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chapter 23-jealousy


The night ended way too early and soon we were back in school. Back in hell. The 8 hours of school were pure agony for me. Not only was I forbidden to touch , kiss and caress my Bella, but now that everyone knew that Edward was out of the picture I also had to watch boys advance her and/or stare at her wonderful body the whole day. Worst of all the pick-up attempts was Mike Newton. After half a day of school I could easily understand how Edward had despised him so much from the first time he lay eyes on Bella .

Again and again he was trying to 'accidentally 'touch her and I didn't have to be a mind reader, to have an idea what he was thinking about while staring at Bella in class. Argh! It made me incredibly angry which resulted in me growling quietly at him whenever he moved past me.

On Wednesday he was partnered with Bella in sport and stared onto her cleavage for almost 20 minutes straight while explaining tactics in badminton . When she laughed at one of his stupid jokes und threw her hair back, smiling at him. I kind of snapped. On my way to the changing rooms I grabbed Bella's arm and dragged her into a facility closet and kissed her with so much passion and jealousy that it left her breathless for a while and had me worrying about bruising her lips. After a few moments of catching her breath a smirk appeared on her face and she left the closet saying, "you're very sexy when you're that angry and jealous, honey!"

At night she tried to assure me that there was absolutely no reason for any jealousy or fear and she told me that I was "a silly little girl" for ever thinking she'd ever choose him over me. Rationally, I knew she was right but my feelings were running overboard whenever she reacted in any positive way to any of the boys that were mentally undressing her the whole time.

When I told her this Bella laughed out loud. "What am I supposed to do, honey? Not talk to them? There is no-oh wait a moment!" before she stripped down to her underwear and pulled out a couple of clothes . When she turned around she smiled and told me that she'd found a solution to a couple of our problems. When she showed me her outfit she had a mystifying glimmer in her eyes .

"What do you think?" she asked. She was wearing dark blue jeans that were at least 2 sizes too big and a really old washed off beige T-shirt that made her skin look sickly pale. Only minutes before her beautiful body had been covered in black skinny jeans and a black, body hugging silk shirt that gave her a nice cleavage.

"Okay, I get it. if I want you to look beautiful I have to accept the guys drooling over you."

" Good. and if you really need me to chase some of them away- for your piece of soul-… Alice, I could just style up a bit more glaring and let Simi spread some rumors that I'm into black messes and the whole Satan thing…. but I can already tell you that that won't chase Mike away. I don't believe there is anything that would."

Bella made a face.

"Edward did," I mumbled more to myself than anything. But Bella heard nonetheless. She only raised an eyebrow before she walked over to her bed and lay down beside me.

"It's hard for me too, you know ?" she admitted "I want to touch you so badly when you're smiling and laughing and just being close …but I know what might happen when I would touch you. I know how bad things can get. That's why I wait for you. If you'll want me to I'll wait until after graduation or even longer. I just want you to be ready, to be comfortable with the outing. I love you."

"I love you more," was all I responded before capturing her lips between mine,

On Thursday I overheard a few guys placing bets on when Bella would finally kiss Mike. Others bet on when she'd slapped him and tell him to go to hell.

When Mike ran over to Bella just after lunch and placed a hand on top of her shoulder to make her halt and listen to something he had to say I found myself growling quietly. Thankfully that wasn't heard by anyone , although Simone came over to me to tell me -not for the first time that week -that I needed to calm down badly. As she stood next to me for a few more moments she put a hand on the small of my back and whispered

"I know it's hard, but as long as she's not openly, publicly yours, you can't be that obviously mad at anyone who's talking to her. Sooner or later people are gonna notice… and they're gonna make up the craziest rumors .You don't want that to happen." She looked at my face seriously but with a comforting smile. I just nodded and thanked her for the warning.

"It's nothing. I just want you to be aware of the dangers. I don't want to see you guys unhappy."

On Friday I was put in a team in a team consisting only of boys in sports. We were supposed to be playing volleyball for fun, but with Eric and Mike on my team the lesson mostly consisted of talking which was now and than interrupted by a short series of "shots". After the lesson we were supposed to put the net and posts away. As Mike was trying to open the knots and loosen the net he was discussing with Ben and Eric whether to ask Bella out to the school dance on Monday, or if he should call her this weekend. The boys agreed that the phone call would be to impersonal and recommended him to wait for "the right moment" sometime next week. Eric said that he'd cross his fingers for him, but Mike was very sure of himself.

" I don't need that, man. She digs me, man, she totally does. I bet she's waiting for me to ask her. But thanks nonetheless."

I must have snorted loudly enough for them to hear, because they turned around to me immediately .

"What's your problem, Cullen? You think she's just waiting for your precious brother to come back from his trip and take her into his arms? Is that why you're all that passive-aggressive towards me now?"

I shook my head, fighting desperately not to let my laughter and rage control me.

"No? Well maybe it is, maybe not. But let me tell you something: she's not waiting for him; she won't take him back. So can you please just inform your brother and just let us guys try to do her right.?"

He had a supposedly threatening and somewhat weird smile on his face which made me all the more furious. I wanted to scream at him, I wanted to show him the picture of Bella and me kissing, wanted to scream at him that she's mine and that he'd be sorry if he ever touched my girlfriend again. But I couldn't . I wasn't ready for that much attention and drama around the two of us. So I took a few calming breaths and just shrugged and spit a cold, "Whatever" at him and let him think what he wanted.

To make my day even worse I received a vision of my love telling me that she'd have to spend the weekend at her mum's and would only be back on Sunday night. when I got to her car and asked her about it she didn't know what I was talking about. Well, she didn't know until 5 minutes later her mom called and told her about the wonderful surprise.

I decided to put the free time to use and after almost an hour of goodbye kisses I had to let her board the plane ,I sped away to the forests of Alaska, where I hunted . I ate way more than necessary so that I would be well fed and less irritable next week at school.

Out of impulse I decided to drop by the Denali coven . Only Tanya was home and even though she wasn't my favorite among the clan, just talking to someone who wasn't a part of the mess at home was an enjoyable change.

It was in the early hours of morning that we came to the topic of Bella and me at Forks High. For some reason I started explaining about Mike's innerving attempts with Bella. And when a very disturbing vision hit me I immediately wished I hadn't. Mike was standing in the shower groping his private parts and moaning out Bells name, begging her to suck him in deep. The vision made my skin crawl and had me growling out loudly in rage. How dare he fantasize about her like that. Tanya asked politely if I was alright and gave me the tip to "just relax a bit" and go hunting more regularly. I left her house around 5pm and called Bella to talk about her day .

Bell POV

After the wonderful night with Alice going to school seemed to be the farthest thing from my mind, especially since it meant I wasn't allowed to kiss her. Somehow we got through Tuesday but nothing felt right. Apparently word had spread that I was without a boyfriend now and even though my "scary looks" and geekiness help to prevent a rerun of my very first week at Forks High, some guys still tried to flirt with me very openly.

Sean and Luke gave up on Wednesday but Mike just couldn't be deterred. He was very nice and funny and listening to every word I said. He was a pretty good friend, and it made me a little sad that he wanted more from me and didn't notice the pretty blonde in his government class that was obviously in love with him.

On Wednesday afternoon I got a little annoyed with him for staring at my breasts every now and then while explaining tactics in sport. I let my eyes and mind wander around the gym-hall to Alice. Every now and then I saw her staring very angrily at Mike's back. When she noticed me looking at her a smile that just made my heart melt lit up on her face for a short moment. I mouthed a 'love you' to her and hoped to make her jealousy calm down a bit, but boy was I wrong. When the lesson was over and we were on our way to the changing rooms I felt a tug at my arm and was pulled into a small room. the moment the door closed cold lips were pressed against me and a very familiar tongue forced its way into my mouth almost violently . Her kisses left me breathless and when my eyes adjusted to the very dim lighting I looked into her face and the passionate and angry possessiveness that was pouring out of each and every part of her made my skin tingle; she looked so unbelievable sexy.

I told her that and left the closet. It was only minutes later that I realized how easily we could have been caught- especially with Alice not in the mental position to look out for things like that. I had to talk to her about this.

After one night of reassuring I felt like her anger and jealousy had calmed down a bit and the rest of the week went by calmly. We were adjusting to the situation pretty well and just looking forward to a nice weekend alone. Well, that was until Alice confronted me about leaving for the weekend. ...What? I was completely surprised and more than a little pissed and only minutes later my mom called telling me she had reunited with her mother after almost 10 years of separation and she wanted her to get to know me since 'grandma' ( I had never really known her, the word seemed weird) was only in Jacksonville until Monday. She asked for me tovisit her. And since grandma's 3rd husband was a pretty rich architect a first-class-plane ticket from Port Angeles to Jacksonville was already waiting for me at the airport. The flight would take off at 6:30pm and my constant tries to get a word in between my mothers rambling and ask for a meeting in Port Angeles- if possible maybe some other weekend were completely ignored.

The whole weekend I missed my little pixie terribly and even though I got to talk to her twice for a couple of hours about my day, I just felt terribly lonely. As my luck would have it the flight back on Sunday was delayed and with Charlie driving me home from Port Angeles-always a few miles slower than the speed limit- I wasn't home until 11:30. In only seven and a half hours my alarm would ring, well only seven in fact since I wanted to take a shower before school. "Just lovely," I sighed.

The only thing that lifted my mood was the petite vampire waiting on my bed for me. With a soft kiss and a 'hello gorgeous' she welcomed me. I lay down next to her and played with her hair for a bit. I wanted nothing more that to have mad, newly in love, wild girlsex with her but I could barely hold my eyes open. Before I could tell her she already knew and I wondered for a moment why I was even surprised.

"It's okay. You should sleep, honey," she assured me and helped me take of my shoes and jeans before wrapping me in blankets and spooning behind me, laying her arms around me. I more felt than heard her whisper 'good night' into my ear and seconds later I was deeply asleep.


When I finally had my angel back in my arms I felt happy and incredibly needy. I just needed to smell her, touch, kiss, tease and seduce her. I could already feel her exhaustion as she entered theroom and when she lost control of her eyelids more often than not I helped her out of her jeans and shoes and lay down behind her. Within seconds she was asleep. I took almost two hours before her dreams started. She started moaning and sweating so close to me, breathing out my name a lot and begged me to 'do something ' 'right there'. Herdream was obviously very explicitly erotic and just the small pants groans and moanings of my name were arousing me completely.

When she threw her from side to side breathing 'yeah….like that ' and the sweet scent of her arousal enclosed her completely I almost lost control. I wanted to wake her so desperately but couldn't since she needed her sleep badly. Lying close to her was pure torture, hell and agony. And it only got worse as she woke took her a few seconds but when she saw my flustered face and remembered her dream she blushed a deep crimson putting the strong scent of her sweet blood into the mix of appealing smells, making my instinct take over . I jumped on top of her and started licking her neckline and nibbling on her soft skin. Now she was moaning again lightly and running her fingers up and down my sides. She pulled myshirt over my head and mumbled, "This is definitely a start for my day I could get u-" I cut her off with my lips and kissed her deeply.

I was sneaking my hand under her shirt edging my fingers forward to her soft, "Bella, are you awake?" I was of the bed immediately, almost 2 meters of distance between my hand and the wonderful soft flesh of her breasts. I was panting hard, unable to control neither breathing nor the slight shaking of my hands.

"Yeh…yes, dad. Yes, I'm up," Bella answered after a few breaths.

"I'll be off to work in a few," Charlie explained.

"Okay, dad. I'm going to take a shower"

When I heard him walking down the stairs I pulled my shirt back on.

" I'm sorry. I should have seen this.. I.. but you were moaning and writhing and..all night and I..I just lost control and …"


It's all right, Alice," I stopped her babbling. "I am sorry I was too tired yesterday…and now there's not enough time. But tonight. I promise, I'm going to make it up to you." Her face lit up a bit.

" I know," she kissed me shortly on the lips.

"Now go shower. I'll lay some things out for you to wear ."

I had already the door latch in my hand when I remembered Charlie talking about the good weather coming up. "Will I see you at school? " I asked turning around again

She stared of into empty space for a few moments. "It'll be warm, but almost no sun. I'll be there-now go shower. I'll stop by at home."

After a quick shower I went back and dressed in the clothes Alice had put on the bed. it was a black short sleeved shirt that was skintight and showed a bit of cleavage and a white skirt with a black flower-print that went about knee-length. Using a black satin band to hold some of my hair back I left most of it open. After putting on a bit of make-up and a quick breakfast I was on my way to school.

It was an uncommonly warm day and almost the entire student body of Forks high was dressed as if we were having a trip to Los Angeles. Mini-skirts that were not much more than wide belts, low-cut tops, shorts and T-shirts in all the bright colors filled the school-yard. Needless to say with my black and white outfit I stood out even more than usually. Simone spotted me easily from across the parking lot and came over to me.

"Hey, Hara, ready for another wonderful week at this wonderful school?"

"Oh, Sim, of course. With these overly competent teachers and incredible teaching-techniques I don't even know what else I could ever spend my time on." The sarcasm was so heavy in my voice that we were laughing on our way to the fist period.

Lessons dragged on, teachers mostly just letting students read out homework and analyze them afterwards. In between classes everyone was talking about the upcoming dance that would be held the weekend before my 18th birthday. everyone was talking about possible dates and some of the girlswere actually bold enough to ask Alice if Edward would be back intime for the dance. When Alice answered in complete honesty that shedidn't know some got a little angry. With some I mean all that askedand a little angry became my synonym for furious that day.

In the girls restroom I overheard Lauren saying " That bitch thinks I'm not good enough to know, not good enough for him? who's she todecide? I bet Edward would love to go with me."

'like hell he wouldn't, bitch,' I thought angrily. Then I thought about the dance and about how Alice couldn't go there with me as longas she wasn't ready to come out to the whole school. And I would never ever go with anyone else. Maybe we could spend the evening in Seattle checking out some 'local' girl clubs. I decided to ask her about it later.

When lunch came I decided to sit on the windowsills close to or usual table and waited for my friends to arrive. Only moments later Mike took place beside me, laying his right hand on my knee and I just knew something really awkward and deja-vu-like was about to happen. He was going to ask me out to the dance and I hadn't had enough time to think of a polite excuse. As it turned out though being polite to Mike should not have been dominating my thoughts.


----------------------------------wanted to end it here, but your waiting since January so….----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Alice pov

I knew Mike was gonna ask her about the dance today and I knew that Bella would decline. What I didn't know and what I was therefore completely unprepared for was that he was touching her. Her bare knee to be more exact. So when I entered the cafeteria and saw them I kinda reacted without too much thinking. I don't know if I was thinking at all as I walked over to them. The moment he had finished the "with me?" part of the question I was almost close enough for them to hear me. Bella struggled finding words "Ehm, Mike I…ehm." that'swhen I spoke aloud " I think you should tell him the truth, Bell."

"And what would that be, Cullen?" Mike sneered as I made my last steps closer . Bella just looked at me with confusion in her eyes. I made another step closer to her, so that I was in between her knees and less than an arm's length away from her upper body.

"She doesn't want to go out with you," I said as I pushed Mike's hand away from her knee and replaced it with mine.

"But with your ass of an brother or what? I think Bella can decide for herself," he said way too confidently.

I wasn't even looking at him any more just staring into my angel's eyes and I think that they were what made me say the thing I wanted to.

" I know that. But I also know that she'll only go with me," I replied with probably the most silly smile on my face.
That smile mirrored Bella's as I leaned forward and kissed her.

My left hand was knotted into her hair within seconds and as her tongue demanded entrance my right hand moved up under her skirt until I was able to feel the sensitive skin of her thigh. Feeling her and kissing her made me completely forget my surroundings for a moment and I deepened the kiss even more. Enjoying the way she felt, tasted and made me feel. I didn't notice anything until Simone sat down at our table only a few feet away and wolf-whistled like hell. I moved reluctantly a few inches away from Bella. A little worried about what would happen to us the moment we averted eyes from each other we just kept staring into each others faces absorbing as much love as possible from each others smiles.

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