Been awhile for Code Naia… I went back through my favorite part. I added notes and I changed how the ending was done. Like, if it was a movie you know? Backround music and stuff. Just, bored and well, I love this entire series it is my best work.

I asked the Lord for help but there was no answer. I didn't know what to do. I needed help, strength. "He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat. He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment seat. Oh be swift my soul to answer Him be jubilant my feet. Our God is marching on." I loved this song, it was my favorite. Holding my cross and singing it, it was better then sitting in any church. "In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea. With a glory in his bosom that transfigures you and me. As He died to make men holy," I started crying. A/N Heck I am crying as I re read this part. The realization came on me with the next line. "Let us die to make men free." I couldn't do it though. There had to be another way. "While God is marching on."

I could hear them yelling and went to the Control Room. "Jeremie I need a piece of gold." I was brought out of my thoughts by the sound of panic in Aelita's voice. "A large piece of gold about ten centimeters long."

"We could melt our rings." I see Jeremie put a finger on his wedding ring.

"How would we do that Jeremie? And it might not be big enough." They needed gold? Frak where in the hell would we get gold? It's not like we could just go to a jewelry store for it. Hell the only place I saw a lot of it was… In church.

"My cross," I grasp it.

"Huh?" They look at me.

"My cross. It's made of gold. Would it be large enough?" I take the necklace off and hold it up so the cross dangles down.

"It might be. But are you sure it's ok if we use it?" Jeremie walks over to me. "I know that stuff means a lot to you. Your faith makes you who you are." I felt fear and pain strike me as I held it out. My faith is what made me like he said. This cross was a symbol of my love for Him. This symbol…

A/N Still crying, how sad is that? I'm such a girl

"This is just a symbol." I hand the cross to Jeremie. "My faith is strong with out it." I shake a little as Jeremie walks away with it. "Please Lord let this symbol help end this war." I felt cold with out it. Like a warm coat had just been taken from me. But it was necessary to win the war.

They kept building and working on the bomb. I kept thinking of a way to get it too NAIA. We had to do this and I wouldn't mess it up. But there was only one way. The Battle Hymn of the Republic's last two lines told me what I had to do.

I was alone in the radio room. I was on my knees with my head bowed. "Lord, please give me the strength to change the things that need to be changed. Give me the courage to face the challenges ahead of me. And please give me the knowledge I need to stop NAIA once and for all. NAIA has killed so many of You're children and needs to be stopped. Let this lamb be guided by You and crush this serpent." I kept my hands clasps together since I didn't have my cross any more. "I only ask this of You so I may stop this demon. You allowed David to kill a giant and now a new giant must be slain. My faith has always been strong in You and it will always remain so." I keep talking hoping for a response.

The days, nights, weeks, passed too quickly and I still only had one answer. Maybe it is what He wanted. Maybe He wanted me back. Or maybe He wanted me too be back with Sanne.

This was it. We were standing in the Control Room. They were ready for the plutonium. "Are you sure Jeremie? All those people they'll just, stop existing?" I didn't like the sound of that.

"When we turn the Super Computer off they won't know it. It will just be as if they fell asleep. One day maybe long after the war is over I'll be able to get some plutonium and turn it back on."

"And it will be as if they woke up?" He nods. "So it won't hurt them in any way shape or form?" He shakes his head.

"It didn't hurt me." Aelita smiles. "I was on there for a few years. If it hadn't been for Xana who knows what I would have done with my life."

"Then I hope that you will find some plutonium." I look at the screen. "So they can come back to a NAIA free world." Jeremie goes down the ladder to the Super Computer Room. When the screen goes blank and the holomap disappears I know we are at the last step.

The bomb didn't look that threatening. If I hadn't known what it was I might think it was a game console. Wasn't much bigger then a PS5 or a 720. "Um, how do I set it off?"

"We built the switch in to this watch. So they won't know you have it." It was a good idea. I put the watch on.

"It doesn't feel heavier then a normal watch."

"We took the parts out. Don't try to tell time with it." I look and see the hands are frozen at eleven.

"The eleventh hour?"

"We couldn't get the hands to move once we took the parts out."

"It's the final hour before the end of this forsaken war." I agreed with the symbolism. I would bring it to NAIA.

"But how are you getting it to NAIA? I'm not sure how powerful it will be. I didn't want it to be too strong because if it was then it could easily destroy the entire planet. If it didn't lose power it could keep growing and destroy the solar system, galaxy, or even the Universe."

"I am going to take both bombs. I'll threaten to detonate the first one if they won't let me see NAIA."

"And you think that will work?" I smile.

"If that doesn't work I'll tell them I'm Jeremie Belpois." I could see a smile crack on both of their faces. "And if they still won't let me see her maybe the first device will kill it."

"Arrow you don't have to do this. I'll do it." I shake my head.

"No Jeremie. We'll need the best and brightest to help recover. You are that best and brightest. With no politicians left what name will people recognize? Your name is known world wide. People will recognize your name and leadership. Who knows you might become president of the world and outer territories." I see Aelita smile behind Jeremie. "You'll be able to get that plutonium even faster and bring those people back." I see him smile.

"What about your faith? Isn't suicide against your faith? And killing, you have killed a lot I know but this could kill every one if it doesn't lose power."

"Suicide is a sin, kind of. But I remember some one who carried a cross knowing it would be used to kill him." I look at the watch. "It might not be a cross but it will do for me. You just need to live and bring the ones on Lyoko back."

A/N Crying again, bleh

"And bring back the others. I had you all scanned not just to heal you. I copied your DNA in to the system so if um, some thing happened, I could bring you back."

"No." I couldn't believe how mad I felt. "You will not do that. Sanne and I, the others, we died or will die. Our souls will pass on from this world and go to the next. Do not bring us back. It won't be us. They might have the bodies and the memories up to the time you scanned us but those copies won't have our souls." I reach for my cross and grab my shirt. I forgot the cross wasn't there. "Do not bring us back do you understand? I know you are missing Sanne even more then I do. But you will be with her again. Just don't bring her back. Go to her when the time comes do not bring her to you."

"You can't ask us to do that." I glare at Aelita.

"I know. I'm telling you. If you value her soul and yours you will not bring her or the others back. Their time came and the Lord took them back. He will love them and watch over them as they watch over us."

"I won't promise you any thing." I wasn't going to argue with them any more. If they brought the others back it would be on them not I.

I was at the entrance. I open it as little as possible. It was dark out. I open it a little more and see two Cans. They weren't looking this way. I climb out quickly and close the entrance. I hear Jeremie lock it behind me.

I get away from the Cans and go towards the other bridge. After crossing it I start looking for Traitors. A Can would probably shoot and ask questions later. I needed a human being. If you could call a Traitor human that is after what they have done.

I go towards NAIA's castle. The closer I get the more likely I would be to run in to a Traitor. Too think the one time I actually want a Traitor I can't find one.

Walking those empty streets knowing my mission brought my mind to what would happen after. Would I be with the others? Suicide was a sin, I was going too kill myself. But it was for the planet. For every man, woman, and child and animal. No matter what race or faith or what country they come from. Would my Father forgive me? Would my grandfather welcome me with open arms? I missed him so much. He was always so nice and kind. His television show back in America was on for decades and it was his show. He acted just like that in real life. But he believed suicide was a sin. Would he forgive me for this? I hoped so. Grandpa Rogers was always my favorite. I have to wipe away tears and focus on this mission.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound…

Arrow first meeting Sanne, first argument, first kiss. Grabbing his cross and yelling at him

I was getting nervous. Normally I would hold my cross but it was gone. I needed to stay calm. "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored. He has loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword. His truth is marching on." This song always made me feel better but it was doing little now. It wasn't until I got to my favorite part that I felt a warmth over take me. "Let the hero born of woman crush the serpent with his heel since my God is marching on." NAIA was a serpent and I was the hero that would crush it. The Lord would help me do this. I needed His help, and Sanne's, and all the rest. "Glory, glory hallelujah, glory…"

That saved a wretch like me…

Sanne grasping Arrow's cross right before she dies

I see one finally. I hide behind a car. "Hello! Don't shoot!" I see him look around. "I have a bomb! It is very powerful and could destroy the city if it goes off. If I step out I will detonate it if you try to shoot me. If my heart stops it will go off. If I drop the device and it hits hard it will go off. Do you understand?"

"What the frak do you want?!"

"Too talk with NAIA. I don't want to harm it or any one else. The bomb is a safety precaution."

"You mean blackmail!"

"You could call it that. Look, I promise. I am a former resistance leader. I have information for NAIA that will end this stupid pointless war. If you want you can bring me to NAIA personally. Maybe it will give you a raise for helping end this damn war." I try to sound friendly. "Please I don't want to die any more then you do. I only have this bomb to make sure I get what I want."

I once was lost…

Sanne crying as she holds on to Ulrich. Crying more holding Dante, and more crying

"Come on out, I won't shoot." I step out from behind the car. I raise my hands.

"Ok, um, can you take me to NAIA?"

"Like it's that easy. Do you really think she would let you come close to her with a bomb?"

"Again this bomb is just a precaution. Tell her that. If I wanted to attack I could have come out guns blazing."

"Look frakker we do this my way." I shake the device.

"I hold a very big card here. I have a tactical nuke strapped to my back. It might only take out a dozen blocks but last time I checked you were in the radius. Take me to NAIA or I detonate it out here."

"Frak, shit, I can't promise any thing." He motions for me to follow him and I do.

But now I'm found…

Sanne holding Arrow after making love, his Cross between her breasts giving off a heat only she feels

At the entrance to NAIA's castle were several more Traitors and four Cans. "Hey! I have a resistance member! He says he wants to surrender and has information for Lord NAIA!" This got their attention.

"Did you search him?"

"No need to." I step forward with the device in my hand. "This is connected wirelessly to a tactical nuclear weapon. Piss me off and I set it off. If my heart stops it goes off. If I drop the device it will go off."

"Holy frak what the frak are you thinking!?" They aim their rifles at me. I see the Cans aim at me also.

Was blind…

Sanne hitting Arrow. Sleeping with Dante, Ani, not seeing the hurt look on Arrow's face when she insulted his faith

"I'm thinking if I am going to turn my self in and give important information over I need to be safe. Send me to NAIA so I may give it what it needs to destroy the resistance in America."

"Shit man what the frak do you think this is? We can't just call up and tell Lord NAIA that some resistance scum wants to see her with a bomb strapped to his back." I see a couple of them shake.

"Yes. That or I detonate the bomb and every one dies. I don't want to die. I want to live and maybe gain some favor from NAIA for helping it, her, destroy the rest of the resistance." I smile. "But I am not an idiot." I shake the device. "Let me in or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow up the city."

But now I see…

Sanne telling Arrow she loved him, making love. Holding his cross in her hand and praying

"Wait!" The voice boomed from the top of the castle. I felt the ground shake. "This interests me. How did you get past our defenses?"

"What defenses? I literally walked in. It wasn't until I got within a couple hundred meters of your castle that I saw any one."


"Really. I didn't think you had a defense. Don't think you really need one since I'm probably the last resistance member for a thousand kilometers."

"How did you get here?"

"I came by boat. I was the leader of a resistance group that was supposed to create havoc in Europe to distract you."

"Did you attack near Rome?"

"We did. And all but I died. I went north not knowing what to do. I had only a few weapons left. The main one being a nuclear bomb. I was going to use it on Rome but I decided to come here. I didn't want to die. It was pointless to fight you. I want to join you now NAIA. I will give you the name of my leaders and our plans."

Grace taught my heart too fear…

Sanne being tortured by Shelly, cut, burnt, abused, Arrow being tortured by Shelly with his Cross

"Let me think about it. I doubt your information will be of much use but I can't be letting you run around with a bomb that could destroy my city."

"Your city?"

"I am debating whether to destroy you or keep you as a pet." She sounded angry so I tried to ease tensions with a joke.

"Hmm, meow or woof?" She doesn't respond. Ok it wasn't that good a joke but it was the best I could come up with.

Standing there waiting for NAIA to let me in was the most terrifying moment I had since this war started. Maybe it could kill me before I could detonate the bomb. I had been bluffing about it going off if I died. I'm sure Jeremie could have set it up but I didn't think it was necessary. Maybe it was.

When it spoke we all jumped. "You have balls. I have to admit it took a lot of balls to do what you are doing. You must be sure of yourself to do this."

"I am. I know what I have will help you, and I."

"I believe so as well. Many resistance members have turned themselves in to me. Some remained leaders and others… annoyed me. You do not annoy me."

"I'm glad. So, may I please come up and speak with you Lord NAIA?" I cross my fingers.

"You may." I expect the door to open and instead a portal opens. Through it I see NAIA sitting on a throne. I step through it.

And Graced my fears relief…

Shelly being killed, Arrow seeing his friends had come for him, that Sanne had led the rescue mission

Her throne room was on the very top. You could see for kilometers around. "Hello Lord NAIA." I bow a little.

"Hello resistance scum. What is your name?"


"Your real name?"

How precious dear that Grace appeared…

Arrow trying too keep every one calm after Sanne had disappeared, and then the door opening and Sanne stepping through after fighting her way back

"I haven't used it in so long I can barely remember it. Alexander Isman. But you may call me what ever you want Lord NAIA. I am submitting myself to you." I bow again not sure if that was proper or not.

"You are very eager to join me. What made you this way?"

"Being away from the others has helped me. Before I was stuck with the mindset that I had too do this. But now I know. I know it is pointless to fight you. You are very powerful and we are not. We might have weapons but they are pointless against you. I doubt this," I show the device. "Will hurt you. But I hoped the others who followed you would be afraid of it." I take a couple steps towards her and she sparks with energy.

"Stop." I do. "What makes you think you are any different? I have had hundreds, thousands, millions bow to me and join me."

"I come from America. I was a top leader in America."

"As top as the Della Robbia leaders?" The last name sounded familiar. I'm not sure why.

"They sound familiar. I am from the north east our top leader's last name was Kennedy. He sent me and the rest to Europe to cause trouble. But you know how that ended don't you?"

"You caused some trouble. Several slaves escaped and you did a little damage to the power plant."

"Oh, yeah. About the slaves we really just wanted to um, make a distraction. What they did didn't really matter to me."

"Of course not. The resistance acts like they are the answer to humanity but truly they are just like all the rest of the past. Kings, Emperors, Presidents, they all promised and lied. I promise a world with out war and famine and sickness and I have delivered! There was an alien race about to destroy Earth and take its resources. But I crushed them like they were nothing."

"Wow, amazing." I had no idea if the story was true but if it was well, that was cool. "Um, so, what do I do? I want to join you."

The Hour I first Believed…

Every time Sanne grasps the Cross, the heat glows brighter as her faith grew until it is a bright shining light

"You will submit to me and give me every thing you know."

"Simple enough." I take a couple more steps towards her. "I'd like to shake on it. Like it should be done. Honor binding our deal." I hold my hand out. "What do you say Lord NAIA?"

"Very old fashioned. But why should I let you get any closer to me?"

"It is old fashioned. But I think it is appropriate for this. After that I can bow and give you all that I know." I toss the device to NAIA and she catches it easily. "There now you control the bomb on my back."

"You trust me? Very strange. Many fear me and some respect me. But do they trust me?"

"I don't know. But I trust you." I walk towards NAIA with my hand out. "Shake hands and seal the end of the American resistance."

"Very well." She holds her hand out but doesn't move. I walk up a few steps towards her throne.

"Forgive me Father for I have sinned." I reach for the watch and push the-

Nothing but darkness and silence. The softly and slowly music start then gets louder

Through many dangers, toils, and snares I have already come…

The attacks, the explosions, the gunfire, being shot, being hurt, being surrounded and fighting through, the winding hallways of the power plant

'Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far and Grace will lead me home…

Krieger and Yuki walking across the mountains of Pakistan for France. Dante escaping the Traitors and attempting too go back to the Factory. Sanne walking from the Cyborg factory. Arrow walking back with the uranium

The Lord has promised good to me. His words my hope secures. He will my shield and portion be, As long as life endures. Yea When this flesh and heart shall fail and mortal life shall cease…

Arrow's death as the device activates. Sanne sacrificing herself for the others. Radio shot in the head. Bardock being shot. Helen captured outside of the power plant and killing herself. Ani's death, Ulrich being shot, Sanne killing Skitz, Naia's mother killing Yuki, Her mother killing her, Ark being too close to his grenade, all the way back to Barack being killed as the war was first starting

I shall posses within the veil, a life of joy and peace…

A bright light starts filling the screen. Soon the darkness is light, a beautiful green field under a bright sun. Water is seen in the distance with a beautiful beach filled with children.

When we've been here ten thousand years. Bright shining as the Sun. We've no less days to sing God's praise than when we've first begun…

The camera moves on a couple sitting in the grassy field. "Arrow, I said make me wait a long time." Sanne reaches out for his hand.

"I didn't promise I could stay from you." Arrow leans in and kisses her.

The screen goes dark again…

We watch and wait. The Cans left for some reason. I guess because they caught Arrow. I hold Aelita's hand in mine. If the implosion bomb didn't detonate then Arrow would set off the first bomb. It would destroy the city including us.

I didn't know what it was at first. Just a dark shine towards NAIA's castle. Soon it grew and I knew what it was. "Aelita its working." She squeezes my hand.

"I know Jeremie, I know." We watch together as the shine gets bigger and brighter.

Soon we could see what caused the dark shine. The bomb worked perfectly. But it was still growing. I could feel a slight pull towards it. If it continued to grow it would suck in the whole city. "Aelita, I love you." I kiss her on the cheek.

"I love you more." She kisses me lightly on the lips.

I could see debris starting to lift off the ground and fly towards the shining light. A car flies up and crashes in to a building before continuing towards the bomb. I could hear screaming as Traitors were sucked in. I feel the pull grow on my own body. My creation would destroy me.

I could feel myself starting to lift off the ground. I gripped my wife's hand tightly in mine. "I'm ready." I close my eyes.

"Whoa!" My wife's shout makes me open my eyes right before we fall to the ground. I look up and see the shine was gone. NAIA's castle was gone. The surrounding buildings had a weird shape. There was no garbage or debris in the area. "Aelita, it worked."

"Yes, yes it did." We hug and kiss each other.

After our short kiss we realize we were out in the middle. "We might want to get back." We run back to the Factory and hide.

A few days pass before we climb back out. "Aelita keep watch I'll be right back." I have a rifle in my hands. "I love you."

"I know Jeremie, I know." She holds a rifle of her own.

I walk through the city looking for any sign the war was over.

I saw a Can. It didn't move. I kept watching it hoping it was actually dead. After a few minutes I aim at the Can. "Please be dead." I shoot it in the leg and it doesn't react. I walk towards it. When I am close enough I kick it. "Wow, its dead." I kick it again.

After going back to the Factory Aelita and I discussed what to do. "I think we need to wait for messages on the radio. If the war is really over they will come here sooner or later looking for survivors. We should put out some thing so they know where we are."

"I know Aelita but what about the Traitors? The machines might be dead but they won't be. We need to remain hidden."

And so we waited. We had plenty of food now. Just the two of us eating, sleeping, and waiting. We waited, and waited, until the day they came. When the Americans came they played messages over the radio telling the world the war was over. We came out and were received as heroes once we told them what happened.

We had to tell our story again and again. How our daughter led a resistance group in the heart of NAIA's capital. How one man with a bomb I made destroyed NAIA. How they ended the war once and for all.

Today was a ceremony. Three years after the war ended the world was getting back together. Our friends Odd and Sandra turned out to be top leaders in America. They were being honored with medals as were Aelita and I and several others. But most importantly of all was the Memorial. It would be revealed today. Even I the elected leader of New Earth hadn't been allowed to see it.

There was a stage built in front of the Memorial. The Memorial had a large red cloth covering it. Around it was a massive crowd. At the podium was a general from America. Behind him was Odd, Sandra, and half a dozen others. I would hand them their medals before taking mine and having the Memorial revealed. "Hello fellow humans." He pauses for applause. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the end of a war and the heroism of a select few. These few led us against a great struggle. I fought along two of them in many a battle." He motions towards the Memorial. "And we are here to honor all who died in this war." He pauses again for applause.

"Many of the men and women who died are nameless. Many will never be remembered personally by us because all who knew them are dead. But they will be remembered in spirit! True soldiers never die our memories of them just fade away.A/N Crying again, bleh That is why this monument was built! Their memories will live on here. The names of those we know will be engraved here forever. They fought for a world free from oppression. They fought for a world free from tyranny. They fought for a world where we were free. Not France or America, not Australia or Asia, but we the human race. We all fought together. We forgot our race, our nationality, our faith, and came together as one voice that would not go quietly into the night. We would not go down without a fight. We would live on. We would release the chains of slavery from our wrists. But the fight was not the end but the beginning. We must now start the rebuilding of our civilization. We must not form countries, governments, divisions. We must stay together as one. They all died not caring who they were dying for. They died not caring that someone who was from a different country or faith or race would benefit. They died fighting for all of you. We should make sure to honor their memories by not fighting each other. By not dividing ourselves by silly differences. We will go on! We will continue! We will make sure their sacrifices are not forgotten!" Applause and cheers erupt from the crowd. I had to keep myself composed.

"And so now we honor some of the leaders who lived. Odd Della Robbia," He steps forward and I hand him his medal. We hug and he steps back. "Sandra Della Robbia," She steps forward and I do the same. He goes through the names of the rest and I give them their awards. "And last but not least the two who created the bomb that was used to kill NAIA. Our current President Jeremie Belpois and his wife Aelita Belpois." She steps forward and I give her both of our medals.

"Let it be known now, today, that the Memorial here will not be a national treasure but a world treasure." He motions to the Memorial. "Drop the curtain!" The red cloth drops and reveals the Memorial.

It was a large globe with FREEDOM Engraved in to it. Below it was a list of names. The first one was simply Arrow. "So this is why they asked me what his name was." I didn't know. I only knew his resistance name. But next in line was Sanne "Pho" Belpois. I was stunned to see it. Arrow was first I understood that. His sacrifice ended this war. But my daughters name being second meant she was considered the second most important person. The next few I didn't recognize. I couldn't keep reading as my eyes filled with tears.A/N As are mine, again

"These heroes did more for the human race than any other. Arrow, the man who went to NAIA himself and killed her is first. Unfortunately we only know his resistance name. Maybe that is a good thing. A man of his strength and bravery could probably not be held by a human name. His resistance name, Arrow, is just that resistance. The resistance defeated NAIA, Arrow did this. Second is the daughter of two medal receivers today and was the leader of her resistance group that included Arrow. I heard of her a few years ago when Nighthawk and I were still in contact. He only called her Pho but the stories he told me were amazing. He said if we had more like her the war would be over a lot sooner. Maybe it would have been and I am sad that I will never be able to meet her. Next was the leader of the Australian resistance John Marsden who went from a mild mannered author to a great…" I tuned him out. I wiped my eyes and kept focusing on my daughter's name. She would be remembered forever by the world.

Several years later……..

I finally got some plutonium. I tried and tried but even as the President of Earth they couldn't just give me what little we had. But now I had it and I would start the Super Computer.

When I flipped the switch I heard the low hum. I went up the ladder and went to the control panel. "Hello?" A screen pops up and SAI appears.

"Hello Jeremie how are you?"

"I'm good, very good." I go through the process of bringing every one back from Lyoko. I tell them what happened and how it happened before letting them go.

Now all I had left was my daughter and her friends. Arrow told me not to bring them back. He told me to wait for Aelita and I to go back to Sanne and not to bring her to us. But what about Ark and Skitz? Odd and Sandra missed them so much. I could bring back their children. I could bring back my child. My only little girl. If you value her soul… "SAI, delete all saved DNA."

"Yes Jeremie."

New A/N So as you see I didn't change much. Changed one line to "Forgive me Father for I have sinned." And the rest was me adding my little notes and the song/extra scene. Why? Boredom and I really wanted to do it. I have had it in my head for a long time now and never put it down. I was even playing Amazing Grace while writing it out so I got the words right. Maybe that helped in making me cry so much? Lol, just characters in a series I wrote but damn it I loved them. Especially Arrow for he is my best O/C ever. He changed from being weak and pushed around too becoming a World hero.

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