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Chapter 20-Defiance

Why am I so selfish? Yuuki said as another sigh escaped her….two men professed their love to her, and maybe it is too much to ask, but she wanted to keep the both of them by her side.

When she agreed to be Kaname's bride she knew that her friendship with Zero would be jeopardized and it was a sacrifice that she accepted in compromise with the fulfillment of something else.

Yet now that Zero was declaring his feelings for her…she was more confused…Romantically, she couldn't feel anything, but he was like family, if Kaname was her brother then without a doubt Zero was as well.

She wanted to ask him…Can't we be friends like before?

Although Kaname said that she could do whatever she wished, to try returning to the way things were before, was impossible, there were bound to be changes…

At the Chairman's office…

"It's impossible that you didn't sense them the moment they entered the academy…"

The Chairman immediately stopped his silly antics…

"I see you've encountered them"

"They're here to cause trouble"

"I'm sure they just want to visit the Night Class"

"One of them is a mad pureblood" Zero said coldly.

The Chairman didn't like the sound of those words…but he just lowered his head…

"He isn't mad…" was all he said, there was no other way to declare his disapproval.

"Kiryuu-kun, I'd like to ask you something…"


"Are you willing to fight alongside with me?"

In a secluded area of Cross Academy…

"Kaname! Is this any way to welcome your father, we haven't seen each other in such a long time!" Haruka declared in a sarcastic tone as he licked the blood that oozed from his palm as Kaname managed to injure his left hand.

"My father isn't a barbarian" he replied calmly as he continued to advance in all directions, Haruka dodged all of his attacks.

"I have never been barbaric"

"Then why are you killing humans?"

"What does it matter? They are insignificant, their lives are bound to end so what's the difference if it ends much earlier?"

"You're mindset was never like that…You protected humans, you believed that their life was precious."

"I've realized, Vampires and Humans cannot co-exist"

Kaname's eyes narrowed sadly…

"If Mother was here, she would cry for you"

In comparison, that awakened more rage in Haruka as he gritted his teeth and attacked aggressively.

"If she were here…she's still alive!"

As Kaname avoided every attack he didn't fail to notice the tears threatening to fall and he couldn't help but feel sorry for his father.

Moon Dorm…

Yuuki lifted the curtains and saw that the sun was almost setting…She remembered that she promised to meet with Yori today….

She changed out of her Pajamas and wondered what she should wear…The Night Class uniform would probably attract too much attention, so she chose to wear her normal clothes, a shirt and skirt.

As she descended the stairs, she was greeted by Aidou who immediately inquired where she was headed to.

"I'm just meeting up with Yori-chan"

"Kaname-sama has given me strict instructions that you are to remain here today"

"What? It isn't that far from the Dorm, it's just by the bridge…"

"I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait until he returns"

"If we don't tell him that…"

"He'll know no matter how much we cover it up" Aidou said firmly as if the possibility to sneak out was already an option he thought through.

"But she's already waiting…"

"I'll tell her about it, please stay here" As he made his way outside, his eyes were on Yuuki predictably wondering what action she would take. She didn't move from her spot.

If I escape…Aidou-senpai will get in trouble…how long has Onii-sama been away? She thought about it and realized that he had been gone for more than 6 hours…

What could he be doing? Was it curiosity or worry that motivated her to disobey Kaname's orders…She herself didn't know...

She ran as fast as she could…and she wasn't very far before she heard voices…

"Yuuki-sama, please come back!" she recognized Ruka's voice and along with her was Kain.

She hoped that they wouldn't chase after her but that was inevitable. She ran as fast as she could and without actually looking where her feet would take her…


She accidentally bumped into someone, she fell to the ground

"Ow…" she said as she stood up.

"You're still as clumsy as ever"

That voice was definitely familiar…


"Why are you casually walking around the academy, people are after you" he scolded.

She frowned; He was beginning to sound like Kaname.

"I can take care of myself"

"If those two insane vampires lay a hand on you, will you be able to protect yourself" Zero said in an almost concerned voice as he put a hand on one of her shoulders…

Yuuki automatically glanced at his hand…that was a gesture she hadn't experienced for the longest time…

Zero as if realizing what he had done, removed his hand and waited for her answer.

"I want to help" she declared.

"And the best way that you can is by staying put quietly" the voice of a female slightly irritated.


"How can Kaname-sama fight if he's worried about you, please think about the consequences of your actions before acting impulsively." She said in a serious tone, completely disregarding Zero.

Yuuki lowered her head…she was right…but…

"You can't always keep me in the dark!"

"Why is he fighting? Who is he fighting?" she inquired hoping to gain a better understanding.

"Yuuki..." it was a voice which was always gentle to her…as he hugged her…she didn't notice his presence until he made contact with her.


As she looked at him, she saw the difference in his features…his hair wasn't the usual as it scattered around his face and his expression was more serious…and his left hand wielded a katana sword.

"Why…" she couldn't put her question in words…

"We need to help Kaname-kun"


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I know it's a cliffhanger and it has a lot more faults than that and I know not writing a chapter for such a long time is no excuse, so thanks if you actually took the time to read, I really need to come up with a better chapter this was full of something that I don't know what it is but it isn't a good element In a story.