What are friend's for. Chap 2


" Mmm, Kp stop" said Ron as he stopped kissing Kim.

" What why I thought you wanted to do this" said Kim as she was worried that Ron won't fuck her tonight.

" Oh , I do it's just we can't do it here" said Ron as he looked at Kim and saw she was frowning.

" What , why not" said Kim as she didn't understand what Ron was saying.

" My parents Kim I don't need them to hear us and you are loud so I'll meet you in the tree house now go or no sex" said Ron as he kissed Kim one more time. Kim smiled and went out of Ron's window and ran to the tree house.

( Tree house )

" Wow , I haven't been here in a long time" said Kim as she looked around.

" Yha, I know brings back good memories huh" said Ron as he climbed in. Ron was in his boxers and a jacket , he also had a back pack.

" Yes, it dose and now we're going to make new one's" said Kim as she smiled at Ron.

"Yes, we are aren't we and I got the condom's" said Ron as he went in to his book bag.

" Why , I told you that I'm on the pill Ron" said Kim as she looked at Ron wondering why he got the condom's.

" Kim I'm wearing them and if you don't want me to then no sex" said Ron as he shrugged his shoulder.

" Fine , but I won't like it" said Kim as she frowned. When did Ron start standing up to her.

"Well, whatever" said Ron as he smiled and took off his jacket and boxers.

"Mmm, yummy Ronnie show me that body" said Kim as she watch him take off his clothes.

" Kim take your clothes off too" said Ron as he stood there naked.

"Oh, I will" said Kim as she started to take of her clothes too and dancing for Ron.

" Nice Kim shake that ass for me" said Ron as he grin seeing Kim's naked butt in front of him.

" What do you want me to do next Ronnie" asked Kim as she smiled seductively at Ron. Kim shook her head so her hair was infront of her face, she knew Ron loved her hair.

" I want you to come over here and let's do some kissing" said Ron as he opened his arm's for Kim.

"Yummy , Ron those lip's taste like candy to me" said Kim as she walked to Ron , wrap her arm's around Ron's neck and started to Kiss him.

" Mmm,mm Kp" said Ron as he moaned. Kim ran her hands all over Ron's body and played with his chest hair. Ron had a line of hair from his belly button down and a patch of hair in the middle of his chest.

" Kp, I'm ready" said Ron as he smirked and pointed to his standing manhood.

" Booyha" said Kim as she smiled. Ron put the condom on and lay Kim on the floor.

" Mmm, Ronnie you know this is kinda kinky it's like our own sex place" said Kim as she looked up at Ron from the floor.

" Yha, Kim's and Ron's tree house of sex" said Ron as he smiled and winked at Kim.

" Mmm, yha or we could call it our little piece of haven" said Kim as she sucked and nipped on Ron's ear's.

" Kim , that feels really good , oh yha thats the spot" moaned Ron as he smiled and closed his eye's in pleasure.

" Good, I want to make you feel good Ronnie your mine and only mine" whispered Kim in to his ear's.

" Good , I want to feel good" said Ron as he smiled and pointed to his dick.

" Oh, I see I do love how you taste" said Kim as she crawled down and stated to suck on Ron's big fat dick that she grew to love, as she took off the condom with her mouth with Ron not knowing.

"Oh, yha Kp that's the spot mmm, suck harder Kim take it all in" said Ron as he smiled and watched Kim suck on him. Kim's head was bobbing up and down , loving every moment of it the taste of Ron's juices. Ron released his load in Kim's mouth.

" Yummy , so yummy Ronnie more I want more" said Kim as she liked Ron's dick and played with his ball's.

" God, Kp slow down or I'll cum again" said Ron as he looked at Kim.

" But Ronnie I want MORE" said Kim as she gave Ron the puppy dog pout.

" And you will get more , just wait Kp it's my turn to taste you" said Ron as he rolled Kim on her back and started to lick her pussy.

" Ronald ,mmm" moaned Kim as she ran her finger threw Ron's hair as he licked and nipped at her pussy.

"Yummy Kp , you taste so good and I love licking your fire's Kp your MY fire" said Ron as he looked at Kim as he ate her pussy.

" OH , OH MY OH GOD RON THATS THE SPOT" yelled Kim as she hit her first orgasms. Kim smiled it's only been one day but she knew she wants this for the rest of her life and only Ron would o this.

" Ron , please do it , do it now" said Kim as she begged Ron to enter her.

" Calmed own Kp , we did it to fast last time now let's take it slow we have all night" said Ron as he smirked.

" What do you have in mind Ronnie" asked Kim as she smiled.

" Oh, I don't know, .... we could kiss each other's bodies but no hickey's." said Ron as he started to kiss Kim all over.

" I love that Idea Ron , but only one hickey ok Ronnie" said Kim as she kissed him back.

" Good, I think it was a very good one" said Ron as he started to suck on Kim's left nipple. Kim smiled and let Ron kiss her whole body. She looked at Ron an looked at his body , if he started to where tighter clothes he could get any girl he wanted., but he was hers.

Ron stopped and stared to blow lightly on Kim, making her moan and scream his name. He was happy that they were outside his parent's would flip if they saw this. Kim was a screamer and he was so happy. Her body was tight, very musclebound for a woman but not like a man she had scar's all over her from mission's but they were light.

" Mmm, Ron please give it to me" Moaned Kim as she looked at him. She couldn't wait any more she needed him.

" I need you Ron" said Kim as she flipped him over so he was on his back.

" You need me , wow you said you need me" said Ron as he grinned.

" Yes, I need you" said Kim as she inserted Ron in to her. She moved her hip's smiling at Ron .

" Hmm, well if you need me I can't make you wait can I" said Ron as he looked at Kim.

" No , you can't" said Kim as she placed her hands on Ron's chest as she was rode him, and rode him hard as she smiled at him. Ron smiled as she moved up and down on him, loving the way her breast moving up and down.

" Mmm, yes this feels so good , Oh Ronnie I love you in me" said Kim as her licked her lip's. Ron grinned and flipped Kim on to her back, hitting her G spot as he did that.

" Wow, what was that" ask Kim as she looked at Ron. Ron kept on pumping in to her and driving in to her , making her orgasm all the time.

" OH, OH RON YES MORE PLEASE MAKE ME CUM" yelled Kim as she scratch Ron's back as she was getting very wet. Kim pussy was so tight it was like a bear trap , Ron's ball's were in pain and in pleasure.

" I' m going to cum Kp" said Ron as he looked at her, he looked in to her eye's to see how much she was enjoying this.

"Inside me , do it inside me" said Kim as she wrapped her arm's and leg' tighter on Ron.

" Kim , I'm wearing a condom" said Ron as he looked at Kim.

" I took it off" said Kim as she started to move her hip's. She wouldn't let him go.

" Kp, why" grunted Ron as he tried to get Kim off him with out cuming .

" Please Ron I want it , I need it" begged Kim as she kissed Ron.

" Kim" moaned Ron as he frowned.

" RonnieRon " said Kim as she looked him in the eyes.

" Anything you want Kp , you want you got IT " said Ron as he let his love juice in Kim. Ron rolled off Kim and landed on his back. Kim rolled on Him and Kissed him lightly.

" Ok,.. so that was good" said Ron as he looked down at Kim.

" Oh, yha I feel so good and so relax" said Kim as she smiled at Ron.

" Hmm, yha relax . Hey Kp we should do this again maybe tomorrow morning before school or whenever you want" said Ron as he wrapped his arm's around Kim and Kissed her on the forehead.

" Anytime you want baby , anytime" said Kim as she snuggled into Ron and closed her eye's. Both Kim and Ron slept in the others arm's , dreaming of the other and there special sex only they can have.

( Next day)

" Ron wake up , we need to get out of here" said Kim as she shook Ron to wake him.

" Hmm, ...... ok I'm getting up" said Ron as he got up and looked at Kim.

" Oh and Ron last night it was great maybe later on we can have a repeat like you want" said Kim as she kissed Ron on the lip's.

" Yha , ok go home I'll meet you half way" said Ron as he smacked Kim on the ass and grinned.

" Ok, bye Ronnie" said Kim as she started to climbed down.

( meeting point)

" Ron, did you clean up the mess" asked Kim as she look at her friend.

" Yha , I did" said Ron as he looked at her.

" Umm, well good then..... here comes Josh behave Ron" said Kim as she waved at Josh as he walked towards Kim and Ron.

" Hey Kim , hows my girl" asked Josh as he kissed Kim on the lip's.

" Great, so what did you do last night" said Kim as she looked at Josh.

" Oh, just watch the O. C you know I love Seth and Ryan and there bromance , so what did you guy's do" said Josh as he smiled.

" I was watching the O.C too I love Alex and all her lesbian ways " said Ron as he smiled. Kim hit Ron on the chest and glared at him.

" Oww, Kp why did you hit me" said Ron as he rubbed his chest.

" Ron just shut up , he was talking to me" said Kim as she glared at Ron.

" Fine , I'll keep my mouth shut" said Ron as he left Kim and Josh as he walked to school.

" Ron ," said Kim as she looked at Ron walk away.

" What a loser" said Josh as he looked at Ron to.

" DON'T you say that Josh he's my best friend " said Kim as she glared at Josh..

" Fine , but he was mean to my girl" said Josh as he looked at Kim.

" Don't , Don't do that Don't say I'm your girl I'm not property" said Kim as she glared at Josh.

" Ok, sorry" said Josh as he rolled his eyes.

" Let's go to school" said Kim as she started to walked to school.

( School)

" Ron , please stop we need to talk" said Kim as she walked to his locker.

" What , you hit me just for saying that I watched the show too and I did" said Ron as he looked at Kim.

" Yha, I just over reacted can you forgive me Ronnie" said Kim as she gave him the puppy dog pout.

" Hmm, sure I can your my best friend Kp" said Ron as he smiled at Kim.

" Good, so.... tonight.. do you wana hang" said Kim as she smiled at Ron hoping he would say yes.

" All I can say is Booyha" said Ron as he smiled at Kim.

" Perfect , then Booyha" said Kim as she left Ron to go to class.

"What did I get myself into" said Ron as he watch Kim walk away.

( Class with Kim)

" So , girl going on with Josh and the whole you know sex thing you getting any girl" said Monique.

" No , but I did find something way better and I can't tell you , you might take it from me and then I'll have to kill you and all off your family" said Kim as she smiled at her friend.

"Dang girl, your being mean" said Monique as she looked at Kim like she was nut's.

" No , I'm being smart I love my new toy and no one will ever find it or know what it is" said Kim as she opened her notebook.

" Ok , fine you win I don't need a toy , I want a real man" said Monique as she opened her book.

Kim smiled and just shook her head if only everyone knew that she's been fucking Her best friend / partner Ron Stoppable and what a jackpot he was she had no idea what she would do.

( Class with Ron)

" Hey , Felix did you get that sword in Gaia that one you wanted." said Ron as he sat down and looked at his friend.

" No , someone bought it before me and now I can't find anymore" said Felix as he frown.

" Oh that tanks , I got it if you want it..... I won it in blackjack so if you want it , I'll trade it to you" said Ron as he smiled.

" Really man , that would be great man" said Felix as he smiled.

" Yup , and all I want is all your porn " said Ron as he grinned.

" Dude , why ... your so mean" said Felix as he frowned.

" Do you want it" said Ron as he smiled.

" Fine after school then , my place" said Felix as he frowned.


I'm running out of ideas all I have is Ron start touching Kim in there next class together or Kim jumps Ron at School and drags him into the girl's locker room and fucks him there and Bonnie finds them and she wants in but I can't pick one so can you guy's help me .