Code Naia: The Resistance

Code Naia: The Resistance The Movie

Author: James the Lesser

I actually own most of the characters, and ideas, but thanks Moonscoop! And my Muse The Pink Haired One!

They call me Sanne Belpois. Well, my friends now call me Pho. It's short for Pink Haired One. I am the leader of our resistance group. My grandmother helps but she leaves the military tactics to me. I never thought of myself as a leader but after what happened six months ago, well, you don't know yet do you.

Six months earlier…

Naia wakes up after a long sleep. She emerges and rises up into the air.

A few weeks later Dante is going back to the Factory after hanging out with a new friend he made, Naia. He sees Sanne climbing out of the sewer. "Is there an attack!?"

"No I just wanted to come and see you. Being alone all the time has to suck." Sanne smiles at him making butterflies appear in his stomach.

"Uh, I was just uh, out." Dante walks towards Sanne when a loud explosion rocks the ground. "What was that!?"

"It has to be Xana!" Sanne runs into the Factory as another explosion rocks the ground. She calls her friends and soon they hurry to the Factory.

Sanne and Dante go to the Control Room but the Super Scan doesn't detect a Tower. "I don't get it it has to be Xana!" Sanne waits for the others.

The others arrive except Krieger. He was in Japan after his grandmother had died for the funeral. The rest go to Lyoko, but it doesn't do them any good because Xana hasn't activated a Tower. "No, this can't be." Sanne looks at the ground and there are no pulsations. "Then those explosions were from something else!"

"Germany? Maybe they want another go at France." Skitz starts to worry. Another war was just what they didn't need.

I don't know how long we waited. Time seemed to stop. We waited and waited. I thought maybe Xana would have sent monsters but he left us alone which only made the time waiting to go slower.

"I don't know but we better get back to school. Well, Dante you stay here where it's safe." The group is sent back by destroying each other. But they can't leave the Factory. What was left of it anyway. It had been bombed and collapsed on top of the elevator and only other exit. "We need a return."

"Then what? If they destroy the Factory again we're still stuck. Either no way out or no way in." Ark looks up when the room shakes. "And I don't think we want to be up there right now." The room shakes again.

"We go back to Lyoko and hope it stops soon." The group goes back to Lyoko praying for their parents and loved ones to be safe.

The group stays on Lyoko but worry. What was going on? What could they do? What was going on up on Earth?

Naia sends her army in. She watches as her robotic army invades and destroys the city. She made small spider like robot attackers to go into homes but now her big guns were attacking. Standing one hundred meters tall on three legs they had one very powerful laser cannon. A new wave of robots is released. Human shaped but much taller they have hands to grab people and laser guns on their shoulders. They storm the city.

Police try to stop the invasion but are cut down. People run and scream as the robots slaughter anyone in their way. The military tries to get into action but being at peace for so long they had been lax. When Naia sends the humanoid robots onto the nearest base it wasn't a battle but another slaughter.

Jim is taking charge at Kadic Academy. "Come on children this way!" He leads them through the woods.

"Jim I think we should have staid at the school." Jim ignores the art teacher. He goes through the woods until he sees the Hermitage, and the sewer entrance. "We're almost to a safe place just one second." Before Jim gets to the Hermitage the sewer entrance door opens and Samantha comes out.

"There you are, hurry!" Jim leads the students and other teachers after Samantha into the sewers.

More robots appear in the city causing more chaos, panic, destruction, and death. "Wait, Xana!" Naia sparks with energy. "He still has his energy orbs. With them I'll be even stronger!" Naia turns into a black mist and enters Lyoko.

The robots tear the school apart. Kadic Academy is left in ruins. They find the Hermitage. One of the Walkers fires a laser cannon and blows right through it. The Hermitage collapses soon after.

Naia flies through Sector 5 and finds Xana near the Core. "Hello Xana." She sparks with energy.

"Who are you?"

"I am Naia, Soon to be Ruler of Earth!" She attacks Xana!

"Not while I exist!" Xana fights back.

"Then you won't exist much longer!" Naia and Xana fight but Naia overpowers Xana and rips an orb out, the pink one of Aelita's! She shoves it into her own chest. She destroys Xana.. "Ha ha! I am unstoppable!" Naia goes back to Earth and continues her assault on Earth.

Sanne and the others hide with no idea what was going on. They were scared for their loved ones but there was nothing they could do, was there?

Jim and Samantha lead the kids through the sewers then stop when a small spider like robot appears. Jim and Samantha see the symbol on its head. "Xana!"

"You all stay here we'll take care of this." Jim attacks the spider robot and Samantha runs by.

Samantha climbs out of the sewer and sees the Factory destroyed. "No, he, he's unstoppable now." She runs back in but Naia has already seen her and chases after her. Samantha gets to the first turn when Naia shouts.

"Stop right there Samantha!" She turns around and sees Naia.

"Who are you?"

"Naia. I just killed Xana so don't worry about him. But now I have his power and without limits I will rule the world!"

"No, it's not possible." Samantha turns and runs.

"Go ahead and run I'll just follow you!" Naia flies slowly letting Samantha get a long head start.

Jim throws the spider robot in the water and it sparks as it sinks. "You kids need to stay here. Samantha and I have something to do."

"Jim what is going on?" A teacher steps forward. "You seem to have an idea. Tell us please Jim." The teacher is trembling with fear. His father had served in WWII and told him stories about the hell it was. He didn't want to have that kind of experience he just wanted a normal life teaching children.

"Don't worry just stay here and keep the kids safe." Jim starts to leave when Samantha comes around the corner.

"Run! Back to the house!"

"What's going on Samantha?"

"Xana, he possessed someone and is sending them after us!" Samantha turns when she hears laughter.

"I told you already I killed Xana!" Naia sparks with energy. "Hello Jim." Jim gets between Naia and Samantha.

"Stay away from my wife and the students."

"I feel like killing them all."

"You can't touch them without killing me!"

"Do you think that will stop me?"

"You don't have the guts to do it whatever your name was." Jim walks towards Naia.

"Naia. Not that it matters you won't live long enough to repeat it."

"Nai-" Naia slices Jim across the throat with an energy bolt. He grabs at his neck as blood pours out.

"Jim!" Samantha rushes to his side but there is nothing she could do. Jim falls to his knees then falls over. His blood runs into the sewer water. "No, why, why did you do that!?" Samantha stands up. "Kill me, please."

"Just for that I won't. I have other matters to attend to. Like finding Krieger." Naia turns into a black mist and disappears.

"No!" Samantha kneels down next to Jim's body. "No, please Jim, don't die on me!" Tears fill her eyes as she cries.

Naia appears over Japan. "I sensed he was here now where is he?" Naia closes her eyes and energy sparks out around her. Soon she feels Krieger. Her robotic army appears and attacks Tokyo!

Paris, France is taken by Naia in a matter of hours. Her robot army rounds up most of the survivors. Men, women, children, crying babies are lined up for inspection.

Naia's robotic army has expanded and is destroying Japan. Krieger is at his parent's dojo with a couple of their students. "This has got to be Xana."

"Who?" One, a seventeen year old named Yuki Kaalakota grabs his arm as the dojo shakes. "If there's an earthquake we need to take cover."

"This is no earthquake." Krieger turns when the main doors open and his parents and the two other students parents come in. "Mom, Dad, what's going on?!"

"We don't know."

"What are we going to do!?"

"We're getting on the helicopter!" It wasn't a true helicopter but a Jet Copter. It had a range far more vast than that of a regular helicopter. It was useful to go from Japan to America to visit Odd and Sandra or to northern Siberia to visit Jeremie and Aelita.

"Ok." Krieger, Yuki, and the other student run out of the dojo to a large bus. It was the dojo bus used to take the teams to other dojos for tournaments.

Sanne and the others go back to Earth. She gets her Jcell out and calls Krieger but he doesn't answer. His Jcell was in his gym bag back at the dojo. "Please just let him be busy." Sanne sits down on the floor and starts to rock back and forth.

Naia, the good one and original to this world, is panicking. Her school had been attacked. One of the giant Walker robots blasted through the cafeteria during lunch. The laser cannon barely missed her but her friends sitting on the other side of the table… Last she saw was skin and flesh melting off. She couldn't run around outside due to the sun and her having albinism so went to the darkest place, the sewers.

Samantha is having a breakdown. Her first husband had killed her, the second one was killed in front of her. Jim was leading the school children to safety and it cost him his life. "Jim, get up. Please get up." She shakes his lifeless body. The art teacher goes over to Samantha to try and get her away from Jim.

"Wait Clause." The school nurse goes to Samantha. "She's in shock. We have to be careful with her." The nurse tries to help Samantha.

Sanne and the others are stuck in the Factory. "Maybe we can dig our way out. The explosions stopped." Ark kicks at the elevator doors. "What do you think?" He kicks them again knowing the elevator was hopeless.

"I don't know Ark." Skitz looks over at Sanne who was still worried about Krieger. "It might be dangerous."

"Well either a return or we dig our way out. I'm not going to stay down here and starve to death." Ark goes over to the other way out.

"A return won't do much good except we won't be trapped here. Instead we'd be out there probably dead." Dante follows Ark.

"Sanne, I'm sorry but they're right. We can't just sit here and die." Skitz hugs Sanne then follows after the others.

"We better go Sanne. The more of us there are the easier it will be." Barack goes but Mira stays. She waits for Sanne to get off the floor.

"Come on Sanne we'll be left behind!" Mira runs after the others and Sanne slowly follows.

Krieger and the others get to the main YU-UL building where a jet helicopter was. They hurry through the building to the back and rush onto the jet helicopter. A pilot was already waiting for them.

The robot army in France has crushed the military and is moving north into England and east into Germany.

Sanne and the others are digging through some rubble. "Hey I got some light!" Ark pulls on a piece of rubble. "I think I have a way out." The others go over to where he is to help dig they're way out.

The helicopter flees Japan and is over China when Naia decides to play. She creates a small hover robot to follow the helicopter.

Ulrich gets his Jcell out. "Jeremie, Jeremie! What's going on!? Is it Xana or someone else? China? Or was it aliens?"

"I don't know. None of my satellites picked up objects from space. Whatever this is came from Earth."


"I don't know."

"What about France?"

"It got hit first." Ulrich nearly drops his phone. "What about the other kids? Did you try them?"

"I don't know. The Jcell tower there must have been damaged I can't get a signal from there. I am trying to get the Jjet there."

"Yumi and I are with some people on our helicopter. We got out of Japan but don't know where to go."

"I don't know either. Our cottage is pretty remote."

"We'll try. If, if we don't talk again, I love you man. After all the stuff we've been through you're like a brother to me."

"I know Ulrich. I called Odd and he said America is ok, for now. We might have to go somewhere over there if this invasion grows."

"Ok, call me if you contact the others." They hang up.

Ark pushes a piece of metal out of the way and makes his way outside. "Wow." He sees the city was in ruins. Giant Walkers patrol the city as smaller human like robots look for people hiding. "Guys we might want to go back."

"Why?" Skitz makes her way out and sees the robots. "Frak." She cowers behind Ark as the robots march through the city.

"Yeah." The others come out and see the destruction and the robots. "This is really bad." Ark is in shock.

"This is definitely not Germany." Sanne cowers back into the Factory. "This isn't Germany or Xana."

"Aliens?" Barack can't believe what he sees.

"Maybe." Ark goes back into the Factory after Sanne and the others follow him.

The helicopter is flying over northern India when the small hover robot appears behind the helicopter. No one sees it until it is too late. It flies up into the rotors destroying them. "Emergency landing!" The pilot activates the crash procedures and a parachute comes out of the back. The helicopter slows its descent but when it crashes in the jungle below a foam shoots out cushioning most of the passengers crash.

Naia creates more robots and soon Japan falls. With France and Japan Naia focuses more on England which was resisting better than the other two.

Ulrich, Yumi, Krieger, Yuki, and one of the other parents climb out of the helicopter. "Are they ok?" The parent looks back at the helicopter and sees that the front end was smashed badly. They had been in the back of the helicopter and were ok.

"I don't think so." Ulrich and Yumi go back to the helicopter and try to see if anyone else had survived when a fire breaks out. It moves quickly to the back where the fuel cell was. "We better get away from here!" Ulrich grabs Yumi's and Krieger's hands and starts to run. "Karou come on!"

"But what about my husband and son? They're still on the…" The helicopter explodes killing those inside and the woman standing too close..

"Frak that was, frak." Ulrich is bleeding a little from shrapnel. "Is everyone else ok? Yuki are you ok?"

"I, I think so." Yuki has a blank stare on her face. She stares at the fire that used to be her parents, her friend, and his parents. "What's going on?"

"We don't know." But I have an idea. "Kids we have to find someone who can help us. A doctor to make sure you're ok." Ulrich takes the lead through the jungle as Naia continues her attack.

Naia flies to Moscow and unleashes her robotic army. She turns into a black mist and soon appears over Rome. Instead of using her army she snaps her fingers and the ground under Rome shakes, rumbles, and then collapses. The city falls into a huge crater. "I always hated Italian. I don't know why though." Naia turns into a black mist and disappears to attack another capital city.

Odd and Sandra are trying to contact their children but no signal gets through. "What do we do Odd?" Sandra calls Skitz again.

"I don't know. Jeremie says he think it could be Xana but he's not sure." Odd calls Ark again but there is no signal.

"Xana, how?" Odd shrugs his shoulders. "What about aliens?"

"Jeremie said his satellites didn't detect any space craft. This started on Earth not from space." Odd tries again.

"Only Asia and Europe have been hit. Do you think they'll leave North and South America alone?" Odd shakes his head. "Then where can we hide?"

"I don't know." Odd calls Ark again.

Naia appears over Washington D.C. Again deciding to do something different she possesses the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln statue comes to life and starts a rampage through the city. She turns into a black mist and goes to New York City unleashing a giant ape that first attacks the Empire State Building.

A man cowers in the bunker of the capital building in London. "London to Central command, priority broadcast. Over. This is London calling. Central command are you still out there?...Well no matter I suppose. Not now. Darkness is coming. If I close my eyes I can almost feel it. It swept across Europe, it left no country untouched, it left no army intact. It left nothing. No survivors. No refugees. No bodies. In Italy they call it the darkness, an endless wave that no bullet could stop. We know it simply as the plague. And it's on the other side of these walls as we speak. London is burning. The plague will soon be upon us. I've told my men to take no prisoners. Because I've seen what they do. And I know what it means for us. Don't stop fighting. Don't let them take you alive. Because there are some things worse, then death. This is Prime Minister Douglas Fairbanks, its October the twenty eighth twenty thirty three. Pray for us. London out."

Sanne and the others hide in the Factory. At night they snuck out and stole food and other supplies. But it looked hopeless. There was no contact until two days after the attack started when Samantha leads the students and children to the Factory. Samantha came out first and saw the opening her grand daughter and her friends made. She climbs into the Factory and sees Sanne. "Sanne, how, how did you make it here? How did you know about this? I knew this was Xana!"

"It's not Xana!" Sanne runs over and hugs Samantha hard. "I don't know what it is. Xana, he, I don't know where he is now."

"What do you mean?" Samantha wants to yell at Sanne. It was obvious Sanne had done something that released Xana but she was so happy to see her grand daughter she forgets to be mad.

"We checked Lyoko and he isn't there. We tried to make him attack but he wouldn't. It's like he isn't there any more."

"Maybe he isn't." Samantha tells Sanne what had happened in the sewer, including Jim standing up to the person to protect the students.

"I'm so sorry grandma." Sanne hugs Samantha but doesn't cry. "I'm so sorry." She wants to cry but something was dead inside. Something had broken upon hearing Jim was dead. And knowing that Krieger wasn't answering his Jcell made it seem likely that that Krieger hadn't made it either.

"Don't be Sanne. He died a hero. But what is going on? Who is all here?" Sanne tells Samantha then leads her through the path to the Control Room.

"Guess who made it!?" The group looks and sees Samantha.

"Samantha!" They run over to her, except one.

"Hello Samantha." Samantha sees him.


"No, Dante." Dante walks slowly towards Samantha. "I am not Xana he left me. I am Dante."

"But, Sanne wait. The others are waiting for me."

"Who? Who else made it?"

"A bunch of students and teachers from the school."

"Did you get a hold of Krieger or his parents?" Samantha shakes her head. "No, he, he's ok the attack was here. Japan is ok." Sanne says it a couple more times to make herself believe it. "I hope."

"Just wait. I need to get the others."

"Wait." Sanne grabs Samantha's wrist. "This person that killed Jim, what was his name?"

"Her, she said it was Naia."

"Naia!" Dante's reaction scares everyone. "It can't be. No, she couldn't have done this." Dante mumbles a little more.

"What? Do you know who this Naia person is?" Samantha doesn't trust Dante and assumes he has a part in what is going on.

"I know a Naia but it can't be her." Dante gets his Jcell out and calls Naia but can't get a signal.

Naia is stumbling through the sewers. She had the sewer water and that was it. No food or anything else and was falling ill. "I need to find food but it's too dangerous. Those robots are out there." She stumbles around a corner and sees a group of people. "Hello?" Most of them jump, a couple scream.

"Who are you?"

"I, I'm a student from Central Academy. Naia Cawasaki." Most of the people remember the name of the person who had appeared and killed Jim. And now that she mentions it this girl looked a little like the other person.

"Stay away from us!" The science teacher gets between Naia and the students. "We don't know what trick you're trying to play but we won't fall for it!"

"Trick? I, I'm not playing a trick. My school was attacked and I escaped. Please what's going on? Do you have any food? I haven't eaten since it happened."

"We have food but not for you!" A student yells at Naia. He was one of the ones chosen to raid what was left of the school for food and other supplies.

"Please, it's been days! I'm so hungry." Naia collapses as she begs for help.

In the Control Room Dante, Samantha, and Sanne leave to get the group saved by Jim Morales, a hero.

Krieger and the others are going through the jungle when they see lights. They come out of the jungle to a small village. Unfortunately none of them knew the language and none of these people knew English, Francois, or Japanese.

Sanne, Samantha, and Dante get to the sewers and hear a commotion. "Please don't let them be under attack." The three climb down.

"What's going on?" Samantha takes charge.

"This girl appeared, said she was Naia!" The teacher points and the three see Naia.

"Naia!" Dante runs over to her. "Are you ok? What are you doing down here?" Dante kneels down to check on her.

"My school was attacked. I ran away but couldn't stay above ground, the sun. I hid down here. I'm so hungry I haven't eaten since the attack."

"Ok, we have some food." Dante helps Naia up as Sanne walks over to them.

"Who is this? How do you know her?" Sanne is curious. Pink hair, named Naia, two mysterious things about this girl.

"I met her at the mall. We need to help her and the others. She says she hasn't eaten since the attack."

"Ok but be careful. The person who killed Jim said her name was Naia."

"It's not her. Does she look like she caused all of this?" Dante has to hold Naia up. "Does she?"

"No, come on." Sanne, Samantha, and Dante help the group into the Factory.

Naia strikes military bases. One in China launches a nuclear weapon before Naia's army can get to it. Naia uses her energy to block it but it takes a lot of power out of her. She continues her attack though focusing on larger cities and military bases. She creates more and more robots. This too takes a lot of power out of her. But her strategy of focusing on the powerful nations works. Africa and South America are primarily left alone until towards the end of her invasion. Australia, America, England, Germany, Japan, Russia, India, China, Italy, Spain, and France never stood a chance.

A month later the group at the Factory is waiting for dark. Sanne, Ark, Skitz, Dante, Barack, and Mira are going to go out for food. They had finished off the food at Kadic Academy and Central Academy. Now they needed to find another source without getting caught. With Samantha's help Sanne had been made the leader of the group. The teachers opposed this but after telling everyone about Xana and what they had dealt with no one argued. "This is going to be dangerous." Sanne is nervous.

"But we need to get food." Skitz holds her stomach. "I'm starving and we only have a couple boxes of cereal and stuff left."

"I know but the robots are out there. If we get caught I don't know what they will do." Sanne is even more nervous since she was considered the leader. If this went bad it would be on her.

They go out near eleven o'clock. There were a couple grocery stores they wanted to check out. The robot forces had thinned out as Naia gained more control of Earth. There were some resistance groups out there but more and more cities, countries, and continents fell. There seemed to be no hope for Earth.

Sanne, Dante, and Skitz are on they're own. Mira, Barack, and Ark split off to check another store. "This way. The back door should be around here." Sanne moves behind a dumpster. She looks around and is staring into the eyes of another person. Sanne moves backwards fast as does the other person.

"Who are you? Are you one of them!?"

"One of who?"

"If you don't know then you aren't." The man raises a gun and points it at Sanne. "Who are you? Who else is with you? Where are you hiding?"

"I'm Sanne, some of my friends, and you don't need to know." Sanne is starting to sweat. She had no weapon. None of the group had much more then pieces of metal from the Factory. "Who are you and stuff?"

"A scout for a resistance group. What's left of us."

"What happened?"

"No time to tell. What are you doing here?"

"We're running out of food. We need to find more." Sanne stares at the gun hoping the guy didn't have an itchy trigger finger.

"So you came here? Good idea but the guards know that too." He looks towards the store. "Cans and Twitchers."

"What guards?" Sanne looks around and doesn't see anything. "Cans and Twitchers? What are those?"

"They're inside. I've been scouting this place out for awhile but it's no good. If you aren't a traitor or have the chips they won't let you in."

"Traitor? Chips?" Sanne is confused but she turns to Dante and Skitz and motions them to come out. "You know what's going on?"

"Yes, some what. What do you know?"


"Then you're not a threat." The man lowers his gun. No, not a man. Now that Sanne wasn't staring at a gun she looks at the person who held it. He didn't look much older than her. "Where have you been hiding?" She sees a glimmer of light. On his neck hung a necklace and at the end was a cross.

"The industrial district." Sanne doesn't want to give away too much. "Where have you been hiding?"

"Sewers. The robots don't go down there, not sure why." The boy looks around. "Call me Arrow, for now."

"Ok Arrow. Look we need help. There's a large group of us hiding and we need food. Even with rationing what we have won't last long." The main problem of food was met early on. The students and teachers were sent to Lyoko. They didn't need food. But everyone left behind did. And now they were hungry and were risking going out into the city. Something they had decided was too risky until now.

"Don't worry. There are other resistance groups out there. There is already a form of network. We are trying to connect families and supply survivors who aren't slaves or traitors. We can help you, maybe."

"Well we need it. What can we do?"

"Take me to where you're hiding. If it's in our part of the Sector I think my group can help." The word Sector sends memories into Sanne's mind but she pushes them away. "You can trust me."

"We don't have a choice. If you wanted to kill us you would have already. But we need to meet up with our other group. They went to check out the grocery store over on Champagne and first."

"No, we need to keep them away from there."

"What why?"

"We lost four members when we went there. They have some heat sensor or something there. I'm not sure what but your friends are in danger." He reaches up and grabs the cross. "We need to save them."

"We can't run the robots are out there, somewhere."

"That's why we take the sewers." Arrow goes over to a sewer cover hidden in the shadows. He goes down and the others follow.

Arrow climbs out of the sewer and hears laser fire. "Frak it's too late." He starts to climb back down but Sanne is in his way.

"We have to try! You have a gun use it!"

"If a Walker shows up it doesn't matter what I have. We have to go back down." Arrow tries to go back.

"No!" Sanne pushes him. "We have to keep going! If you won't help I don't care but I'm not letting my friends die without at least trying to help them!"

"It will be suicide! I won't commit suicide!"

"Not helping them will be murder!"

"Fine, I'll help. Arrow and the others climb out and run toward the noise. Arrow gets his gun out hoping this wasn't suicide like he said.

Ark and Mira are hiding behind a car. "Did they get Barack?" Ark looks under the car but can't see anything.

"I don't know." Mira's arm burned. She had been hit by a laser. "How did they know we were there?"

"I don't know but we have to get Barack and get out of here."

"Hey, who's that?" Mira sees someone in camouflage coming towards them. "If it's one of the robots we're dead." She grabs Ark's arm in terror until she sees the three people running behind the first one. "It's them!"

"Ark, Mira, where's Barack?" Skitz looks around for him.

"We don't know. Who's he?"

"A friend." Sanne hides behind the car with the others. "We need to get Barack and get out of here."

"That's what I said." Ark looks under the car and sees the metallic foot of a humanoid robot stepping out from the store. In its right hand was the limp body of Barack. "Frak." Ark sits back up. "One of the robots has Barack."

"Then he's either dead or will be soon. We need to get out of here." Arrow looks over the hood of the car and sees Barack's left arm had been severed. "He's dead." Arrow says a short prayer.

"No, he, he can't be." Skitz feels her heart beat faster. "We need to save him." Skitz puts a hand over her heart feeling it beat hard.

"He can't be saved." Sanne grabs Arrow's wrist.

"Give me the gun."

"Little girl I need it."

"You can't be much older then me don't call me little and if you won't use it then I will little boy." Sanne's tone of voice scares her friends. Since the invasion she had changed a little. She had taken control of the group and gave orders. But right now her voice sent shivers down their spines.

"I'll handle it. I'll see if I can kill it then you can grab his body."

"We can save him. He isn't dead I know it." Sanne looks over the hood of the car. "Ark, Dante, on three."

"Ok." Ark and Dante get ready to run out.

"One," Sanne closes her eyes and prays for her safety.

"Two," Sanne prays for the safety of her friends.

"Three!" Arrow, Ark, and Dante run out from behind the car. Arrow fires three shots and hits the robot in the head destroying it. It drops Barack as it falls over. Dante and Ark get to Barack's body and drag it away. But before they can get to the car another humanoid robot appears and fires lasers at them.

"Keep going I'll distract it!" Arrow fires a shot but misses when he trips on some rubble. The robot fires a laser and hits him in the arm. He drops the gun in pain then starts to run away. The robot follows after him.

Ark and Dante get Barack over to the car. "Barack!" Skitz hugs him. "No, his arm." She sees the damage. "Barack, please, please don't be dead."

"I'm not." Barack's eyes open. "Skitz, I'm sorry. I, I tried to fight them."

"You didn't have to we would have gotten away." Skitz hugs Barack as she starts to cry. "You didn't have to do that."

"No we wouldn't have. If I hadn't attacked them we'd all be dead. It hurts." He winces in pain. "But I'm fine. I feel really good actually."

"Really? We'll get you to the Factory and the nurse will take care of you." Skitz smiles as more tears pour down her face.

"I'm sorry." Sanne isn't sure but she thinks she knows why Barack felt good. His body was shutting down. "It's ok Barack." Her voice is cold. He was dying and didn't even know it. "We'll get you to the Factory." She wasn't going to leave his body for the robots to destroy. They had all seen the piles of bodies being burnt. She didn't want that to happen to Barack.

"It's going to be ok baby the nurse will fix you." Skitz fights back tears as her brother and Dante carry him.

Arrow runs away from the robot until he finds a sewer entrance. He climbs down and runs back to base. He thinks he is safe since the robot couldn't fit but…

Several spider robots climb down into the sewer and use heat sensors to follow after Arrow. They crawl on the ceiling, walls, and floor.

Sanne leads the group back to the Factory. She listens to Skitz and is disgusted. Skitz was in denial. Barack was dying and there was nothing they could do. The nurse couldn't do anything. Something inside of Sanne tells her to lash out but she keeps it under control. She would let Skitz live in her fantasy world for a little bit longer.

Arrow turns the corner and sees the three remaining members of their group. "I found another group of survivors."

"Where do they hide?" The leader, an older man greets Arrow. "And how do you know they aren't traitors?"

"I don't know. We got interrupted by some robots. But they said somewhere in the industrial section." Arrow sits down. "I lost my gun."

"Wait." The leader turns the volume up on the radio he had.

A woman's voice is heard. "They are gone, they are all gone. God is dead, darkness is rising. We will all die, we will all die."

"Who is that?"

"We don't know, there was another message earlier." The leader pulls out a piece of paper and reads it. "Is there anyone out there? Are we still alone? Is there anyone left? Can you hear it? They're getting closer now. I can feel the approach of their machines, I can hear the beat of their footsteps. And I won't let them take us alive." He stops. "Then we heard two gun shots and then silence."

"I, damn. Another group taken out?"

"Maybe, now what happened?"

"I was helping another group and lost my gun."

"What? How?"

"One of their friends was hurt, I shot and killed a robot, another came out and in the chaos I lost it."

"Typical Arrow. A hell of a shot but loses it. How cute was she?"

"Huh?" Arrow squirms.

"The last two times you lost your gun a cute girl just happened to find it." The three laugh. If they hadn't been so loud they might have heard the spider robots, Twitchers, coming.

Sanne gets to the Factory and stops. "Leave him."

"Why? We're here we can have the nurse fix him." Skitz was holding Barack's remaining hand.

"She can't fix death." Sanne starts to go in to the Factory.

"But, he," Skitz squeezes Barack's hand. He doesn't squeeze back. Ark and Dante set Barack down slowly.

"I, I didn't want to tell you sis." Ark knew it almost five minutes ago. But his sister kept talking to Barack like he was still alive.

"But, he, he's not that hurt. It's just an arm. Not even the whole thing. He, Barack, tell them."

"Leave her, let her cry." Sanne goes into the Factory. She knew what it was like. She lost Krieger last month. She cried, alone, in the Factory.

Krieger with Yuki are hiding in the mountains of Pakistan. Yumi and Ulrich had gone off for help but never returned. When the robotic army arrived at the village they ran off into the jungle. Now Krieger had a goal, France. He knew it was hopeless. Paris was the first place hit. But he at least wanted to pay his respects to Sanne and his other friends.

They climb at night but on the night of the full moon it was dangerous. The robots weren't out here but they had to be safe.

Krieger stopped for a minute while Yuki keeps walking. When she sees steam she called out to Krieger. He climbs over some rocks and sees several natural hot springs. "Wow!" Yuki runs over to one and puts a hand in. "It's so warm!"

"They're hot springs they're supposed to be hot." Krieger is in for a surprise.

"It's like a bath tub. I am smelling, so are you. If the robots could smell we'd be caught by now." Yuki pulls her shirt off and reveals a black bra.

"Whoa what are you doing?" Krieger blushes as Yuki pushes her pants down and reveals black bikini style panties.

"Taking a bath, come on we both need one." She slowly gets into one. "It feels great Krieger come on."

"We should keep going Yuki." Krieger said it nervously but for other reasons than the robots.

"They aren't out here. And it's night they won't see us any ways." Yuki sinks into the water to get her hair wet.

"I do smell and hot springs, like my grandparents." Krieger strips down to his boxers and gets in on the other side of the hot spring.

"Krieger, did I ever thank you?"

"For what?"

"For saving my life." Yuki gets closer to Krieger.

"It was my parents that did that. And if you had sat somewhere else, well, you'd be like Kagome and the others."

"You called for the extra practice. If you hadn't I would have been at home." She gets closer. "Thank you Krieger." She hugs Krieger. Krieger blushes as he gets a reaction. Yuki kisses him on the cheek then moves away. "You saved my life. Maybe one day I'll save yours in return." She smiles and splashes water at him.

Arrow blasted a spider robot and it explodes sending shrapnel. "Is that the last one?" He looks around. "Tiger, Hell, Mach where are you?" He gets no response. "Guys?" He looks around at the destroyed robots. "We did it took out like eight of them. We kicked ass!" He puts a hand over his mouth. He didn't normally curse. "Come on guys." He still gets no response. "Tiger?" No response. "No, no!" He runs around the sewer and finds a body. "Mach?" He shakes him but no response. "No, you can't be." Arrow hugs him and hears no heart beat. "Damn it!" He gets up and yells. No one would respond they had all been killed. He had gotten too confident. He didn't think he would be followed because the sewers had always been safe before. And in the end it got his friends killed. He does a Hail Mary at all three bodies. He goes to the base and grabs a back pack. He fills it with guns, ammunition, and supplies. "Industrial section. I have to find them I'll never make it on my own."

As the sun rose Sanne and the others threw Barack's body in the river. Skitz cries as it floats away. Ark hugs her and tries to comfort her but nothing would. Nothing but revenge. At least that was what helping Sanne. She wanted revenge and nothing else would satisfy her. But for Skitz, she was broken.

The day passes and night falls. Arrow climbs out of the sewers near the river. "I need to get across without the robots seeing me." He slides down the bank and goes along the river looking for a place to cross.

Mira is doing watch on the bridge. Most of the students and teachers were sent to Lyoko. They didn't need to eat, sleep, and use the bathroom there. But the few still out… If the robots appeared they would need a warning. She sees a shape moving along the river. In the full moon it stands out. "It's too small to be one of the human robots." She hides behind some rubble as the shape gets closer. "Maybe it's something new." Mira debates whether or not to go and warn everyone.

"Finally a bridge." Arrow starts to climb up the river bank when he slips and hits his chin. "Frak!" He puts a hand over his mouth. "Sorry Lord for I have sinned, please forgive me." He does a Hail Mary and continues.

"Frak? No robot would say that." Mira stands up. "Hello?"

"Huh?" Arrow looks and sees Mira. In the moonlight he recognizes her. "You're one of them from last night!"

"Huh? Oh you're the kid that um, helped us. What did Sanne say your name was?"

"My name is Alexander Isman but my friends call me Arrow."

"Where are your friends?"

"In heaven I hope." Arrow climbs up this time without slipping. "And you are?" Arrow smiles at the cute girl.

"Mira, um, are you ok?" Mira sees blood on Arrow's clothes. "If you're hurt we have a nurse and stuff here."

"Yeah, it's not mine." Arrow looks around. "Where do you hide?"

"Um, I don't know if I should tell you."

"I risked my life to save your friend."

"I know but um, he died."

"I told you he was dead, and so are my friends. I brought some supplies."

"Ok but um, don't tell anyone else."

"Until I make contact with another resistance group I have no one to tell." Mira leads Arrow into the Factory.

Ark is the first one to see Mira with Arrow. "Mira are you crazy?" Ark gets between Arrow and Mira. "Wait, it's you."

"Yeah it's me. My friends are dead and I need a place to stay. You guys owe me. I risked my butt to save someone who was already dead."

"He wasn't dead, yet." Ark is glad his sister is in the Control Room. "But thanks for helping. I'm sorry about your friends."

"I'm sorry about yours. Where are the others? I thought you had a large group." Arrow looks around and doesn't see signs of a lot of people.

"Be ready for a surprise." Ark and Mira lead Arrow through the passage to the Control Room.

Krieger and Yuki see a trailer on the back of a truck. It was being loaded with food and other supplies. "It looks like it is headed west." Krieger hides behind some trees and peeks around them.

"And that's where France is but are we sure that's where we want to go? You said it yourself it was the first place hit." Yuki grabs his arm in worry.

"I'm positive. We have to get there." Krieger Looks and sees two spider robots crawl across the parking lot. "We just have to be really careful."

"No frakking duh Krieger. I was going to go into the middle of the lot and give them a strip show but if you say we have to be careful then I guess I'll change my plans." Yuki ducks when a human robot walks near them.

"As much as everyone would love a strip show I think we do need to make a different plan." Krieger looks and sees the truck is almost loaded. "We better hurry. I don't have much of a plan."

"Whatever you do I'm right behind you." Yuki looks and sees the coast appears clear. "Now?"

"Better time as any." Krieger and Yuki run to the truck and leap on the back of the truck. They huddle together hiding under some sacks of rice.

"Don't let me go." Yuki hugs Krieger hard. He feels her shake. She was terrified. If they were seen they would be killed with no chance to escape. But Krieger was determined to get to France. Where his friends and the girl he had been seeing had been. She wasn't sure what to expect when they got there but as long as Krieger was with her she would be ready. Well, except she didn't know Francois. She had been talking in Japanese with Krieger while on the run. But she would worry about the language barrier if they ever got to France.

Another week passes. With the guns and ammunition Arrow brought the group had been able to raid a grocery store. But an important time was coming. Arrow was supposed to meet with a resistance group leader and give them an update. Sanne was going to come as she was considered the leader of her group. Samantha helped with hacking and spying from the Super Computer but it was just known that Sanne was in control. After only a month and a half Sanne had changed so much she was barely recognizable to the rest of the group. She seemed older, stronger, and colder. "Skitz, Mira, Ark, you'll keep watch first. Figure out the rest on your own. When we return we'll give you a full report."

"Sanne does Skitz need to be there?" Ark is still concerned about his sister. She cried herself to sleep every night since Barack died. She was recovering but Ark wanted to keep her safe.

"Yes. Make sure you have your rifles. If I come back and the Factory is no longer safe I'm blaming all of you." Sanne's voice is so cold it makes the others shiver with fear. It was just another change in Sanne. "Arrow are you ready?"

"Yes. Have your side arm?" Sanne nods and produces her gun. "Good. I'm trusting my life with you."

"Same here." Sanne and Arrow head out. They had gone out twice before on scouting missions and even with no experience she had done well. She killed two robots on her own the last time they had been caught outside of a fuel station.

"We need to go east near the German border." Arrow and Sanne leave under the cover of darkness for the longest trip outside of the Factory that Sanne had taken since the attacks happened.

Krieger and Yuki leap off of the back of a truck. "Where do you think we are?" Yuki is scared. They had made it but now had no idea where they were.

"I'm not sure. Maybe the Middle East I don't know.." Krieger looks around. "Follow me." He and Yuki go off the road looking for a place to hide.

Arrow and Sanne hide in the sewers during the day. "What do you want to do?" Arrow stares into the water looking at his reflection.


"If you can you're doing better then me."

"I said I want to sleep I didn't say I was. How much farther to the meeting place? I want to find out what is going on."

"It should only take a couple more days. You sure are impatient." Arrow laughs a little. "I have never been to one though. Tiger went to them. But this map should lead us there." He holds up a piece of paper and looks at it.

"Well you said if we get there I can ask about my family and friends. I want to know if they're ok."

"I'm sorry Sanne but the best I can give you is a hope. Your mom and dad are pretty big names though. I'm sure the attacker wouldn't have let them go."

"They're smart. They would have gone into hiding." Sanne knows that J INC had several bunkers across the world. They were always ready if something happened. Whether it was aliens or another world war. "I'm more worried about my friend Krieger."

"Friend? You talk a lot about him I get the feeling he's more then just a friend." Arrow keeps walking not wanting to sit. He didn't want to be in a position where if a Twitcher appeared he wouldn't be ready to run away.

"Well, we've been friends for as long as I've been alive and we did start dating recently but, well, I don't know."

"Don't know?"

"Well there is someone else but he seems to have a girlfriend."


"No!!" Sanne laughs a little. "Not Ark." Sanne decides to steal a line from Jim. "I don't want to talk about it." Sanne goes over to the sewer water and sits next to Arrow. "Is there anyone you um, liked?"

"A couple girls but none of them made it."

"Oh, um, I'll shut up."

"Don't worry. I know what happened and I want revenge. I still want to blow up that fuel station. Imagine the explosion? We'd take out a few Cans." Arrow grabs the cross on the end of his necklace. "Get revenge for my friends and family with His help."

"Yeah, revenge." Sanne thinks of Krieger, the man she loved and lost. "Revenge for those we loved."

Krieger and Yuki hear a noise. They hide at first then hear human voices. "Stay here Yuki. If they're friendly I'll come back for you."

"If they aren't?"

"Run." Krieger slowly comes out of the woods and sees a small camp. "Hello?" His response is several rifles and hand guns pointed at him. "I come in peace!" Krieger puts his hands up.

"On the ground!" A tall man comes up and hits Krieger in the gut with the butt of the rifle. Krieger falls to the ground and the others rush over to him with their guns raised. "Who are you? Are you one of them?"

"No, I, I'm on the run. Who are you?"

"Search him for weapons." One of the other people pat Krieger down finding a couple things of food and a water bottle.

"He's clean." The person turns Krieger over. "Where you come from?"

"Um, I was born in Japan but spent a lot of time in France. That's where I'm going." Krieger is nervous of all the guns.


"My friends are there."

"Your family?"

"Didn't make it." Krieger sits up. They don't hit him but they keep their guns pointed at him. "Are you um resisting the invasion?"

"Of course we are. Are you alone?"

"Um, Yuki I think they're on our side." Yuki comes out from the trees.

"She your sister?"

"No, I don't have a sister or any family left." Krieger sees the concerned look on Yuki's face. "We're trying to get to France, Paris." The group laughs then realize Krieger was being serious.

"Kid Paris is frakked hardcore. I hear it was the first place hit and it was hit the hardest. You aren't getting there. Unless you know someone who is leading a resistance group or someone else higher up you're not even getting into France."

"I, we made it this far. I have to go. Even if it's only to die where my friends died." Krieger was determined.

"And your girlfriend?"

"She's not, she, maybe she can stay with you guys."

"No Krieger I'm not leaving your side. Look um can we stay with you guys tonight? We'll leave you alone in the morning." Yuki grabs Krieger's hand in hers.

"Well wait. We can help you out. Names of your friends? We have a pretty good network going trying to connect people. Any hope helps our cause. All we ask in return is if caught you don't tell them where we are."

"If we're caught we'll probably be killed." Krieger gets butterflies in his stomach. What if Sanne wasn't dead? Well, she had to be. The guy even said Paris was hit first and hardest. But the hope… "Ok." Krieger lists off some names. "Yuki you have anyone you want to look for?" She closes her eyes trying not to cry.

"Only my uncle." She gives the name.

"Well we don't make contact with another group for two more days. If you want you can camp out here but I have to warn you while we are civilized other groups aren't so much. Especially the all male groups who haven't seen a girl who wasn't under control of the enemy." The leader looks at Yuki hoping the warning got to her.

"Krieger saved my life he'll protect me." Yuki grabs his hand.

"Under control? What do you mean?" Krieger worries about Yuki and wonders what has been going on.

"Well, humans have been given chips in…" The leader talks with Krieger and Yuki giving them all the news his group had.

After almost two hours Krieger and Yuki are stunned. This Naia person claimed to be God on Earth. And now she was inserting computer chips into human beings to keep track and control of them. Any who resisted were either killed or forced to… No one knew what happened. She had taken control of most of Earth but some people were still resisting. Thanks to modern technology they were able to have contact with some groups. But the information traveled slowly. They had to be very careful.

Sanne and Arrow continue through the sewers until they can no more. They have to climb out of the sewers but there is a risk if out during the day so they wait.

Krieger and Yuki wait with the group. It was better then being on the run. After jumping from truck to truck and running on foot they were tired. Resting with the group they found was a great break. Of course they had to forge for food, get water, help with the toilet duties, but it was still better then riding in the back of a truck.

At night Sanne and Arrow head out. The meeting place was close from where they were. It only takes them a few minutes to reach it. "Dublin Lions are number one!"

"Manchester Dragons are number one!" The codes are given and the two groups appear. "Who is she?"

"She's a leader of a group."

"Where's Tiger? Why did he send you Arrow?"

"Tiger is dead. I'm all that's left. I found this group. They've been doing well for themselves."

"Where about are they located?"

"Paris, that's all you need to know for now." Sanne takes over. "What's going on? What have you done to slow this Naia person down?"

"We've attacked a couple stations of theirs. The Cans go to these stations to, we aren't sure. We think they may go to power up. They rotate every twelve hours. But there always seems to be another one to blow up. What have you done?"

"I, my grandfather saved nearly fifty people before he was killed protecting them. Naia did it herself. Since then I've been leading my friends on food raids and scouting missions. I, we lost one but Arrow joined us. He told us what he knew but I want more information." Sanne is so firm and commanding it makes the other leader laugh.

"For a little girl you got a lot of heart. It's no wonder you made it."

"I'm not a little girl I am Sanne Belpois leader of a group who, well, you don't need to know."

"Belpois? Any relation to Jeremie Belpois?"


"Just never heard of anyone else named Belpois. Well, in today's world it doesn't do us much good does it? All his money. But we haven't heard anything about him or his wife. Have you?"

"I have no idea.. I'm worried about a friend of mine and his family." Sanne gives some details, names, locations, in hopes for good news.

"Japan? That was the third place hit. But we'll ask around. If the Stern's made any contact with another resistance group we'll know in three to four weeks."

"Well then now that we have that settled what about orders?" Arrow takes over now. "We were planning on destroying a fuel station. But we were attacked before we could carry it out."

"Do you need more weapons? We raided a military base in Eastern Europe a couple weeks ago."

"There were still some left intact?"

"Well, she missed this one. There are probably more left but only smaller ones. Naia couldn't have hit them all." This news makes Arrow smile.

"Good. We'll take whatever you have. Right now, well, we aren't a resistance group we're just hiding. But Tiger had some plans and we'll carry them out."

"Good Arrow, we'll wait two days to get you supplies and weapons. Until then we want a meeting with you and your partner here. A more secret one with the other leaders." The man looks at the troops around him. "Until then have a drink." He laughs as a couple people come over with metal flasks.

"I, I don't drink." Sanne feels the cold container. She couldn't remember the last time she had a cold drink. They didn't have a way to keep the water or other drinks cool at the Factory. "What the hell." She unscrews the cap and takes a swig. As it burns her throat she makes a face but doesn't stop. She was going to be the leader and the other leaders drank alcohol. She wasn't going to be a little girl she was going to be a leader.

Krieger and Yuki are being moved. The group they found sent out messages and the name Stern alerted several leaders of the resistance. Krieger and Yuki were getting special treatment. No one else would be allowed to go to Paris. No one else would have human resources spent to get them to the area known as Ground Zero.

The last day of Sanne and Arrow's trip was a sad day for Arrow. Arrow didn't want to go back. He had lost all of his friends and his initial group. He didn't want to lose any more. Where they were was considered a safe zone. But for how long this would last no one knew. Naia had focused more on China and America as these were the two countries giving the most resistance. The military had been the most powerful there and they were the most die hard. But that did not make any place off limits to her army.

Arrow and Sanne are loaded with medical supplies, weapons, ammunition, and other things. Each have back packs filled to the brim. Belts loaded, pockets filled. Even their socks had things stuffed in them. This would have to be enough for the amount of people Sanne said was in her group. They had also been given a radio to contact the other resistance groups. It was dangerous to initiate contact but the other groups needed a way to set up a meeting with Sanne and her group in the future.

"Wait, before you leave." The leader of the group comes over to them. "We have some new information."

"What?" Sanne and Arrow are both curious.

"This Naia person, it may not be called Naia, but NAIA." They are confused. "It's an Acronym. We are positive the AI stands for Artificial Intelligence but we aren't sure about the N or the second A. Someone made this thing and lost control of it or is still controlling it. But no news of someone taking responsibility for this thing has come out. We are still calling it NAIA while we try to figure out what the Acronym means."

"Ok, well, thank you." Sanne thinks about the girl back at the Factory. The group was still uneasy of her but it seemed to be for no reason.

"And we wanted you both to have something." The leader hands Arrow and Sanne two metal flasks. "Help keep you warm on your trip back." He smiles.

"Um, thanks." Sanne had drunk more but didn't really like it. In front of the other leaders though she wasn't going to act like a little girl. "I'll keep it. My friends might like some." Sanne tucks it into a pocket of her new outfit. She had been fitted out in the same kind of clothing as Arrow wore. Her bright pink wasn't a good color for going out at night. She also had her hair cut shorter so it could fit under a hat. But her hair was still important as her name in the resistance was Pho, Pink Haired One.

Krieger and Yuki are on the Pakistani Iran border. They would move through on their way to France.

In Italy a resistance group near Milan gets a message. "Krieger Stern is looking for a Sanne Belpois, Ark or Skitz Della Robbia, Barack Mackenzie, or Mira Dallas. They were last seen in Paris, France. Transfer this message to the next post or transmit a response if any of there whereabouts are known." The Radio Girl, a Zen Meraviglioso, receives the message and does as instructed sending it on to the next resistance group.

"Paris, they're frakked." She writes the message down as another more urgent message comes through.

"Mecca is burning! I can see the fires from here. May Allah have mercy on their souls."

In Southern Germany a resistance group gets a message. "Sanne Belpois is looking for a Ulrich, Yumi, or Krieger Stern. They were last seen in Tokyo, Japan. Transfer this message to the next post or transmit a response if any of there whereabouts are known." The Radio Boy receives the message and does as instructed sending it on to the next resistance group.

Two days later Sanne and Arrow return to the Factory. At midnight Sanne climbs out of the sewer and sees Mira and Ark not exactly keeping watch. "Boo!" They pull apart from each other and blush.

"Uh, um, Sanne!" When they realize it is her they rush to her and hug her. "We were so worried are you ok?"

"I'm great. Arrow is to but we need help."

"Help?" Ark is confused.

"Help for what?" As is Mira

"We have supplies and other things." Sanne goes back to the sewer entrance as Mira finds her shirt before following Ark.

The others are all surprised and happy to see Sanne and Arrow. Sanne is a little put off by seeing Naia. But Dante vouched for her and protected her. But Samantha was unnerved by what they brought. "We do not need guns! We are just trying to hide out until the military takes care of this."

"What military? They're all gone. The only place with any organized military is the United States and China! And guess what? Naia is focusing on them so its doubtful they will last long! We need to fight and help the resistance! You can stay here I understand but I'm young and fit and I want to frakking kill them all! Kill them all and let the gods whatever they may be sort out the scrap metal!" Samantha pulls her hand back to smack Sanne but Dante grabs her arm and stops her.

"I agree. We can't sit here and hope someone else saves us." When Samantha relaxes Dante lets her arm go. "We fought Xana we can fight these people."

"Exactly Dante. And this time we have help. A guy who has been fighting for awhile. It would be like us having say, Odd when we first started fighting Xana." Sanne smiles towards Arrow.

"Except you could end up like Barack! You're all I have left Sanne." Samantha hugs her tightly. "I don't want to lose my little girl."

"I'm not a little girl." Sanne pushes Samantha away. "And I know my mom and dad are ok. They're in a bunker somewhere praying for our safety." Sanne turns to the others. Everyone was a member of the Lyoko Warriors except Naia. All the other students were sent to Lyoko with the teachers. This way they needed fewer supplies and there was less risk of death if the robots came after them.

Three days pass by without anything happening. Sanne and the others were learning about the weapons Arrow and she brought. Ark finds strange putty like material. "Arrow, what is this?" Ark holds it up.

"That's C4 Plastic Explosive." Ark goes pale. "Don't worry it's pretty safe unless you have a detonator in it."

"What do you need that for?" Samantha still opposed any action against the robots. "It seems dangerous."

"It isn't. And we need it for when he blow up the fuel station." Arrow looks at a hand gun. "I wonder when was the last time this was cleaned." He looks at the barrel and sees some dirt. "Better do it before we use it."

"Blow up the fuel station? I, I won't allow you all to go out and get killed!" Samantha looks at Sanne. "I forbid you!"

"You can't tell me what to do." Sanne stands up to Samantha. "I'm the leader of the group. What I say goes." Arrow clears his throat. "And Arrow is my personal advisor." She smiles at him. "So what we say goes. You can't tell us what to do or what not to do Samantha." Sanne's tone of voice is firm.

"You're right I can't. Too much has changed." Samantha sits down in the computer chair. "It's a messed up world where a granddaughter gives the orders."

In northern Africa a dome appears. Naia looks at it as it forms. She had used a lot of power the past two months and was ready to rest. She flies into the dome as she creates Walkers and the humanoid robots the resistance called Cans. They patrol outside of the dome as Naia takes a much needed rest.

Things quiet down around the world as the week goes by. Naia's attack was complete, almost. Resistance groups were out there but Naia was sure they were little more then a nuisance.

Two nights later Sanne and Arrow are sneaking around the closest fuel center. They were scouting it out and trying to find the best places to place the C4. "If we go to a pump and push the lever shouldn't some Hydrocell fuel come out? Then we would only need a little to set it off and it would travel up the hose and into the tank below." Arrow shakes his head.

"Remember the auto safety shut off. Any fire would be stopped as the fuel was cut off to the hose." Arrow sneaks around the main building and sees a large metal hatch. He tries to pull on the wheel but it was stuck solid. "I think this is where they pump the Hydrocell fuel into. We get this off it should be easy."

"But how do we do that?" Arrow shrugs his shoulders. "How do they do it?"

"Fueling truck I think has a special tool to do it. So if we get one we could do it." Arrow looks around the hatch for a weakness and finds none.

"If we had someone stronger we could do it." This gives Sanne an idea. "Arrow, I have a way one person can do this."

"No way. We'll need at least three people."

"No we don't. Lyoko, it has these Towers and my grandmother can activate one and send power into me. I'll come, rip the hatch off, and throw some C4 in and Boom!" Sanne is a little loud so Arrow puts a hand over her mouth.

"Shh." Arrow thinks he hears a sound. "If that works it works but I'd want some Cans around. So two people could come being powered and make sure some Cans show up." Arrow hears the noise again. "Sanne, get your gun out." Arrow reaches for his as Sanne gets her gun out.

"What is it?"

"I hear footsteps." And sure enough three Cans come around the corner but they weren't alone. Each one carried a person that had just been captured. One of the few people to have escaped without being part of the resistance.

"We have to help them." Sanne starts to move but Arrow grabs her arm.

"No, let them go."

"Arrow we need to help them. What is the point of fighting back if we don't fight when it counts?" He shakes his head.

"It is two on three, and really one and a half on three. You've barely fired a gun before. You could as easily shoot a person."

"I've fired a gun, at the arcade and a couple other times." Sanne gets mad. "You don't have to help." Sanne runs away from Arrow getting the Cans attention.

"Lord, protect her and I." He grabs the cross on his necklace. One of the Cans move and aims a laser gun on its shoulder at Sanne.

"No!" Arrow points, fires, and his aim it true. The bullet goes straight through the Cans head.

"Leave them alone!" Sanne fires but misses horribly. The Can shot by Arrow drops its prisoner and she runs away.

"Damn it Sanne take the time to aim!" Arrow fires at a Can but the Can moves just as Arrow fired and he misses its head. It fires a laser at him and hits him in the chest. He is knocked down and the burning of his flesh distracts him.

"No, let them go!" Sanne fires three shots hitting a Can in the chest. She does some damage but it wasn't enough to destroy the Can. It aims at her but she jumps out of the way just as it fires.

"Let my parents go!" The prisoner dropped by the first Can runs at a second one. It reaches out to grab her but Sanne takes time to aim and hits it in the head. The Can is off balance and falls to the ground landing on top of its prisoner.

"Frak this is bad." Sanne takes aim and pulls the trigger… No Bullets! "Frak!" The last Can reaches down and grabs the prisoner underneath the fallen Can. It pulls and Sanne can hear the horrible crunching noise. The Can stops trying to retrieve the prisoner as it was useless, her spine had been broken when it tried to grab her.

"No, mom!" The prisoner runs over to the dead prisoner not caring about the third Can. Sanne reaches towards her belt and finds a clip. She ejects the clip she has and puts the new one in.

"Watch out!" Sanne fires six times and hits the Can all six times in the chest. It is enough damage to hurt it but not stop it. "Frak you have to shoot them in the head." She takes aim and fires. The Can moves at the wrong time in the wrong way and Sanne's bullet misses the Can but not the prisoner. The Can throws the prisoner on the ground and fires lasers out of both shoulder mounted laser guns. Sanne is hit in the left calf and she falls to the ground. She tries to block the pain out but her vision is blurred and as she fires the last six shots left in the clip she misses every time. It walks towards her ready to step on her and crush her to death.

"I don't think so." Arrow takes aim and fires. He hits the Can in the head stopping it a meter from Sanne. "Sanne watch out!" She looks and sees the Can was starting to fall over! She rolls out of the way and the Can barely misses her.

"Thanks Arrow." Sanne gets up and finds her gun. "That was close."

"Close?" Arrow goes over to Sanne and hugs her then let's go. "You were hit, so was I. We got lucky."

"Um, hello?" The two turn and see the third and only surviving prisoner. "Who are you? What, um, thanks but um, we should get out of here before any more of those robots show up." The prisoner looks around. She sees the other two prisoners. "Mom, dad, I love you." She starts to cry. Sanne goes over to her and hugs her.

"Come on we have to go, like you said." Sanne keeps an arm around the girl as they and Arrow leave the fuel station.

Arrow stops, goes over to the two dead prisoners and says a short prayer for both then goes back to the others.

A minute later six more Cans and several Twitchers, the spider like robots, appear. They look around the area but find no one.

Sanne, Arrow, and the prisoner make it to the Factory entrance. "Sanne, wait." She does as Arrow turns around and points his gun at the prisoner.

"Arrow what are you doing?!"

"Before we take her in she has to promise not to leave and not to tell anyone." Arrow cocks the gun.

"I, I won't leave. You saved me." She hugs Sanne. "She saved me."

"Then come on." Arrow moves a piece of metal and reveals the entrance to the Factory. Sanne helps the prisoner down then Arrow follows.

The group sits around the new girl. "Um, I'm Ani Wyrkomi." She looks over at Sanne. "Thank you for saving me, I, I don't know how to repay you."

"It's ok Ani. I, we had to." Sanne shoots a stare at Arrow. "We have to help anyone we can. I'm sorry about your parents."

"I, they wanted me to stay free. They were going to turn themselves in but wanted me to stay free. But a damn robot saw them come out and sent those little spider ones in after me." She starts to cry and goes to Sanne hugging her.

"The Twitchers do what they do. But we're going to hurt them soon." Sanne tries to comfort Ani. "You're safe here. We'll set up the Scanners and send you to Lyoko soon ok?" Ani is confused but Samantha has a problem with this plan.

"Sanne, we can't."

"What, why?"

"The Super Computer is strained as it is. All those people on Lyoko is pushing it. Why do you think there are only three Scanners? Lyoko wasn't meant to hold all these people. I don't want to risk sending any more. Why do you think she," Samantha points at Naia. "Is still here?" Naia cowers back to hide behind Dante.

"I didn't know." Sanne stares at Naia. "Well then she can stay here with the rest of us. It's going to be ok Ani." Sanne tries to move away from Ani but Ani hugs her tighter. "Um, how old are you?"

"Seventeen, I know I'm young but I won't be a problem."

"Don't worry you're three years older then I am." Sanne laughs a little. Sanne lets Ani hug her until Ani's arms get tired.

Krieger and Yuki make it to Turkey. Soon they would be in Bulgaria. Krieger gets anxious as they get closer to France. The resistance sent out a message asking about his friends. Maybe one or two of them made it. Maybe…

The next day Ani is getting used to the others. She still stuck to Sanne but the others were trying to get her to open up. Sanne and Arrow needed to plan for the night's scouting so Sanne asks Ani to talk with the others. Naia, seeing a chance to make a friend who didn't want to hurt her tries. "So Ani, um, what did you do before?"

"I went to school, Middleton Academy."

"Play any sports?" Ani shakes her head. "Neither did I. I have albinism so can't like go outside much during the day. Heck even the lights in here are kind of bad for me." Naia laughs a little rubbing her exposed skin feeling a slight sting. "So um, did you have a boy friend?"

"I, no. Do you? I saw you and uh, Dante?" Naia nods. "He's your boy friend?"

"No, well, I don't know. I like him but I don't know if he likes me. I think he has a crush on Sanne."

"Oh, so she like, has a boyfriend?"

"She did. He's dead though. He was in Tokyo when it was attacked. I try and stick to Dante though so they won't get alone time."

"Well I could stick to Sanne to help you." Ani laughs a little.

"You stuck to her most of the day. But thanks for the help." Naia and Ani continue to talk as Sanne and Arrow make plans.

Sanne goes to her grandmother after the meeting. The plan all fell on one little detail. "No."

"But Samantha we need it. I'm the leader and I'm telling you to activate a Tower! We'll need it!"

"And I'm telling you no. It isn't possible. I already told you the Super Computer is being strained. I'm not risking the Super Computer formatting itself because we tried to use too much and it tries to save itself! You'll have to find another way."

"Then, then, damn it. Bring some back or whatever then send them back to Lyoko."

"I can't. It is too risky. The strain, well, no. I can't risk it Sanne.

"Fine, I'll think of another way." Sanne leaves Samantha to tell Arrow that they needed to change the plan and it would be at least another night until they could strike.

Krieger and Yuki are running with a resistance group when a laser flies over head. "Cans!" The four resistance members raise their rifles and start to fire. Seven Cans and three Twitchers come out and attack.

"Yuki come on!" Krieger grabs her wrist and pulls her towards some rocks. They had been running along the base of a mountain thinking the robots could only attack from one direction. They had underestimated the agility of the Cans.

"Aaaa!" One of the resistance fighters is hit in the face with a laser and drops his rifle. Krieger sees this and knows he has to help. "Yuki, stay here."

"No, don't go out there." She grabs at Krieger.

"I have to. I won't let them get you." Krieger runs out dodging lasers. He jumps, rolls, and lands next to the fallen resistance fighter. He grabs the rifle, points, and fires.

A Twitcher moves in the mountains and sees Yuki. It slowly sneaks up on her. Yuki doesn't see it.

Krieger aims and fires hitting and destroying a Twitcher when the gun stops firing. "I'm out of ammo, frak." He looks at the fallen resistance fighter and sees the belt. He flips the person over and sees three clips of ammunition. He grabs one and pulls it out when he sees a small egg shaped item clipped to the belt. Krieger pulls this off. "It looks like a grenade from Eleven Quest." He sees a pin on the other side. "Frak shooting." He pulls the pin and throws it. When it detonates the resistance fighters left and Krieger are knocked backwards by the shock wave. "Frak!" Krieger is hit with some stone and other shrapnel.

"Who the frak threw that!?" A resistance fighter recovers from the blast. "Who in the hell threw that!?"

"Um, I did." Krieger looks around and sees the grenade did the job. "I saved our asses." The resistance fighter goes to Krieger and grabs him by the shirt.

"You frakking idiot! We only have a few of those! I didn't authorize the use of it! And with how close it was we all could have been killed!"

"I, I killed them. I did it I saved our asses." Krieger breaks the man's hold on his shirt. "I'll take your thanks later."

"We were doing fine! Bullets are easy to come by grenades aren't! We need…" The man is cut off by Yuki's scream. The Twitcher has attacked Yuki up close!

"Yuki!" Krieger runs at the Twitcher and does a flying kick knocking it off of Yuki. It lands on its back and reveals a small blade on the end of a leg coming out of its stomach. Krieger is ready to attack it again when three shots ring out. The Twitcher falls over.

"Saved our asses? We should have had someone watching it instead. Men make sure there aren't any more Twits up there." The remaining resistance fighters move up into the mountain. Krieger goes to Yuki and sees she is bleeding.

"Do we have any bandages?" Krieger sees where the blade had cut through Yuki's pant leg and the cut. Just below her hip. It is almost nine centimeters long and looks deep. "Yuki did it get you anywhere else?"

"No, I, I don't think so. I saw it just before it leapt at me. I, I don't know where it would have gotten me if I hadn't turned." Yuki hugs Krieger. "You saved me again Krieger." She keeps hugging him and won't let go as she cries. Both from the pain and from the realization at how close she had been too dying again.

The next day in Paris, France Sanne and Arrow are making plans. They tried to scout out the fuel station but the Cans and Twitchers were protecting it. "What do we do? We can't risk everyone for a fuel station." Arrow and Sanne are in the area between the Control Room and the Factory entrance.

"I know Arrow. But I have an idea. We have two attacks in one night." Sanne pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to Arrow.

"Wow, you've been thinking and planning without me." Arrow reads through the ideas Sanne wrote down.

"We hit the grocery store on Oak and Elm or the place they've been storing the Cans. Either one will work."

"We don't know what they do there. No resistance fighter has been able to get close to one to see. There are ideas but who knows."

"I would say refueling them but then the Hydrocell station would be the place. Maybe they have to recharge. If they're powered that way then it would make sense that they would be recharged regularly." Arrow agrees.

"But to hit that we'd risk the Cans, lots of them."

"We'd be destroying them to. I went there twice with Mira and Ark. Both times there were only two Cans guarding it. The rest were inside."

"What if they can be reactivated and come out in a couple of seconds? We'd be killed, whoever we sent."

"Frak. Well, then the grocery store. We hit it, grab some food, and that should draw the Cans there."

"They would have to be fast. Remember what happened at the other one?" Sanne nods and looks at the entrance remembering Barack.

"Of course I do. It wouldn't have to be long. We just throw a grenade or some C4 and it goes off that should be distracting enough to draw the Cans. Maybe in the confusion we could grab some food since we're already running low. If not it doesn't matter they will leave the fuel station and we can attack that."

"We need to scout it out, tonight. You and I will go to the grocery store first then the place the Cans have been going. We'll see which one will be easier to hit."

"Ok. But the fuel center, we saw how the vehicles were being fueled and what was inside. There must be a reason all those people were being moved out of the city. When the resistance contacts us we have to ask about any mass migrations."

"Ok, now…" Arrow and Sanne continue to make plans.

Krieger and Yuki are with a new resistance group going through Serbia. They had only had to fight a couple Twitchers since the last battle. The resistance group told the next one about Krieger and he was given a rifle of his own. He carried it with pride knowing he was being accepted by the resistance group. He wanted to fight. He wanted to avenge his friends and family. The robots and Naia would pay for what they did.

Three days later Sanne and Arrow are preparing. It was agreed that the grocery store would be too dangerous. The robots were guarding that a lot more then the place the Cans and Twitchers went. For what Sanne was sure was a recharge. She and Arrow watched it every night and sometimes during the day when they could and noticed every twelve hours the robots would switch places. "We only need two people for the first attack." Sanne is talking to the rest, minus Samantha, Naia, and Ani. Sanne nearly had to hit Ani to keep her in the Control Room as Ani tried to follow her, again. "But the second attack will be more dangerous. We'll wait until the place is clear, or clear enough. Ark, Dante, Arrow and I will go to the hatch and try to pry it open. Mira and Skitz will go to the pumps and start the pumps." Arrow takes over.

"If the hatch won't open we'll set the C4 near the pumps and hope it will be strong enough to disable the safety devices. I will set the detonator for two minutes. We'll have that long to make it back to the sewer and get away."

"Can't you make it longer?" Skitz is getting nervous. Her job sounded easy but she and Mira would be out in the open. She missed Barack, had cried every night wishing he was there, but she didn't want to be with him. At least not until she had gotten her revenge.

"I could but we only have so much fuse. I don't want to make this one really long just too find out I need a long one for a future job." Arrow turns to Sanne. "If we get broken up and I can't set the bomb we need another meeting place."

"And that would be the Hermitage. Well, the sewer entrance at the Hermitage. We can't come straight back here. If we led them here it would be bad. We'll all be given a hand gun and one grenade. We don't have a lot of them and are a last resort. Arrow and I will carry the C4. My package for the recharge building and his for the fuel station. If any of us are killed," Skitz goes pale.

"I, do we um, need to talk about that?" Skitz feels her heart pump faster.

"Yes. If I die someone needs to grab my grenade, gun, and C4. If Arrow is killed the same is needed to be done. Anyone who dies we need to grab their gun and grenade and leave them. We can't risk losing any one else trying to grab a body."

"How can you say that?" Skitz feels tears growing in her eyes. "We, we can't leave them behind. The Cans will grab them and burn them."

"Yes they will. But it will only be them. I would rather lose one of you then all of you." Sanne stays strong. "If you are too scared Skitz then I'll ask Ani or Naia."

"I can do this!" Sanne smiles knowing that would work.

"Then tonight we strike. We'll see how that Naia girl likes this." Sanne and the others prepare more.

That night Sanne and the others are slinking through the night. All of them were wearing dark clothes to try and blend in. Arrow points at a light. They had to avoid it. Sanne, Skitz, and Ark go around a building and see a Twitcher. They go back. Sanne makes a little motion with her hands.

"Twitchers." Arrow gets the message. He points behind him and the group retreats to a safe place.

"What do we do Arrow?" Sanne is starting to get worried. Before it was just scouting but this time they were planning on fighting. They were going to strike. This was her first real action as part of the resistance. "I think we need to go back a couple buildings and go east a little then cut back."

"Yeah, good." The group moves out.

A Can is doing a patrol but moves fast. This area was secure, so the Can's programming tells it. It moves by a building, looks around, and then continues. Sanne grabs her package of C4. She gets the fuse out. "On three Arrow shoots the Can from behind. Ark and I run out, Ark shooting and running west while I go north. He'll draw any thing away from me. I'll get to what we agree is the front entrance, place the C4 and light it. You all fire at anything that went after Ark and we run back to the sewer." The rest nod.

"On three." Arrow raises his gun and aims at the Can. "One," He takes the safety off. "Two," He cocks the gun. "Three!" He hits the Can in the back of the head destroying it. Ark runs out and starts to shoot. Sanne runs out with the C4. She looks around for any sign of robot activity. She is so busy looking out for them she doesn't see the curb and trips. She lands hard, hitting her chin. She sees stars and drops the C4.

"Guys," Arrow sees Sanne fall. "Be ready to retreat."

"We can't leave her behind." Skitz steps out but Arrow grabs her by the back of the shirt and pulls her back.

"You heard the orders." Arrow looks out for any activity. Soon he sees two Cans and a Twitcher. Ark stops running and fires at them. The Cans take aim and fire at Ark. He dives to the ground then starts to fire again.

Sanne shakes her head, recovering from her fall. She sees the C4 and grabs it. She continues running towards the target. She can hear laser and gun fire but blocks it out. She has tunnel vision focusing her mind.

"She's about to set it we need to help Ark." Mira points her gun at a Can and fires. She hits it in the left arm and shoulder. She destroys the laser gun but the Can still stands.

"You have to hit them in the head!" Arrow aims and fires and hits the Can in the head. The Twitcher turns and starts to skitter towards them.

"Die!" Skitz fires and hits it seven times destroying it.

Ark runs out of bullets and starts to run back to the others. He is hit in the left knee and falls to the ground. "Aaaa!"

"Ark!" Skitz and Mira forget about the plan and run at Ark.

"Damn it you'll both get killed!" Arrow takes his time and aims.

Sanne gets to the entrance and places the C4 right next to it. She sets the detonator, lights the fuse, and runs back to the others.

Ark is trying to get back up but the Can is almost on top of him. Skitz and Mira unleash their weapons on it hitting it in the chest. The Can stumbles backwards as it is hit thirteen times. It isn't destroyed but enough damage is done to fry its circuits. Mira and Skitz get to Ark, help him up, and lead him back to Arrow, Dante, and Sanne.

"Good job Dante, you didn't break the pattern."

"I, I," Dante was frozen in place. He thought he was ready but when the time came he froze. He didn't break pattern because he couldn't move.

"We need to get going." Sanne was calm, cold, and running. Everyone runs after her. Ark, Mira, and Skitz a little slower as Ark was injured.

They make it to the sewer entrance. Arrow and Sanne wait for everyone else to climb down before following. Sanne looks and sees a horrific sight. A Walker, standing tall, was going to the station they had just attacked. If they're actions had activated a Walker would the fuel station be even more guarded?

The Walker, several Cans and Twitchers appear. The dead Cans and the damaged Cans are checked over by the Twitchers. None notice the C4 until it is too late. The Walker moves down and a spotlight shines on the area. It spots some blood and is going to follow it when the C4 detonates. The Walker is hit as are the Cans and Twitchers. The station's entrance is blown apart and the Cans inside are destroyed or damaged. When the explosion is over the building collapses as one wall and inner supports were damaged.

Even in the sewers the group hears the explosion. "I guess we did it." Sanne wants to celebrate. She reaches into a side pocket of her pants and pulls the metal flask out. It wasn't cold any more but the alcohol still made her feel good. It made her feel like an adult, a real leader of the resistance.

"We will wait twenty to thirty minutes before going to the fuel station." The group moves through the sewers as Arrow keeps the time on his watch.

Cans, Twitchers, and two Walkers appear at the destroyed building. Cans move through the rubble to try and recover any Cans or Twitchers inside.

The group makes it to the sewer entrance closest to the fuel station. Arrow stares at his watch. "Now." He climbs out first, then Sanne. They go near the fuel station. They see one Can in front.

"Good, we can handle this. We'll work on the hatch. If the Can notices it we'll shoot it and then Mira and Skitz run out to start the pumps." Sanne runs back to the group and they come out, except Ark who was too hurt.

"What do we do?" Skitz worries about her brother and her role.

"We work on the hatch. If the Can notices I'll shoot it. Then you two run out and start the pumps while Arrow sets up his package." As Sanne takes charge her voice changes. "Then get ready to run."

"Ok." The group moves over to the hatch. Sanne gets her gun out and aims at the Can. If it turned around she would be ready.

Dante, Arrow, and Skitz work on the hatch. There wasn't enough room for all of them around the hatch. Mira gets her gun out and goes near Sanne. "I'll help." She takes aim at the Can.

"Thanks." Sanne feels sweat go down her face. She was on a rush like not other. Fighting Xana was never a rush like this. Her heart was pumping hard. Her head pounded as blood rushed through it. Her ears ring from the explosion. Sanne was ready for more action. She needed more action. Her finger twitches on the trigger.

"We got it." Arrow feels the hatch move. But as it moves it makes a loud noise. The Can turns around.

"Die!" Sanne fires and hits the Can in the head. "Mira, Skitz, start the pumps!" Sanne goes to the hatch and takes Skitz's place. She and the other two force the hatch to turn as Mira and Skitz head out onto the station's main area. They grab the handles and pull the triggers. Hydrocell starts to pour out. They run up and down the fuel station starting more pumps.

"Come on, almost there!" Arrow grunts as he pulls on the hatch and a hissing noise is heard. A foul odor comes out as the hatch is lifted off. The three drop it on the ground. "Are we ready?"

"Skitz, Mira, get back here!" Sanne's yell makes them jump and they follow her orders running back to her as fast as possible. "Do it Arrow."

"Start running." The group does as Arrow sets the detonator and the fuse. "Here's for a big boom." He lights the fuse and throws the C4 in. He turns and runs after the others.

They make it to the sewer where Ark was waiting for them. "Did you do it?"

"Wait another minute and a half to find out." Skitz and Mira help Ark as they run away.

Two Cans are sent to the fuel station after the gun fire. They see the dead Can and go to examine it.

Sanne and the others are near the last turn to the Factory when the C4 detonates. The explosion shakes the sewers. They feel heat in the sewers as the explosions fills the sewers. The explosion continues and makes the sewers shake again. "Frak we need to get out of here." Sanne was sweating now from the intense heat.

"We're almost there." Arrow and the others hurry to the sewer entrance for the Factory. They had done it. Their first attack as resistance members was successful.

The next month was hard. After the attack Walkers were patrolling the city again. Cans patrolled in groups of ten each with Twitchers everywhere. The group had been unable to do so much as go outside for fresh air let alone attack again. This was bad as they were running out of food. "The only thing we can do is send the rest of us to Lyoko."

"The strain," Sanne cuts Samantha off.

"Is nothing! The Super Computer can handle it!"

"What about the other groups?" Arrow comes in. "We need someone watching the radio for messages."

"I'll stay." Sanne's voice is so cold it makes her friends and grandmother shiver. "I can handle it."

"You won't do it alone. I'll stay." Ani volunteers. One because she was afraid of this Lyoko place and second because she loved Sanne. Sanne had saved her life. Sanne had risked her own life to save her. She had no family or friends left except for Sanne. But she knew Sanne didn't notice her. She hung out with her as much as she could. She told Naia it was to keep Sanne from being alone with Dante but it was so she could be close to her.

"No, I'll stay." Arrow volunteers. "Since I'm the co leader or advisor to you I'm staying." Arrow stares at the others daring them to question his reasoning.

"But, I, I don't want to leave her alone." Skitz looks at Sanne. "I'd be worried sick about you."

"So would I." Dante doesn't want to leave Sanne behind. She had saved him from Xana many times. He would be there to save her.

"I, I don't want to go." Naia refuses. She wasn't leaving Dante alone with Sanne. She was still trying to figure out what she had with Dante but… It was like her Jcell. She tried to send a message but there was no signal to send it with.

"And the Super Computer can't handle it! I've had to delete a Sector to keep the Super Computer running." Samantha crosses her arms and stares at Sanne.

"Frak. Then we need food!"

"We can send a message out for help. If they attack somewhere close the Walkers and Cans should be called off from here." Arrow goes over to a bag and pulls the radio out. "They owe us. The trucks were stopped and then some of the Cans powered out in the streets. It isn't much but its more then some have done." Arrow turns the radio on and waits for a connection.

Krieger and Yuki have made it to Italy. Near Milan they are led to a resistance camp. Krieger is decked out with a rifle, hand gun, camouflage, and a nickname. "Kisser, RTO." Krieger gives the second parts of the message and three people appear.

"You are?" Krieger looks at the three and notices one is a young girl. The two adults were probably her parents.

"I am Artist, this is Model, and this," The leader puts his hand on the small girls shoulder. "Is Radio. She's our main communicator for the resistance groups in this area."

"Communicator?" Krieger has a millions questions flood his mind.

"Yeah she works the radio. Why? Have a message to send out?"

"No. I sent one out earlier looking for my friends. Sanne Belpois, Ark Della Robbia," Before Krieger says more Radio runs away from the group. She comes back with a large folder filled with messages.

"Are you Krieger Stern?" Krieger nods. "We got a message for you." She hands him the message.

"No, Sanne." Krieger feels tears fill his eyes. As he had traveled with Yuki they got close. He got his nickname with the resistance after he had been caught making out with Yuki. He told anyone else it was part of his initials, KS. But if Sanne was still alive… "How old is this message?"

"A couple months. I've had no more messages since." Zen goes through the folder. "And your message, I guess I don't need to save it any more." She crumples it up and throws it away.

"Radio, come on. I'm sure these two are tired." Artist and Model lead the group into their resistance camp. A small cave formed by a bomb that had dropped during WWII. It wasn't deep but so far all robots had missed it.

Sanne and Arrow wait for a connection. It had been several hours and all signals hadn't gotten through. They had moved from the Control Room to the entrance of the Factory hoping for a better signal. "Two, Two, Three, Five." Arrow repeats the code, and then changes the frequency. "Two, Two, Three, Five."

"PF Three we got you what is it?"

"We're running out of food. Since we attacked the fuel center and charging station we haven't been able to go out. Cans, Twitchers, even Walkers patrol the streets. We're frakked if we don't get food soon."

"What can we do? We're strained for food also."

"We don't want food we want a distraction. Attack somewhere not Paris so the robots will thin out their presence here."

"We will try. Give us a couple days to plan. Be back on this signal in two days, same time." Arrow checks his watch.

"Roger, PF Three out." Arrow turns the radio off. "We have to try and last at least two more days."

"In two more days we might be too weak to do anything." Sanne is desperate. She wasn't going to let her friends starve to death.

Sanne acts like she fell asleep as everyone else does fall asleep. She opens one eye. "Arrow? Ani? Anyone?" No response. "Good." Sanne gets up and leaves the Control Room. She grabs two hand guns, several grenades, C4, and prays. "Watch over me Krieger." She leaves the Factory. It is the first time since after the attacks on the Hydrocell and recharge stations. They had wanted to see the damage but it was too dangerous. Even now she sees Walkers patrolling the city. "They'll be pissed if I don't come back." She runs to the sewer entrance and climbs down as fast as she can.

Ani wakes up needing to use the bathroom. As she gets up she notices Sanne was gone. "Maybe she had to go." Ani leaves the Control Room to go to the designated bathroom area.

Sanne moves through the sewers. She sticks her head out every now and then to see where she was. The grocery store would be too risky. But there were homes where people were kept. People who accepted the chips and submitted to NAIA. These people would have food she could use.

Ani doesn't see Sanne but notices some light. She goes and sees the entrance had been opened. "What is she doing?" Ani gets worried. She wants to go after Sanne but knew Sanne would be mad at her if she left the Factory.

Sanne pops her head up and sees some apartments. There are three Cans on the street standing back to back to back. "Frak can't sneak up on them." Sanne checks to make sure her hat was covering all of her hair. It was growing back but still short enough to fit. "I won't need to." She gets a grenade out. She pulls the pin and throws it. It lands in the middle of the Cans. She doesn't wait for it to detonate as she climbs out. A Can sees her but is too late. The grenade goes off destroying all three. The noise however… "Frak!" Sanne runs towards a house and turns the knob. Amazingly the door opens! "I guess they aren't worried about break ins." She runs into the house.

Ani hears a siren. "Sanne!" She bites her finger. "Please be alright."

Sanne runs through the house and sees a kitchen. She runs and opens the refrigerator. She grabs some food, sets it on a table, and looks for a way to carry it. She pulls some drawers open and finds some plastic bags. She stuffs them with food and runs out of the house into an ambush. "Aaaa!" Three Twitchers leap on her from above. Sanne loses the food and struggles. She reaches a gun and shoots the Twitchers point blank. She was hurt, bleeding, but she finds the bags and picks them up not worried about the food that fell out. She runs to the sewer entrance and slides to a stop. She lifts the lid as a Walker appears on the street. She climbs down but hears the laser cannon charge. She jumps down the last few rungs and runs towards the Walker. This move would save her life.

The Walker fires its laser cannon blasting through the road into the sewer. Sanne feels the heat from the laser cannon and keeps running. Several Twitchers go down into the sewer to look for Sanne.

Ani doesn't know what to do. If she woke the others Sanne would be in trouble. If she didn't Sanne might be killed! But what could they do? They didn't know where she was.

Sanne runs a wild pattern through the sewers. Her wounds were still bleeding. She could feel the cuts from the Twitchers knives. One on her stomach, one on her thigh, and another on her back. If it had been any deeper she'd be paralyzed.

More and more Twitchers enter the sewer to cover as many passages as possible. They were determined to find Sanne.

Sanne gets lost. She just ran to run and was lost. She continues to run hoping to see something familiar.

Ani gets even more worried when the siren stops. Did it mean they got Sanne? "Sanne please don't die!" She starts to cry as she bites down so hard on her finger she bleeds.

Sanne sees a bit of graffiti on the wall. Something Odd had added many years ago when he was still a student at Kadic Academy. "Thank you Odd!" Sanne knows which way to go.

The Twitchers fill the sewer more and more. They weren't going to let this person get away.

Sanne makes it to the end of the sewer passage and climbs out. As she puts the sewer lid on she sees a Twitchers scanning light. "Frak that was close." Sanne runs towards the Factory entrance.

A Twitcher is following a trail of blood. It makes its way to the end of the sewer passage. It climbs up the ladder and pushes its way out.

"Sanne!" Ani sees Sanne and runs out to see her.

"Ani what are you doing up!?" Sanne doesn't know whether to be mad or worried. She wanted the food to be a surprise. Try to sneak it into the food supplies. But if Ani saw her she'd be in trouble.

"What were you doing? I'm so glad you're alive!" Ani goes to hug Sanne but sees the Twitcher. "No!" She grabs a gun from the belt of Sanne's and fires it. The first two shots miss but the third one hits and destroys the Twitcher.

"Wow, you saved my life this time Ani." Sanne raises the food. "Gifts for everyone." Ani looks and smiles. "But we can't tell the others ok?"

"Anything you want Sanne." Ani hugs Sanne and feels better now that she knew Sanne was safe.

The next day no one notices the little bit of food added to the food supply. It wasn't much but it would make the supplies last long enough for the distraction.

Two days later Krieger and Yuki are ready to leave the resistance camp. They had to wait for a clearance code from the next stop. Model and Artist are escorting them on the last bit of the trip when Radio comes running up from behind. "Watch out there's an ambush!" The warning was just in time. The group stops walking as five Cans appear if front of them. From behind two more Cans come from their hiding spot. The group assumes they are going to be killed outright but…

"Krieger Stern you are to come with us." No one knew a Can could talk!

"What about the others?"

"They will be terminated."

"I, ok." Everyone is stunned. Krieger was going to leave them to die?

"Krieger, no!" Yuki is frozen in place. She feels tears form in her eyes. "Don't leave me!" She wants to run after him but can't.

"Wait, I almost forgot something." Krieger turns around as he is only a meter away. He drops something and runs back to the others. He throws himself at the group but Artist and Model dodges him thinking he was attacking him. Krieger tackles Yuki to the ground as the grenade goes off. Artist and Model are caught in the blast. Krieger feels himself burn as fire and shrapnel hits him.

"No!" Radio is behind the two Cans cutting off any hopes of retreat. The Cans ignore her as she had no weapons on her. But that was a big mistake. She runs at the one on the left and jumps on its back. "Bastards!" She grabs at the laser gun on its right shoulder. The Can tries to grab her but a design flaw made it impossible. The second Can goes after her but she leaps off of the first can kicking the second on in the chest. She uses her momentum to leap off of this one and slam her shoulder back into the first one. It tumbles backwards and falls over. She lands hard on her shoulder and cries out in pain.

Hearing Radio's cry of pain snaps Krieger into action. He grabs a hand gun from his belt and aims it at the second Can. He fires four shots getting it in the head on the last two. The first Can starts to get back up but Krieger runs over and fires a shot point blank in the head. "Radio are you ok?" He sees her doubled over in pain grabbing at her shoulder.

"I think I dislocated it." She starts to stand back up. Krieger goes to help her but she pushes him away with her good arm. "Leave me alone."

"I, Radio I'm sorry but it was a trick. I tricked the Cans so I could get close enough to use a grenade without giving them time to react."

"I don't need your help." Radio closes her eyes and grabs her bad arm with her good hand. "Aaaa!" She cries out in pain again as she pulls on it setting it back in place. "What do we do?"

"I, I don't know." Krieger goes to Yuki and checks on her. She was in shock but no injuries. He feels his skin where metal hit it but he is sure he will be fine. As for Model and Artist… No chance. "I'm sorry." Krieger watches Radio walk over to them and kneel down. She grabs their guns, ammunition, and grenades.

"It was their time to go. We better hurry to the next station." Krieger is stunned. Radio had to be in shock also. No one could be so cold about their parents' death. Krieger helps Yuki up and follows after Radio.

The day of the distraction Sanne's resistance group was ready. They had been given a two hour window. They had to collect as much food in that time as possible as there was no other chance of getting more. "In five more minutes we move." Arrow looks at his watch. "You all know your roles?"

"Yes." The group replies. This time Ani and Naia were brought along. They needed as much help as possible to grab as much food as possible. If they were lucky they could get enough from the grocery store to last for months. They already had targets. One would get fruit, another vegetables, and so forth.

On the other side of the city a large explosion rock a recharging station. Another destroys a small factory being used to make more robots. "Now!" Arrow and the others emerge from the sewers. The one Can left behind is quickly taken out by Arrow and the group runs into the store.

A new robot appears. It is long with many tentacles. In each tentacle is a new, not robot, but cyborg. Those unfortunate enough to resist the chip and not be in the resistance had been shipped off to factories to be made anew. They were powerful but slow. Both in movement and in brain. Naia had to affect their brains to make them completely loyal slaves. But the right arm was a massive auto cannon while the left was a flame thrower. On the right shoulder is a missile launcher that holds four missiles each. It drops three off in front of the grocery store as it continues moving to the other side of the city to drop off the rest. The resistance would have no clue what hell was about to fall upon them.

Arrow sees what he was sent to look for, a microwave. If they were getting meat they needed something to cook it in. They were all tired of cold vegetables and canned fruit. While Ark grabbed meat from the meat department Arrow grabs the microwave.

The three cyborgs stand up and activate. "Destroy all living creatures in vicinity."" They walk towards the grocery store.

Sanne is grabbing more canned vegetable and stuffing them into a grocery bag when she sees the cyborgs. "Holy frak." She has just enough time to drop to the ground as the auto cannons start. Bullets rip through the front of the store shattering glass. One fires a missile and this starts a fire when it explodes. The sprinkler system starts.

"Frak, frak!" Arrow drops the microwave and gets his gun out. He runs down the store when he sees what was attacking. "God, how could you let such unholy things exist?" He could see the human parts. He knew these were human, partly. He had never killed a human only robots. "Forgive me lord for I am about to sin." He fires and kills a cyborg. He takes aim when the fwoosh of the flame thrower blinds him.

"Frak!" Skitz throws a grenade as hard as she can. It actually hits a cyborb. If it were smart it would duck for cover but… The explosion kills the last two.

"Grab what you can and we have to get out of here!" Sanne grabs at a couple bags. She had collected five but she could waste time trying to fill them back up.

"No stop!" Arrow has his gun out and looks outside. "I think that was it. If we are careful we can still get more food and supplies."

"You better be right Arrow." Sanne and the others go back to what they were doing.

"I pray to God I am." Arrow goes back and grabs a different microwave. He didn't know if the first one was damaged when he dropped it.

We were settled for the fight. We did small attacks on patrols when we could. But the fight seemed hopeless with no end in sight as Naia took control of more and more of Earth. We fought though as did millions of others. We weren't going to lay down and let this thing make us into slaves.

A month later the war for Earth was still raging. The cyborgs and new Floaters weighed the war in Naia's favor but the resistance wasn't going to give up.

More time passes and the group needed more food. They had done well and completed two more attacks but they were both on recharging stations. They needed food and Sanne had an idea. "They keep the people who submitted on the north side of town. If we attack there the Cans and Walkers will have to be careful. They can't kill those who submitted or they might rebel. We can go in, get food, and get out."

"When? How? What if the people fight us?"

"We have guns and they don't. Besides we're part of the resistance they'll probably help us gather food." Sanne smiles at the others. She was confident…

That night the group is in the sewers. They had seen where Sanne's earlier attempt had been but didn't know it was her. Except Ani who had kept her mouth shut. As much as she annoyed her Sanne had to admit Ani was loyal to her. "Ok, we go up, take out any Cans or Twitchers. Arrow stays here standing on the ladder to keep the sewer entrance free. The rest of us go into the first building we see and grab food."

"What if the doors are locked?" Dante gets nervous. He hated these missions. Last time he nearly got Ark killed when he froze up. He promised himself he wouldn't do that again but… When the heat of the battle rages his mind froze.

"They won't be. After all who is going to break in? Crime rate must be at zero except for people like us." Sanne is so confident it makes the others even more confident. "If we get swamped grab someone and take them hostage. No way will the Cans kill one. We get to the sewer, knock them out, and then run away."

"Sounds like a good plan to me." Arrow's approval makes Sanne even more confident.

The group leaves the sewer and go to three different homes. Sanne and Ani, Ark and Mira, then Skitz, Dante, and Naia. They get into the homes easily but that is where the problems begin.

A siren goes off. This wakes the people up. They were to follow the drill set by Naia. March outside for inspection. Anyone who refused would disappear and come back as a cyborg. But in three houses they notice the visitors. "What are you doing!?"

"We're here to help you!" Sanne takes charge. "Give us some food so we can keep fighting."

"No way it's because of you we're having all these problems!"

"Us!?" Sanne gets mad. "I am the reason you still have hope of a free world! I am the reason this invasion will end!"

"Well some of us like this new world! I was stuck slaving away in an office and barely able to scrape by! Now I don't work and still have food and a house over my head!" The man advances towards Sanne but sees Ani is closer and grabs her. "I got one!"

"Let her go!" Several people appear behind the man holding Ani.

"No way, we got two in here!"

"Stop!" Sanne points her gun at the man. "Let her go!"

"Frak you! I'm sure to be rewarded for turning you in! Fine little girls like you. The Naia person has been rounding up people like you and taking them to breeding farms. After all over two billion people need to be replaced!"

"Let her go or die!" Sanne takes the safety off.

"Frak you!" Those were his last words. The people behind him panic as Sanne continues shooting. Two more fall as the rest run out of the house.

"Ani grab some food we need to get out of here!" Sanne runs and jumps over the dead bodies. She goes out into the street and starts shooting. She had snapped and wasn't going to let these traitors turn her or anyone else in.

Arrow is stunned by what he sees. Sanne was shooting other humans! "Sanne stop that!" He points his gun at her.

"They are going to turn is in! They're traitors to the human race!" Sanne shoots another person.

"I'll stop you Sanne." Arrow takes aim and fires. Sanne would miss two fingers but she would stop killing. Arrow does a Hail Mary as Sanne screams in pain. Ani runs out with food and sees Sanne. She runs up, grabs her by the wrist, and pulls her towards the sewer entrance.

The others come out of the houses and get to the sewer entrance just as Cans, Twitchers, and Cyborgs appear.

Sanne couldn't face the others. They asked the school nurse on Lyoko how to bandage her hand. But Sanne knew what she had done. She snapped and killed people. Not robots, not cyborgs, human beings. Arrow had shot her in the hand and took two of her fingers on her right hand. The pain was incredible but she realized he had saved her. She wouldn't have stopped. She would have kept killing them until the enemy arrived and stopped her.

Three days before the six month anniversary of the invasion Sanne is waiting for a message on the radio. She had been told a meeting was being planned. She being a leader was invited. Arrow hadn't told the others what she had done. They assumed she had been hurt by a Can in the chaos of the raid. If Arrow told the others she was sure they would kill her. "Phase Three Portal."

"Phase One Exit." The codes are given.

"Four days from now meet at Point 16. We have three new members to join you."

"I, we can't take any more!"

"You will want these members. One is a Krieger Stern." Sanne heard no more words after that. The man talked but she heard nothing.

"I, I'll be there."

"Over and out."

"Over and out." Sanne starts to cry. She thought Krieger had been killed. She had mourned his death and was ready to move on. Well, she was ready to get her revenge for his death. To find out he was still alive…


I, Sanne Belpois am going to a leader meeting tomorrow for the resistance. I will see the man I loved and lost for the first time in over six months. How will he have changed? Will he notice how much I've changed? Will he still love me? I don't know. But tomorrow I am going to the meeting as a leader. I will have to be strong. I've been dead inside for awhile now. I just have to stay dead long enough to get through the meeting and meet Krieger. Heh, meet Krieger. I've known him for over fifteen years and here I am thinking of meeting him. And two more. His parents? I didn't ask. I hope so they were always so nice. It would be nice to know they made it. Should I tell him what I did? No, not yet. Only Arrow knows and if he tells anyone, well, it wouldn't be good for me.

A/N And so it starts! First, the new series will be in first person, like at the very beginning and end. Second, Naia hates Italian but doesn't know why. I do, because she is a copy of Aelita who hates Italian. Ok, and OSK had some questions which I answered.

Is this the other world? No, this is a different other world. So Skitz was never a lesbian and Krieger was with Sanne. Naia some how ended up in this world after the asteroid blast. And he said this was close to what my Evil Aelita did but… She was trying to exterminate life on Earth. Naia wants to control Earth and used a robot army to do so.