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Chapter 9: The Double Weddings

The next morning, when the news of defeated Darkness has separated to every corner in China, the souls that Darkness has stolen been backed into where they belonged. Another news was joyful news, that the four Dragon Warriors were getting married.

Everyone in the Valley of Peace and villagers from different valley over the China came far away to the Valley of Peace as they wanted to join in the greatest Dragon Warriors double weddings! They celebrated in the Jade Palace as the wedding place, but this time they didn't used the traditional Chinese wedding instead of used the Western wedding! (A/n: Oh I love the western wedding! Oh, just to think about it gives me some Goosebumps!)

Some rumours have spread to other western countries, when they heard four warriors have brought the peace to the world and saved countless souls and innocents. As a gift, they have sent some of their best wedding dresses to the brides and wedding clothes to the grooms.


The whole palace has set up and the guests have arrived, Mantis and Monkey took a peak of the party, they were both surprised of the area. They have never seen so many people at the Jade Palace in their life. Shifu punched their heads as he reminded them to Po and Crane to prepare. Then Shifu went to the ladies dressing room, where Tigress and Viper dressed.

He knocked the door and he heard Tigress to let him in, and when he in, he was gasped of what he saw. Tigress and Viper both wore in white lily long dress, in traditional, they must wore in red Chinese dress and a red cape covered their faces which the people couldn't see their faces. But their faces were bridal veils as they could the faces. Even wearing white dress or white flower was unfortunate vision to the Chinese, but it was a beauty to the Western. Shifu sighed of defeat; they were looked perfect and beautiful. He took a closer to Tigress and Viper that he has realised that they have grown into beautiful young women and now they married to the loves they dreamt of.

"Master Shifu, what do you think of these dresses? Are you sure it wouldn't be un-enchanting?" Viper asked with worried.

"Viper's right, aren't wearing white dress or white flowers are suppose unfortunate?" Tigress asked.

"Well, the Western has used their traditional wedding just like yours for many centuries, then how could they didn't get any unfortunate if they still moving on this traditional?" Shifu said with smirk on his face.

"Alright, let's do this!" Tigress said with courage and so did Viper. Shifu followed them from behind.


When Po and Crane have stood their right position, they both felt nervous, despite of their wearing were strange that they never seen it before, they felt nervous of their vows.

"Relax, Po, you guys are going do fine." Mantis encouraged them.

"Just hold on, and a few more minutes, all the pressures will just melt away." said Tai Lung.

"Thanks, Mantis, but these clothes are killing me. I mean, they're too tight that nearly choked my neck!" Crane complained.

Po turned his head a little at the guests seats, he saw his goose father at the seat, waving proudly to his son, Po felt embarrassment but he felt glad that his first family be here. But still, he sweated more and became more nervous than before and so did Crane.


Then, a bell rang that signed the guests stood up. Po and Crane got freeze as they stood straight as like the soldiers saluted to their captain. Then a piano played a wedding solo, and so as the crowd looked at their backs and saw the brides were came out slowly towards along the walk. Tigress was holding roses and Viper was holding lilies. The crowd were gasped of what they saw, even Po's father, the sun shines has shined on Tigress and Viper's wedding dresses as it matched their eyes and their look….it made them looked perfect…

Po and Crane were both awed in unison and so did Tai Lung, Monkey and Mantis. They saw that Shifu was beside them as he leaded them along the walk, Shifu was very proud to his students, his children and saw that they have found love at last after many dangers and many obstacles. As they have reached to the end of the walk, as Po and Crane both held out their arms to let them folded them. They smiled to each other and Shifu, Tai Lung, Monkey and Mantis stepped aside for seats and watched the wedding.

The piano solo has stopped and the Reverend stood in front of them as he was holding the bible, he opened the thick Christ book and said.

"Do, you, Po, take Tigress to be your wedded wife, to protect and serve, for as long as you both are dead?"

"I do." Po said firmly, holding her hands in his, stared into Tigress's eyes. She looked beautiful on the wedding dress, more beautiful then he imagined. And he never seen Tigress wore any clothes that so much girly before and that he grinned widely.

"Do you, Tigress, take Po to be your wedded husband, to protect and serve, for as long as you both are dead?"

"I do." Tigress answered with a smile, and then Po's father accidentally cried out, that made Po embarrassment as his cheek turned into red.

The Reverend nodded as he turned to Crane and Viper, and said, "Do you, Crane, take Viper to be your wedded wife, to protect and serve, for as long as you both are dead?"

"I do." Crane answered calmly and he felt surprised to himself, he didn't feel any pressure in him, and he saw Viper held his wing tightly to relax himself.

"And do you, Viper, take Crane to be your wedded husband, to protect and serve, for as long as you both are death?"

"I do." Viper answered happily. Then she looked at her wedded husband with joy and both were waiting the next words.

"I'm now present to you men and wives. You two may now kiss the brides."

Finally, the moment they have been waited for, and they kissed in unison, kissed with passion and both shared sweetness. The crowd shouted out celebrated to the new two wedding couples. They didn't want to go anywhere but stayed at the Jade Palace. The two couples went outside and the brides stood behind them with excitement. And behind them, were a crowd of ladies and women, screaming for the flower balls.And the chorus sang 'Welcome to This Day'.

Life is simple and clear

When you make the right choices

It's true that you're here

When you find your own voice

Oh, my brothers and sisters believe

You are just what you are meant to be
Oh, great spirit

Hear my voice, today

Then, Tigress and Viper used their strength as they threw the flower balls high in the air and slowly went back to the ground. The girls have screamed as they tried to get the flower balls that in traditional said that anyone who caught the flower ball, he or she could soon find her or his husband or wife.

At last, the two flower balls have landed on two people, Tigress, Po, Crane and Viper turned their backs and saw who's the lucky guys or ladies. And they were widened and burst out laughter. It were Monkey and another animal, an artic vixen, they blushed a little when they watched each other. Mantis sighed that he thought he will be alone. Tai Lung and Shifu stared at them with smile on their faces.

The people in the valley have spread the peach petals to the couples for giving them blessing and happiness. They felt so good to be together, all the worries and pressures have all melted away, just liked Tai Lung said.

Look all around you,

Welcome, magic

Welcome sweet sun ray (welcome my sweet sun ray)

Love is no secret

Look all around you

Welcome to this day

Then they caught something attention, their four dragons flew in the sky and swirling, the villagers saw it with shocked as they quickly bowed to the mighty dragons, and another shocked from the Furious Seven and Shifu. A Phoenix flew over them and the dragons, kept on flying to nowhere and it left a rainbow in the sky. The villagers thought that was a sign, a sign that meant they will have a happy and excitement in the future, and a blessing to all of them.

Love is no secret

Look all around you

Welcome to this day!!

The new husband and wives looked to each other, and Tigress was the first one said, "Po, Crane, there's something that me and Viper want to tell you."

"What was it?" Po and Crane asked in unison with worried, their wives started to giggle.

"I think we're pregnant." They saw their husbands were fainted in second, everyone burst out laughter in the air, the dragons smiled as they swirling the clouds that made 'The End'.


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