Hey guys! Wow, is it good to be back...I'm truly sorry for keeping you all waiting. It seems like I gave you excuse after excuse. But, no more of that. Today I decided that I am spending all day writing. Just writing. Since I owed you guys a lot. And of course, this one. I had horrible writer's block, and was stressed, and lots of things were happening, that I was afraid to even write 'cause I figured it would come out terrible. Frankly, I'm not happy with it. Even though the writers' block isn't officially gone, i'm feeling concentrated. I hope this one is a little better. And I would reaaaallllly appreciate reviews. I mean really.

This story is dedicated to one of my bestfriends, Christina, btw. (;

And without another moment to spare...

A curse was hissed under breath. So hushed, that you couldn't even make out what it was. It was accompanied by a set of swats, and smacks.

"Shit." The young Mutt Williams uttered. Scorpions, the worst possible thing in the world. And his all-time biggest fear. And to make things worse, there was a lot of them. They had seemed to come out of,well...nowhere. One minute he's leaning against the wall, looking for some time of secret entrance or something. The next, they were crawling up his jacket sleeve! One of them even managed to sting him, just before he ripped off his jacket and threw it to the floor.

Indiana Jones turned around, smirking a bit. "Dance on your own time, kid."

Mutt frowned slightly. Did he really look that ridiculous? Right before Indy had the chance to turn around, the 17 year old muttered a response. "One of 'em stung me, am I gonna die?!" His voice frantic, and anybody could tell the boy was terrified.

"How big?" Indy immediately asked. Sure, he was a little worried. He was basically in charge of the kid. And imagine what the poor boy's mother would say!

"HUUUGGEEE." Mutt explained. Eyes widening for dramatic effect.

Indy let out another quick smirk, then turned back around, continuing onwards. "Good."

Mutt was shocked. "GOOD?! What do you mean good?"

"When it comes to scorpions, kid.."Indy turned around quickly, '' The bigger, the better. Small one gets ya, don't keep it to yourself.."

As the older man went forwards, continuing to look for anything, the younger boy sighed. Well, if the old man was right, he'd be fine. He was trusting him. He carefully reached down and grabbed a hold of his leather jacket, shaking it violently. Thankfully, nothing appeared to be inside. He slowly slipped it back on, and went on following the man.

Jeeze, what could make the day worse? He asked himself, as he made sure he wasn't setting himself up for that again as he ran his hand over the wall. The only reason he was there was to get his mom, and Ox. Although this whole adventure thing, was really exhilarating. But, only after getting attacked by that pack of scorpions, did he just want to find his mother, and for them to go home.

Shaking, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small black comb. As Indy was examining something, he ran the comb through his hair. With all that gel, it hadn't even looked terrible. Even after battling with the living dead, and such. But, the shaking, and the comb, had created a small clanking noise. Indy turned around, and shook his head. "What are you doing?" He sighed.

Mutt jumped a little, before looking over at the older man. "Put that thing away.."

As quickly as he'd taken it out, it was jammed right back into his back pocket. The emptiness in his hand was easily replaced by the lantern the older man had shoved into them. "Gimme some light, would ya?" Of course, this would take the boy's mind off everything else.

Mutt nodded dumbly, then held it up. Indy felt along the wall, to something he thought may have been an entrance. He poked his hand through a hole, and tugged on something. Quickly, an entrance appeared. They both peeked their heads into it.

It was rather disgusting. Cob webs everywhere. So much, you couldn't even see the other side of it. But, as soon as he'd looked it over, Indy was already crawling in.

"Where are you going?.." the boy asked, though he was ignored. He watched the man continue to make his way through the jungle of webs. "Well, you're going nowhere fast."

Indy reached a wall. "I really don't think there's anything back there. Except, a ton of spiders, maybe." Mutt said, more to himself than anything. "Professor, I really think it's a dead end!" He called out.

When Indy positioned his body weight differently, the floor he was crawling on began to change. Now the end he was on, was moving itself down, revealing an entrance. He quickly turned around to the boy, before the wall closed in, and they couldn't see eachother anymore. Indy went forth, looking at what the entrance was, then back to the wall. He positioned his weight again, and the floor did as before. As soon as the boy's somewhat shocked face was revealed, Indy had used his index finger to call him over.

"Come on, Genious." He smirked, "and bring the backpack."

well then. that's over with. yes. it was rather short, yes i know. but i'm just getting started. i'd really like reviews, if it isn't too much to ask. this chapter was rather difficult though. because i still have some writer's block. and because this is the first part of the story. but i guess it's ok. so there you have it. the first chapter, of the rewrite. i hope you liked it.

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