Chapter 2 – Discussion

Kagome watched Sesshoumaru fly into the sky as Sango came up to her "Is something troubling you Kagome?"

"Kind of"

"You want to talk about it?"

"Yes, to you; Miroku and Inuyasha" Kagome said "Meet you in Sesshoumaru's and my room in 5 minutes"

"No problem" Sango then ran off to find Miroku and Inuyasha. Now everyone were in Kagome's/Sesshoumaru's room, Inuyasha had gotten over his hangover by now – you could tell by the way he was snooping around the bedroom, Kagome walked in and sighed

"Inuyasha what exactly are you trying to find?"

"Something to humiliate Sesshoumaru with when he returns"

"Grow up" Kagome huffed as she sat on the bed "I need to talk to you guys about my relationship about Sesshoumaru"

"Oh my god Kagome are you pregnant?" Sango asked

"Are you leaving him?" Inuyasha asked

"Are you leaving him because he got you pregnant?" Miroku asked

"No, no and no" She sighed "Lately he hasn't been coming to bed, I managed to drag him here last night but that hardly happens. He seems to like work more than me, well it's either that or he's drinking with Inuyasha" She said his name as she glared slightly at him

"Drink is a good stress reliever" Inuyasha shrugged

"Well Inuyasha I'm sexually frustrated because you keep having my man drinking with you" She sighed "I need advice guys, do you know any way for me to get him to come to bed?"

"Well we've got under 24 hours" Inuyasha smirked "And I think I've got just the idea" He then shifted closer to the group "What you need to do Kagome is wear something that will make him drool over you and will follow you to the bedroom"

"Yeah but don't call him to bed just walk past him in it" Sango added

"And if he has the right mind he'll grope you" Everyone then just pushed Miroku off the bed

"Let's see what you can wear" Sango then went to Kagome's underwear draw and dug through it "Good thing there's a lot of seductive things from your time" She pulled out a lacy black bra with matching underwear "Wear that"

"I can't walk around just wearing these" Kagome complained

"You're right" He then grabbed Kagome's silk dressing gown "Wear this over them but show some cleavage"

"Wow Inuyasha you got some good taste" Kagome laughed "My brother in-law is helping me pick out sexy clothes" She mused

"I just want to see him lose his stamina for once, he always acts high and mighty" He snorted

"No you want to see my happy Inuyasha" Kagome laughed

"Quick hide the clothes" His ear perked up "Dad's coming" Sango and Kagome jumped on the clothes when Inutaisho walked in, everybody smiled innocently "Hello father, how can I help you?"

"Kiss up" Inutaisho smirked "Why are you in Sesshoumaru's room?"

"Kagome wanted us to help her pick out an outfit for Sesshoumaru's return" Inuyasha said, well it wasn't lying was it?

"I see, well Inuyasha you have a lot of work to do since you got drunk and ruined all the reviews"

"That Sesshoumaru worked hard on all night" Kagome added "Inutaisho you promised me a hug" She then jumped off the bed and hugged him

"Oh yes I almost forgot" He hugged her back and released her "Move it Inuyasha" Inuyasha sighed and stood

"See you later guys"

"Good luck" Miroku smirked

"Miroku" Inutaisho started "I heard your the one who got my son drunk so you can help too" He then dragged him out too, the girls fell back on the bed and giggled

"So Kagome do you think you'll get him back into your bed?"

"Well I better had" Kagome mused "I miss sex" For the rest of the day the girls played with Rin as the boys worked for Inutaisho. Soon the sun had set and it was time for bed "Goodnight Sango" Kagome called as she entered her room

"Goodnight Kagome" Kagome then slid into the covers and let sleep take over her...

The next morning Kagome woke to Rin cheering downstairs, gosh that kid could be so loud

"Prince Sesshoumaru you're home" Kagome sat up on the bed fully awake and Sango ran in

"Kagome quickly get up I got a plan" Kagome then got out of bed as Sango ran to her wardrobe and pulled out a short black dress that was just above the knees and showed a lot of cleavage "Put it on" Kagome threw the dress on along with a pair of matching heals "Gosh I love the clothes from your time" She then brushed Kagome's hair and put a small amount of make up on her, satisfied that Kagome looked sexy she linked her arm and dragged her out of the bedroom "Now Kagome act casual and don't let on anything about tonight"

"Got it" They then went downstairs and were greeted by everyone, Sesshoumaru saw Kagome and almost lost his composure "Hey handsome" Kagome walked over to him and pecked his lips

"That was a pathetic kiss"

"All you deserve" She teased

"Oh really?" He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him "Did you miss me last night?"

"Not really, Jaken kept me company, took your place in your bed" She would hurt him but tease him at the same time "First piece of company I've had in a while" Sango knew she had to save Kagome fast, she didn't want them to argue, no that wasn't the plan

"Hey Kagome, race you to the breakfast table?"

"You're on" The girls then ran to the dining room, the boys followed behind except Inutaisho as he was still fixing the reviews. Breakfast was served and everyone began to chat "So how was your travels?" Kagome asked as she knew it was her place as his mate

"It was...interesting" He smirked


"I've never seen so many females drool over me in one go"

"I bet you bedded a blonde"

"Turns out the one I wanted was the Northern Lord's courtesan so I couldn't have her" He knew it would make her blood boil

"Awe too bad" She then thought of something extremely sinister "Hey Inuyasha did I leave my underwear in your room last night?" Inuyasha caught on and played along

"No I gave them back remember? Along with your bra?"

"Oh yes I remember" She then turned to Miroku "I know I didn't leave anything in your room, did I?"

"Well there was that thong thing or was it Sango's? I had both of you in one go last night" Sesshoumaru knew what Kagome was up to, she was trying to make him angry and jealous, it wasn't really working. He found it more amusing if anything. Kagome then heard Sesshoumaru mumbling names

"What are you doing?"

"I'm just trying to remember that girl's name, Kate? No, Kaguya? No, oh that's it Kagura" He knew how much Kagome hated the youkai

"Awe and you didn't get any action with your lover" Kagome smirked "Shall we go and play with Rin in the garden Sango?"

"Ok" The girls then left. The boys fearing for their lives after what they said about Kagome and the underwear thing stood

"Oh what's that Dad?" Inuyasha shouted pretending to be called upon "You need help? Ok I'm coming" Inuyasha then dashed away. Miroku and Sesshoumaru shared a few glances before Miroku caved in

"I...ah...better go help h-him" He then ran after Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru smirked and went off to train in the dojo.

It had been a long day and all the girls did were play with Rin all day and Kagome had avoided Sesshoumaru, she was glad that he hadn't shown up at dinner, that meant that he was in a mood.

"I must say Kagome" Sango mused "You two ripped into each other today"

"Feh he had it coming"

"Well it's 7pm now, get dressed up. Inuyasha is drinking with Sesshoumaru in his study and you know it is impossible for men to leave their drink" The girls then dashed upstairs and got Kagome dressed "Kagome where are those boots you got from your time? They looked kinky"

"By here" She pulled them out

"Put them on" Kagome did so "Right good luck sis, let me know how it goes" Just as Sango was about to leave Kagome grabbed her

"Wait, there's got to be a reason why I'm going into the study"

"Just go in there and ask Sesshoumaru has he seen your brush or something"

"Ok" Sango then left and Kagome made her way to the study, she knocked and walked in to find Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha sharing a bottle of sake "Sesshoumaru have you seen my hair brush?"

"Hmm?" He had his back to her, Inuyasha motioned for her to stand in front of his brother

"I said" She stood in front of his sitting form so he was looking directly at her breasts "Have you seen my hair brush?" She bent down to meet his gaze which also resulted in showing her breasts some more

"Bedroom" He choked "I mean it is in the bedroom"

"Oh thanks" She kissed his lips "I'm assuming you'll be up all night so I'll see you in the morning" She then left the study and went back to their room

"Umm Inuyasha" Sesshoumaru said as he got up "I've had a long day so I think I'm going to go to bed"

"Of course you are" Inuyasha smirked "I'll see you tomorrow, goodnight" Sesshoumaru then paced to the bedroom and walked in to find Kagome laying on top of the covers, dressing gown open to reveal her underwear and was reading a book not even acknowledging he was in the room. He began to crawl over her, took her book from her hands and looked down at her

"Can I help you love?" Kagome asked "There's no sake here"

"Well you got all dressed up for me so I couldn't leave you" He growled seductively into her ear

"For you? Sessh I got dressed up for Jaken" She grinned when he growled angrily

"Do not mention the imp's name when I'm about to make love to you, the only name I want to hear leave your lips is mine" Kagome then pushed him up

"Go sit on the chair by there" He did as she asked and she stood before him "Do you want me Sesshoumaru?" He nodded. She dropped her dressing gown to the floor and walked over to him "How much?"

"I want you more than anything mate" Kagome then straddled his hips with hers as she sat on him, she caught his lip as he wrapped his arms around her waist and she ground into him, he let out a groan as he broke the kiss and threw his head back

"Do you like that?" He nodded with half lidded eyes that were glazed with love and lust "You know Sessh" She spoke in a quiet sexy voice "You've been leaving on my own lately when I've been needing you in me, I don't want you to do it again"

"I won't mate" Kagome nodded and began to unbuckle his hakama, she pulled them off along with his haori and kissed his now bear chest "Oh Kagome..." He closed his eyes as she nipped and licked at his neck, she felt his clothed erection press against her stomach and grinned

"Someone's ready" She giggled

"Right I can't take any more of your torture woman" He then lifted her up with him and threw her on the bed, he lay over her and began their night of full bliss...

The next morning Kagome awoke to pains all over her but didn't really care when she found her mate sound asleep beside her, she leaned over to him and kissed his parted lips "Leave me again Sessh and I'll punish you again..."


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