rhino guard had missed to aim at Wu Lai's hand chains. He fired and it was a direct hit on the chains as they were break open. They smirked to each other, and they were free of the chains!

"Tai Lung's free! Wu Lai's free, too!!" the message goose was frightened and cried like a parrot, then Wu Lai was behind him and caught him with his right hand, and said to him with evil tone, "You're not going anywhere, goose! Let's sit back and enjoy the show…But first, I've got something left here." he then relaxed himself and walked to another room where the prisoners' belongings were all locked inside it. He used the goose's pointed mouth to unlock it and it worked!

He entered it while Tai Lung was doing a warm up on fighting with the army, he took a look and finally he found the thing he cared most; his swords, axes, knives and his perfume collections from he killed women's internal perfume.


A quake on the ground but didn't effect Wu Lai's clothing, "That was quick." Wu Lai said calmly as he finished his clothing. Tai Lung used the final string of explosives and slug it down to the gates.


A second later, the door to the prison blasted open. As the prison exploded, rhinos flew everywhere. Tai Lung stepped outside and sees the view of the snow mountain, and then Wu Lai came outside along with the goose.

"What's that on your waist?" Tai Lung asked him curiously about Wu Lai's perfume.

"This, my friend, is my a few steps to 'Lady Blood'." Wu Lai answered and then he started to chuckled evilly, his hands have loosed the goose, when the goose tried to escape, and he felt paws close around his throat.

"I'm glad you're here." Tai Lung growled. "I was beginning to think you would help us to send a message to the Jade Palace."

Wu Lai was next to clutch the goose's throat and smoothed the goose's ruffled feathers almost tenderly, "Fly back there and tell a tiger and a viper, their bloods and their beauties will be mine!"

"And add a little thing else, tell the Dragon Warrior, the last battle was just a beginning!" Tai Lung added in a low voice.

With that, he tossed the goose into the air. Terrified, the goose fluttered off toward the Valley of Peace. Above him, white-hot lightning lit up the black sky.

"Let's go, fox!" Tai Lung commanded him as he walked to another direction.

"You're going to seek that thing, aren't you?" he asked and he didn't respond instead a growl, Wu Lai hid his head under his cloak as he followed him.

Soon we'll meet again, Po! When we meet again, my power is the ultimate!!


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Next Chapter: The Birthday Present


"Happy birthday! Tigress!" eveybody said in unison.

"Oh my god! Thanks guys. Really, I never thought have a birthday like this!" Tigress said with a smile on her face.

"Hey, sweet thing! Happy birthday." Po whispered to her as he kissed her, which made her blushed, and everyone saw and teased at them with 'Whooo...'

But only they didn't notice that Shifu wasn't happy but pretending to be happy, he sighed deeply and thought, "It is time...Princess."